James Franklin Wade
Portrayed By: Jean St Fleur
Status: Partying Hard
Age: 18
Calling: Party Animal
Pantheon: Native American
Divine Parent: Coyote
Significant Other(s): Negative


So here's a story. One day Coyote and Raven were out in the city looking for wives, because I guess they really don't have anything better to do. Coyote says, 'I'll bet you by the end of the week I'll have twice as many children as you.', and Raven says 'Well why the hell not?', or something like it. So they go do their thing.

Night comes, and they meet back up. Raven says he made three kids. Coyote nods, smiles, and then shows him the three wedding rings on his fingers. Turns out he had one kid, then married three single mothers. Then he lived happily ever after because he's a god and he doesn't have to deal with things like the sanctity of marriage or child support.

So around eighteen years later that fucker remembers he had a kid and sends him a rock, some body parts, and apparently the moon, then tells him to go kick some ass. I'm that kid. I know I sound a little bitter, but I actually like the guy. Thing is, depending on what story you hear about him, he's either the biggest badass in the world on the stupidest son of a bitch on the planet. I guess I'm the same way.

All that said, being his son is probably the sweetest gig anyone can get. I've always been pretty good at life in general, despite how we grew up. Now I can get whatever I want, do whatever I want, and enjoy the hell out of life in general. Best part is, my purpose on this earth is literally to beat things up and look good doing it. Thanks dad.


Loud. Boisterous. Friendly. James had a certain joie de vivre, an enjoyment of life in general, and an urge to push his own to its limits. He enjoys the company of others, never takes things to seriously. He can be described akin to the unstoppable force that hits the immovable object, and he's the kind that won't stop slamming his head into that object until it's decided to pack up and move out. It's not to say he can't be as clever as his parent, but he tends to throw himself headfirst into pretty much everything.



Events Thus Far

James Wade was born.

Character Sheet

Appearance: 4 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 4
Epic Appearance: 1 Epic Charisma: 1 Epic Dexterity: 1
Intelligence: 2 Manipulation: 2 Perception: 3
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 1
Stamina: 5 Strength: 3 Wits: 2
Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Strength: 1 Epic Wits: 1
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