I Will Follow

WHO: Freida, Gao.
WHERE: Greenwich Village.
WHEN: Friday, January 1, 2010.

Freida is, well, stalking Gao. There's no other way to describe the fact that she's following him and trying to not let him see her. She's wearing all black, a parka, thick leggings, and boots. Her gaze is narrowed as she stays a few yards behind her quarry, but her focus is intense.

And Gao is just aimlessly wandering. He's been aimlessly wandering. The only weird part is when he investigates an abandoned warehouse, pulling out an ornate looking handgun. Even that wasn't long as he just peeked in, then continued on his way. Not to mention he's whistling what sounds like the Barney song. Repeatedly. Loudly. And annoyingly. That, and he's been at it for about an hour and gotten quite a few stares on the street.

Freida clenches her fists as she hears that song, over, and over, and…"WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Oops. So much for Operation Sneak Up On Crazy Guy. She sighs, regretting her hairtrigger temper.

That makes Gao stop, turn around, and quirk an eyebrow. Then he walks over towards her. Still whistling. Until he gets in range of being hit. Then he stops. He just looks at her from there. Gao's doing nothing but… well… staring. And staring. And staring. Why's he got the insane look in his eye? And staring. And staring.

Freida can't explain Gao's actions. Is he asking to be hit? She curls up a corner of her mouth into a sneer and stares right back.

It takes another minute before he chuckles. "You really want to know what's wrong with me?" Gao says, "Or are you going to continue following me like some sort of perverted teenage stalker?"

Freida scowls, then considers the question. "Yeah. I wanna know. Tell me. I was planning to grab that damn camera of yours and break it, but this is better." She crosses her arms over her chest and waits.

Gao seems to consider. Really does. Yep. Was that steam from his ears? Maybe? Who knows? In any case, he shrugs as he turns to walk away, "Absolutely nothing, I suppose… I just don't give a care about other people's thoughts 'til it effects me and I live to annoy the first person I see when the mood strikes."

Freida rolls her eyes, then runs to catch up and get in front of Gao. "That's bullshit." Game knows game, and the girl known as Freaky Freida to her classmates knows about annoying people for seemingly no reason.

"Hm?" Gao smiles a bit, "Oh, fine… you want the real reason?"

Freida looks up at Gao, holding firm. "Yeah, I do."

"Long version or short version?" Gao says, that half a smile still on his face.

Freida pushes her hands into her parka pockets. "Short, it's damn cold out here."

"I got lost on the road of life." Gao says simply, turning to walk the other way.

Freida stares, then shakes her head as Gao walks away. "What a fuckin waste of time. Everybody is lost on the road of life, dammit! I'll find out what makes you tick, even if I have to jam a clock up your ass!"

"Already had it done." Gao comments back, "Twice. By someone much cuter."

Freida snorts. "Maybe I should use a grandfather clock. Maybe that'll get your attention. And telling me I'm not cute isn't an insult, I've been ugly all my life."

"Have to catch me first." Gao comments again, pausing, "But… tell you what. You want the camera? Hand me something of value."

"Something of value? For all I know, you'll want some tinfoil or belly button lint," Freida responds. "What would you consider to be a fair trade?"

That earns a glance back, and a grin befitting the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. "Do you really want to ask that when your girlfriend called me a pervert?"

Freida practically screeches, "GIRLFRIEND?" Her eyes are wide. "She is not my girlfriend! She's not my friend! She's not even my classmate anymore!"

"Then why are you acting shocked by the accusation?" Gao says simply, "Buuut…" He pulls out the camera. And walks back over, tossing it once he's closer towards her. "Here you go."

Freida catches the camera, unaware that, maybe, Gao got something of value in exchange after all. "Why am I acting shocked? If you'd said that any other girl was my girlfriend, I woulda just laughed it off. But /her/? Ugh. She's a self-righteous bitch." She looks at the camera, turning it around in her hands. "Thanks," she says begrudgingly.

"By the way…" Gao says.

Freida looks up. "What?"

"Tree?" Gao says.

Freida blinks. "Tree? What do you mean by that?"

Then, what's probably one of the weirdest moments happens. Gao pulls out another camera. Exactly identical to the one in her hands. And snaps another picture. With the same bright as hell flash. Before he turns to make his getaway towards an alleyway at a run.

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