Hunting Metal Monsters


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Scene Title Hunting Metal Monsters
Synopsis Erasma, Percy, Shou and Scrivner go hunting for monsters and find something to keep 'em busy. Halima was the Storyteller for this one.

Somewhere in New York

Underground. Lots of guards surrounding the elevator shaft.

Percy shows up, having taken the subway to get here. He wears a heavy pack over one shoulder that currently houses a great number of camping and spelunking supplies. At least all that he could 'borrow' from the Spelunking club at NYU. He shows up at the appointed time, right at the meeting spot. He's actually a few minutes early and nervously checks his watch as he leans back against a wall to wait.

Shou walks along, heading towards the hole without anything that suggests he'll be leaping down thousands of feet. He's in sandals and bermuda shorts and a tie-dyed wifebeater.

Erasma is walking along wearing a leather jacket, a wife beater over her bullet proof vest, jeans and what looks like a redheaded wig. She waves at Wes as she walks over with a bit of rope. "Heya Perc..crazy guy. You guys ready to rumble?"

"I have a name, lady," Shou tells Erasma with a bright grin. "Is that where we're going?" He leans over the edge of the hole, looking unimpressed.

Outside of the hole, you guys would have noticed almost certainly, a massive military presence near the hole. Sawhorses have been placed around the entrance, panted red with white supports. National guard stand around the hole with weapons ready and a makeshift command center made of tents and canvas-covered trucks stands off a few hundred feet from the maw opened in the dirt. There are a few NYPD and State Trooper patrol cars parked near the command center. A couple of sheriff cruisers as well. A winch system has been set up near the mouth, with a platform that looks ready to lower down. Everyone is real, real nervous. A few guards near the hole give Shou odd looks, one of them shouts at him in a voice that could belong to someone fresh out of high school, "Hey, hey. You can't go in there. Where did you even come from?"

One of those to arrive, and not knowing /anyone/ but the lady who invited him, Rufus Scrivner shows up in khaki slacks, a button down shirt of black and a lightweight jacket. His sword is carried openly across his back in a scabbard. He hasn't bothered with rope or much else, but there's a small pack slung over one shoulder that contains a few emergency supplies, like a torch, chisel and a pistol. Looking around, he studies the group, and he approaches Erasma very quietly. "Oh boy," he murmurs.

Erasma blinks then nods. "Yup just going to the big hole..see whats up." she says before she blinks over at the cop and turns to Scrivner. "Ah just in time. See this time I was smart and brought someone who can talk without smashing things or blushing." she says before she smiles at Rufus. "Heya. Um…so.. mind helping us out with captain america? And really? Not even a wig?"

Percy gives a nod of his head. "We got an exit strategy? Or am I digging us out, should things go wonky?" Asks the aussie as he moves over towards the hole, and pulls out a couple of large glow sticks which he pops and then tosses into the hole to act as a sort of base light to see how far the rabbit-hole goes. After that he pulls out a small headband with the light attached and looks around curiously. "Introductions?" He places the headband on his head and switches on the light.

The guard brings a transceiver to his mouth and opens it with a burst of static, "Sir, we have some confused civilians down here, please advise. I think they're planning on going into the emergence. Request backup."

At the approach of the man asking what they are doing, he quickly turns his face away and reaches in to his bag to pull out a baseball cap that he uses to hide the top half of his face by pulling it down. The headlamp goes over it and only -then- does he turn back around to see what the game plan is.

Erasma frowns lightly. "I just brought a flashlight. Wow, I am really unprepared." she says softly before she smiles. "Exit point is here unless we mess it up and then exit point is elsewhere." she says before she bites her lip, watching to see what happens with the gaurd.

Shou peeeeeeeers down the hole, and then looks over at the guard. "You." He points. "Shut up." Shou smiles and then glances down the hole again. He flicks his eyes at Erasma and asks, "I'm not going to have to haul you and your buddies back up and out, am I?"

Blue eyes dart over to the guard, and with a hiss of breath, Rufus pulls on a smile and strolls over. "I'm sorry, my fault entirely," he calls out. He reaches back to his wallet and fishes it out, then flashes his driver's license quickly at the guard, far too quickly for him to actually /read/ it properly. "We're with the America Minutemen Sewage and Drain service, sir. We've been told that there's been a burst in the pipes and that a great many businesses and homes are flooded. It's a tremendous /mess,/ and my team and I have been called in to take a look at where the source of the disturbance lies. If you'll please give us room to work, we'll be in and out of the way as soon as possible. I must adamantly state, sir, that this is a problem of severe proportions. Contamination of the drinking water could pollute millions of gallons and sicken thousands of people. The sooner you let us in, the better."

"S-sir," he stutters into his transceiver, "civilians appear to be independent contractors. I'll give them a pass, I think their credentials check." He clips the transceiver back to his belt and points to the makeshift elevator. "You can use this to get down, we haven't sent a team in yet, but we think it will reach the bottom." The other guard looks rather confused at this point. But he defers.

Erasma grins as Rufus does what he does best though she keeps her eyes out, hand on her head and the other in front of her, waiting just to make sure that none of them try to check up the story and ready to scramble their electronics as best she can if they do. Since they don't she just nods. "Um sir, our equptment seems ready and good to go."

It should be noted, at this point, that the voice on the other end of the transceiver is very angry and quite confused. The guard so easily charmed moves a sawhorse out of the way, so the group can access the lift down.

Shou hops into the lift, and bounces up and down inside it. "COME ON. AIN'T GOT ALL NIGHT."

Scrivner tucks his wallet into his back pocket, nods his head crisply at the guards, and then states, "Thank you very much, sir. We'll work as quickly as we can." And knowing that the less said, the better, the older man turns away from the guards and smiles briskly. "Come on, ladies and gentlemen," he murmurs. "I'm quite in agreement with the bouncy one there." He walks quickly, stepping into the lift next to Shou and looking him over with an arched eyebrow.

Erasma nods and she walks over to the lift and begins to rub her ring. "Alright guys… ready as soon as this thing goes down. And thanks Mr S. Lets get down there before we get into trouble."

The young guard looks around and moves the sawhorse back into position. "Watch yourselves down there." He advises. A man can be heard shouting at him through the transceiver. He opens the com line again and tries to explain his reasoning as he pulls a switch near a control box. The lift jerks into life and starts descending into the hole. Lights mounted around it snap on and cast pale illumination against a wall of soil that mixes with mud and clay, and then becomes jagged and broken bedrock. It keeps going down.

The most observant will notice several gouges along the sides of the tunnel.

"What?" Shou asks Scrivner. "I'm excited. I might get to hit stuff."a He is not very observant.

Percy is a team player and doesn't always need to be the leader, though it is in his nature. He gives an appreciative nod to the guard and then moves onto the elevator, flicking on his head lamp. "Intros? Percy Storm…son of Zeus." He starts.

Scrivner, as he rides down, glances up to give the guard one last wave, and his eyes linger on those gouges as they go down. He sucks in a slow, deep breath and exhales it, and he rolls his shoulders to loosen them up. "Rufus Scrivner," he states, "Son of Tyr. A pleasure to make your acquaintances." Shou is again eyed, and he very faintly smirks in amusement.

"Shou Kekoalani, son of Susano-O." Shou looks down the hole. "You know, jumping down wouldda been faster."

Erasma gives a small smile. "You all know me, Erasma Menous. Daughter of Hephestus." she says before she rubs her ring and…WHOOM it grows into a giant bronze axe. She gives it a small practice stretch before she looks over to Scrivner. "So.. when we leave are we going with our parents hanging out. I doubt they will belvie us on the way out."

Several minutes. They pass as the lift descends into the hole. Jumping probably would have been faster, but you're civilian contractors, so you had to take the lift. But it eventually settles to the bottom with a clang of metal on stone. It comes to rest at an off-kilter angle. The lights attached shine down a tunnel that branches off horizontally from the shaft downward.

"We may have to resort to more trickery on the way out or find an exit that doesn't involve walking into that particular nest of vipers again," Rufus muses, tucking his hands behind his back and interlacing his fingers. When he steps off of the lift, he reaches up to curl his fingers around the hilt of his sword, ready to draw it in an instant. "I'm open to suggestions, personally."

"I'm just going to fly out," Shou says with a shrug. "Don't you people come prepared?"

Percy has partially disconnected.

This far from the surface of the Earth, things are quiet. The stone seems so hungry for sound it plays and toys with the little it gets from your conversation, playing with it as it echoes through smooth caverns that must have been manufactured. Even someone unfamiliar with stonework could tell the tunnels leading away from the shaft isn't natural. The light of day above is a small, pale splotch of hope for those who can't take to the sky.

Erasma gives a small chuckle. "I can jump kinda out if need be." she says before she looks up and wrinkles her nose. "Or um.. Elevator and talking sounds good. They wont leave us in here." she says before she gestures foward. "Alright.. I say we go foward and see what we find. Ranged fighters in the back. Those of us with swords up front. And leave some distance in case they decide to go Gnome on us." she says before she wrinkles her nose. "Its…its a dungeons and dragons referance. Shut up." she says to nobody in particular.

While he waits for the elevator to do its damn job, Shou reaches over and starts to braid Erasma's hair. Unless she stops him. His braiding style is not the classical type.

"Hey. Anybody got a /light/? I can't see jack down here."Shou starts to walk around, trying to find a passageway or something. "You, Zeus's kid. Don't you have some lightning'er something that you can illuminate with?"

"I can fly as well, yes, and if necessary, I could carry someone with me for a time," Rufus quietly says, walking forward into the darkness, taking a position up front. Not getting that reference, he turns and peers at Erasma, but he asks no questions. Now doesn't strike him as the time. As he walks, his skin takes on a metallic sheen, as if he had decided to dip himself in a vat of pewter before traipsing over. "I've got a torch in my rucksack," he says, awkwardly reaching back to jerk open his bag and pull it out, flipping on the light and shining the beam down the hall. "Really, Shou. Don't you come prepared?"

"Bite me, torch-boy," Shou says with a grin.

Erasma nods lightly as she closes her eyes and a bronze liquid flows and settles over her giving her a slight gleam. She smiles and gestures foward. "Alright..expect big stoney things with be carefull." she says as she narrows her eyes.

The tunnel waits. It's a tunnel. They don't go anywhere.

"Somebody with a light wanna lead the way?" Shou raises a brow.

Scrivner keeps walking up in front, holding the light with his right hand lifted and fingers curled about his sword hilt. He's making his way down the tunnel already. "Stony things with guns," he mutters. "Jolly."

Percy raises a hand and offers flashlights to those that want them. He has his own head lamp that lights the way. As the group moves, he cracks open glow sticks and drops one every 30 paces or so. Just to give the group a trail.

Erasma takes the flashligh and she advances somewhere near the front, keeping an ear out as she goes foward, glad that Percy took care of the hansel and grettle thing. She puts her flashlight in her hand, putting her axe over her other shoulder where it rests heavily but fortunatly is not more then she can handle.

Shou reaches up his back under his shirt and pulls out a wakizashi, sliding the blade free. It's just a normal blade, nothing special about it. But with his enhanced strength, it should do some damage.

Several yards away from the lift's resting spot, rows of parallel metal bars can be seen. Heavy gauge railing for some kind of transport, it seems. They've been lain directly into to the bedrock that's been carved out. As if the stone was made molten before laying the tracks, there's no visible seam.

Looking back over his shoulder, Rufus glances down at what Percy's doing and nods his head in approval. He should've thought of all that himself. Shining that light all over the bars, he scowls and continues walking along, following the railings. This doesn't bode well, but he says nothing just yet.

Erasma frowns lightly before she gestures. "Dammit.." she whispers as she points foward. "At the ready and carefull. If they decide to run a train through us… badness. Lets follow and see where they go." she gestures as she taps Shou. "Look behind us as we walk, so we can keep a eye out."

"Wh- are you telling me what to do?" Shou looks annoyed.

Halima pages: You can hear the sound of machinery moving and working far off in the distance.

"Quiet," Rufus murmurs, his voice lowering. Very quickly, he directs his beam of light down at the ground nearer to his feet, and he slides the sword free from the scabbard across his back. "I hear moving machinery up ahead. There are some transport vehicles too." His eyes narrow and he continues creeping, making every attempt to dull the sounds of his steps and slink stealthily along.

Shou heads for the machinery. "I don't care if you heard bears boinking in the dark," he tells Scrivner, "I'm done playing nice. HEY, ANYBODY IN THERE?"

Erasma frowns as she nods to the others. "Alright… machinery…lets go check it out." she says with a bright glimmer in her eyes. That catches her interest. And she has this strange fealing something interesting lurks at the end of the tunnel as she begins to pick up her pace.

Scrivner blinks in startlement and quickens his steps, swiftly moving forward and somewhere just off to one side of Shou. "If there are twenty of these rock creatures in there ready to rip off our heads, I'm going to be very annoyed," he grumbles. He shines his light further down the tunnel now, peering into the darkness.

Running past the transport cars, the group can see, even in the dim lighting, that the cars would look quite at home in any rail yard. With the exception that they're lined with rows of seats with harnesses as you might expect to find at an amusement park ride. Metal bars reach into the air, where they once restrained big torsos. Along a central track is a larger transport platform, which looks big enough to support several rows of semi trailers each lined end-to-end. The machinery noises can be heard by the entire party now. It's pneumatic and mechanical. And it sounds like something heavy is walking in the distance.

Erasma blinks as she looks at the different devices. "I… I think this is how they transport the big rock guys over to the places. But WHY are they doing this. What purporse. Just rawr godzilla?" she asks though she keeps her ear open for the source of the walking.

From within the dark, the sounds of heavy metal and hissing pistons stops. The sharpest of ears may hear the whirr of a few gentle servos firing. But even a half-blind mortal would notice the line of searing green light that burns through a few stray bits of metal sticking out from one of the carts on its way to Erasma, where it instantly ablates several layers of clothing before scattering off of the metallic body armor painted over her flesh beneath.

A massive metal beast, all pistons and cables, studded with spikes and vaguely humanoid lunges towards Shou. What looks like a mitten made of knives erupts from what could have been called a fist. With a digitized roar, the machine slashes down as it lands, planting the bladed fist into the smooth stone, cracking it with a loud snap that echoes through the tunnel. Shards of chipped bedrock fly in all directions. The machine draws itself up higher above Shou as it extracts its hand from the granite with a tug. It could easily be ten feet in height. Several spots flicker with light, and a diode in its chest begins to glow a bright green…

Shou ducks under the slash, and then leaps in, slashing at the monster with his sword. It scrapes along the monster's hard metal skin, but does no damage. Shou grimaces, and flips back, leaping out of the way of a second attack.

The machine-beast lets out a heavy CHUFF of pneumatics towards Shou at the glancing blow and responds by whipping its blade-fist down towards him again, but still manages to only connect with air and stone.

Holy freaking crap. It all happens so fast, so violently, that Scrivner is left staggering back for a step before he can recover his senses. This is no rock monster, but in his professional opinion, it still needs killing. "Auuuuuuuuugh!" he roars, darting forward with a great deal of violent prejudice. Both his skin and his sword glitter oh so prettily as he snarls and dashes in, aiming a rough, heavy swing of the weapon at its legs. It won't hurt it much, to be sure, but he's prepared to start working on its knees in hopes of eventually taking it down and rendering it immobile.

Erasma is paying attention to something else when ZAPP a sudden heat on her back sends her staggering foward as the lazer burns through her jacket and shirt stoping at the vest her father made for her and the armor. She turns and growls. "Hey! You! My dad made things like you which means I can destroy you. So DIE" as she jumps up in the air and slams the axe down with both hands, sparks shooting out as the metal blocks out most of the damage.

Shou gets smacked with the claw, scraped as he runs his sword along the creature. "/FUCK/." He's not doing any damage at all. Clearly, he needs to work on his resolution.

The robotic monster leaps backwards just after the crash of the sword against its metal body into the darkness with a roar of pneumatic drives. At the apex of its leap, just as it starts to fade from view, a blast of green light erupts from its chest, scoring across Shou, evaporating clothing and burning rock as the beam lances across a narrow arc. The beast lands on top of a transport cart a few yards away with a -KUNG-.

Out of the corners of his eyes, Scrivner can see the lasers tearing into his companions. "Not… on my watch," he snarls, violently pivoting on the ball of his foot and thrusting the blade up high into the metal body, as far as he can reach. The blade tears through before he pulls back, shouting at the top of his lungs, "Down here, you bloody bastard!"

Sparks and fluid (and some gasses, it's pneumatic remember!) erupt from the machine as the sword cuts through it. There's a mournful, metallic groan.

Erasma shakes her head and growls. "NO me." she says as she tries to get in front of the creature, swinging with her axe, connecting but again more sparks as her large axe is not quite able to cut through the creatures body.

Shou growls and launches forward. He leaps up against the wall and off it, flipping over the large machine creature. His feet hit the 'shoulders' and thern Shou slides his wakizashi into the joints between its shoulders and its head. He twists, and then pulls, ripping the thing's head off. As it topples forward, Shou comes down with it, staying atop it as it hits the ground. "Now. I want ice cream. Who's buying?"

Sparks and fluids and more gasses spurt and hiss from the machine as it stops functioning. The lights go dim. The servos whirr no longer. The pneumatics no longer hiss.

Snarling as he brings up his blade, deep in a stance and ready to continue tearing into it, Rufus backs off a step as the machine pitches shuts down and goes quiet. It takes him a second or two to calm himself, and with a spin of the sword's blade, he slams it back into its scabbard across his back. "Don't look at me."

Erasma smiles as the thing goes down, glancing over to Shu. "You ok there buddy? Dont want you to pass out on us." she says as she walks over to the machine with some interest. "Hmm.. I wonder if we can take some of this back with us."

Shou is already healing. He glances over at Erasma and winks at her. He goes as far as to smack her ass while he walks past her. "I'm outta here. Call me later, yeah?" He sheathes his sword, and lifts a hand, summoning his surfboard into existence. Leaping onto it, Shou glances over his shoulder and then salutes. "See ya." And FWOOSH. He's gone.

Erasma winces as Shou just sort of…flies off. She bends down and with a small knife cuts out the thinking parts after a few moments, putting them into her coat. "This way we can find out exactly what this thing wants and is." she says before she smiles at Rufus. "Mind giving me a ride out? I can't fly."

Watching the young man go, arching an eyebrow at that bum smacking, Rufus clears his throat and turns to the lady. He inclines his head and then steps up to the young lady, holding out his arms. "I shall have to carry you, of course, Miss Menous. But if you don't mind, then it will be my pleasure."

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