In Which Names Are Somewhat Revealed


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Scene Title In Which Names Are Somewhat Revealed
Synopsis Several Scions attempt to gain information and trust before formulating plants to deal with the entity that are calling an angel responsible for the deaths of three Scions.

The Cherry Lounge

The Cherry Lounge is a dance club in Hell's Kitchen. This scene took place in the private VIP Lounge, upstairs.

The day had ended and the life of hell's kitchen was beginning. The neon signs of the liqour stores and strip clubs keep the rain soaked streets lit up. The Cherry Lounge was already hoppin with the dance floor filled with less than average looking people. The drinks were flowing and the music had the house thumping. Tyler had made sure his thugs had the place in check in case tonight's gathering did bring some unwanted attention. He made it clear to his bouncers that if anyone asked for him personaly to escort them up to his VIP lounge where he was currently waiting on the sofa.
The VIP lounge itself is located upstairs with one wall fully glassed looking over the club. A coffee table is placed in the middle of a ring of sofas. A bar complete with liqours (with some of the more expensive liqours that aren't even on the shelf downstairs) and its own bartender.

The man said midnight, and so Peter arrives at midnight. Not sure he will find cabs when he needs them, he instead drives one of his own cars. Knowing the locale, he takes a less showy Puegot which he drives well enough. Arriving in the neighborhood he finds a decent parking spot, one well lit, and then waits until the appointed time. As he waits, he reads from a book, a heavy hard cover. Finally, he sets it down, steps out of the car with his briefcase and turns on the car alarm with a quick beepbeep. Confidentially he strolls down the sidewalk, sticking out like a sore thumb in his immaculate suit, but his confidence and magnetism keep him from being harassed. Lines mean nothing to Peter if this club has one, and he merely says assuredly to the door king, "Peter Lambros to see Tyler." All set to do a whammy, he doesn't have too, and is shown up to private lounge.

Leonard is coming along with an Asterisk. The man looks like he's at least suited for dancing, complete with mystery suit and mystery hat. It doesn't take him long to find his way, hand guiding his companion along, nudging in the proper directions. He hasn't brought anything else, just wanders up to join the rest of the meeting with a dim smile set on his lips.

Dance club. Cliche! But Asterisk still wanders in as she's pushed along by Leonard, eyes resting briefly here and there as she holds her hat steady atop her head. A hat that matches, but that sits a little different atop the curls pulled back into a pony tail. "Stop nudging," she chitters to him a moment, taking a few steps before him.

Tyler gives a motion with his hand for the rest to come join him around the coffee tables. "Feel free to grab anything to drink." he says motioning over to the bar. Tyler leans forward to put out his cigar in an ash tray. "Alright, so let's get the obvious out of the way. Three scions dead with the possibiliy of something mythical being the cause. One badass mother in my opinion if they have the ability to leave those bodies like they did."

Peter moves to sit down on a sofa by himself, glancing over to the bar tender and says, "Coffee, black." Then he sits down, setting the briefcase on the table. Opening it he pulls out three copies of a police report and tosses them to the center of the table. Under the reports, if anyone is behind him and peering in, you can see a sword — a slashing blade about 2 feet long that looks preternaturally sharp. He doesn't make any special effort to hide it, nor does he display it. "Unfortunately, the police are going to be of little help. Maybe you three can find something in here that I missed." He glances up, as he shuts the case again, "I do not have any special facility for investigation." Looking down and picking the case up, to slide it onto the floor next to him, he finally leans back into the chair. He takes a deep breath, thinking, and then turns his attention to the only woman in the room. "You had a certain insight into their bodies, cousin. Would there be any benefit in you visiting their places of death?"

Having been given directions by Leonard, Lin enters the bar and heads towards the thugs to be allowed entrance. He waits patiently, glancing around before he is sent up. "Hey there." He greets. "Sorry, I was going to follow Leonard, but I had to run." He explains.

"I imagine this is going to be a meeting where we talk in circles for a few hours." Leonard's lips fit into another smile as the man moves to take a seat, making motion for Asterisk to join him. He does fish a drink along the way, shaking it back and forth before leaning to set it near his chosen perch. "I haven't found anything else yet. I'm still deciding how to best go about asking."

Asterisk finally settles herself as Leonard takes his drink, not really choosing one for herself. "I thought maybe I'd be able to get some information from my brother Derek.. But I haven't been able to catch him for a long period of time lately," Asterisk ntoes to Peter more than anyone else, just as he speaks of the police being little help. But as he speaks of her as his cousin and other such things, her head bounces this way and that. "I uh.. Have little help from the dead here and there. I don't know, though.. It might help and I might be able to gain something else out of it. I don't know. I've not tried anything in a situation like that. Just bodies. Not places."

Durandal wanders up to the club, announcing himself at the door. Once through, he finds a quiet place to sit, not joining the discussion, just present in case things go awry.

Peter blinks as Lin arrives, and he draws the briefcase to his lap, flipping the clasps open. "This is a private meeting," he informs Lin crossly. "Who the blazes are you." Then he peers, "Wait a minute. I know you. You were on Ellis Island a few days ago. With that girl who was all gaga over that actor. Something," his eyes dart up and right for a second. "Kun, something." He looks back at Lin. "Kun Lee. Kun Lien." The not quite memory passes. "Regardless, what brought you here?" His voice rings with authority (though any PC should feel free to ignore it…but he does have a commanding presence. Then he sees Durandal, and seems about as accepting of him as Lin. "And who are you?" He listened to Leonard's and Asterisk's statements, but right now this seems more important to him. The bartender, who was trying to deliver the coffee ordered by Peter, just leaves it on the table.

Tyler's face winces as he takes a drink. "Well considering we have little information, the only way we will be able to get more is if we wait on another scion to turn up dead. Which puts us in a paranoid state. Who would be the next one picked off? I don't know about you guys, but I don't like to wait like a sitting duck. My suggestion is, we find a common thread amongst the information we have now and use it to our advantage."
Looking over to Peter holds up his hand to calm him down. "Don't worry. Guy is with me." He says motioning towards Dur. "And he is with him." He says motioning towards Leonard.
"Now, when like i said…we can wait to be picked off or draw out this "angel" on our own terms of battle." He stops to read the reactions of the rest in the room.

"I told him he could come. I'm considering this meeting a chance to spread free, helpful information. Since we have so little to go around, and nothing yet that's worth hiding." Leonard makes himself comfy, making beckoning motion to Lin, mentioning, "Go sit wherever you want." Attention wanders back to Tyler afterward, mentioning, "How would you like to bring it out? Spotlights? A giant cross signal? It's unlikely it'd come to us at a time that would be convenient."

"Well.. What's most obvious about the three deaths? What's most similar? Besides the way they died of course. And that they're Scions," Asterisk murmurs softly, shifging her weight a moment as she thinks through things on her own time. One hand raises, fingers tapping against her lip. "Angels go when people pray. Though. That's silly."

"Lin Kun," He helps Peter with his name. He looks to the others as the speak up for him, nodding. "What they said." He says, moving over to take a seat. "If there is something I can with, I guess that's why I am here." He glances around the room. "It is certainly something different in help with some of the lost souls out there." He comments. He looks to Durandal who had followed behind him, offering his hand. "Lin Kun." He introduces himself before sitting down.

Peter huffs, a short of joyless chuckle, but just one beat of it. Peter huffs at Leonard, "Nothing yet worth hiding, you say, cousin? You won't even reveal your name. As far as I know, you are the Mister Mystery to her Miss Mystery." He raises his eyebrows, "You vouch for them, but who vouches for you if you cannot even name yourself?" But at least he is not longer belligerent to Lin or Durandal. He looks around, then stands up. "Fine. I shall begin. My name is Petros Lambros, but I am commonly called Peter. I am a true-born son of the Queen of Heavens, Hera, who graced my father with her Holy Presence. And I have had enough of these empty gestures of openness and so called sharing. Either we are family, or we are not. If we are not, then use me as bait for the Angel. I shall go out and be loud; be obvious. Watch me perhaps in death I can earn the trust I seem to have failed to gain in life. Then you can talk amongst those who remain who is okay and who is not." He glances between the assembled people, ignoring bartenders, waiting for someone to either ante up, or call his bluff.

"Easy, easy." Tyler says looking up to Peter. "Although you do have the right idea. Someone is going to need to be there to create a ruckus for this…angel. However, I've already revealed myself as a scion to the public. We need to keep you in the closet as a trump card for the future. Plus, if worse comes to worse…i think i should be the one to handle this angel rather than you." He says sizing up Peter.

"It's been awhile, Kun-Kun," Asterisk claims with a bright smile and a wave of fingertips. As Peter begins to grow more tempered, she cants her head upward. She'd never really offered her name up fully previously, but it would seem that she does now for one reason or another. Her voice falls most silent, as if she doesn't want anyone too ignorant to hear the words she has to offer up. "Persephone is my mother, somehow taking her grace upon the foolish man that was my father. My name, though, is Asterisk Sirko, and I've probably been the most quiet of many which may be obvious." She takes a moment to continue and watch Peter with her piercing eyes, but now she just remains silent and mostly neutral. She swallows before speaking her next words. "Maybe a fresh face to the public is what an angel would like?"

"Strangely enough, that's what I tell people to call me: Mr. Mystery." Leonard's head arcs toward Asterisk, mentioning, "She's got my name too now, I guess." There's a neat smile afterward, flash of bright teeth before he cranes forward. "I'm an agent of the Pesedjet. I'm here because I know things, I find things, and I seem to have survived being in New York City for a few months." Nods all around. "I don't tell people my name or what I am because it's not smart. If you want proof of that, there are three dead people sitting down in a morgue. If you really, really want to know you can look it up on wikipedia." And a curious glance toward his female companion after. "Really? That's your name?"

As everyone is introducing themselves around the campfire, Asterisk gives sends Tyler's wheels in motion. He takes a closer look at the information Peter had set on the table for everyone to see. "Actually…" He says then allows a moments of silence to go buy. "Asterisk maybe our best bet to luring out this angel. She's female which is one common thread, and she is a decendant of Persephone." His eyes trail up to look at the woman. "How do you feel about being the spotlight?"

Lin leans forward and chuckles out slightly at Peter's introduction of his mother. He looks around the room. "Well, Dad was Yan Luo, so it kinda runs in the blood in helping lost souls." He comments. He looks around the room, looking towards the bartender as he ponders a soda. "So what exactly are these angels?"

Peter smiles to Asterisk, "You words ring true. You are truly my cousin." He then nods to Mister Mystery. "And you are not, but do not directly claim to be. Still, you are honest in your way, and I thank you for that as well." If he is offended by Lin's chuckle, it doesn't show on his face. Instead he nods, accepting his words. "I am sure much help will be needed if this is as bad as it appears. And I appreciate your interest in a matter that is not directly affecting your family." He glances to Durandal but most here have fessed up, so Durandal gets a pass from the pushy Greek. So finally he looks to Tyler. "No. I do not think my cousin should be the bait." He smiles, "True, she shares characteristics, but she is quiet and likes to be hidden. I have no concern against being loud. And I did not catch by what divinity you claim to be Scion, Tyler."

"Um.. The spotlight makes me very nervous actuallyy," the woman admits softly with a hand raising up to rub at the back of her neck a bit nervously only at the thought. She shifts a bit in her seat between looking at the guys. "But if you think it'll do any good.. I don't mind stepping up on the line." She bobbs her head just a few times while lowering her hands into her lap to twist at fingers. "If it's to save others, I have no issue being loud. It is, afterall, a part of my daily job.."

"If you give me around two days I can find a better way." Leonard's eyes fall on Asterisk again, peeking over rims of dark glasses. "We should be using bait only as a last resort. We shouldn't be giving whatever is killing us any more chances than necessary." He turns back toward the others, palms rising and spreading outward. "I can ask, and I can find out where it is."
Long distance to Asterisk: Peter sees both our characters are full of hubris and their own self importance. "So Greek. :)"

Lin looks around as he tries to listen to what is going. He is still not hear an answer of what the angels are. He reaches up to scratches at his head.

Peter continues to look towards Tyler, the smile starting to fade. But he doesn't back down. He regards his host but does talk to the side, to answer Lin's question, even as he keeps an eye on Tyler. "Three Scions were killed. Two cousins of mine and one of service to the same pantheon as Mister Mystery serves. At each of the murder sites golden feathers were found. Further the bodies had the similar causes of death — their internal organs had rotted. However, there was no evidence of disease on their surface. In fact, their outer skin was burned. I have not heard lore of any sort of golden feathered creatures in the legends of my family, so I do not think it is an agent of some Greek Titan. We are calling the assailant an angel for lack of anything better." With the 90 second summary, Peter's attention now returns fully to Tyler.

Asterisk looks to Leonard a moment, raising her hand and waving a finger with a smile. "Two days may be two days too much for this thing to act upon another victim. Why not just give it a target and have a slight ease of mind where it might be?" Eyes move back toward Peter with a bobble of her head. "And as Tyler said… I fit the profile more. Two of the girls are somewhat related.. And all three are women. Though, I'm not exactly as popular as they all are." The firefighter shrugs her shoulders a moment before leaning backward.

Lin nods his head slowly, looking up to Peter as he starts to explain. He scrunches up his mouth. "Well….if it is not a Greek Titan…maybe it is some other Titan? Is there a source where we can find more information about them?" He asks outloud. "And maybe these women have more in common then what we know? If I had some information on them, I can run a check?"

"Because it's stupid." Leonard's answer is a neat one, simple fact that he throws out before he crawls backward. "Give me three hours, then. I'd prefer more time to do the work on my own, but if we want to rush I can get something by then. It shouldn't be a problem for me." He nods at Lin after. "You could, if you could get some."

Peter remembers he has coffee and sips it. In a perfectly reasonable tone, he rumbles, "I agree with Mystery, Asterisk." He looks up to her, "My heart cries out to right the balance of these murders as much as anyone." He glances around the room, addressing everyone else, "But my mind tells me that we can't just charge in blindly. A general gets intelligence and then makes a plan. I think we should give the agents of these other Pantheons a day to do their jobs. And I still think it should be I that acts as bait. True they were women, but they were also famous women — a model showing off in front of a camera and a singer. Maybe it had nothing to do with their, hmmm, demographics? Maybe it was merely their visibility."

Lin continues to scrunch up his mouth before looking up to Leonard. "3 hours? What are you going to do in three hours?" He asks curiously before looking around to the others. "Hmmm, Maybe it has something to do with artistic talents?"

"Something amazing." Leonard rises from his seat, makes wave of hand back and forth. "I'll be back when I'm done." He does offer a hand to Asterisk should the woman want to go, mentioning, "You can watch, if you like. I'll tell you a secret." He heads back the way he came after. "I'll be back soon."

Peter finishes his coffee. "I believe," he says, looking at various people in turn, "That we might as well look for information while Asterisk, here, starts the path to being a target. I will as well, since I have little to offer in the way of sleuthing. We will meet back here 'tomorrow' after those that search, search, and those that will be loud, will be loud. Our cousins," he looks to Asterisk, "Your sister," before continuing, "Had loud and vocal careers. I suspect it will take more than a day, anyway, to catch their attention. Does that sound fair?" Apparently it does, for people start leaving. He nods to Tyler, "THanks for the coffee."

"I'll be gone then, too.. I like secrets sometimes," Asterisk notes faintly with a little wave to those present. "I'm sure Detective Kun-Kun will know how to reach me if I'm needed. Though, I'm not too talented so I'm not sure when or if I'll be of assistance." To Peter, she humms. "Well. If the city goes as it does, I'm sure I'll be able to make myself known soon enough. We can decide more upon this later, however." It's decided. And that's final, as she moves to follow the magician.

Lin nods and watches Leonard as he leaves. "Well…" He says getting to his feet. "I am going to check in. If I ain't back, give me a call, alright?" He offers the both of them. He looks to Peter and digs into a pocket, offering his card. "In case you need to contact me?"

Peter takes the card, and after thinking for a moment, returns one to Lin. It is a business card for Lambros Importers, but it does have his name and number on it. "All right. Good evening to you." And with that, Peter leaves as well.

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