Jamie Alexandra Clancy
Portrayed By: Ayla Kell
Status: Very Much Alive
Age: 16
Calling: Daredevil Warrior
Pantheon: Tuatha de Danaan
Divine Parent: Lugh


Jamie's life has never been normal. Born in Ireland, her mother joined a travelling circus and brought her along when she wasn't even a year old. The circus wasn't world famous, nor was it all that successful. The owner had inherited a fortune and loved circuses, however, so spent his money leading the Clancy Carnival to performances all around the world. For the first eight years of her life, Jamie never knew a home.

By the time she was three, her mother had married the owner of the circus, Jim Clancy, and Jamie wouldn't realize for many years that he wasn't her real father. About that time her mother started teaching her to follow in her acrobatic footsteps. Jamie excelled. She was walking tightropes at five, and doing rope and ring acrobatics by seven. Her performances started to bring a lot of attention and income to the carnival, and there was nothing she wanted more than to be world famous.

While the carnival had many things going for it, it didn't have much in the way of security. Just after Jamie's eighth birthday, the carnival was in New York City. Jamie was in their private tent with her mother, having just changed out of her leotard into more casual clothes, when outside they heard men talking about robbing the carnival, and they were coming closer to the tent.

Jamie's mother shoved her into an old costume trunk and closed her in and told her to be quiet. Jamie could hear everything as the men came in and demanded her mother turn over anything valuable. Things were going fine until they wanted the trunk. Her mother, of course, refused and she was shot. Jamie was too scared to even move, and she heard them freak out and run away.

Only once they were gone did she get out of the trunk, and she found her mom lying on the ground, her face gone and blood sprayed over the back of the tent.

She heard people coming and, in her shock it didn't even occur to her that it might be her stepfather. She just slipped out under the side of the tent and ran. She ran out of the park and deep into the city streets, until she fell asleep in a back alley. For a couple days she just hid from everybody, but then something clicked in her mind. If she'd come out of the trunk, they never would have shot her mom. It wasn't a conscious decision, but from that moment on she never let fear stop her.

From there she lived on the street for about a year, pretending to be a boy, becoming a pickpocket and thief to survive, while serving regularly as a runner for local gangs. She would also do a lot of daredevil stunts to impress the other kids, from doing running jumps between the roofs of close-set buildings to making mad dashes across busy intersections.

She was rescued from this life by Laura Rose Jacy, a cop that befriended her and convinced her to come in. Laura Rose was aggravated by her stunts, which she continued to do, but got her into school and found her father, though he was in jail for the murder of his wife.

With Jamie to give testimony, and Laura Rose's friends in the legal system, it took just a few months to clear her stepfather's name, and Jamie went back to live with him, in a new apartment just off the park. That didn't last long, though, just a few months, as his fortune was gone and he vanished when loan sharks came calling.

With her legal guardian missing or dead, Jamie went back into the foster system, and has been shuffled from family to family ever since.

Despite all this tragedy, Jamie has (except the first few weeks after her mother's death) maintained a cheerful optimism. She believes her stepfather is still alive and will find her someday. She believes in her own ability to take care of herself, and that every trouble since her mother's dead has just been a challenge to overcome, and she has.

She also found joy in school, competing in just about every spot they'd let a girl play. Fencing and gymnastics were her best, and she went to world championships of each eventually, but she also played and excelled in swimming (which was her favourite next to gymnastics), hockey, basketball, softball, and soccer. Unfortunately, she rarely got to play with the same teams two years in a row, as none of the foster families she ended up in could handle her fixation with doing dangerous things. Of course, no matter where they sent her, she still had parkour which she took to quite happily. She also loved music, dance, and drama, and with everything she was a part of she barely had any time.

She was living in a family in Syracuse when one day she came home to find a strange but familiar-looking (and very beautiful) man in her bedroom, holding out a beer. Most girls probably would have freaked, and even Jamie was scared. But, because she was scared, she decided to stay, still living up to that old promise to herself.

He told her his name was Lugh, and that he was her father. He told of things she could barely believe, gods and titans and monsters and war in the heavens. He told her how proud he was of her, and that he was choosing her to become a hero, to help fight the war on Earth. That was what sold her, she finally realized the purpose her life had been leading to.

He also gave her gifts. First was a sword, named Stoirmclaomh, to represent her love of both air (in the form of acrobatics) and water (in the form of swimming), and held special meaning as it was also blessed by another god, Manannan, his once foster father. (He laughed when Jamie was surprised even gods had foster parents.) The sword had a jeweled guard carved to look like gusting wind, and the blade was made of a crystal that looked remarkably like ice.

Next he gave her a ring, jeweled with the same crystal as the blade of the sword. This he called Fainne Toghairm. This, he promised her, would allow her to summon the sword when she needed it, and dismiss it somewhere safe when she didn't. After that, he gave her his own war horn, Dord Lugh, to rally her allies and to strike fear into her enemies.

Finally, he presented his final gifts, with the words, "These, I made specifically for you." First was a leather bracer to wear on her off-hand, to give her protection without the cumbersome weight of a shield, and to allow her to protect others. Finally he gave her a matching leather belt, though this had an orange jeweled buckle. This, he promised her, would allow her to walk into fire unharmed, though would not protect anything else she wore or carried with her.

She took to her new duties as a Scion with enthusiasm, her old desire to be world-famous coming back to make her want to be a famed hero to be remembered for all time. In the next few months, she tracked down, and then took down, a human smuggling ring working in the city, which ended up being led by a berserker.

She never did track down the giant responsible for the berserker, (which is probably a good thing for her sake as she had no band as of yet), but instead was again transferred to a new foster family, back into New York City.


Jamie is a cheerful optimist, always seeing the best of everybody and everything. She wants nothing less than to be world famous, and better than that, to be as famous as the gods themselves, and sees her new calling as a way to do that. She loves facing her enemies in a fight, of being a warrior like in the old stories. She's very competitive, enjoying crushing her opponents be it on a battlefield or in a sports arena. She'll also, never, willingly give in to fear. The more something scares her, the more likely she is to face it head on.


Aillen - Her newfound brother! Barely knows him yet but she thinks he seems really cool.
Beau - Barely met him, but fought beside him. Funny accent but seems very smart.
Blaze - Shares Jamie's desire to be a star, and a bit crazy to boot. Jamie likes him.
Dion - Very much like Blaze, but that makes sense, as they're brothers. Seems cool too.
Jocelyn - Barely had a chance to meet yet, but she seems funny and she's Aillen's girlfriend.
Luke - Far more level-headed than Jamie, doesn't take her joy in the kill but he fights very well. And he promised her music lessons.
Ryan - Big and friendly but not dumb, even if he has trouble with cellphones. Very cool.

Events Thus Far

Octopus's Garden - Jamie joins some new friends in facing a giant octopus in the Central Park reservoir.


Shiloh - Operator (A Girl Like Me)
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Justin Bieber - Never Say Never
Katy Perry - Firework
Mika - Kick Ass (We Are Young)
E.L.O. - Mr. Blue Sky

Character Sheet

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