It Takes a Thief


Simone, Dee, Durandal Haymer

Scene Title It Takes a Thief
Synopsis Simone and Dee meet Durandal briefly, then discuss a job.


Distinctly different from the city that surrounds it, Chinatown is a tourist haven. Stores and restaurants are overly-abundant. The smells of sour pork and fresh fish float through the streets. Dead chickens hang in front of market windows. All cravings for dim sum or won ton soup can easily be fulfilled here. The streets are small and crowded, the sidewalks muddled with pedestrians. Signs and banners written in Chinese mark the dozens of small shops selling various souvenirs and genuine Chinese artifacts. Street vendors offer t-shirts, small Buddha's, and other trinkets to passer-bys in the hopes for one more sale.

Chinatown. Ah, the crowded, touristy goodness. Not that Dee has much interest in buying, but it's fun to get out and look on a nice day. She's bought herself a steamed pork bun from one of the little bakeries, and enjoys it as she strolls. As is usual she's in her riding leathers, though her jacket is unzipped.

Durandal wanders into the area, meandering down the sidewalk at a slow, tourists pace. He looks around idly as he walks, but most of his attention is on the waxy carton of lo mein in his hand, and the chopsticks in his other. His superhuman dexterity makes the task simple, and he snatches noodle and chicken alike and pops it into his mouth. He seems to be dining with a guest though… a rather strange guest.

Pigeons are certainly not uncommon in NYC, but this one might draw a few looks, since it rides on Durandal's shoulder. It coos to him, and stranger still, Duran coos back. He snags a piece of chicken with the chopsticks, and holds it up to the pigeon on his shoulder, feeding it.

Simone is wandering the city as well, dressed in her usual attire. And, like the others, she's found something to snack on from a dim sum street vendor. Tilting her head as she eats, she wanders slowly and manages not to get any of the stuff on herself. The familiar figure of Dee catches her eye, and Simone smiles only half to herself as she heads that way.

Dee enjoys another bite of her bun, clearly in no hurry to finish either it or her stroll. She returns Simone's wave, and adds a smile as she recognizes her fellow Greek. Her path changes a bit as well, to meet Simone part-way. The pigeon and its person haven't yet been noticed. "How's things going?" she asks when she and the other woman are closer.

Durandal continues to wander, taking another chopstick-load of lo mein and shoveling it in. He chews and swallows as the pidgeon coos again, and Durandal shrugs. The movement displaces the bird a bit, who has to flap a bit to keep its perch. Duran coos back, grinning. A few passersby take notice, and they either give him odd looks, or snicker a bit. Either way, they give him a wide berth.

Simone is chewing when she and Dee close the distance, pausing to lick her fingertips before returning the greeting. "Not bad, thanks. Haven't seen you at the coffee shop in a while." she offers. The cooing of pigeons and the parting of the crowd around the unusual man catches her eye, and she glances over.

Dee chuckles quietly. "I've been getting in some studying, and people would just be a distraction." she replies. "I should be hanging out there a bit more, though. Anything new?" She follows Simone's gaze, then looks over both Durandal and the bird.

Durandal continues cooing at the bird, not noticing the attentions of the women. He loads more lo mein into his own maw, and chews while he feeds the pigeon another strip of chicken. He swallows and is mid coo when he notices he's being watched, and he stops short… offering a wry grin and a shrug. He leans over and coos something, and the bird takes off, flapping it's wings and flying up to the roof of an awning. Duran shrugs again. "Stagecraft." he says simply.

Simone nods slowly to Dee, juggling her dim sum a bit while they talk. "Not terribly, no. Your… cousin… Marius has been hanging around a bit more, however. He's rather nice, but I think he's becoming fond of me."

There's a grin in reply to Simone. "Marius is sweet." Dee says. "And mostly harmless. I mean, to his cousins. He's been coming on to you, you mean?" She looks again to Durandal then, and nods. "Pigeons can be very useful." she notes.

Durandal gives a wry smile. "Oh yeah… if you need something eaten or crapped on, there's none better." He skews his eyes upward towards the bird, then the grin turns mischevious. "Just don't tell him I said that." He winks and then shovels another stickload of noodles into his mouth.

Simone gives Dee a soft laugh, almost a giggle, before she replies. "Actually, I've been coming onto him pretty steadily. But so far he's managed to resist my advances." The wry smile dares her to believe it, however. Looking over to
Durandal, she asks. "So do you just feed him, or train him to poop on people?"

Dee smirks faintly. "Oh, I think they'd be useful for far more than that." she replies, on the matter of pigeons. "I can think of a few things." Simone's reply causes her to laugh then. "I'm sure he's a very talented lover. He certainly has a very nice body." Though in explanation of that one, she says "We've gone swimming."

Durandal shrugs. "I'd /like/ to train him, but he doesn't listen, all he wants to do is talk about bread and statues." He sighs. "But I keep trying, maybe I'll have a breakthrough." He takes a moment to regard the two women appraisingly, and a slight grin appears.

Simone arches a brow at Dee, looking quite intrigued by her reply. "Well I'll have to take your word for it, then. So far I'm still at 'spectator' status." She gives a small smile, then corrects. "Well, spectator with -some- handling rights, I suppose." Turning towards Durandal, she asks Dee. "Friend of yours, Dee?"

Dee mms, nodding as she considers. "Well, it is just a bird. And not the parrot sort of bird. I suspect they don't have many deep conversations." There's a chuckle to Simone, but no more comments about Marius. She looks back to Durandal then, though her reply is to Simone. "We've met, sort of. We haven't spoken, though. It can be like that sometimes."

Simone nods slowly, looking from one to the other. She accepts the hand when it's offered her way, taking as much as she can in her delicate fingers. "I'm Simone." she replies. Turning to Dee, she arches a mischevious brow and asks simply. "Want dibs, then?"

Dee takes his hand in hers, shaking it briefly. "Dee. Nice to meet you, Randall." Looking to Simone then, she asks with a grin "Dibs on what? Or who?"

Durandal grins and shakes hands with the ladies before releasing them and shoveling the last of the noodles and chicken into his mouth, then looking for a trash bin. He sees a dumpster across the street, then looks around with a shifty-eyed expression. He folds up the carton, looks around one last time… then throws the carton and sticks across the street into the far dumpster. Then he turns back to the pair.

Simone wrinkles her nose at Dee, smirking at the reply. "On -him-, actually. I figured that since you two have met already, it's only right." she adds openly, regardless that the subject in question is standing right there. She watches the casual, incredible toss in silence, speaking only when it's successful. "So what is it you do, Randall?"

Dee watches Randall's shot, then looks back to the other woman and laughs. "Oh, feel free. He's his own man, and we're all adults." she says to Simone. "Believe me, if I decide to stake a claim on someone, there will be no question about it."

Durandal grins and shakes his head. "Actually, I'm already spoken for, but I appreciate the sentiment." He jerks his thumb towards the awning then. "/Ted/ on the other hand, is single?" He shrugs. "Well, when at the moment I'm unemployed, but I keep busy with odd jobs."

Simone looks over at the pigeon and gives a soft laugh. "I'd imagine he pretty much does what he wants, when he wants." she replies. "Unemployed? You should play professional sports, with an arm like that."

Dee considers that, then. "That's an interesting ethical question. Is it cheating, if a player is a Scion? Not that it should stop any of us, but I wonder how long it will take for a human to complain about it." She doesn't look at that concerned.

Durandal shrugs. "Well, she's a mortal, and I'm in love, so as far as I'm concerned, cheating is cheating is cheating." He looks down at his arms. "Actually, I was a pretty good track and field runner in my college days." He chuckles, then his face turns nostalgic and far away. "But that was then…"

Okay, so Simone looks -really- curious at the 'Scion' talk, now. She finishes her dim sum and crumples the wrapper, tucking it into her pocket. "Excuse me, Dee, but just what do you mean by 'Scion'?" She looks to Durandal as well, then adds. "That was a wonderful shot, of course, but you're saying that you're more than mortal? Just what -are- you both, then?"

Dee shrugs to Simone. "You don't read the news?" she replies. "Everyone's talking about the children of gods. That's what they've been called. Scions. Well, what we've been called. Meaning me." She doesn't seem so concerned with keeping herself a secret.

Durandal grins and holds up his hands. "Listen, you two should have some girl talk time, a little Q&A… meanwhile I need to get back to my aimless wandering." He nods to the pair. "It was nice to meet you both, I'll see you around." He sidesteps and begins to walk away, cooing over his shoulder up at the pigeon on the awning.

Simone looks somewhere between triumphant and amused, giving Durandal a nod as he makes his escape. "Nice to meet you, Randall. Be good, now." Turning back to Dee, she gives the woman a knowing look. "Well if you hang around Marius, then you must be alright. And you can include me when you say 'we'…"
Dee offers a casual sort of wave to the departing man. "Nice to meet you, Randall." she replies, echoing Simone. Then when the other woman adds herself to the 'we', she laughs quietly. "Another cousin, then. Excellent."

Simone looks amused as well, stuffing her hands into her coat pockets. "I'm not the same sort of 'Greek' that you are, Dee. I was referring to my divine heritage." she clarifies. "I've already had this chat with Marius."

Dee looks curious. "How do you mean?" she asks. "Both of my parents are Greek, both divine and mortal." She smiles. "I was born there, but raised here."

Simone looks amused, and clarifies. "Only my divine parent is Greek. My mother is an Upstate debutante." Pausing for a moment, she tilts her head and considers. "She never really spoke about her heritage, but I would assume from her name that I'm of French ancestry."

Dee smiles. "That would make sense." she replies. "But you're still one of us." She nods to the jewelry, then says "Artemis, I'm guessing?"

Simone nods to that. "Yes indeed." she replies. "Although the details of having the 'Virgin Huntress' as my mother are somewhat peculiar, to be sure." She gives the other woman a once-over, searching for any obvious signs. "And what about you, then?"

Dee mmms to that. "I wasn't going to ask." she replies. "Seems like the kind of question that would make someone a little sore." She hms, then says "Maybe I should start wearing a Caduceus. Hermes."

Simone chuckles softly. "I'm the doctor, and -you're- the one who should wear the Caduceus." she observes with a wry smile. "And I do understand your caution in the coffee shop the other day."

Dee grins. "Well, I can't help that it's my father's symbol…" she says. "Besides, the Rod of Asclepius is only a single snake and no wings. There was confusion somewhere along the line."

Simone arches a brow, looking curious at that. "Really." she replies, genuinely. "I've met my mother several times, but never in anything other than the guise she chose to wear at the time."

Dee nods. "I've only met my father the once, but it was a hell of a night. We talked a lot. And drank a lot."

Simone grins crookedly. "I met my mother at my graduation party under the guise of Diana. In a peculiar turn of events, she ended up dating my -real- mother for a while… which gave me some free time to stretch my wings a bit."

There's a chuckle to that, then Dee says "It's great that you had her around some. I'm looking forward to seeing my father again eventually, but I know he has a lot to do at the moment."

Simone's eyes brighten and she gives a soft laugh. "If you could call it that, yes. I saw a lot of her on the way in or on the way out, mostly. But she's more one to nudge than to lead, and I've felt her guiding hand upon my shoulder quite often since then."

Dee nods. "I haven't really felt guided by him, but on the other hand I've known what I wanted to be for a long time, and my mother is one of the best in the field. Father said he approves, so I'm good."

Simone smirks at that. "Well I'm not sure -what- my mother was good at, but at least I'm a competent doctor. I've worked to become that… with Diana's full blessing."

Dee laughs. "I'm sure your mother is good at a lot of things. Otherwise she wouldn't have drawn the attention of a god." she says. "Mine was the best jewel thief in Greece." she adds with a wink.

Simone's eyes brighten at that and she gives a knowing smile. "Innnnteresting." she replies. "I'm working on something that just -might- benefit from your assistance, then." she offers. "No details just now, at least not until I've got some of the background worked out."

Dee looks terrrrrribly curious. "Oh, really? Well, you certainly have my attention." She goes into her satchel and takes out the materials to write down some contact information. "I consider myself a 'security consultant'. It takes a thief, after all."

Simone nods to that. "And what I have in mind -will- take a thief, as well. I need some information, and obtaining that information will require breaking into an apartment. Preferably while the Medusa who lives there isn't home." Wink.

Dee laughs quietly again. "I can see where her presence might be a problem, yes." she agrees. "But if anyone can get in, it's me."

Simone smiles. "It sounds like it, yes. Once I get more details, like I said, I'll let you know. And once we're in, you won't be alone. There'll be plenty of support in case we're… interrupted."

Dee considers that. "So long as they're all professionals, and won't end up setting off security systems. I've had associates do that in the past. It's really inconvenient. Anyone I might know?" she asks then.

Simone meets her gaze evenly. "Marius, most likely. Myself. A couple other associates of ours. She's… taken… something that doesn't belong to her and is holding it as blackmail. She's passed it along to a friend, and it's my intention to find out who and where. Timing may be as important as just dumb luck on this one."

Dee mms, nodding slowly. "Well, let me know where and when as soon as you can, and I'll do some scouting around to see what will need to be done." she replies, then looks around them again. "I could go for another steamed bun. You?"

Simone gives a light shrug. "Sure thing. If they're good, I'll even buy." she offers. Looking around for the vendor, she asks. "So how long have you been in your line of work?"

Dee gestures in a direction with her head, then heads that way. Apparently, she knows where the good vendors are. "Hmmm… Since I was ten? Well, not as a professional. But I've always had this thing about other peoples' stuff." she says with a grin.

Simone casually checks to make sure her jewelry is intact, making obvious with the gesture and giving a wry grin. "I'll keep that in mind. Definitely." she replies. "I've never been that focused, really. Grew up as a spoiled rich kid, ran with a biker gang for a while, and worked as a stripper to get through med school."

There's another grin, then Dee says "Oh, I don't steal from my own. I'd rather focus my attention on the bad guys. And it sounds interesting, certainly. We had plenty of money, of course. Mom figured it was better to teach me though, rather than have me end up in jail."

Simone nods slowly, following in the direction of the vendors you point out. "Good thing, that. I'm pretty sure the stripping was Diana's idea, too. She broke up with mom right before I started med school, and that's when mom cut off my expenses."

Dee mmms. "I'm not modest at all, but I don't think I could do that. I just don't like that much attention. It sucks that your mother cut you off, of course." She gets over to a small bakery on a sidestreet, and orders a couple of the steamed buns.

Simone gives a light shrug, watching the steamed buns as they're taken out. "On one level it does, yes. But on the other hand, it taught me how to use my skills and pushed me in directions I wouldn't have otherwise taken."

"True." Dee replies as she offers one to Simone. "And it did get you through med school. They don't really teach my field in universities. Even if they did, I'd be way ahead."

Simone takes the offered bun with a nod of thanks, grinning at the thought of a thieves' school. "Well medical school was actually pretty easy for me. But then again, I don't think that I'm cut out to be just a simple, country doctor, either."

Dee smiles. "I think a lot of things are pretty easy for all of us. Those things we have a talent for, anyway. I remember that you're interested in charity work. Did you look into any clinics yet?"

Simone shakes her head at that. "At this point I think that's too much of a steady commitment, actually. I do some moonlighting in a couple E.R.'s here and there, somewhat to get into the system and also to keep my nose to the ground. And my skills sharp."

Dee nods. "Yeah, I've never been one for steady employment, either. I'm guessing a lot of us are like that. It's just as well, of course. I think we're only going to get more busy, with all the other things going on."

Simone nods to that, nibbling on her snack now. "I'd say you're right. Oh, if this little B&E job works, by the way, it should buy us a favor or two from a certain NYPD officer. No names right now, but he's the one who's being blackmailed."

Dee purses her lips. "Lin?" she asks.

Simone just smiles. "Whether it is or isn't, I gave my word that I'd keep his name in confidence." she replies softly. "Who is Lin, and how do you know him?"

Dee says "It's a small city. Well, it's gotten smaller since the big stuff's started here, anyway. I'm guessing if it's one of ours, she's taken one of his Relics. And that isn't acceptable."

Simone shakes her head slowly, deciding to come clean. "Not one of his Relics, at least I don't think so. She took his badge and has a tape that she is threatening to use to blackmail him. Both are with a friend of hers, who'll turn them in if anything happens to her. I plan on finding this 'Friend'…"

Dee's face wrinkles up some. "Ick. Well, just let me know where to be. The sooner you have the address of the Medusa, the better. I'll need to do some surveillance before going in."

Simone nods to that, reaching into her coat pocket and offering a simple card with her name and a cell phone number. "Wait a sec." she offers, scribbling her address on the back as well. "Here. I'll definitely let you know what I know. And I appreciate your help in this."

Dee replies "Hey, we have to support each other, right? In the end, it's us against the Titanspawn. That's more important than any petty differences."

Simone smiles. "I certainly agree. And I'll be in touch, Dee." She raises the half-eaten pastry. "Thanks for this, too."

Dee smiles as well, taking one of the buns for herself as well. "I'll look forward to hearing from you." she replies. "Take care, Simone."

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