Industry Boons

The name of this Purview refers less to the manufacturing system of the United States and more to the hard work, resourcefulness and progressiveness that created that system. As is fitting for a modern pantheon, the powers of this Purview apply to the tools and devices of the modern world. The Industry Purview allows its user to do more and be more through the improvement of both techniques and technology.

1 Work Harder
2 Work Smarter
3 Fixit
4 Gremlins
5 Supply Chain
6 Fire in the Belly
7 Jury Rig
8 Assembly Line
9 Innovate
10 The Project

Work Harder

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
To be industrious, one must sometimes be prepared to dig deep, take a few hard knocks or burn the candle at both ends. This Boon gives the Scion endurance enough to make long marches or continue working without sleep. The Scion using this power reduces fatigue penalties by 1 for each success rolled. This penalty reduction lasts for 12 hours, at which point the Scion may pay the cost and re-activate the power if he so chooses.

Work Smarter

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
An industrious person knows to seek time-saving innovations wherever possible. By finding just the right balance in the materials, handling the tools in a more efficient way or finding the most advantageous location for the project, this Boon allows a Scion to intuit the most productive way to work. Using Work Smarter allows the Scion to double the speed with which he performs one type of repetitive manual labor such as stacking sandbags, digging a foxhole or peeling potatoes. This does not grant the user greater strength or the ability to physically move faster, but rather imparts knowledge of the best way to go about the task. This intuition cannot be communicated or shared with others— it would take longer to explain the technique than it would to just do it. This power cannot be used for complicated or unpredictable labors, such as repairing an engine, foraging for food or most anything that requires an ability roll. Although walking and running may be repetitive physical tasks, this Boon cannot be used to accelerate travel; the way to work smarter at covering ground is to get a vehicle.

This power applies to one task and lasts for one scene, at which time the intuition fades or the work conditions are no longer so favorable. The Scion may spend an additional Legend to perform a new task more efficiently or to extend the power through a subsequent scene.


Dice Pool: Perception + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend
Anyone who wants to get more out of modern life needs to know how to get more out of modern machines. With only the bang of a hammer and a few twists of a screwdriver, a Scion with this Boon may spend 2 Legend to repair even the most grievously damaged equipment or vehicles almost instantly. The player may repair a number of health levels equal to the number of successes on the roll. The Scion can use this Boon on any given object only once per day, but he can use it on as many different objects in the same day as he can afford to spend the Legend points. Items may not be repaired beyond their original maximum number of health levels.


Dice Pool: Charisma + Integrity
Cost: 2 Legend
When there is just no explaining why a machine malfunctions, you can always blame it on gremlins. But gremlins aren't all bad: sometimes they get the other guy. Using this Boon allows the Scion to send invisible spirits of entropy into one visible piece of mechanical equipment such as an engine, a gun, or a time bomb. These gremlins jam gears, cross wires, loosen hoses and generally cause the machine to go on the fritz, but only for a limited amount of time. The Scion may choose to prevent the machine's operation for a number of ticks up to double the number of successes scored on the roll. The Scion must declare the length of the delay at the outset, and the machine resumes normal functions at the expiration of that time. It is unlikely to be long enough to cause a plane to fall to Earth, but it can provide the critical seconds needed to charge a machine gun or throw back a grenade.

The operator of the item may attempt to fix the problem before the item would normally resume functioning. To do so, the character must roll (Wits + Craft) and accumulate at least as many successes as the Boon's user. This Boon has no effect on equipment crafted by characters of higher Legend.

Supply Chain

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Politics
Cost: 4 Legend
It's no easy task to supply an army consisting of hundreds of thousands of soldiers spread out across the globe. Acquiring the material, processing it and transporting it to keep each soldier equipped with everything from food and ammunition to boots to prophylactics is a truly epic accomplishment of logistics. It boils down to this: the army that gets what it needs will win, and the one that doesn't will crumble.

Supply Chain allows a Scion to just happen to have received a recent supply of whatever he needs at the moment. When activating this power, the Scion decides on one small item, which could be anything from a clip of ammunition to clean socks to a roll of currency for whatever country you happen to be liberating this week. The only limitation is that the item must be small enough to fit inside a pocket.

The Scion using this boon must have a pocket from which to produce the item, so someone who has been stripped down and sent to a POW camp cannot call upon this power until he reclaims his original gear. A single success is enough to acquire any item, but should a Scion fail, he cannot use this Boon to produce that particular item again until after he has returned to base or received a new supply dump in the field. He may use this power to produce other items during that time, but once he comes up short on a particular item he stays short. A botch on the roll means that the character cannot use this power at all until he has been resupplied in the usual way.

Fire in the Belly

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 1 Willpower + 2 Legend per dot of Virtue added
Keeping ahead of the competition demands tremendous drive and dedication. This power allows the Scion to temporarily boost that passion in times of great need. For each success rolled, the Scion may temporarily add one dot to a Virtue, to a maximum of five dots in any given Virtue. These dots may be distributed between the Scion's Virtues in any way the player sees fit, but each dot costs the Scion 2 Legend. The player may choose to add fewer Virtues than he rolled successes, and must pay the Legend cost only for dots added. These bonuses last one day, although a player may extend them for an additional day by spending one additional Willpower. The player may continue to renew this power as long as he can pay the Willpower cost.

Jury Rig

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft
Cost: 5 Legend
Resources are scarce in times of war, so enterprising individuals know to "use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without." Salvaging vehicles and weapons wherever possible is a very cost-effective way of keeping ahead of the enemy.

With this Boon, the Scion affects miraculous repairs on the remnants of an object that has been reduced to zero or fewer health levels. A single success on the roll returns the object to 1 health level, no matter how badly damaged it was. However, the item is shaky and does not operate to its fullest potential. Any user will suffer -4 to all rolls using this device (thus, weapons suffer -4 accuracy and vehicles suffer -4 maneuverability). This penalty is in addition to any other penalty normally associated with that item, including penalties for damage. For each threshold success when activating this Boon, this penalty is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0.

All of the pieces of the item must be present for Jury Rig to work. If pieces are missing or incinerated, the storyteller may impose additional penalties to its use. However, pieces from identical vehicles or equipment may be cannibalized to complete the item. For example, a tank which has an incinerated left tread isn't going to be able to move—except, perhaps, in circles. But a tread salvaged from the same model tank and piled on the wrecked heap will allow the Scion to Jury Rig a fully functional (if somewhat worse for wear) tank.

An item repaired in this way is restored to a single health level, but it may be further repaired through the use of the Fixit Boon.

Assembly Line

Dice Pool: Wits + Craft
Cost: 10 Legend
So resourceful is the Scion that he can create nearly anything with only a few rare resources, and can mass produce equipment with the wave of a hand.

The player may choose to build any standard weapon, vehicle or piece of equipment, or common structures such as buildings and bridges. To create the desired item, the God must first assemble raw materials equal to the mass of the items to be constructed. Up to 25 percent of this material may be improvised from whatever is at hand, including bricks, trees, old boots and so forth. At least 75 percent of the materials must be of the kind used in the manufacture of the item—most often this means steel or some other allow. Earth Creation (Scion: God, p. 87) can greatly assist in this process, or the God may recycle from scrapped vehicles, buildings and the like.

Once all the raw materials have been assembled, the player may activate this Boon. Each success grants the item one health level, as though it were being repaired from zero health levels. If the God rolls extra successes and has enough available materials, he may create multiple identical items. Consult "Attacking Inanimate Objects" (Scion: Hero, p. 201), "Vehicles" (Scion: Hero, p. 205), "Spears of Destiny, Chariots of Fire" (pp. 131-134) and "Military Equipment" (pp. 266-270) to determine the number of health levels an item might have. If the player does not roll enough successes to bring the item to its full capacity, it still functions but is considered incomplete, limited to the number of health levels initially granted through this boon. No other Boon or Ability can repair the incomplete item above the number of health levels granted by the use of this Boon, and the item will function as though "damaged" if it has fewer than half of the health levels typical for its type. The God may use Assembly Line on an item any number of times, each time raising its maximum health levels by the number of successes scored, to the maximum of the standard number for that item.

Provided that enough materials are available, Assembly Line can also be used to mass produce identical items. To do so, divide the number of successes by the maximum health levels of the items to be produced. For example, if a player scored 10 successes, his character could create 5 hand grenades with 2 health levels each, or 1 motorcycle with 10 health levels, or 2 Garand rifles with 4 health levels each (with the option of also creating a defective rifle with only 2 health levels). For the purpose of creation by this Boon, assume that sixteen bullets have one health level and one artillery shell has 4 health levels.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft
Cost: 10 Legend + 1 Willpower (or 10 Legend + 1 Willpower dot)
The character with this Boon is so innovative that there is virtually no device which he cannot improve, no matter how advanced or time-tested the original design. With a little tinkering, the God might shave firing pins to speed a gun's attack, mix in the right fuel additives to boost a vehicle's speed or improve the slope of a tank's armor to make it even tougher. By concentrating on an item for one action, each two successes rolled (rounded up) allows the player to add a _1 bonus to one of that item's traits such as damage, accuracy, health levels, armor or maneuverability. No item may receive more than a total bonus of +5 for all traits combined, which means a vehicle could gain +3 armor and +2 health levels, but not +5 to each. Bonuses may also be divided between identical items. Each item beyond the first requires a separate action and costs 5 additional Legend. The God must not be interrupted while using Innovate, so if he performs another action or even defends himself against attack then none of the items receive a bonus.

If the player spends one Willpower point ant ten Legend points when he activates this Boon, the effects of Innovate last for a single scene. If the God sacrifices a permanent Willpower dot for each item modified, the effects are permanent.

The Project

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 20 Legend + 1 Willpower
Contrary to assumption, the development of the Yankee's top-secret super-weapon is not being carried out only by a small clutch of bespectacled scientists locked in a room somewhere in New Mexico. It is actually the single largest and most expensive industrial project ever undertaken, utilizing more workers and factory equipment than all of the automobile manufacturers in the United States combined. With this Boon, a Yankee God can tap into the power of this experiment to produce a prototype weapon. Even this small sample can be so devastating that the Gods themselves fear to call it forth.

To use this Boon, the God must concentrate for 5 ticks, during which time he is considered defenseless. Upon completion of this action, the god brings into being a large, lumpy metal sphere about four feet in diameter and weighing four hundred pounds. Exactly sixteen ticks later, the device detonates with a searing blast that can potentially be seen for miles. Anyone or anything caught in the explosion suffers 5L of fire damage and 1A of soul-searing radiation for each success on the Boon user's (Intelligence + Science) roll. This damage is not rolled; it is simply applied directly to each character within range. It cannot be dodged or parried, but it may be soaked. The damage is reduced by 5L and 1A for every 50 feet the blast travels from the epicenter.

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