I Need A Hero Pt 1



Scene Title I Need A Hero Pt 1
Synopsis Haldor learns what being a Scion is all about - After the Yggdrasil is broken scene in Asgard

Maia was off in a rush. There was a kiss and a bit of lurving but afterwards, she went off to Hiroshima. There were things that needed to be done there, and for the most part it isn't too far from Sojobo's monastary. So of course, she insisted that Haldor go with her on the first class trip to Tokyo to at least save him the trip flying. Besides, she wanted to be part of the mile high club again, frisky Maia is frisky! But now, she's off to parts known, and that leaves Haldor on a trip to the monastary. How is he getting there? By air(plane)?, Air? Puppy? Driving? whoknows?

Gods bless that Mile High Club, Haldor knows that's going to be on his short list of approved holidays if he ever gets to be godly. The Viking is getting to Sojobo's monastery by skiing. Once Drake was retrieved from the poor, poor pet customs, Haldor made off in Sojobo's direction and, once he was out of the main thoroughfare, set himself to sliding along on an ever growing sheet of ice.

Drake rests in Haldor's arms, the Viking playfully hugging and rubbing Drake down while he slaloms impossibly along on that growing sheet of ice. Every now and then Haldor makes a course correction to cut through under-developed areas rather than cut through urban sprawl and all of that nonsense. He even skis across a few lakes and rivers on his trip, it'd be ridiculous if it weren't so cool looking.

Well, considering he can insta-freeze anything using Uller's Stride, why wouldn't he do it? Drake has decided not to pant for he's already got bits of his tongue frozen and saliva frozen and he did not like it one bit. He cuddle close in Haldor's arms, still all happy as he peers around.

Several hours pass and the monastary is in sight. Oddly though, there's no constant flying of tengu training that's going on. In fact, there's an ominous feeling of quiet in the usually busy monastary where the warriors of the Amatsukami train.

By and large, Haldor is doing his best to just enjoy the scenery for once. Drake, however, barks and growls a little as the duo draw ever nearer the monastery without sign of the tengu patrols. Haldor's attention quickly draws toward the distinct absences, sliding to a halt some distance from the monastery, hiding partially in the shadows of the forest.

Viking and Valkyrie Horse regard one another and their surroundings for several moments, Drake still softly growling when Haldor lets out a sigh. Slowly he steps into the shadows, intent upon melting into darkness so that he can get a better look at what's going on before he and Drake leap into action. This, however, feels like badness.

As he gets closer, he can see what exactly is going on. The tengu are sitting in a circle, and of course, there's Sojobo, old and wizzened seeming to duel someone. The someone is rather familiar. Too familiar really. The moves are fast for the eyes to see from this far, and it's obvious Haldor needs to get closer to see who Sojobo is fighting with.

Haldor continues creeping forward, sticking entirely to the shadows that hide him ever so well. Drake growls ominously, but quietly as they continue to approach. As they start to near earshot, Haldor covers Drake's muzzle to keep the pup quiet. No need to let everyone know they're spying.

And no one knows that there's any one else there for stealthy Haldor is stealthy. Still, now that he's inside, he can see just who Sojobo is struggling against. Even though he moves with lightning fast precision, he looks worn down and weary as the other person seemingly flickers in and out of existence.

There's apunch and a kick and Sojobo is sent flying into the tengu, but stops short of knocking down any of his students! Oh noes! Who is beating up on the wizzened old tengu? Well, it's Haldor's favorite person, dressed completely in a black onmyouji's robe. It's…

Dun. Dun. Dun! Kamui!

Well. This is just bad. Haldor frowns in the darkness and sets Drake down on the ground, leaving the pup to bounce over toward Sojobo. In the meantime, Haldor simply vanishes into the very shadows that were his refuge. A fraction of an instant later, Haldor erupts out of Kamui's shadow and attempts to put Kamui into a Full Nelson.

Maybe Haldor's looking to have a pleasant, almost civilized chat with Kamui this time. After all, he didn't try to outright kill him first.

Drake happily and obliviously bounces on over towards Sojobo, whining as nhe pounces up and starts licking the old tengu's face. The tengu seems surprised by this and blinks for a few moments as he's licked. He's about to say something when…

Kamui offers no resistance, grabbed in the Full Nelson. He doesn't even seem disturbed by the fact that he's in the strnog grip of an angry Viking. Instead he just chuckles softly under his breath, clearly amused.

"So you interrupt sparring matches now, Mr. Englund?"

"What can I say? I like being a thorn in your side, Kammykins."

Haldor maintains his grip, icy blue gaze staring into the back of Kamui's head. The Viking is pretty sure that Kamui can't grow eyes in the back of his head, but even so, Haldor isn't going to let himself get caught off-guard by garish Halloween powers. Instead he focuses on securing the lock, keeping Kamui good and caught.

"Besides. I figured it'd give us a good chance to talk."

Fortunately for Haldor, Kamui is nowhere near as strong as he is, at least not in this form anyway. In fact he doesn't even struggle a bit as he lets out another amused snicker out from under his breath. His brows furrow as he hrmms for a few moments.

"And you do all this without even a bow of respect for Sojobo-sama? Disrespect is something that I didn't think you'd be capable of, Mr. Englund."

"I was waiting for Sojobo-sama to regain his feet after your last attack," replies Haldor, "Although if you prefer…"

Haldor trails off as he quite forcefully bends himself and Kamui at the hips in Sojobo's direction. The Viking doesn't smile, he rather expects Sojobo is going to punch him in the head for this, but he does execute a very precise and very proper bow in spite of the Kamui caught in a Full Nelson in his arms.

"So you actually let Maia off on her own in Hiroshima, Mr. Englund? I fear my cousin may be absorbed into the creature's wrath or perhaps burnt to a crisp now.."

He continues to mock as he's bent down to bow in front of Sojobo as well, snickering once more.

Still, it's when sojobo speaks that he looks towards the Viking.

"Kamui and I were having a friendly spar. He had wanted to show me how he has improved since he trained with me all those years ago, Haldor. I was never in any danger. I believe that Kamui actually came here expecting to speak with you."

Haldor looks at Sojobo, though only by moving his eyes out from the shadow of Kamui's head. The Viking stands up straight and tall, snorting frigid breath in near silence at the back of Kamui's head and neck. With slow, decided reluctance, Haldor releases Kamui and steps off to the side, though his eyes never quite let Kamui or Sojobo out of sight.

"I see. I apologize for my… Haste, Sojobo."

"It's actually quite all right, Mr. Englund. I didn't anticipate you attacking so quickly. So I must commend you for your efforts. He has improved, hasn't he, Sojobo-sama?"

And that's the smug Kamui, dusting off his onmyouji's robes as he peers back towards the Viking, snickering softly under his breath as he starts to head off, motioning for the Viking to follow.

"I do hope you loved your girlfriend well, Mr. Englund. Maia will come back a changed woman, assuming she doesn't die in doing what she must.."

Haldor bows to Sojobo again, then starts after Kamui. Drake, meanwhile, barks and runs around Sojobo's feet. The Viking scowls at the back of Kamui's head, folding his arms across his chest as he follows silently along. For the time being he seems content to listen and, perhaps, decide whether or not he feels like killing the Hel out of Kamui.

Kamui can't be killed? Can he? But then again it's Halloween and he snickers once more as he motions for Haldor to follow.

"So, you and your girlfriend have messed up in your perspective Overworlds, andfate decrees that you all get stronger. How are you planning to do such a thing, Mr. Englund?"

"What difference does it make to you, Mr. Mitsurigi?"

Haldor keeps his arms folded over his chest. The Viking moves along quietly, watching with ominous malevolence in his eyes. For the moment he is restraining himself, that may be for the best considering their last meeting.

"It makes all the difference. Fate has decreed us eternal rivals, and I, for one want a challenge when all is said and done.."

Kamui gives Haldor a subdued smile as he continues to walk alongside him as he hrmms for a few moments, rubbing at his chin.

"I even spoke with Sojobo about giving you a special training program.." See, he's a considerate enemy!

Considerate enemies make Haldor uneasy. For the moment he masks his unease with cold, murderous staring at Kamui. The Viking snorts, a small cloud of frigid mist blooming from his nostrils before heating away in the warm air. Haldor smiles very, very thinly.

"What makes you think I'm not already on a special training program?"

"Because I know the training program you were already on. You were going to learn how to be physically stronger, but that will not be close enough if you truly want a chance to defeat me. I wish to have you more as a challenge next time instead of just being my… plaything.."

Kamui makes another dismissive wave as he turns around and just meets the murderous glare from the Viking with a subdued smile. How can he be so at ease with an angry Viking in front of him? Who knows?

"You are going to learn how to be an onmyouji. It requires strength of mind, body and spirit. You do not have the capability to be a true onmyouji, but unless you understand what I am, what Maia is, you will have no chance against me."

"Oh. You think I don't know what you are, Kamui?"

Haldor's murderous gaze twists, his frown literally turning upside down into something just as violently disturbing. Somewhere between amusement and a sort of glee that heroes just should not ever know, Haldor's expression seems almost larger than life. The Viking draws a step closer, one red eyebrow raising ever so slightly, as he finally unfolds his arms. For a moment, just a moment, one arm twitches as if to rise, but Haldor seems to think better of it.

"Maybe you were a bit busy in your youth, training in temples and with others of Legend so that you might be a superior example of spiritualist, a superior force for good… Or for evil. Me? I didn't get that sort of training. Maybe you hadn't heard about how my Pop works, doesn't matter. I grew up on comic books, movies, and television.

"Not much of a training regimen, I grant you, but it taught me an awful lot about reading people. Especially people like you. You're a little bit Joker, a little bit Riddler, some Loki and Luthor, and a whole heaping helping of good old Doctor Doom. Kamui.

"My poor, deluded Kamui. If you were half the nihilistic badass you want me to think you are, you would have tried to kill me already. What better way to unravel Fate's threads, what better way to topple the reign of gods and men, to end this wretched, ruined, world to which you have no interest other than destruction than to mangle the loom and rip apart the fabric?

"No. I got you pegged."

There is a reason that Kamui doesn't descend everything into chaos. Even as nihilistic as he is, he still has two young boys who are being taken care of by his sister, his mortal sister that is. He keeps his gaze on Haldor, letting out an amused chuckle at the description.

"Ahhh, villainy's greatest minds from the comics. I am flattered if you compare me to such enemies that would topple cities quite easily if it wasn't for their sense and thrill for battle. You think that they would be caught by the others? No, I think not, they let themselves be caught for the sake of fate, for legend to help the hero's story grow. For now, I am simply bidding my time, letting your own legend grow until we are equals and I can crush you, letting my own legend overtake that of the gods themselves.."

He lets out a hearty laugh as his brows furrow as he peers back towards the Viking, waiting for a response.

"You're deflecting the issue, hiding from the truth, Kamui. You really shouldn't do that. It's unbecoming."

Haldor keeps that gnarled, venomous smile spread over his face. Slowly he starts to pace, moving in a small arc in front of Kamui while the two keep their gazes locked. Most likely the manga version of this is going to be a two page spread with dramatic cuts inserted in odd locations over the larger picture of the two. Body language tells the tale.

"I can taste your weakness. I can see your fear. You're not as detached as you want me to believe. You never were, you probably never will be. After all, I'm the hero, you're the villain. Surely I won't go after your kids. They're safe from me, no matter how mad you make me. Aren't they?"

It's Haldor's turn to let out a laugh, his icy gaze fixed on Kamui's.

"Despite everything, no matter how bad you want to call yourself a nihilist, you still have an attachment. You still have something in this world worth protecting to you. There's still something, someones really, precious to you and you don't want to endanger them. That's why you've given me time. That's why you're giving me advice. That's why, of all things, you haven't enacted a properly murderous villainous scheme yet."

"Mention my two boys again and I will make you regret it. You are strong like a tank, but I know your weakness. We both know I can kill Maia quite easily if I so wish it. In fact, I'm the one who sent her to Hiroshima afterall so that she may atone to our family for letting in Mikaboshi into the palace. As villainous as you make me out to be, I have yet to destroy wards placed there for millenia to keep the worst enemy of the Amatsukami out."

His features turn from a mellow and easy going smile to that of a similar murderous glare. Haldor did talk about his kids afterall, and that makes him angry as he peers back towards the Viking.

"Go back to Sojobo and train Haldor. You will need it.."

"You have plans, Kamui. You wouldn't jeopardize them by letting Mikaboshi into places he wants to be."

Haldor keeps his gaze locked on Kamui's, doing his best not to peel his lips back in a snarl. The Viking just engages in a proper arch-nemesis glare-off. Considering Kamui's the one with god power or whatever, he'll probably want to end this with a winking out of existence.

"I have my own agenda. Mikaboshi isn't part of it.." he says firmly and resolutely.

And Haldor calls it! Almost immediately after he finishes his sentence does Kamui wink out of existence. It's only then that he can hear the playful barkbarkyelpbarks of Drake who comes bounding on over happily. He got lots of treats from Sojobo afterall, and look there's a girl puppy who follows too! Drake has a girlfriend!

Haldor smirks slightly as Kamui winks out of existence. It feels good to flex the intellectual muscles and actually get on a smug smartypants' nerves for once. The Viking promptly whirls around and drops into a crouch as Drake comes bouncing over, Haldor's smirk turning to a warm and cheery smile. Nothing like a Viking and his Valkyrie Horse. Surely this is what Norman Rockwell intended.

Dont forget the valkyrie Horse's girlfriend! It's a purebred shiba inu puppy this time that starts to bark at Haldor as well. She wants attention as well as she happily circles Haldor before starting to head back to the old wizzened tengu who starts meandering over in a very Yoda-like fashion.

"Did your talk with Kamui go as you had wished?" he asks curiously, his brows furrowed as he scoops up the female shiba puppy.

Haldor is doing his best not to pay attention to Drake's new playmate for one simple reason: Can you imagine Haldor trying to explain the birds and the bees to Drake? Instead the Viking squeezes and hugs his pup, occasionally ruffling the Shiba's fluffy fur as he slowly stands up and looks to Sojobo.

"Kinda, yeah. Wasn't quite expecting it to go so quickly though."

"He just wanted to speak with you briefly. I am sure he has other things to attend to.."
Sojobo replies with a shrug of his shoulders as he tries to get Haldor to follow him back towards the monastary proper. The little shiba in his arm wriggles out and bounces on over towards Haldor too. She wants to be closer to her Drakey-poo!

Haldor follows Sojobo, though he lets out a long suffering sigh before he stoops to scoop the other pup up in his arm. The Viking follows along, carrying both Shibas along in his arms while he follows Sojobo.

"Have I become some sort of Shiba Inu magnet?"

"Drake has found a new playmate. That is all."

Sojobo replies in a rather amused fashion as the two puppies bark happily towards each other before they both start licking at Haldor's cheeks. It seems that he is a magnet for cute puppies afterall!

"But we must begin your training immediately." he says, once they arrive in the monastary proper. He hrmms and takes a deepbreath as he seems a bit worried about what he is going to have him do.

"If you want to get strong enough to defeat Kamui and help your father, you must face death itself. I want you to go back to Hashima, the isle of ghosts. From there your training will continue.."
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Haldor resists the urge to snort at Sojobo's assessment of his dog situation. A random rap beat ripples through Haldor's brain as he follows along. Sojobo promptly jars Haldor fully back to reality with the mention of facing death /AND/ returning to Hashima.

"… What?"

"Was I not clear? I am sorry, English is not my native language afterall. But we both know that Kamui has died and has come back stronger. Therefore, if you are to come back stronger, you must face death as well.."

Sojobo says matter of factly as he lets out a warm smile and hrmms for a few moments, taking a deep breath as he peers back and studies Haldor's features for a few moments. He scratches at his chin before rubbing the long beard that extends down to the ground as he looks back towards the Viking.

"Why, are you afraid?"

Haldor sighs quietly at the response. Both of them. The Viking rubs his forehead with one hand, squeezing Drake a bit tighter as the puppies in his arms wriggle and snuggle. After a few moments, Haldor sets the dogs back down on the ground while he steps toward Sojobo.

"Huginn and Munin tell you to use that line, sensei?" 5r

The puppies bark and yelp as they're set down and soon they start running around playing chase once more! Drake seems to be having a grand old time with the as of yet unnamed puppy! Awww.

Meanwhile, Sojobo snickers softly and shakes his head. "It seems the ravens of Odin goad you into doing things by attacking your courage. I do not do such a thing. It is understandable to be afraid of death. when I had Kamui and Maia go there as part of their training they were scared as well. It is a natural thing to fear death afterall.." he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Even the gods fear death you know, especially your grandfather."

"It's not so much the death part that I fear. It's the fact that last time I went there, I ended up in another Dark Hour and had to showdown with an Atlantean god. Last I heard, the Atlanteans aren't bound up in there anymore, so."

Haldor shrugs a little bit. Certainly he's not concerned that Badarus and friends are going to jump him as soon as he lands on the island. Certainly not, that would be silly. Nor is he concerned that he might end up stuck in the Dark Hour out of some primeval need for balance, one person in, one person out sort of thing. Again, that would be silly.


The Viking shrugs. Okay. Maybe he is a little concerned about those things.

"You think the Dark Hour is a recent phenomenon?"

Sojobo finds this interesting. His brows furrow as he hrmms for a few moments and eases on down in front of a tea set, offering the Viking a bit of tea. And of course there's a tray of doggie biscuits to the side for Drake and said girlfriend.

"While it's manifestations are recent, it has existed for as long as I can remember. It is certainly a creation of the Atlanteans, but it was originally to test their Scions and others to see if they were worthy for the destinies fates had ordained them. It is a place for learning originally, and it was only corrupted recently." he explains.

"Honestly, I never really gave its relative age much thought."

The Viking sits down opposite Sojobo. He considers the tea as he takes the proffered cup for several moments, perhaps pondering the Dark Hour in the reflective surface. Quietly Haldor takes a brief sip before looking back at Sojobo.

"Although I suppose that makes sense. With the Titan avatars in it. What's it been corrupted into though?"

"It is easy to assume that the Dark Hour itself is corrupted. But it isn't. You all faced parts of yourself that you thought were locked away. It is those parts of yourselves that the Atlanteans clung onto for a new form, and that is why Amnis wears maia's form, Badarus, yours and so on and so forth.."

Knowledgeable Sojobo is knowledgeable! You don't live for a few millenia and not know things afterall. he takes a few moments to sip on the tea quietly before setting it down once more.

"And that is where you must go. I see that you still have doubtsin yourself if it takes Hugin and Munin's goading to spur you into action." he says teasingly,but all in a good natured manner of course.

"I never said they had to goad me, just that they do goad me."

Haldor takes another sip.

"Well, I think you will learn a lot there. That is where I have sent many students to train in the past. Not all students have come back a success, but they still learn things in failure. Those who fail though are marked in some way. Why do you think Maia is so afraid of the dark, especially for a child of the sun?"

Sojobo almost has a cruel grin, but it mellows out into a subdued smile as he seems to be giving Haldor a warningin some sense.

Haldor sighs again and takes another sip of his tea. The Viking sets the cup down and looks Sojobo in the eye. It is a long, contemplative look as Haldor seems to mull the Tengu King's response. After some time, perhaps longer than Sojobo may have expected, Haldor stands up again.

"Keep an eye on Drake and his new friend, please?"

"Of course I will.."

Sojobo smiles warmly as he offers some doggie biscuits to the two puppies and almost immediately they rush on over to omnom away at the yummy treats. His brows furrow as he looks towards Haldor and hrmms for a few moments.

"On the isle of Hashima is a cave. You must enter that cave and meditate. If the spirits of the isle find you interesting, they will visit you and you will hopefully have much to learn and gain from the experience."

"Thank you, Sojobo."

Haldor bows to the Tengu King. Promptly the Viking starts toward the front doors of the monastery. Looks like this time he'll be taking the Viking Express instead of Tatsu. Or, at least, that's his intention.

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