It's All in the Family Pt 1


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Scene Title It's All In the Family Pt 1
Synopsis Rupert dies…then becomes a demigod!

Somewhere in NYC

Arpita ducks into an alleyway to make a rough job of wiping some of the blood from her face at least, although it stains the gold of her piercings. Still shivering she looks down at her black t-shirt and smiles faintly "Well at least it won't show.."

His latest shift at Times Square over, Rupert passes through Greenwich Village on his way back to the Diamond. He pauses as he hears the comotion caused by the recent scene, and makes a detour toward the center. He spots the blood-covered Arpita and raises an eyebrow. "The bloody hell happened here?"

Arpita looks up and blinks, long lashes fluttering as she is discovered. She pauses a moment as recognition dawns "Aren't" she asks curiously, the tilt of her head sending massees of dreadlocks snaking around with the clatter of beads.

"That's right, luv," Rupert replies, eyeing her skeptically. "Been in a bit of a tussle, have we?" He lights a cigarette and finally spots the mutilated corpse of the giant housecat. "Christ, not again. Bloody New York pests."

Woomph. "You should know this happens.." It's a voice above the both of them. Ayoung and gorgeous looking punk rocker, though she's of Indian descent just like the two down below are. A series of skulls are wrapped around her hands, and she's dressed in all black and soon she jumps down from the fire escape to land in a crouch in front of her half-siblings. "Don't be a dumbass.."

Arpita peers around the edge of the alleyway then shifts back inside it again with a faint shudder "No, just some women's problems" she comments a touch dryly. She blinks as she looks up towards the new arrivals "The fuck…" she says as she steps back away just a little "..have I stepped into a music video or something?"

Rupert looks at the new arrival over his shades and draws on his cigarette, blowng a puff of smoke in her direction. "And you are?"

"Nooo….no music video.." she quips, snickering softly as she pulls out a CD. It's one of Rupert's and she beams brightly towards him. "Think you can sign this for me? I've been asking mom to do it, but she forgot the last time she visited you.." she grumps a bit before looking towards Arpita. "I'm Annie X.."

"..lead singer of Kickwire, I know" Arpita says, then stops for a moment at Annie's comment. Her brow furrows as she takes a half step back away, gaze shifting between her half-siblings "" she asks with a faintly suspicious tone in her voice.

"Yeah, dear old mum. The original stone-cold Bitch. She of the heart-tearing-out," Rupert rattles off as he moves to take and sign Annie's CD. "There you are. Now, I hope I'm not the only one who finds this little reunion suspicious."

"Suspicious? just says you need to die.." Annie replies letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she pulls out a knife and beams brightly towards Rupert.

Arpita's tattoed fingers run down the garland of skulls tattoed on her arm as her widened eyes flick between the two singers. About to say something she pauses as Annie pulls out a knife "Whoah…" she says as she steps back away "..she didn't tell me anything like that.." she says with both hands out in a peaceable gesture.

Rupert exhales a cloud of smoke and shrugs at Arpita. "What part of 'mum's a bitch' is hard to understand? She must not like Annie here very much if she's sending her on suicide missions." He slides his hand into one pocket and pulls out his bagh-nakh, which is promptly slid over his hand.

"Suicide mission?!?! Ha!" Annie says with a hearty laugh, her eyes starting to glow just a little..or is that a trick of the light. She looks towards Arpita and smiles brightly. "Don't'll eventually have to die too, but now isnt your time..not even close.."

The indian weapon collection grows as Arpita pulls out her bloodstained aruval, the hooked blade covered in dark blood "Not sure killing each other really helps the whole cause thing" she says, although that hunger from before sparks up again in her eyes as they flick between Rupert and Annie.

Rupert wastes no more time bantering with his apparently insane sister, and goes immediately on the offensive. He whips his sunglasses off and stares at her with eyes that have gone solid black. He projects the entirety of his semi-divine image at Annie, drawing her eyes irresistably to his. His movements take on a new grace, like flowing shadow, as he approaches quickly, slashing out with his wicked claws at her unprotected torso. "I'll straighten this out with mum later."

This is why you don't want to face a demigoddess. Because they are combat trained and focused on other things other than being pretty, especially in the case of Annie X. She looks towards the signed CD and chuckles softly. "I hope you come'd be a shame to lose some decent music.." she says before she starts to head towards him, slashing at his midsection, letting the guts spill out just as she's struck by the serpent's gaze..inactive for now..

It has been a hard day for Arpita. Giant kitties, facing her own bloodlust and now her two sibilings carving each other into gibblets "What. The. Fuck" she says, biting off every word as she looks from Rupert's eviscerated form then to Annie X, her pierced tongue lapping subconciously across her lips at the scent of blood.

"If he comes back, then he'll be better. Trust me, I did this for his own good.." Annie says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she runs her fingers through her hair..

Meanwhile…Rupert is dead. Floating in space..or someplace rather metaphysical. There's a white light..he's feeling a pull to go towards it, but then he can also he his blood mangled body..

Rupert's a stubborn bastard, and the rage and bloodlust inherent to his bloodline still inflames his thoughts. He struggles in a desperate, berserk attempt to go back to his body and rip his sister a couple of new ones.

"Fuck you, I never asked for any of this shit" Arpita says as her lips draw up into a snarl. She hugs herself, not noticing as the razored edge of her blade knicks her own flesh "..for fucks sake I am a -vegetarian-" she declares, the hungry angry light burning in hre eyes still.

Annie just lets out a hearty laugh, shaking her head with amusement as she continues to look at the mangled corpse of the singer. She hrmms for a few moments and runs her fingers through her hair. "You know..when I received my second visitation it was caused I died in battle. Mom must like him if she wants me to kill him first…I was all mangled and brutalized. I just sliced him open.." she says with a bright smile..

Meanwhile, there's still the white light. He can feel the pull for sure, but suddenly a figure appears before him. It's not the Mrs. Robinson Kali, but rather her in her full might and terrifying visage, four arms and everything. The whole shebang. "Mmmm, it seems Annie did what I asked..that's least one of my children does what I ask…"

"'Scuse me, mum," Ripper says absently, still trying to claw his way through the metaphysical ether back into his body. "I've got to go kill your daughters. Fair's fair."

Arpita's fingers clench on the hilt of her sword as she glares over at Annie, bloodstained visage twisted in anger. For several moments it looks like she might suicidaly attack her half-sister but after a moment her nostrils flare in another snort, the chain across her face shifting and jingling "This is bullshit" she says at last, but she doesn't leave just yet either, and the hunger still burns.

"Oh come now! Calm's no big deal. If he comes back, then mom thought he was worthy. If not, then well..ya know..that's what happens.." Annie replies rather nonchalantly with a shrug of her shoulders as she looks down towards him once more, hrmming the entire time..

Kali just lets out a laugh, a hearty laugh that booms through existence to where even Arpita and Annie can hear the echoes. She snickers softly, her eyes blood red as she stares at her son and brings out a few things. A cloak of the blackest night which she tosses into the real world, as it suddenly appears over Rupert's prone body.

"You want to do that? Then do it..see if you can get my gifts as well.." she says with a wry grin as she reaches over to Rupert's spirit and blesses him with a bright crimson light, forming a dot on his forehead. "And don't kill your sisters..they have their purpose.." and soon, she poofs..

Arpita leaps back as the laugh and the cloak, quite a leap too she lands back on a window ledge "You know a week ago I was working on my latest act…now…" she shakes her head and peers down carefully at Rupert's body.

As his mother disappears, Rupert finally manages to pull himself back into his body and force his eyes open. He glares at Annie, and slowly sits up. His smile is cold and humorlous, and his eyes resume their pitch blackness. "Don't try that again, bitch."

"Look! He's back. I told you.." she quips with a soft chuckle under her breath as she grins towards her siblings. "And don't hold grudges..I only did as mother asked afterall..perhaps she'll ask you to do the same to this chick when all is said and done.." Annie replies.
"Maybe I should have killed you both when I had the chance" Arpita growls from her ledge, then pauses for a moment as if her words shocked her. She stays in her half crouch, blade folded back along her forearm as she watches Rupert arise from the dead and shakes her head slowly.

Rupert stands and stretches. He looks at the black cloak, whistling in appreciation. "Nice. Wonder what it does." He casts another glare at Annie, and shrugs off his trenchcoat, donning the cloak. He blinks in surprise as it immediately transforms into a perfect replica of his trench. "Well, that's useful."

"Ooooh, someone's feisty!" Annie says with amusement as she looks back over towards Arpita and snickers softly. Her attention soon looks back towards Rupert as she takes a deep breath and hrmms, listening to something for a few moments. "Seems like Sailor Sunshine in your band recently received her second visitation as well. Looks like you guys might be able to find out what mom doesnt want us to know.."

Arpita slides down from the ledge with the grace of a dancer, and not letting go of the hooked blade in her hand either. She looks between them for a few moments then relaxes just a little " we have any -other- sibilings?" she asks at last "Kali Ma did not mention anyone else…of course didn't mention you guys either" she adds with a snort.

Rupert's cloak suddenly reforms into a suit of black armor, vaguely remniscent of the yoroi armor of the samura, but completely black and with subtle differences. Shadows begin to flow out of it, which reform into the cloak, but leave the armor behind. Rupert taps his chest and nods. "Well, I got some neat toys, so I can let bygones be bygones." He looks between Annie and Arpita. "Dunno. Mum's not exactly talkative, you know. Didn't even know about you two before you showed up."

"I knew about you two..but then again, I've been around the block longer..I should get going. Perhaps I'll be back when it's your time.." she says, pointing towards Arpita with a happy little giggle before she snaps her fingers and disappears in a cloak of darkness.

"I guess it is too late to stab her" Arpita mutters as Annie X vanishes. Shifting her belt a little she sheathes the blade inside her baggy pants and glances back to Rupert with a faintly wary frown "Arpita by the way, or so Kali told me" she adds with a shrug.

"I guess it is too late to stab her" Arpita mutters as Annie X vanishes. Shifting her belt a little she sheathes the blade inside her baggy pants and glances back to Rupert with a faintly wary frown "Arpita by the way, or so Kali told me" she adds with a shrug.

"Rupert Patel," Rupert replies. "Or Ripper when I'm on stage." He continues stretching, getting accustomed to his new armaments. "Welcome to the family. We're one of the crazier ones around."

"I am starting to realise that she is not much like the anglified new-age version" the bloodstained hippy says with a short mirthless chuckle. She swallows and looks around a touch nervously then back to Rupert "So you really died and went to Naraka?" she asks at last.

"Er, sort of," Rupert says. "I died, but she caught me before I could go anywhere. Not that I was trying. I wanted to get back in my body and rip our sister's throat out and offer her heart to the gods."

Arpita nods slowly as she tries to take in all the information and shocks of the last few days "So.." she begins then offers a faintly wan smile " this type of shit normal? you know, now that she has appeared and all?"

Rupert shrugs. "Depends on what you mean by normal. Normal for me is fighting monsters, dealing with other Scions, fighting monsters, rocking out at my concerts, fighting monsters, and fighting other Scions."

"Well you know, I go for coffee with my partner and end up fighting a giant kitty thing.." Arpita begins then glances to the blood around the alleyway "..then I discover I have two semi-famous half-sibilings, one kills the other. Then he comes back even more..whatever" she says with a sidelong glance over Rupert then back to the ground "You know I used to think I was pretty fucking weird. But this? shit…makes me look as vanilla as vanilla is"

Rupert laughs. "Wait'll you get a few more months under your belt. You'll be right at home."

"Yeah, well on that note I am off to plan hanging myself from the ceiling of a club" Arpita says with another wry smile "I could say come along but then the whole audience would be staring at you all night" she adds, slowly regaining some of her usual poise it seems.

Rupert shrugs. "I'll figure out a way around it if I need to go incognito, but if you've ever seen my concerts," he grins, "you know I love attention."

"Not really a metal girl" Arpita admits with a shrug of her shoulders and a faint smile touching pierced lips "Also hard to do my kind of dancing too. Still I always thought you had a lot of stage presence. Wonder what your fans will think now…"
Arpita has partially disconnected.

Rupert smirks. "Gonna love me even more, now."

Arpita shakes her head as she looks over her half brother and smiles faintly "Because your ego needed more help" she says then with a nod heads off down the alleyway and away.

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