Jeff and Geoff, the Spider Twins

It's about 8 oclock at night in the industrial section of the piers. There are few people around, the occasional security guard watch on their warehouses, there are also a few dock workers loading or unloading things. All in all it appears to be a typical night on the piers.

Putter-putter, putter-putter. A woman on a retro-style scooter trawls slowly through the streets that take her by a series of factories and warehouses, muttering to herself. "Can't believe I lost my map… I'm sure da is real impressed with me right now…" She has a British accent, despite her Persian features. Mutter-mutter-mutter, she mutters. Mutter mutter! It seems she's too proud to ask for directions. Damn poncy Europeans, thinking they're better than everyone, right?

Enrique is quite intending to be in the industrial district as he hands a small wad of money to a man in one of the darkened alleyways and takes from him what looks like a small bag of candies. "Thank you very much. You have been a businessman and a gentleman. I hope you appreciate the tip as a sign that I wish to do further business with you later." he offers with a smile before he wanders out of the alley casually with a ' what me? I'm not doing anything' sort of dazed smile.

There's nothing like a little backbreaking labor to earn an extra few bucks! Well, Pauline seems to think so as she hauls another pallet of boxes behind her. She didn't really need the rolling cart underneath the flat but she wasn't too interested in attracting a lot of attention to her right now. It's a little hard for her to do just that if there are people that know her around, though, but that's just how Fate is.

What's that sound? "…..uuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" THOOM! A black clad leather figure comes flying out of the sky as if he was just thrown by some great force. He's moving backwards. Remember that saying about cats landing on their feet? Well….for Alley Cat, it's true. The crime fighter pitches at the last moment and lands feet on the pavement….but the rate of momentum he has behind him is more than he can counter. His body goes back and he hits the pavement, flips and hits a streetsign, snapping it into as he comes to a deadly stop, laying very still.

Halima squeezes down on her rear break and brings the scooter up onto the sidewalk with a scree of rubber against the pavement and a whump-whump of tires rolling over the curb. She parks the scooter in an open warehouse, wobbling it around the entrance to hide it behind a wall. When she emerges a few seconds later she's brandishing a massive, silver-lined revolver and draped in a gaudy, conspicuous golden necklace, from which a perfect replica of the moon (even today's phase!) dangles. She takes cover behind a car and flashes her necklace's moon around as if it were a badge of authority to people who give her questioning looks. Slowly, she makes her way towards the body.

Enrique blinks as he hears the sound, his hand instantly going to his previously unloaded gun as he lifts it to his lips and whispers very…veerry softly to it. "Rosebud was his sled." he turns off the safety then while trying to open his breifcase tries to find out what in the Halls of Hel made that noise. He pulls out a small wooden club with bright feathers on it…a broom? And then he spots Halima. "Oh shit you…what happend?"

Pauline rolls the boxes into the doorway of a warehouse where a forklift takes over the work. Just as she steps out, she hears a semi-familiar sound: swearing at high velocity. Pauline's only familiar with it since she's done a bit of that herself. Quickly abandoning her job, Pauline rushes to the prone Tybalt, recognizing the costume of his. "…AC?" she murmurs, glancing to Enrique briefly and giving him a 'you better not have anything to do with this' look. She lowers her voice as she crouches down beside him. "Did Durandal throw you?" she murmurs.

Alley Cat lays there for a few moments before slowly starting to move, coming to after a few moments. "Mmmm." is all he can really say, what looks like a broken arm starts to stitch itself together and pop itself into place. "Spiders….." He mutters under his labored breathing.

Halima points towards the roof of a nearby building. "OY LOOKY-LOOS! WE GOT COMPANY!" she bellows, as she leaps back several yards, clearing the top of a parking meter in the process. She pulls back the hammer on her gun and stabs her fingers towards the massive spiders, each the size of a large guard dog.

Enrique blinks at pauline and cocks his head. "What? It wasn't me! I was over there and…wait wh…NOT again woman! Stop getting me in trouble." he says as he pulls out his own bone white revolver and cocks the back of it in the direction the woman points. He turns to Pauline for a second. "Hope they taught you some self-defence in that forestry class."

"Spiders?" Pauline echos, "They must be some damn bi-" When the woman she doesn't know speaks up, she quickly rises and follows her finger. Enrique gets a brief dirty look and balls her fists, "…'fraid I left my weapon back in my truck." she shoots back, quickly stepping in front of the still-healing Alley Cat.

Tybalt grunts as he moves to stand up. "Go get it." He offers in a tone of authority. "You with the guns…keep em occupied and back….They are smart." He offers as he reaches down behind him to pull a rather large gleaming gold sword from it's sheath. The brisingaman glows softly and is extremely beautiful. He takes a step back as a few more bones set themselves. "Go quick, Pauline….we are gonna need your help….I'll cover you. But go." He says as he starts to move with Pauline.

The spiders for their part skitter closer. Leaping off one building onto another and coming into full view. They are big, furry and brown spiders with wicked fangs and numerous black alien eyes. "….food for mother. She will be pleased…."

"This always seems to happen…" Pauline mutters bitterly before edging to the side and then taking off between a set of warehouses. "I'll be back as soon as possible! Promise!"

The spiders move yet again, jumping down from the building and in front of the heroes, landing with a loud thump on the concrete. They hiss and click to each other, apparently communicating, one of them turning a bit to watch Pauline take off.

Pauline doesn't look back as she hears them make clicking noises, concentrating on reaching her vehicle. She disappears around a corner out of sight only to emerge seconds later with what appears to be a fireman's axe in her hand.

Enrique takes a deep breath before he sighs and lowers his gun. "I can't…I mean look at him. Those beutifull legs..those handsome eyes. Oh those many handsome eyes. I can't hurt something so beutifull. So wonderfull. I. I." he pauses and moves as if to wipe a tear from his eye. "I love him. I would do anything to protect him. I just know that his broher and mother wouldn't understand our love." he says with the best quaver he can to his voice. Have to go for the gold. "Take me lover! Let us make little Spidermen together."

Alley Cat holds up his sword as high as he can. It seems to explode with a golden light that inspires a sense of victory. "These titan spawn will not survive the evening….we were brought together by the hand of fate. And together we will be victorious….attack!" He offers, and with that the light goes blinding and the feeling that you might survive impossible odds seems to come over you.

After taking a few more hops backwards, Halima levels her weapon at one of the spiders skittering after Pauline. Her eyes narrow as she locks her sights on the overgrown bug and with a heavy blast from her revolver she launches a bullet at the beast. A flash of silver light erupts from the muzzle and cylinder as her arm whips back and a huge blast of broken concrete erupts from a mould-poured warehouse wall behind the spider.

The spider hisses at the bullet, but it was given an order by one that it is madly in love with. "If it your wish to mate…" it offers as it starts moving quickly towards Enrique. "If it is your wish, we shall mate…" The other spider seems extremely unhappy with the current situation, and seeing the one with the gun, it launches itself at Halima, moving in to try and bite her.

Pauline hesitates when she returns, "You didn't say anything about them being able to talk!" she shouts over at Tybalt, sounding mildly disturbed about the impending spider on Enrique action. She's far more motivated to go for the spider currently sinking its teeth into Halima, swinging her axe sideways at its plump abdomen.

If there was -any- question as to two Pauline's father was…it is answered by the mighty chop. It isn't flashy, it isn't one with style…but what it is, is fucking effective. The spider doesn't even know it happens. The axe cuts through and comes out the other side. Separating the top half of the spider from the bottom. It lays there twitching….that is one dead spider.

Enrique blinks as the shy girl kills the spider with one hit of an axe. Well thats not normal… he smiles brightly at the spider skittering towards him. Letting it get just close enough before he calls out. "Sweetheart….turn around for me will you? I want to surpise you with my body and it would make me happy if you did." waiting as the spider skitters away. "Ready for the surpise sweetie? Ok here it is." he says before he raises the gun and fires as many shots of black slimey bullets into the back of the creature. "This blood is for my mother HIJO DE PUTA" he calls out with a smile as he tries to murder the betwitched arachnid.

Alley Cat crouches down and seeing the prone spider, he leaps up into the air and then comes down hard, swinging his blade up and over his head and as he comes down, he drives it down trying to plant it into the creature that is currently getting shot at.

The spider, looking extrememly unhappy with being shot at, is even more annoyed when Alley Cat lands hard and misses him. The spider retaliates and quickly moves in to sink it's fangs into the hero.

Pauline takes advantage of the momentum of the mighty swing to turn herself around. She can't help but continue to feel disturbed by Enrique's flirting with the spider because it conjures all sorts of horrifying images in her head. Grunting, she chases after the thing like an axe murderer in a slasher movie, struggling to keep up as it evades Tybalt's leap. "You were lying to me, Enrique!" she calls out as she tries to swing the axe downward upon the spider.

After recovering from the nasty fang sunk deep into her left shoulder, Halima gives a quick look to Pauline before sprinting forward with a skuff-skuff-skuff of her business flats. A trail of blood spatters behind her. The scion leaps into the air and swings her massive revolver around to point at the spider chomping on Alley Cat. Two sharp snaps echo through the street and two flashes of argent light, like a camera snapping, splash out of her revolver as she sends two rounds spinning towards the arachnid. The first glances off the thick, chitinous armor of the beast, ricocheting with a -brrrr- into a block of sidewalk. The second round buries itself into the beast, driving through the seam between two scutes of chitin and driving into the pavement beneath the beast, spattering hemolymph beneath. Halima lands on the boot of a large car with a -CRUNK-, leaving a spatter of blood on the lid of the boot as she slides off and to the ground for cover.

Enrique grunts as…the spider is still alive. "I do that alot…its my nature." he calls out, backsteping quickly as he raises his gun and fires again before he calls out. "Its your brother! He is still alive and controling my mind. PLEASE I don't want to hurt you. Make him stop. Make him stop. I dont want to do this my love." he calls out hoping to salvage his miss.

Alley Cat ducks quickly out of the way of the fanged spider whose thorax explodes with a riddle of bullets from Enrique and Halima who are currently chipping away at it. With the grace of a fencer, he quickly turns and lunches forward, sticking the Brisingamen into the face of the spider, causing it to screech and lash back out at him.

Halima spins around from behind the boot of the car and dashes up the street, sending gravel skipping behind her as she skims over the pavement with her revolver in both hands. As she reaches the melee she leaps into the air, arching over the embroiled fight. She rolls forward, pointing her revolver down with her legs arching over towards the pavement ahead of her. She squeezes the trigger just before the revolver barrel is aligned with the center of the spider's eye bundle, snapping off another massive bullet with a splash of silver light. The round buries itself in the spider's head, spraying out clear fluid as it erupts from inside its upper mandible. The recoil from the shot flips Halima around head-up again, permitting her to land on her feet with little effort. The spider collapses into an immobile heap. Astute observers will notice that the Pesedjet hasn't left a trail of blood after this bout of acrobatic antics.

Enrique wipes his brow as he keeps his gun leveled on the beast. "You were a piss poor lover anyways. Never got me anything." he says before he turns to the others breifly, not compleatly letting his eyes off the spider. "Everyone ok? Nobody dying right? Or with a camera phone?" he asks as he gets closer to the spider, then takes the broom and begins bashing at the carpace, doing his best to try to break it open, when he does he shoves his arm in there, reaching around for something.

Alley Cat managed to make a stab, but payed for it as he left himself open and is bitten rather badly. He pulls his sword out and grunts as he holds his hand to his shoulder which is now leaking with a clear venom. "Fuck…." He mutters as he starts to shiver a bit, trying to lift the Brisingamen back into it's sheath with a great deal of difficulty.

Halima straightens and flips the cylinder out of her revolver, letting the moon clip inside tumble to the ground with a -ting ting.- She stuffs the massive revolver back into her business suit (which now has a big hole in the shoulder) and starts to strip said garment off. The wound on her arm has already scabbed over, though her undershirt shows that she's lost an amount of blood that would be vertigo-inducing for a mortal. "I'm alive." She says, slight of breath. "Not sure if I'm toxic."

Meanwhile, Pauline's second swing is a strike-out, the spider having been too agile to be split like its partner. With a grunt, she yanks the weapon from the concrete and momentarily tosses it aside, allowing it to clatter loudly upon the ground. She shields her eyes a little from the silver light being shot from the English-sounding woman's gun, her attention turned to her costumed bandmate. "AC!" she darts over and slips a hand behind his back and starts to tip him backwards. "Don't move, that thing got you good. Can you heal that? Crap…"
She looks to the other two, almost helplessly, "…can either of you heal that?" she asks, having seen that Maia person heal other people from bloody bits before.

Enrique frowns lightly. "No im sorry… im not very good with medicine. Shit…I dont imagine an ambulance would be of much help. Hurt more then help I think." he says softly before he finds something and brightens slightly. "There you are…. this is mine." he says as he pulls out what he hopes is the spiders heart. "En el nombre de Tlazlotal, danos fueza. Danos Salude. Toma fuezra del corazon de tu enemigo." and then he does his very best to crush the heart between his two hands.

"I'm a physicist, not a physician." Halima admits, impotently. "A knowledgeable poisoning specialist at a hospital might be able to offer some mitigation." The Persian ties the tatters of her jacket over her shoulder to cover the wound.

Alley Cat sounds like he is in pain. "I'm going to try…." He says as he still continues to shake. "If anyone can do it better, let me know…" he says softly as he stumbles and then falls. "I need to get home…quick."

Pauline shifts her feet to support Tybalt and eventually with one swift movement scoops him up in her arms. "I'll get him out of here, then. Uh…thank y'all for your help." she turns to Enrique and gives him a funny look that fades to another disturbed one as he goes about sacrificing spider hearts. "…you're just full of surprises, aren't you." Already she's turning and walking briskly away, though not without crouching to snatch up her pulaski axe. "I can get you back to base, AC, is that good? Just hang in there."

Halima wipes some hair out of her face and shakes her head, "Better go to the hospital to get this treated…" she whips out her revolver again and snaps a new moon clip into it. It's holstered quickly. She shakes her head as she wanders back towards her impromptu parking spot. "Oy mate," she calls over her shoulder to Enrique, "you better get out of here if you don't want more attention. Bobbies'll probably be coming soon to clean up."

Enrique gives a small sigh. "Its a very rare oporunity to get something nice for mom." he says before he frowns and looks over at Pauline. "Hey..if you need help….here is my number." he says as he walks over and pulls out a card. His hands coverd in spider blood of course and bits of spider heart. He seems honestly worried. "Make sure he is ok."

Halima ducks into the warehouse where she parked her scooter and emerges a few moments later with a putta-putta of the engine accompanying her. She's got an inexpertly applied bandage on her shoulder and she's put away her necklace and bloody jacket. A pair of driving goggles are over her eyes now. "Oy! Heart breaker! You need a ride outta here?"

"Right." Pauline leans over and gingerly bites down on the business card, pulling it out of his gore-covered hand. Without much further fanfare, she rushes for her truck, hastily putting him in the passenger's seat before climbing in herself. The last Halima and Enrique hear of her is the squeal of tires on pavement as a red Ford pickup tears out of the alley.

Enrique gives a small nod. "Sounds like a plan. Lemme just see if I can grab that last one." he says as he grabs his breicase and since the other one was cut open he just shoves his hand in and roots around a bit…grabs the heart and nods as he runs over to the girl on the scooter. "Where do I go?" he asks as he crushes this one as well.

Halima buzzes up to Enrique on her scooter with a brrrrrrrnnnnn. She stops next to him, "You go somewhere where you can wash that hemolymph off your…self." She gestures to the mess coating Enrique. "I'm going to a hospital to get this wound disinfected and bandaged properly. We're still flesh and blood, mate." She lets the scooter's engine die as she questions Enrique, "Want me to take you to a Y so you can use the showers, or do you have a flat nearby?"

Enrique smiles lightly. "I got an apartment somewhat close to here…I can go wash up there. Real shame, I liked this suit." he says with a sigh before he nods. "You gonna be ok?"

"Alright then, hop on mate, tell me where to turn." She stomps on the pedal of her scooter and it sputters to life again. Grnk-brp-brp-brrrrrn. "I'll be fine, I don't feel sick. Anyway. Hands around the waist, no higher, or I'm kicking you off on the highway, got it?" She might be serious.

Enrique gives a small grin. "No problem senorita.. when my hands go higher it will be because you asked me to and not a second sooner. I am no ruffian, I have pride in my art of seduction. Well…when it dosn't involve ghost..and spiders. Then I work with a rush. Lets go then."

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