I Need A Hero Pt 3



Scene Title I Need A Hero Pt 3
Synopsis Haldor learns what being a Scion is all about - What a wonderful visitation…

And with the bread monster in the fire, Haldor finds himself back in wel, his body. Things are dark and eerie inside the cave still as the voices continue to go around him, giggling impishly the entire time.

"Enjoy yourself as Sigurd?" one of the voiecs asks, circling around him as a breeze comes in from outside.

"… Well that's different," mutters Halodr as he finds himself back in his own body. The Viking glances around for a moment or two before closing his eyes. Quietly he breathes in and he breathes out, trying to cleanse his mind. "Why?"

"We see your hesitation, Thorson. Your slight unwillingness in doing what fate has decreed for you to do. Your hesitation against your destiny as a warrior of the Aesir, as the future Aesir of Battle.."

The voices continue to surround him as he can feel a slight breeze over his body as more voices start to speak, giggling impishly as a feminine voice can be heard this time. It's not just one feminine voice, but three voices speaking together.

"Would you wish to see what would have happened had you run away from your destiny thus far, Thorson?" the voices speak in unison.

Aw crap. Norns. These three must enjoy making life difficult for Haldor. Quietly he seethes with disdain for their them and their games. He sits his ground though, eyes narrowing as he stares into the space ahead of him, doing his best to regulate his breathing.

"Ás. If I'm going to be some sort of god, I'd really appreciate it if you got the title right. Aesir is the plural of Ás. Shouldn't you already know this grammar?"

Haldor squeezes his knees again, staring into the near distance. There is a very good chance he is daring the Fates to do their worst to him without saying a word to that effect. Instead he focuses on correcting their words.

"I have done what needed to be done. I have fought what I have believed to be the good fight. I have never once run away from what destiny has been written or woven or whatever the Hel it is you actually do. But I never asked for any of this."

For a second, Haldor pauses.

"I mean. I asked to be a somebody. Lots of people ask to be important. Lots of people want to leave an impression on the world around them. But I never asked to be anything other than a drummer. I never asked to be a divinely empowered warrior of the Aesir. I never asked to have to hold some nihilistic son of a bitch in check. I never asked to be Frigg 'n' Superman."

"You wanted to be a musician. We will fulfill your wishes, Mr. Englund, for we need you to understand how you have impacted the tapestry that is fate.."

The voices continue, with an impish giggle surrounding him once more. They might do their worst, they might not? Who knows? The fates are mysterious entities whose agenda remains even unknown to the most powerful of gods.

"You did not ask to be a divinely empowered warrior. You never asked to fight Kamui, but that is what fate has thrown at you. We apologize, and we will make amends.."

With that, darkness wraps around him once more and he soon finds himself well, in his body.

Haldor is no longer in the cave of Hashima. Instead he's in a rather posh apartment, one that looks like Maia's, though there's a noticeable lacking of pictures of the shrine maiden and his and hers misadventures and dates. Instead, there's a familiar British voice in one of the bedrooms as a tall handsome Indian steps out. It's Ripper.

"Freddie, go and bring the drums down to the van please? We have a set this evening at Webster Hall. It's to promote the new CD.." he says matter of factly.

This is going to be bad, he can feel it in his bones as the darkness engulfs his field of vision once more. Haldor mentally staggers as he looks around the apartment, it's so familiar and so different all at the same time. Curiously he turns his head to face Rupert as the Indian rocker steps out of a bedroom to address him.

One red eyebrow arches at the question. It's… Well it's terrifyingly polite, coming out of Rupert's mouth. For a half-second Haldor expects Rip to Shadow Step and jam his bagh-nakh through Haldor's spine, revealing himself to be Versak (Rupert's Atlantean was Versak, wasn't it?). The moment passes and Haldor nods.

"Yeah. Sure, Rip. No prob."

Promptly Haldor starts in on the task. Hopefully the drums are easy enough to find.

Rupert's Atlantean was Versak. But this one isn't Versak. It's Rupert and he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. He seems to be in a rather pleasant mood, and the reason is soon revealed why. There's a young woman dressed in sheer white outfit who slips out of his room. She's beautiful, her features almost divine, and she is definitely familiar. Helena was here sleeping with Rupert.

What kind of place is this? Still, the drums are easy enouh to find and it's already on a cart. Haldor notices he doesn't have his insanely divine strength, and the drums are actually kind of heavy. Really heavy in some respects. So heavy that Helena notices that you're slightly struggling as she heads on overand helps you with the other drums, lifting them with just one of her arms.

"There you go! I'll see you guys tonight!" she quips as she starts to head out the door, sashaying her hips from side to side.

Haldor very briefly tenses as he spies Helena. Old habits die hard, even if he is in what appears to be an alternate timeline. The Viking lets out a long sigh as Helena hefts a set of drums with one arm. After she leaves, while Haldor is still working on hauling the other set, he remarks, "That's kinda emasculating."

It is emasculating! Helena is still divine! Haldor isn't! No super strength for the Viking as he got just what he asked for. No responsibility of being divine. Fate isn't asking him to do things by throwing challenges at him. The rest of the day is easy just with practice with Kali's Kiss.

Haldor can see on various posters that the band is very popular! But that's because of Rupert's divine charisma and appearance. He is a hunky rocker that every girl just wants to have sex with, and that every guy wants to be. Of course, Haldor has it good as the drummer as various groupies who can't get the singer or the guitarists often go to him, trying to make their way into his bed, for they are sluthos afterall. For now, it seems like this is the life the Viking originally wanted.

Haldor makes a note to himself to work out more. Which is to say that he literally writes himself a note to work out more often; if roadies can haul the drums around easily enough, so can he. The Viking otherwise continues on with what appears to be life as usual, though the question of how, exactly, he ended up in Kali's Kiss does float around in his head.

Afterall, until Maia introduced them, Rupert didn't know Haldor existed.

Haldor wanted to be a musician. He wanted to be a drummer! The fates made it so, deus ex machina-ing him into the band. Even if he's mortal, fate still has a lot in store for Haldor. So, it's the night of the gig, and it's a familiar situation once more. Wasn't he the bouncer of this gig in the past?

Instead of the studly Viking as the bouncer, there's an obnoxious Wesley leaning against the pole eyeing women as they enter. And there's someone very familiar entering at this point. It's a young and rather shy Japanese girl, seemingly out of place even if she is bubblepop in a place of hard rock for the moment. She bops her head up and down, listening to the music play as she peers around as if looking for someone…

Tch. Deus ex machina. Haldor hates deus ex machina, bad things always come of deus ex machina. Just look at Episode IV. It makes no sense that Greedo shoots first and misses at POINT. BLANK. RANGE. On the other hand, Haldor doesn't seem to have much of a choice in this matter.

As a result, he jams. While jamming, he keeps his eyes on both Wesley and Maia. Drummer in a rock band? Yeah, you don't have sheet music, you either have the song memorized or you don't. Considering all of the rehearsal that goes into a show, Haldor's got the beats memorized so he could play them in his sleep.

And things go on as usual. Instead of Maia making conversation with Haldor, she does with Wesley instead, completely oblivious to the stage at this point. She's still young and naive afterall. However, instead of starting to have a crush on the Viking bouncer, there's a loud slap and a hand print on Wesley's features as she starts to walk off completely pissed off. Angry Maia is angry!

Haldor snorts at Wesley striking out in epic fashion, although that does raise a fairly interesting question. The Not Quite a Viking drums away, watching Maia and Wesley still. Not only is he curious about what's supposed to happen now, but he's also wondering if this is going to go the same way as when he was in Wesley's shoes.

And suddenly there's screams. MCD has showed up in all his Michael Clark Duncan-y glory. He starts letting spirits out, and first stares at Wesley, snickering softly under his breath, but it seems, he's more interested in Maia for the moment.

Just like before, Maia starts charging towards the demigod and finds that her ofuda are scattered easily. The mortals scatter in fear, a few being ripped in half by his ghostly minions before Maia is flung like a ragdoll into the bar, her body limp and broken as it looks that she's barely breathing this time.

Wesley just stares for a few moments and scoffs, throwing his hands up in the air. "Not my fight. G'luck hot chick." and with that he starts to head out. He doesn't interfere with someone else's fight afterall. That's the Wesley way!!

And where are Helena and Rupert at this point? Having sex in the van.

"Oh for Frigg's sake."

Haldor stands up and looks at his drumsticks. They're not going to do much of anything, are they? No, he didn't think so. Clearly it is time to think fast. Quickly he hops his drum set and sprints across the Hall toward Maia.

There are a lot of things that Haldor may be, but stupid is not among them. He didn't stand a whole lot of chance against Henri Thibbedeaux that night and he certainly doesn't stand much chance as a mortal. Sliding across the dance floor, Haldor springs to his feet and toward Maia's limp body. With any luck he can, at least, pick her up and try to make a run for it.

Suddenly, Haldor feels cold. Really cold. Ghosts often cause cold spots afterall, and Henri Thibbedeaux had his target for the evening. He is collecting his group and he stares at the Viking drummer picking up the small and petite Maia. She looks broken, she's unconscious as there was no one else to take MCD's wrath and fury, and thus she took the brunt of it.

"You, a mortal, thinks that you can keep me from my target?" He can feel the cold clasp of a materialized ghost on his shoulders keeping him in place as he's lifted up and soon facing MCD as he still has limp Maia in his arms.

"Why would you die for her, mortal? Run. I am feeling in a generous mood. You will not stop me from my quarry.."

Cold. Haldor feels… Cold. It's faintly surprising to him just how long it's been since he really and truly felt cold. For several seconds, Haldor doesn't respond to Henri. Instead he is lost in exploring the intricacies of "cold". Amazing what you take for granted when you experience it on a regular basis.

Haldor blinks as he realizes that Henri has been talking to him. The Not Quite a Viking blinks several times as he stares at Thibbedeaux.

"Could you repeat the question? Got distracted by the ghosts. You know how it is."

"Give me the girl, mortal, and I will let you live. I'm feeling in a generous mood, so do not try my patience."

Thibbedeaux hisses in anger as he glares towards Haldor while he squinty eyes towards the Viking. Soon he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Why throw away your life for some woman whom you don't even know? Give her to me, and I will let you be and you can go back to drumming with that band.." he says clearly and calmly.

"Because it's the right thing to do, Thibbedeaux. Not that you'd know the right thing from a hole in your head, player. I may not be able to beat you, but I can at least do the right thing," is Haldor's snarling reply. Not to mention that, alternate life or not, Haldor remembers his old life and the love of his life… Who is currently playing a broken ragdoll in his arms. Ew, is she bleeding on his good shirt?

"What can you do? You are a mortal?!?!? Right thing or not, you will not stop me from getting what I want."

Annoyed Thibbedeaux is annoyed. There's a puny mortal before him who is actually trying to be a challenge. It would be pathetic if it weren't so laughable. And so, the rather large son of Marinette starts to stomp towards Haldor. If he has to do things the hard way, so will it be as he stares down Haldor, giving him a dreadful mein.

"Oh shit nuggets."

Haldor thrashes in the terrible, frigid grip of the ghosts holding onto his shoulders. With any luck he can break free without snapping Maia's neck. Further luck will get him /RUNNING/ away from Henri Thibbedeaux's terrifying and murderous presence.

The one important point to this is that Haldor has engaged DEATH GRIP on Maia. If he does get away, she may have compression fractures and bruises from Haldor holding onto her so damn tight.

The mortal intrigues MCD. Haldor really does intrigue Thibbedeaux afterall. And instead of making due with his promise he lets Haldor run off as the ghosts let go. He lets out a soft chuckle under his breath as he hrmms for a few moments.

"The mortal protects the sunchild. Interesting. Then let us go collect Mr. Patel, shall we?" and he laughs, his voice booming as he and the ghosts disappear from the club as they step into the shadows.

Haldor can run! But he is not as supernaturally dextrous not does he have the supernatural stamina that he once had. Perhaps a mile away from the club running at full speed gets to be tiring, especially with holding the limp and still unconscious form of Maia in his arms.

Haldor runs for as far as he can. When he can no longer run, he slows to a jog and jogs for as far as he can. And when he can no longer jog, Haldor hobbles to a slow walk. Blind terror has sent him running in any direction available to him. Most likely he's even doubled back a couple of times to try dodging any following.

On the plus side, there are hospitals all over the place in New York City. When Haldor is absolutely positive that there is no one immediately behind him that looks like Henri Thibbedeaux does Haldor start making his way toward the nearest hospital. By this point, of course, he should probably also be hoping that no one's called the cops to come and arrest his "interesting" ass.

A red headed muscular Viking drummer carrying a bubble pop Japanese girl is a bit of an interesting sight. But it's New York. Most people just think he's bringing her home cause she's too smashed to do anything. They don't notice the blood and the broken bones afterall.

However, the hospital does! They're both at the Gramercy now as the doctors bring her to the ICU. She's bloodied and broken and for several hours they work on her. They ask her how Haldor knows Maia, but no matter what he says, they ask him to let them do their work.

So hours pass, and after a while, he's finally allowed into to an awakening Maia who is slurping on a bit of jello as there's a bandage wrapped around her head.

"This is the man who brought you in, you're quite lucky, Ms. Tsuchimikado.." the doctor says, introducing Haldor to her.

"Uh.. thanks.." she chirps, her cheeks flushed a bright red as she wrinkles her nose and smiles towards him.

Haldor's answer goes to the effect of 'After my show at Webster Hall I saw some big guy beating her up, so I stepped in.' This is largely the truth, which may be the only thing saving him from serious interrogation while he sits outside the hospital.

Time passes and Haldor is retrieved and led to Maia's room. He smiles thinly at her, nodding his head a little bit at the thanks. Absently he shrugs a little bit, one hand coming up to rub the back of his head.

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't… Y'know. I just did the right thing."

"Doing the right thing could've killed you. Why did you risk your life for mine? I fought him and he almost killed me.."

Maia seems confused, peering at Haldor curiously as she cants her head, worried that someone risked his life for her. She wrinkles her nose and purses her lips as she scratches the back of her head, before wincing as there's bandages at the spot she wants to scratch.

"I know what he wanted. Please, just go. You're in danger now if you stay with me.."

"Well that nimrod you bitchslapped should have stepped in, but. Well. I, uh."

Haldor trails off, suddenly stricken with the realization that he is about to break the prime directive in time travel. This may make it difficult to explain and/or maintain his life as an awesome drummer for a rock band.

"Look. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. If you want me to go, I'll go. I should check on Rip anyhow. Him and Helen- Uh. Huh."

The look on Haldor's face is probably so utterly wrong for the situation that Maia may want to interrogate him further. Haldor rubs his jaw slightly as he rolls around this math equation of Thibbedeaux + Rupert + Helena = ??? in his brain. Did he just leave Rupert to get double-teamed by the White Witch and MCD? Did he just fuck everything up?

"That guy was an ass. He grabbed mine and was all like 'Hey, you wanna bone?' What a jerk.."

Maia's nose scrunches with distaste as unlike Haldor, she's unaware of how things should have been. Still she winces as she tries to get up and nods, sighing with a warm smile.

"I.. well, I don't know. I kind of don't want you to go, if that makes sense. But I also kind of want you to.." Wah! She can't make up her mind! Indecisive Maia is indecisive, especially with the love of her life right before her at the very moment.

"But do you think your friends are okay?" she asks curiously.

"Don't you already know Ripper?"

Haldor looks at Maia funny at her question. The Viking was pretty sure Maia already knew Rupert by this point, the point where his story, ah, "entered" hers. Man. What is it about this whole situation that has his brain in the gutter? It's just getting silly by this point.

"I'm not sure how Rip is doing. I think him and Helena went out to the van and started having freaky pretty people sex as soon as weird crap started happening."

Of course Maia knows Rupert. They're in the same band. Fate has deemed this so.

"I know the asshole. He's a complete dick who only thinks about himself. He whines too damn much.." she grumps under her breath. Haldor did always play mediator between the two afterall, and without him in the group, there's no mediation done! Things will fall apart!

"And who is Helena? And please, I don't need to know about hairy Indian people sex.." she says once more, sighing softly as she looks back towards him.

"She's this Greek chick. You're not going to like her when you meet her. You should probably act on that feeling of disdain. Oh and she likes to fuck with people's heads."

Haldor rubs the back of his head. This is going badly. Why can't he keep his mouth shut? More importantly, why can't he will himself to go back to Webster Hall and check on Rupert? Damn you Dreadful Mien! DAMN YOU!

"Don't all roadies like to screw with people's heads? I mean watching Brett Michael's Rock of Love can show you that.."

Maia finds the cute mortal cute. She starts to lay back in the bed, yawning as she stretches her arms and winces once more. She really shouldn't act like she has self-healing yet, cause she doesn't have it at this point in time.

"But um, thanks for… uh… saving me I guess. Please, be careful out there, kay? I don't want to see something bad happen to you.." she smiles as she starts to settle back in the bed to rest.

"She's not really a roadie… Actually she's probably not what she seems at all."

Haldor rubs the back of his head a little bit, blushing brightly as Maia lays back to recuperate in her bed. The Not Quite a Viking glances around again and sighs quietly before moving toward the door.

"I'll try. You be careful and take care… And don't be so hard on Rip, his heart's in the right place, even if he doesn't always sound like it. Trust me."

"Um, okay.." Maia finds the mortal odd. He knows a lot and that's unusual. Still she smiles and wriggles her fingers towards him before she curls up in her bed and falls asleep, the lights getting turned out. Eventually Haldor is lead out of the hospital by the kind doctors.

What's he going todo now? Go back to the lavish condo to rest and dream? Or something else? Who knows?

First thing's first: Call Rupert and, hopefully, get a reply that doesn't involve either police or the source of Haldor's lingering terror. Second thing is to get a Krispy Kreme while he walks around to try and calm his nerves. Maybe, if he's lucky, calming his nerves will also let him clear his head. Clearing his head sounds like a real good idea right now.

There's no reply on Rupert's cell. That can either be a good or a bad sign? Fortunately for him, there's a Krispy Kreme not too far away, and it's open at this hour! Huzzah! For the drummer of Kali's Kiss, all is well and good and the donuts are even free. And there's some news on the television too! That should be good, right?

Look! Kittens! Awww, the cute kittens. It must be a slow news day.

What's this about kittens? Haldor munches on a Krispy Kreme while he tries to figure out what's going on with kittens on the news. The news does not often have feature stories about kittens, usually this means terrible things. Frankly he cannot help but watch, he feels almost compelled to try to figure out what's going on.

As he sits there, he can hear the voices of the fates once more. There's an amused chuckle under their breaths as he's the only one who can hear them it seems as he continues to munch away on the Krispy Kreme.

"Already they fall. One by one they will fall.." one of the coices says as it circles around him.

"Are you enjoying your life without responsibility?" one of the fates asks, curious to get an answer.

Haldor abruptly twists and stalks out of the Krispy Kreme after signing a few things. Once outside, the Note Quite a Viking starts walking away. On the plus side, he answers the Fates with a hiss.

"Life without responsibility? I'm in the thick of it anyhow, except I can't help them. Did Rip fall or was it Maia? Is my new fate to be stuck in the Twilight Zone? Did you write the Twilight Zone? Take turns playing Rod Sirling to do the intro and outro on each episode?"

"No one told you to help them. Thibbedeaux offered you reprieve. He even asked why you would risk your life for a young woman you don't even know. You had a choice to run away, to let her be and continue your life." the fates reply, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. They hrmm for a few moments as the disembodied voices continue to circle around him.

"Neither of them fell. Rupert, Maia, David and Jolie continue to fight the good fight. FOr that is their fate. But remember, David and Rupert have large personalities and it was you who quelled the fighting around the three. They are not so solid this time around and it will affect their relationships and thus their fates as well.."

"At least,they did not fall..yet."

"… You just said they fall. One by one they will fall. I heard you say it."

Oh what he wouldn't give for his aviators so he can see them. The Viking squints at the middle distance instead, stuffing his Krispy Kreme back into the bag and grumbling to himself.

"And like I told Thibbedeaux. I was doing the right thing. Maybe you didn't pay as much attention to me as you seem to think. I try to do the right thing. I was raised to do the right thing, no matter how else you cut me off from my powers."

"Do you truly do the right thing? When Maia was trapped in the Atlantean underworld, you broke the seal and let a million mortals die. Was that the right thing then all so you can save the life of the one you love?" one of the fates asks curiously.

"And we gave you a normal life something you wanted. Thibbedeaux and Maia's fight was destined, and you were a factor with your powers for an outcome. It was your decision to try to save her even as a mortal. Most mortals would simply run away at the sight of such a thing. Why did you not run?" the other asks curiously. "And do not tell me it was the right thing to do. The odds were against you and it was only because he felt generous that you were not killed."

Another of the fates quickly adds, "You were not the one Thibbedeaux sought this time. You could have removed yourself from the situation rather easily…"

"I blew my top when Maia was trapped in the Atlantean underworld. I didn't intend to get people killed, I got hasty and sloppy. I beat myself up all the time for that."

Haldor lets out a hard sigh, narrowing his eyes a little bit.

"And besides that, Rip and I rescued a Valkyrie and one of the Amatsukami while we were down there. That was our mission at Hashima in the first place."

The Not Quite a Viking snorts at the continuing questioning. He folds his arms across his chest as he steps into an alley. It is not a smart thing to do, but maybe if he's acting crazy people will leave him alone.

"She was hurt. She was unconscious and about to be kidnapped. The /RIGHT THING/ was to save her. I'm not going to stand by and let people get hurt if I can help it, especially not Maia. Right then and there? I could help it. You want to replay the scenario again, this time without the me that you're trying to teach a lesson in the driver's seat? Or do you already know what'll happen there?"

"We know what would have happened. We are the fates. We know all possibilities. But you must realize that you are not a reluctant hero Haldor. You are every bit a hero as Sigurd, as Achilles, as those of legend in the past. You do what you think is the right thing. That is what makes a hero. So do not have such hesitation next time, nor should we see you grumble about the gods going to you for something that only you can do. Fate doesn't make heroes. It finds them.." the fates whisper back to him.

Just as soon as that is said, Haldor finds himself back in the cave in his body once more as he was sitting earlier. Weird. And trippy.

"So I'm just the go to god. Lovely."

Haldor rubs his forehead with one hand. Why does he have to be the knight in shining ar- Holy crap he is a knight in shining armor. When did that happen?

And that he is! Haldor! Defender of the innocent! Doer of good things! Maia's main squeeze! All these titles are his and more as the spirits go around him once more. As he realizes just what he is, there's a warm sensation on his bracer. It's warm and glowy for a few moments as yet another rune appears on it next to the runes for frost and darkness. This time, it's an algiz rune. Maybe the fates were pleased with him afterall!

Haldor gets to his feet and looks at the rune on bracer. One red eyebrow arches. With a sigh the Viking shakes off the stiffness that comes with sitting in lotus position for extended periods. Quietly he starts walking toward the entrance to the cave again, one hand rubbing the back of his neck idly.

"And here I thought for sure they were gonna make me sweat as a human with Legendary ichor."

And as he steps outside, he finds a rather beautiful Nordic woman. It's one of the Valkyries, Brynhildr as she stands there with Drake happily barkbarkyelpbarking towards him. The puppy bounds on over towards his master whom he's missed very much so before the actual Valkyrie speaks.

"Utgard Loki wishes to meet you. You have been invited to a feast, and I am here to escort you…"

"You know if he's going to have drinking horns or goblets?"

Haldor hardly even bats an eyelash at Brynhildr's assertion. Rather he drops to a stoop and picks up Drake, snuggling the pup against his chest. One hand idly rubs Drake's belly while the other arm just supports the pup.

"Or if there are going to be party games?"

"Of course."

Brynhildr lets out a hearty laugh as she mounts her own Valkyrie horse,a rather large looking wolf like creature as she motions for Haldor to do the same. Or fly. She starts to woosh off intothe air, not seeming to wait for him. She expects him to follow afterall…

HALDOR MAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is to say that Haldor rolls his eyes as Brynhildr takes off without him and Haldor takes about three steps forward before zipping up into the air after her. Gotta get clear of the cave after all, Haldor wouldn't want to keep Utgard-Loki waiting because he caved Hashima in on him. That'd just be awful and embarassing.

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