I Need A Hero Pt 2



Scene Title I Need A Hero Pt 2
Synopsis Haldor learns what being a Scion is all about - Haldor as a young Sigurd

And with that, the puppies are taken care of by Sojobo! THe Viking Express is speedier than Tatsu, and he flies over the ocean going from one tall island to the other. A few hours later, he can already see, no he can feel, the eerie oppressive feeling of Hashima. It's dark and drab, and fortunately for him, he has no death senses, or he would just see a lot of things that he would not want to see.

Away from the more industrial parts of Hashima is the moral rural countryside. There are a few mountains with dark forests, ominous just like the ones that grew in Vanaheim. And there is a rather large cave, marked with DO NOT ENTER signs and DROWNING signs as it remains on the coast of the island of doom. There's sharp jagged rocks just outside it as the high tide of the ocean starts to splash against it.

Technically speaking, Haldor /COULD/ have Death Senses, Thor's Aviators mimic the effect. On the other hand, he knows how Maia reacted when they first visited here. Haldor is nobody's fool and his enhanced senses are telling him all he really can bear to know about the island for the time being. In spite of the late hour, Haldor spends a while exploring Hashima… Just in case there are other caves fitting Sojobo's description.

Besides, there are mysterious DARK FORESTS growing on the island. Haldor is at once curious and cautious about the ominous woodlands, skirting their perimeter at a safe distance on a sheet of ice. Finally sated that there are no other readily accessible caves, Haldor and his fantastical ice wave slide their way back toward the sea cave where he hunkers down and checks for signs of just how high the tide goes inside of the cave.

That is true. He does have Death Senses on the aviators,but he wasn't wearing them, was he? Still, a part of him is being led towards the cave, especially considering that Sojobo was the one who told him to go towards it.

Still, as he gets closer, the water starts to freezes and it's not flooded. The cave itself is dark and damp and well really big. Ridiculously deep with lots of room to explore.

Haldor can't freeze the seas for forever… OR CAN HE? No, not really, and he wouldn't want to even if he could. Our boy Haldor reads the news, he knows what a horrible impact that could have. The Viking just settles for freezing things over while he explores for a point beyond the high water mark. Someplace that will stay dry while he meditates as instructed.

The cave is large and deep and even though he can't see the dead, he can certainly hear the whispers of the dead spirits who remain here. As he continues into the cave, he finds a small candle with a red mat, with a red pentagram on the mat. It's the symbol of the onmyouji it seems and he's directed by voices to sit there.

Still, he can hear more voices that seem to taunt him.

"Why hesitate about being a hero? Do you want a normal life? We can give that to you."

Haldor settles down on the mat, crossing his legs and resting his hands on his knee caps while he closes his eyes. The Viking breathes in and out slowly, growling ever so faintly with every question and promise the dead offer him. For the moment, Haldor seems unswayed… This is probably for the best. Instead he tries to meditate.

And yet the voices continue as the voices of the dead continue to move around him.

"Why do you hesitate? Why are you running away from what fate has in store? Why hesitate in being a hero?" the voices ask.

"Who's running? I was told to come here and meditate, which is, by the way, what I trying to freaking do."

Haldor squeezes his knees as he responds, but otherwise scarcely moves a muscle. The Viking is trying very hard to meditate. Really he is.

And as he meditates, he soon drifts into a dream land of sorts. Meditating in the area seems to have profound effects as he suddenly wakes up wakes up in a different body, a very different body at that.

He's a young child, one that is slowly chopping away at wood logs. There's lots of wooden logs and soon, you can hear your father,or at least a man claiming to be your father calling at you.

He's tall, strong handsome and blonde. Very much Maia's type of guy. Very Aesir-like as he flexes his muscles and snickers softly. He looks down towards you and brings out a bag of flour and hrmms for a few moments.

"I need you to make some bread. Think you can do that for me?" he asks curiously, smiling brightly the entire time as he lifts up the rather large sack of flour towards the boy/you.

Awakening in dream lands is a disconcerting sensation to Haldor. The Viking blinks the child's eyes several times as he sets the axe down, slowly making his way over toward his father apparent. Heh. Father apparent. Excellent pun, even Haldor would cop to that, if he were aware of it.

"I… Guess?"

The bag is at least fifty pounds of flour and other sorts of bread mix. Still, as you look at the bag, there's something inside, large and wriggling. Ridiculously wriggly. This is probably not a puppy inside.

Haldor is at once puzzled and mildly creeped out by something wriggling around in the bread mix bag. Even so, he doesn't have much choice in this matter, does he? Carefully he reaches out to take the sack from his "father", hefting it as best his young child body can manage. It was, however, chopping wood; he ought to be fairly strong.

The body that Haldor resides in is about eleven or twelve years old. Still, he's strong for a little kid and can lift the fifty pounds. Perhaps he's in the body of a young Scion a very young one. The bag continues to wriggle and you can swear there's a hissing sound in the bag as well.

Haldor continues to hold the bag and starts making his way in whatever direction seems most likely for bread making. Over his shoulder, Haldor glances at the apparent father of the body in which he resides, curious about his reaction to the wriggling, hissing bag. Is this normal?

Bags of flour that are fifty pounds typically don't have hissing wriggling objects in there. But there's the pots that can be seen in the cabin. The father wants his bread made apparently, right?

Helpful as he can, Haldor makes his way inside and over to the pots. Once there, he sets about trying to make bread dough. It can't be that hard to make, can it?

The dough, mixed with the flour isn't hard to mix. Still, when there's water and other ingredients poured, what ever was inside that was nhissing and wriggling almost makes the dough knead itself. nHow awesome is that?

That is, as dough goes, pretty awesome. Haldor, for one, is both impressed and relieved that the dough is making itself with only minimal assistance from him. On the plus side, maybe this food won't burst into flame when he puts it into the oven.

And he hears the hissing. There's a lot of hissing really. There's something i the dough and it's getting angry as soon he can see scales of some sort at the edge of the dough ball itself as it rolls around on the countertop. What the hell?

Haldor reaches for the largest pot he can pick up. Scales are bad, mm'kay? The Viking instinctively guides the child's hand to grab a pot that, with any luck, can be used as a terrible bludgeon of death. Carefully he edges slightly to the side, heafting the pot up in the air. Rather secondarily he hopes that it's a cast iron pot.

And oh goodness! THe pot is lifted and the bread dough ball of doom is slipped in. Hopefully the pot is greased so it will rise properly, but even now, the boy doesn't find it too heavy. Epic strength for the win there! Huzzah!

Uh. Okay. There is hissing, scaley bread dough in a pot over some young kid's head. Haldor runs toward the oven or open fire or whatever is convenient for /BREAD COOKING/ and does his best to seal the pot and bread monster inside.

And with the bread monster in the fire, Haldor finds himself back in wel, his body. Things are dark and eerie inside the cave still as the voices continue to go around him, giggling impishly the entire time.

"Enjoy yourself as Sigurd?" one of the voices asks, circling around him as a breeze comes in from outside.

"… Well that's different," mutters Halodr as he finds himself back in his own body. The Viking glances around for a moment or two before closing his eyes. Quietly he breathes in and he breathes out, trying to cleanse his mind. "Why?"

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