It S Always Gonna Be Awkward


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Scene Title It's Always Gonna be Awkward
Synopsis Shou destroys Caryls' small building as he slaughters a lava-breathing salamander titanspawn. Caryl figures out their both Scions, and an agreement is made: Caryl and men = Awkward.


A pile of rubble.

. o 0 ( What in the world was /Josephina THINKING!? )

This though proceeds through as a model comes stalking - and I do mean stalking - back down the runway. Dressed in a cheetah-print jagged skirt and a bra-type top, she looks like she's just come out of the cave ages. The person thinking it, however, is standing behind the curtain, ready for her show. In a theater, specifically set up, it seems it's a Fashion Show. Just where Caryl should be, right? However, this time, the woman is doing something interesting - both designing and showing tonight. She's even dressing up in her own!

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have the appearance of a new line, that will be held in FAO Schwarz and Macy's! Designed by top fashion model Caryl Hunter, here is the lovely Huntress herself, modeling a fall lingerie fashion from her new line of products, the Aphrodite!"

Caryl pastes her smile on her fact, and moves onto the stage.

For reference, here's what she's going to be wearing:

Poor, poor Caryl. She doesn't know that her show is about to be completely ruined. But it is. It starts quietly at first, and then the ceiling /cracks/. There is a resounding /thoom/ coming from above, again and again and again. The ceiling cracks some more. All of a sudden, the ceiling acquires a brand new HOLE, as renowned event-killer Shou Kekoalani falls through it, straight onto the catwalk. He's fighting something. It looks like a… well, to be honest it looks like a pokemon. A big salamander. It has him pinned to the catwalk and is dripping lava from its mouth, slowly melting the stage, ohnoes!

Cue panic. Check.
Cue no lights. Check.
Cue Caryl staring at Shou. Check.

"Sweet mother of love." She curses. "EVERYONE OUT!" Not that anyone really needs to be told twice. Kicking off the delicate black stilettos, Caryl runs to the end of the runway and jumps off of it, landing in a roll as - and don't as how - she draws a tiny Beretta from her braand points it at the Salamander. The safety clicks back, and she shoots.

*POP* goes the… well, it's not a weasel, but you get the point. The salamander gets show, and it roars, tipping its head back and stomping on the catwalk. And that's when Shou skids out from under it and stabs a three-foot-long sword right into its throat. He pushes, twists, and severs the spine. As it drops, he pulls his sword out, holding it away so the lava-spit doesn't burn him. "Been fighting you all day," he mutters.

Having shot whenever she got a chance, Caryl finally(needlessly) checks the bullets left. "Hai. Thanks, mom." She mutters. Blowing on the tip of the Beretta, she finally puts it back into it's holster, then turns to Shou. "Who in the hell are you and what the feck is that?" She points at the Salamander.

Shou glances over and tips his head a little. His eyes bulge out and he coughs. "You're wearing a napkin," he points out.

Caryl places her hands on her hips. "I'm wearing fall lingerie." She retorts. "Name, please. And why that's in the middle of my debut fashion show."

"That's lingerie?" Shou blinks a few times. "You look like you just stepped out of like, a Sylvester Stallone flick and you're the actress they're paying millions of dollars to pretend she finds him attractive enough to lie in bed with him for a few minutes so you can get the camera sh- nevermind." He shakes his head. "It doesn't leave much to the imagination. And is distracting."

"That's precisely what it would be used for." Caryl retorts. "Lord knows Mom probably appeared in a few Sylvester Stallone flicks herself back during her age." She mutters, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, you destroyed my studio. You'll have to deal with me dressed like this." She tilts her head, and adds on, "You may as well tell me, was it your father or mother? You don't seem to be of One of any Pantheon I recognize." Her nostrils flare momentarily during that sentence.

Shou tips his head. "Uhm. It was my dad. Does it /matter/?" He finds a random bit of cloth — it looks like it's really expensive — and cleans his sword with it. "Amatsukami. Japanese."

Caryl, dryly, "Aphrodite. Mother." A hard look. "Titanspawn or were genetics kicking in again in animals?" She points at the salamander.

"I have no clue; probably a titanspa— look, I have a girlfriend, can you /wear something/ please? You're making little Shou stand at attention and it's making b ig Shou uncomfortable."

Caryl gawks slightly at Shou. Then she disappears and reappears wearing a somewhat more decent black robe. "Your lucky my door is the only thing standing." She mutters.

"Or what? I'd have had to watch you change?" Shou snorts. Clearly her innate charms are backfiring on him. "Anyway, nice meeting you. I should probably scoot."

Caryl gives Shou a look. "No, or else I wouldn't be more dressed. Look, what in the hell do I explain this off as?"

"Just tell the cops that a huge salamander dropped in and got killed by 'the guy with the surfboard'. They'll know what it means." Shou has been seen all over the city ripping cars up and fighting monsters; his Legend has really skyrocketed since he came to New York. It's good that sc ions are 'public figures' now. He lifts a hand, and between them, a silver surfboard slowly begins to materialize.

Caryl blinks. Blinks. Blinks. "… alright." She sighs.

Shou's board finishes materializing and he glances at her. After a moment, he heaves a sigh. "Don't pout. That's not fair."

Caryl chuckles. "Can I get a name, at least?"

Shou squints at her suspiciously, and then sighs again. "Shou."

Caryl smiles. "Caryl Hunter." She offers a delicate hand out.

He eyes the hand, and then asks, "You're not one of those that can make a person fall in love with a glance or something, are you?"

There's a pause. "I'm not that good yet. Besides, if I did, I'd have a harem." Caryl manages to say that with a straight face

"Hrn. Well." He stretches his hand out and shakes hers, tentatively. "Don't think you'll have any trouble getting a harem even without it."

Caryl grins. "Why? I'd just scare them with Pegasus."

"No, I mean… if you wanted a harem I'm pretty sure you could get one without using any powers." Shou blinks. "Based on what I saw before you got dressed."

Caryl blushes. "Don't tell your girlfriend, then." She teases.

"More for your sake than mine. She's an expert archer, and she's Irish." Shou smirks.

Caryl smiles slightly. "Expert marksmanship with my gun." She says sweetly back.

"The trick is surviving the first arrow," Shou says, winking back. Then he hops on his board, which floats calmly in mid air.

Caryl smiles slightly. "I bet she enjoys firing the arrows of love at you." She looks around, sighs, and proceeds to abuse herself slightly, so nothing'd look suspicious. Then she waves at Shou, then waves him off, then disappears.

"Arrows of lo- oh brother." Shou rolls his eyes, and his board rises into the air; he goes out the same hole he came in, as the sirens start to sound in the distance.

Caryl goes to face the police. Why is it everytime she meets a male Scion things go awkward?

Caryl's first logged scene, but not her first scene at all.

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