It is The Blue Ranger


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Scene Title It's the Blue Ranger!
Synopsis Haldor and Maia endup meeting Scott and Eric. Haldor and Maia end up coupley afterwards

Morningside Heights

The weather's finally let up for a little bit, which means people are starting to poke their heads out of indoors again. People are hustling from under umbrellas and awnings to the subway station, an old woman walks her white Bichon dog on a thin leash, pooper-scooper bag in her free hand, and a bike messenger takes a shortcut across the paved paths in Washington Square Park. Said mesenger passes by a young man, somewhere in his teens, who is looking over a sheaf of papers clutched in one hand. A half-full Slurpee in…well, whatever flavor 'Red' is this week drips condensation onto his left hand as he sips from it.

However, the passing cyclist pulls one of the yellowed papers from Scott Cornwall's hand, giving the guy a start. "Shit," he mutters, and gets up, trying to grab the lost paper with either full hand as the wind draws it across the ground. "Oh, nononononono."

And a young college co-ed sits not too far away on one of the ledges of a two-story building in the area peering around as she people watches. "Bah, there's too many can we find this guy?" she asks curiously, the mirror of Amaterasu showing the reflection of a rather plain looking brown haired young man in Egyptian garb with scarabs skirting around him. "I mean..this guy could be any of them.." she says with a little of a harumph as she crosses her legs and looks around and stretches her arms into the air.

Suddenly, the mirror shows another image, that of a red haired muscular man in his late teens or early twenties. Maia blinks a little at the new image as she just stares a little. This one has lightning crackling around him. She hrmms looking around once more as the mirror reveals someone else they're suppose to meet.

And at that moment, a young muscular man appears not too far away from Scott. He's in a white wife-beater and a comfortable pair of jeans. He moves with grace and seems to be looking around as well.

Veritably bursting with energy near Maia is Haldor. The Viking twitches and shifts, pacing about on the rooftop as if hyped up on a sugar rush of truly epic proportions… Or else has been experimenting with Speed. Either way, Haldor is definitely not acting nearly so subdued as he normally is.

As for the 'Red' Slurpee? Current flavors are either Wild Cherry or Hawaiian Punch Berry Blast. Orange is currently Apocalyptic Ice, a promotion for Terminator Salvation. Several empty cups are littering the rooftop, Haldor may have drank them all. He shifts again, peering over Maia's shoulder at the mirror as she seems to grow quieter than normal.

"Who the Hel is that?"

There is, in fact, a rather plain-looking guy with brown hair beating feet along the grass in the park, as that piece of paper eludes him. As he runs across the lawn, his left arm drops by accident, dropping the rest of the iced drink onto some flowers, but he doesn't seem to have splashed anyone with it. Still, some part of Scott's mind registers this, and he drops the cup. Littering. Bad Scion. Still, with one hand free Scott picks up speed as the sheet of paper is pulled across the path, and he dives for it, heedless of whatever or whoever might be there.

Unfortunately, the redhead in the wifebeater is walking into his path…

Oomph! Scott runs directly into the rather intimidating looking Scion. Eric has fiery red hair much like his father and he stares down towards the much scrawnier child of Thoth. His brows furrow as he steps out of the way and stomps his foot on the sheet of paper making sure it doesnt fly away. "There you go.." he says firmly and resolutely.

Meanwhile, back on the rooftop, the young onmyoudo looks back towards Haldor. "A relative? Not many gods of thunder and lightning with fiery red hair.." she says with a bright chirp as she puts the mirror gently in her duffelbag once more. "There's another image the mirror showed before..another guy in a We Are Spartans outfit. Hopefully the others are taking care of that.." she says as she eases on up and looks towards Haldor. "So shall we go say hi? Perhaps the other person is down there too..I can't see from this far up.."

"Could be. Maybe I should go for the whole Marvel Comics' Thor hair thing, what do you think? Long red hair instead of blond though."

The Viking pauses a moment, as if startled that tumbled out of his mouth, but shrugs. He shifts toward the ledge and smiles to Maia, dropping into a crouch in open invitation for her to take up the piggy-back ride position.

Haldor Express: Now Boarding. Next stop, Scions of Thoth and (maybe) Thor.

There's a visible wince from Scott as a booted foot steps on the paper. Yes, this has stopped the paper from moving, but…a boot. One thought flickers through his head as he sees the unknown redhead put his foot down in the literal sense: Dad. Is Going. To Kill Me. "Th-thank you," Scott says, giving the man a sheepish smile. "They're on loan, and if I lost any of them…" When the stranger lifts his foot, Scott snatches up the paper. Anyone who can look at it might see writing in an unfamiliar language, unless ancient Heiroglyphics are in their language skill set. "I shouldn't have gone outside, but I was sick of rain pelting the windows and the sound was driving me nuts."

"Naaaaah. I like your hair short. Frames your face better.." she says with a sage and knowing nod before she oomphs while jumping on his back so she can go all piggy-back. Maia wraps her legs around Haldor's waist and her arms do the same to his shoulders before resting her head on his shoulder. "I'm ready whenever you are, handsome."

Meanwhile Eric just lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as he shakes his head and lifts the boot up. "Sorry, it was the easiest way to stop the paper, or ya would've been lost.." he says with no real smile on his lips. He looks Scott over. The scrawny kid looks collegey and soon he takes out a picture and show it to him. It's Maia, though she's all dressed in a kimono back from her Shrine Maiden days. Then there's a picture of Haldor, though much younger. "You know these two?" he asks curiously.

"My hair doesn't really frame my fa- Never mind."

Haldor steps off of the edge of the roof, plummeting toward the ground. There is a moment where it seems like Haldor will expire by means of meaty explosion on the pavement below, but he hits the ground, bounces once or twice, and promptly starts running. For the briefest of moments between initial impact with the ground and the beginning of his sprint, Haldor fairly crackles with power.

The Viking moves at ridiculous speeds, faintly blurring his and Maia's outlines as he darts through the park. According to the Mirror, the people for whom they are looking are present /HERE/. It's just a matter of finding them with all due speed. Fortunately, Haldor is very good at 'all due speed'. Just look at him doing almost 70 mph in a pedestrian zone.

With both hands free, Scott clutches to those papers for dear life. Oddly, the paper is yellowed, and makes a different sound when it crinkles. They're actual sheets of papyrus. "It's all right. S'my fault, really. I didn't really look at the long-range variables…" Eric, interrupts him by showing the pictures, and Scott leans in a little closer to look, his hand absently touching the breast pocket of his button-down. "I haven't," he says, peering. "I mean, I don't know them, but it's werid, because it feels…"

Scott breaks off. He doesn't see the arrivals; his senses aren't perternaturally sharp. But where is that wind picking up from?

"Eeeeeeeeee" there's that high pitched sound as Maia buries her face in Haldor's back so she doesnt get any bugs smacking into her face, or hair or anything like that. To everyone else, the Doppler Effect just makes it a faint buzzing sound in the end.

Eric lets out a soft sigh as he puts the pictures away and stuffs it back in his pocket. "It's all right kid..I was told they'd be around here. Gotta talk to the redhead.." he says firmly and resolutely before extending out his calloused fingers. "Eric Donner..and you are?"

Haldor whines as Maia starts screaming. Not only is her scream high-pitched, loud, and generally unpleasant that close to his ears, but it's also slightly off-key. Most people wouldn't notice, but most people don't have godly Perfect Pitch. The Viking clenches his teeth, squinting a bit as he streaks through the park, searching here, there, and everywhere for the people pictured in the Mirror.

It shouldn't take long at all for him to come upon Eric and Scott at this rate.

"Scott Cornwall," the shorter college kid replies, putting his papers in orders in an effort to free up a hand to shake Eric's. "Sorry I couldn't find your friends, Eric," he says. "I only got to town about three days ago, after I moved out of my dad's place." There's that noise again, and the guy turns his head, hand still clasped in a handshake with Eric's/ "You hear that? It sounds like a siren."

With Haldor's whining, Maia stops as she goes quiet as he continues to run around the park until she spots something in her eye. Is that them? It's definitely another hunky redhead. But she doesnt want to say anything considering it'll just be thrown off by the doppler effect once more. Stupid physics. Hopefully he'll see the pair.

Meanwhile, Eric raises his brows and quirks a brow towards the scrawny one. "What?" and his ears twitch a little as he pulls out a rather bigass Colt 45 and gets it ready. "No..I hear it too..but it's gone now.." he says, most definitely alert as he motions towards one of the benches. "Stay down.."

Haldor is criss-crossing the park at speeds ludicrous for a human being to be moving at on foot. Inevitably, he /WILL/ spot Eric and Scott. Like the tides or the movement of a glacier, so too is his chances of spotting Scott and Eric utterly inexorable.

Oh look. People they're looking for. Haldor plants his feet on the ground and skids across the pavement toward Scott and Eric just as the Colt .45 comes out of… Out of wherever Eric was hiding that beast. The Viking's eyes widen as he finally comes to a stop about ten feet away, the gelled spikes of his long red hair slowly starting to pop upright again, giving him a strange look… Not unlike a bristling porcupine.

The siren has died down to Scott's ears, but the wind is still picking up from the slipstream from Haldor and Maia, and on an odd reflex, Scott's free hand, once freed from Eric's, dives into his shirt pocket to grab whatever's attached to the gold chain hanging out, but he stops short as multiple things happen. The sight of Eric's oversized Colt makes the young man's eyes widen. "Holy shit a hand cannon," he says, a bit taken aback. But, attention to the gun is taken away as two more people arrive, and recognition dawns in his eyes.

Very calm, he turns his head to Eric and indicated Haldor and Maia with a casual wave of his hand. "Found them."

It would be lying if Maia noticed Scott. There he is standing next to the uberhunky Erik. Her eyes widen as she looks towards the gun and hrmms for a few moments, pursing her lips a little as she stage-whispers to Haldor, "Think he might be overcompensating for something?" she asks curiously before she looks around. She cants her head as now she examines Scott closely and hops off of Haldor's back, opening the mirror as she looks down once more.

"Okay..remove the clothes, put on a tunic, put on some eye makeup.." and she stares up towards Scott again before looking over towards Erik. "Again, take off the clothes..put some lightning.." and notice she didnt say put on anything else..just the lightning. "We found 'em!" she chirps merrily.

Eric just blinks as he looks over towards Haldor and puts away the gun. "BRO!" he cries out with open arms. "There you are..I've been looking for you!" and he heads on over towards Haldor while Maia does the opposite. She heads towards Scott.

"You're this guy, right?" she asks, showing the idealized image of him in the mirror that's still in her duffelbag.

"… Hand cannon? Really? Who the Hel says that? That was archaic when it was a brand new term," grumbles Haldor. One red eyebrow quirks as Scott waves toward himself and Maia while mentioning to Eric that he found them. Slowly one of the Viking's hands moves toward his hoody pocket, trying to make it look casual. Then again, can you blame Haldor for suspicion?

Promptly the "hand cannon" goes away. Haldor relaxes, just a bit, as Eric comes toward him with arms wide open. In the back of Haldor's mind, some random alternative rock crap starts playing; it requires an act of supreme willpower to suppress the urge to harm something for such a transgression of his own mind.

"… Bro? You a surfer or something?"

Where Eric moves forward, Scott stands, and tries to take in the sight of Haldor and Maia for a moment. "What're the odds," he mutters to himself, but he gives the young lady a smile as she walks towards him. She's showing him her duffell, and Scott peers at what's inside. Blink. Blinkblink. "Yeah! That's me, but I don't usually have that…" He lets out a breath. There's things Dad told him, when it came to Magic, and the things that affect them all. Scott thinks to himself, something about knowing a hint when he sees it.

The papyrus sheets are rolled into a tube in his left hand as he extends his right one to Maia. "Scott Cornwall," he says. "It's nice to meet you."

"Tsuchimikado Maia!" the young onmyoudo chirps merrily. She's dressed casually with a Julliard hoodie, so it's obvious she's a local as well. "The mirror showed your image so it means we needed to find you." she explains as she idly runs her fingers through her hair, beaming the entire time as she extends out her hand towards him. "That's Haldor Englund over there..and yes, it's UND, with a U.." she continues before looking over towards Eric. "You know that guy? Cause his image is here too.." she continues as soon there's lightning crackling over another idealized form of Eric Donner.

"No, not a surfer. You're my brother..well..half-brother. Hugin and Munin explained it to me.." and here he goes saying names that poor Haldor doesnt know. Unless he knows the names of Odin's two ravens that is. Eric looks back over towards Maia for a few moments as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "And nice taste..I'd tap that.." he says with an approving nod before he shows off the bloodstone ring with the Algiz rune on it.

Haldor keeps his eyebrow arched at Eric. Hugin and Mugin both sound terribly familiar, though the Viking can't really place the names just this moment. Slowly he lets his gaze follow Eric's toward Maia's rear end before looking back at his half-brother.

"Err. Yeah. Sure."

It doesn't take Haldor long to pull up his hoody's left sleeve, revealing his Futhark-engraved bracer. For a moment or two he compares the runes before locking his piercing blue eyes on Eric's eyes. Curiosity piqued, the Viking slides his sleeve back down as he regards Eric.

"What can I do for you, half-brother?"

With a simple incline of his head, Scott greets Maia with a short phrase in Japanese. "I…well, I've picked up a few languages in the last year or so," he says, apologetically. He looks between the mirror and the redheads that the lady is pointing out. "Englund? Like the actor?" He seems to relax a little as things put themselves together. "I guess it's all in who you know," he comments, as the tension runs out of his shoulders, and his eyebrows snap up. "Hugin and Munin? Thought and Memory are the two ravens who…" Connections are made. "Ohhh." Scott turns back from the two Very Much Bigger Than He Is people, to Maia. "It seems you found us. The…mirror? It's telling the truth about me," he says, and gets something out of his shirt pocket to show Maia. It's a monocle, with a crystal lens. The chain and frame are both gold, and the wirework around the lens is in the shape of an Ibis head.

Alas, Scott is not the only geek around. Maia beams brightly as she cries out and offers him a tight squeezy hug. "Blue Ranger! We found a Blue Ranger!" she says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. She nods and hrmms for a few moments. "Very knowledgeable, I like it. So, pop quiz. My mother's that means this mirror is.." and she waits for him to answer, just seeing what he knows as she softly hums the Jeopardy tune under her breath.

Eric raises his brows at the mention of the blue Ranger. He just shakes his head a little, snickering softly under his breath. "Kinda crazy, but I'd still do her.." he says softly before looking back towards Haldor as he examines the Furhtark-engraved bracer. Then there's another rune on the bracer and he hrmms for a few moments, not quite familiar with it, but he shrugs his shoulders in the end.

"I came here to help. Or rather, my friends and I came to help. Something about a Dark Hour..that's all I got from Munin. Hugin mentioned something about you needing a bit of a lesson though. He says dad's sorry, but with Asgard under constant attack he couldnt leave. I was the same way..he left my mom long ago. The northeast is where I'm from. Pennsylvania-ish."

"Pop must have a thing for Pennsylvania. That's where I was born 'n' raised. I came here after high school, looking for a fresh start and a chance to get into a good metal band… Yeah. She's a little crazy, but she's young still. Exciteable."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, folding his arms across his chest. The Viking watches Eric quietly, considering the other Scion's words for the time being. It takes him a few moments to really, fully parse the assertion that he needs a lesson. One red eyebrow quirks again, inquisitive attention spreading across Haldor's features.

"What kind of lesson?"

There's a *whoulf* that emits from Scott as he's suddenly hugged, but he chuckles. "You get the dubious honor of the first of us that I have met," he say, but his mouth splits into a grin as Maia explains her parentage, and he draws the conclusion of the mirror she's packing. "That's Yata no Kagami!" he exclaims, breathless. "That is one of the three pieces of the Imperial Regalia. That's the freakin' Eight Hand Mirror." Oh, this one knows his trivia. "But I thought it was in the Ise shrine, but if your honored mother has brought it out, this has gotten seriously…serious." He looks up. "Your mother is Amaterasu, and I played Okami for like a year I loved that game." He's getting a little…perked, now.

Still, he tries to listen to what the others speak of. This Eric brought friends, and Scott makes a mental note of that, and he turns to Maia. "The Dark Hour? Did it have anything to do with that stuff in Times Square, because that happened right when I came to New York, and…oh wow, you guys know what might be behind that? Because that is some serious symbolic mojo whoever pulled that off is playing with."

"Well, you're speaking with a former Shrine Maiden of Ise. A replica is still there, but this is the real thing. When this whole Dark Hour stuff started and we saved the world we were told to use it to find others…" and she pauses, furtively glancing around as she wrinkles her nose. "Before the Titanspawn do. We're kind of in a race right now I think.." Maia continues as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she zips the duffelbag up once more. "Mom is okay with the least she isnt as miffed as Sun Wukong is with the Dragonball Z movie..oh, and we have one of his Scions with if you ever meet him..don't ever mention it.." she stage whispers.

Then she continues to beam before putting up a finger. "And that would be correct. Those three women..actually the avatars of the fates, the moriae, the norns..whatever you want to call them. We've ran into others like us, except they work for the Titans..they did all that." she says with a bit of concern. "So obviously, I'm glad we've found you before them. I mean, at least I think so havent run into an Oirish redhead with a platinum blonde, have you?" her brows furrow as she looks towards him a bit suspiciously now.

Meanwhile, in the other conversation, Eric just chuckle softly a bit. "Dad didnt get to teach you anything. And you didnt have Munin or Hugin to teach you, so that's my job." he says with a sage nod. "Besides, I've been wanting to see what my relatives can do. I'm the strongest one in my band..are you in yours?" he asks with raised brows as he looks Haldor over once more.

"I, uh… I really don't know. I'm probably the fastest one in my "band". Strength-wise, I guess it's a toss up between me and the Scion of Sun Wu Kong."

Haldor pauses and calls over to Maia.

"Did I get that right? Sun Wu Kong?"

Haldor rubs the back of his neck with one hand, watching Eric quietly for the moment while he waits for verification.

"Shrine Maiden?" Scott looks surprised at this. "That would explain the picture Eric over there has that he showed me when he was looking for you. But it's a few years old, from the look of it. Haldor…that's how you pronounce it, right? It's an Old Norse name meaning Thor's Rock, now that you mention it. But, wow, a Scion of the Monkey King? Wow…" He seems to be easily impressed. "I won't mention Dragonball Z to him, I promise." Beat. "But if he mentions The Prince of Egypt all bets are off. Warning you now."

He slams a balled fist into his palm, crinkling more papyrus. "Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis, I knew it!" Scott says, flashing a grin. "Still, whoever did that in that kind of public venue is trying to pull a lot of power for themselves. Which means they want to do something big, or do something normal to an exponential degree." Scott's practically bouncing at this point. "Oirish redhead and blonde…no, honestly, I have not seen anyone like that. Three days. I've only been here in the deep end three days because Dad finished training and he said he wanted an agent in New York."

"Ahhh! Good, then you arent evil." Maia chirps happily as she starts motioning for Scott to head on over towards Haldor as well as she bounces on over. "Yup. Sun Wu Kong! Great Sage Equal of Heaven. The Monkey King.." she explains as she runs her fingers through her hair before stretching her arms into the air. "But you've got it right on the nose. That's what happened. A bunch of people..we've run into them before, tried to kidnap me, another girl, and Haldor over there. That's why we all met.." she continues, trying to catch Scott up a bit. "But they did it to get more attention and it worked. That's why the Dark Hour is occuring now. The loom of fate is broken, and the only way to solve the mystery behind the dark hour is to enter the building.." she says until bowing before Eric.

Eric lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as he hrmms for a few moments, pursing his lips as he looks over Haldor once more. "Then, we'll have to find a place where me and you can fight. I've wanted to compare myself to one of my halfbrothers. The others in the band can't really compare, so I'll either have to rumble with you or the Sun Wu Kong fellow.." he says matter of factly.

The Viking listens curiously to Eric, one eyebrow still arched. He doesn't seem entirely enthused about fighting with a half-brother who is substantially more hardcore than himself. Eric has a freaking Colt .45, whereas Haldor has drumsticks.

Haldor continues to rub at the back of his neck and shrugs a little bit. Quietly he considers the statement thoughtfully, musing a bit over this and that.

"Well, uh, can you fly? We could go do a rumble in the air, if you really want to spar? Otherwise I'm sure we could find some place to fight, like the Bronx or Brooklyn… Or, Hel, Staten Island. One of those three should have pretty secluded areas where we can flex the ol' muscles."

For a moment Haldor pauses. He considers Eric thoughtfully, slowly dropping his hand back to his side.

"Does this training include filling me in on what the Frigg 'n' Hel is all going on with this stuff? Baldur didn't really tell me much more than Pop and Sif gave me such a generalized run down that I'm still way behind everybody else in my group."

"Unbelieveable," Scott replies as Maia catches him up on current events. "By which I mean to say, completely believeable, because wow, that's intense and I'd love to hear more. I've been trying to get close to the building, but something always happens. Especially if Eric here has brought his band to help out, it's something pretty deep." His lips purse. "I know a little magic. Not much, but it's…well, I can get it to work."

"I know magic, but it's the kind my relatives and I practice. Not the kind most everyone else practices.." she says with another wrinkle of her nose as she yawns and stretches her arms in the air before blinking blankly towards Haldor for a bit.

"Fighting in the air? that would bring down Michael Clarke Duncan on all of us. Let's try not to bring that sort of attention, kay?" Maia warns the Viking before she beams brightly towards Eric again. "If you guys want to fight, you guys could just ya know..get all hot and sweaty and wrestle back at my place?" and she facepalms, knowing how that sounded. "I have a gym…totally not a perve!" she cries out, trying to cover her minor-pervyness. Mmmm, muscley redheads.

Eric laughs heartily at the response as he raises his brows and looks towards Haldor. "The chick's got a point. I think she wants to see me shirtless anyway.." he says, flexing just a bit.

"She wants to see all red-heads shirtless," replies Haldor. It's not a cruelly intended comment, his tone is conversational, as though making a casual, if biting, observation. He tilts his head toward Maia, offering a subdued, but cheerful smile.

The Viking shrugs a little bit, arms still crossed over his chest. For a few moments, Haldor remains very quiet as he considers the options before him… Not many as they may be. Finally he sighs and shrugs.

"Yeah. I guess the gym at the suite'll do. I wouldn't want to summon an awesome actor."

"It's still magic, and it's amazing." Here, Scott just beams. "I've only been working with dad, like I said," he adds, and trails off as Maia looks towards the Thorsons and offers a suggestion. "Wait, Michael Clarke Duncan? The guy from the Green Mile?" On the concepts of wrestling, the Scion of Thoth is very silent. Still, he seems to keeps his mouth shut for a few moments, looking between the others as they converse.

Maia lets out a slight harumph, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red as she lets out another little grump. She pouts a little and hrmms as she starts motioning towards the Upper East Side. "I guess we can take a cab. I brought my money.." she says, hollering out for a cab and soon one arrives in front of them. She looks towards Scott and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Yes, but it's not's just an evil demigod that looks like him.." she explains before opening the door to scooch on in.

"Ahhhh. She's feisty isnt she?" Eric quips with a hearty laugh as he flexes once more just to be a tease. He pats Haldor on the back before motioning for him to head on in. "But sounds good..arent you curious? Have you met any of the others? Oh, if you meet Sly Guiler..punch him in the face for me. Trapped me with a fucking frost giant.."

Poor cabbie. He overhears all this and just shakes his head.

"… Met any of which others? I met some giant black guy, who looks a lot like Michael Clarke Duncan. We had a rumble on the dancefloor at a club, it was pretty ridiculous."

Haldor grins wryly at Eric's remarks in general as he climbs/squeezes into the cab. The Viking wriggles slightly as he gets himself into just the right position for the trip. Even so, Haldor practically vibrates with unexpended energy.

"I'm talking bout relatives man. I only know Hugin and Munin, and that's it. Havent met any of the gods themselves.." Eric says matter of factly as he squishes Maia inbetween himself and Haldor.

Of course, not that Maia minds, she lets out a happy little sigh and gives the cabbie directions to the apartment on the Upper East Side.
You paged Scott with 'Check your sheet and make sure you have XP'

"Oh. Sif and Baldur visited me, though they really only stuck around for an hour or two at most… Otherwise I haven't really met any other relatives of ours."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, smiling sheepishly at his response. The Viking glances at Maia as she lets out that happy little sigh. Promptly he lets out his own little sigh. It's somewhere between exasperation and quiet amusement.

Do not make fun of the Japanese school girl! She was a Shrine Maiden and kept away from boys for a good number of years and it's only now that she's not a girl, not yet a woman is she sitting between two hunkalicious men. Blargh.

Maia has a dopey grin on her features as she chats away with Scott, just filling him in on what else has been happening as of late.

Eric lets out another soft chuckle under his breath as he flexes just to tease Maia once more before his eyes widen at the mention of two gods actually visiting Haldor. "No effing way! Sif! Baldur! And all I got were two Shakesperean sounding ravens. And the couple of dwarves..and the scion of Loki who tried to kill me.."

"Man. You got to meet the dwarves? Sif just gave me some of their handiwork," replies Haldor.

Honestly, Haldor does sound a little disappointed that he hasn't met the dwarves. Perhaps he liked Snow White when he was a kid. Who knows? The Viking leans back in the seat a little bit, closing his eyes for the moment as he gets comfortable.

"That seems kind of predictable, the Scion of Loki that is… I dunno. Baldur was a pretty cool guy, definitely my favorite uncle ever. Sif, however, was really cool. She seemed to take an interest in all of us Scions of Thor; she even gave me some drumsticks forged by the dvergar. When we get to the apartment, I'll show you."

And there's the big gun once more. But alas, Eric doesnt lift it within sight of the cabbie or there might be problems. His eyes widen at the mention of the drumsticks and he ooooohs a little.

"That's pretty fuckin sweet. All I got was this.." he says, showing the gun once more. It's a huge Colt 45, but with a major difference. The trigger is stone. "That's a bit of Mjolnir dad sent to the dwarves to make this for me.." he says before putting it away once more. "But the dwarves were nice..helped me against some douchebag frost giant. You run into any of those around here?" he asks.

Meanwhile, Maia just sighs contentedly between the two Aesir hunks.

"Not yet, no. That black guy, a harpy, an enormous pig, ninjas, a lindwurm, and… Uh. Some creepy kid in a creepier spire."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, leaning over to inspect the Colt .45 with interest. Sure, he couldn't use it, but guys love guns. Especially awesome guns like a Colt .45, they made a frickin' beer named after it that's how sweet it is.

And soon the cabbie arrives in front of the rather expensive looking apartment. "We're here!" she chirps as she reaches into her duffelbag and pulls out a wad of cash towards the cabbie. "The tip is for being quiet.." she says with a bright smile and a wink.

Eric ahhhs and nods, hrmming for a few moments. "We faced a lindwurm out in Vegas. They kinda suck. No ginormous pigs, but we did find some weird Mexican giant chameleon thing that tried to eat us?" he offers as he steps out of the tax and helps Maia out.

"That's pretty cool… Aside from the trying to eat you thing. That probably sucked."

Haldor climbs out after Maia, stretching a bit as he's finally free of the confining space of the taxi. The Viking finally, after several long moments of twisting, popping, and stretching like a rubber band (haha, not really), gestures toward the door.

"That it did. It kept on giving birth to mini-chameleon monster things that kept on trying to eat us as well. It was fuckin gross.." Eric says as he takes Maia's arm and lets her lead the way. She lets out an impish giggle and soon after a bit, the quartet are brought up to the suite once more. It's large and lavish with four empty rooms instead of five.

"You guys want something to drink? I'll bring you guys down to the gym in a bit.." she says with a bright smile.

Meanwhile, Eric just stares. "Holy shit."

"Yeah. I had that same reaction the first time I saw this place too… Of course, I was also surprised that there weren't more harpies hanging out in here that needed killing."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, pulling his drumsticks from his hoody pockets. The Viking casually waits for Eric to get over the initial reactions to the enormous, nigh palatial suite.

Eric just continues to stare for a few moments as he looks back towards Haldor with a wry grin. "So this is your dig too? You and Maia then are.." and he just waits for a response.

Maia's most definitely interested in this conversation at this point, peeking her head in from the kitchen.

"Splitting a nearly palatial suite in a ritzy apartment building in an expensive part of town?"

Haldor doesn't go on to say that he is primarily staying there to avoid being killed in his sleep at his own shithole Bronx apartment. That would just be rude. With that being said, the Viking leans against a wall and idly drums at the air. It's nothing in particular, just a casual and silent rhythm while he waits.

Maia lets out a clear and loud harumph from the kitchen as she contiues to take out some drinks for the two.

Eric just chuckles softly and shakes his head a little while looking over towards the drumsticks. "So..what's so special about those that they needed to be made from Sif and whatnot?" he asks curiously.

Haldor meets Eric's eye just as the elder Scion finishes his question. A moment later, after having distracted Eric for just a moment, there are a pair of Viking long swords held in Haldor's hands in place of the drumsticks. Throughout it all, the Viking has not stopped drumming. Mysteriously the added weight and balance of the swords doesn't seem to have affected Haldor's drumming.

Actually, the elder Scion would be Haldor. He's the eldest one here. Eric and Maia are the same age afterall.

Eric's eyes widen a bit at the demonstration as he looks down at his gun, clearly slightly envious at the gift. "That's fucking awesome.." he says, in clear awe.

Meanwhile, there's another harumph heard in the background.

"Yes, we can hear you, Maia. Do you have something you want to say?"

Haldor casts a playful grin at Eric as he finishes calling the Maia in the kitchen. When next Eric looks at the swords, they've changed to a pair of mid-sized maces. One mace is spikey, but the other is smooth.

"Noooooothing.." she says, eyeing Haldor for a bit as she comes out of the kitchen. Maia is ever the hostess bringing out a bit of cake, some sodas and other sorts of goodies. She's not sure how hungry they are afterall. "Just nothing.." she says with a sigh as she flops onto the couch.

Eric continues to chuckle softly under his breath as his brows quirk at the sudden transformation once more. He seems quite impressed and looks over towards his gun. " you want to trade?"

"Shit. You've got a badass motherfucker of a weapon, Eric. Besides, I'm no good at gunplay unless you want me to club Titanspawn with that thing."

Haldor watches Maia the entire time he's speaking, his weapons returning to their 'natural' drumstick state. Quietly he continues to drum the air, one eyebrow quirked at the Shrine Maiden. For the moment, he doesn't broach the subject.

"I..uh. How about we wrestle another time. I should catch up with my band. I know Horace was suppose to try to find the Ripper and David. I'll see you guys later. Now I know where you are, we should have a party, yeah?" Eric says, giving a two fingered salute before he heads out the door and back into the elevator.

Meanwhile Maia just sits there, taking a bit of soda as she sips on it quietly. "Bye Eric! See you around.." she says before he leaves.

"Bye, Eric," calls Haldor. If this were an anime, there would be an enormous, nervous sweatdrop rolling down the back of his head. The Viking glances across the room at Maia, red eyebrows arched in a particularly puzzled manner.

Alas, it's not an anime. At least, it isnt one yet, though that could be a good plot to bring up some future time. Maia sighs softly and just takes a sip of her soda as she picks up a cookie and silently munches on it.

"I have clearly done something horrible, though I'm not yet sure what it is that I have done."

Haldor kicks off of the wall, stuffing his drumsticks into the pockets of his jeans. Quietly he shrugs his way out of his hoody, draping it over the back of a chair before he takes a seat in it. The Viking fixes his gaze on Maia, eyebrows still quirked.

" havent. You were just telling the truth." she admits ruefully, still averting his gaze as she continues to sit and munch away at the cookies, wrinkling her nose a little as she runs her fingers through her hair.

"I like you..probably too much for my own good. Just had my little domestic bubble burst that's all. I'll get over it.." Maia says with another shrug of her shoulders as she stretches her arms into the air.

"Ah… Huh."

Haldor does not look entirely convinced. Even so, the Viking remains fairly silent as though satisfied with the answer. Quietly he watches Maia, stretching his legs out a bit in front of the chair.

Maia peers out towards him, raising her brows as she cants her head to the side, wrinkling her nose a little in the end. "You don't seem convinced. Penny for your thoughts?" she asks, though instead of a penny, she offers a tray of cookies.

"I've been around the block a bit longer than you have, Maia. I've heard that argument before and it usually does not mean what you are saying."

Haldor waves off the cookies, he had like five Slurpees while waiting for Maia to localize where Scott was supposed to be "hiding". The Viking reaches up to rub his forehead with one hand, the other one rubbing the back of his neck casually.

Scott left with Eric, as he felt awkward as well.

Maia raises her brows as she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable as she motions for him to flop onto the couch next to her. "Oh, then do explain?" she asks, her brows furrowed as she continues to look towards him. A few moments pass and she eases on up, standing up and moving behind him, trying to move his hand from his neck, "Here, lemme get that.." she says softly, starting to massage his neck softly.

"Explain what? I have only slightly more of an idea of what you're talking or not talking about with regards to this than I have when you start talking about metaphysical stuff."

Haldor doesn't get up from his chair. It's comfortable and he just got there. The Viking lets out a loud, long groan as Maia works his hand from his neck and starts to massage him.

"I was talking about you hearing that argument before.."

Maia sighs softly once more as she continues to just massage his neck as she sighs softly and wrinkles her nose and chews on her bottom lip. Her hands continue to try to work the knots away from his neck before moving down to his shoulders ever so slowly.

"You know..I like you right? As in /like like/…and whatnot.."

"Oh. Well. Y'know. I've had a few dates before, a couple of relationships that never really made it beyond the basic dating stages, that sort of thing."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, almost directly into her massaging hands. The Viking lets out a long sigh as Maia's hands work the tension out of his frame. Quietly he sags back into the chair, looking up at Maia curiously.

"So…does that mean I'm not your type then?"

Maia seems confused as she looks down towards him, her brows furrowed. Her hands continue to massage his shoulders until she feels that he's relaxed and just pauses, her gaze meeting his own.

"I didn't say you're not my type. In fact, I distinctly recall telling you before that you are my type."

Haldor reaches up to caress Maia's cheek as her gaze meets his. A gentle smile spreads across his face as the Viking peers up at her, studying her face and her eyes.

"I'm just… Now is not a good time for a relationship, I don't think."

Maia sighs softly as she leans into his hand, kissing it softly for a few moments as she moves over until she's straddling his waist. She looks into his eyes as she studies his features and nods slowly before shaking her head, her brows furrowed.

"Why not? The world is possibly going to end..that's..I mean..I..I just don't.." and she sighs softly once more.

"That's pretty much why I don't think now is a good time for a relationship. Too easy for people to just want a relationship so they don't die alone… Friends though. Friends are friends, you're never alone so long as you have friends."

Haldor continues to gently stroke Maia's cheek as she straddles his waist. The Viking smiles gently up at her, leaning in to lightly zerbert her belly through her shirt while he remains relaxed under her.

Maia lets out a yelp, squirming a bit as he zerberts her belly, wrinkling her nose as she squirms and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. But she sighs once more, looking down towards him once more.

"I'd still feel the same way I do even if it wasnt.." she says slightly defensively.


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