How To Piss Off Friends, Vol. 1



Scene Title How To Piss Off Friends
Synopsis Vargr opens mouth, and inserts leg. People Overreact

Angelic Gardens - Miruan's Work Place

It's a lovely Monday afternoon. Plants of all sorts live here. Fat, red, organic tomatos climb lazily along vines, leaves enticingly green and fresh. Other herbs beckon and wave when the door opens and breezes come through. People smile and point at plants. An old lady followed by a weary grandson carrying a list and looking like he'd be happier elsewhere shuffles along. "Geraniums," SHe motions to the poor guy. She nods. And indeed, now they are a family with pink geraniums. Lil old ladies love Geraniums. Miruan herself is quietly trimming a few of the roses, making sure the bushes are nice and clumped. There's a few varieties of roses from the minis who can be kept in pots and windowsills (Those cutesey angel roses or whatever) to the more glorious, could be trellis mounted roses. She snipsnisnips here and there. It seems to be pretty peaceful, all in all. Though Mir doesn't really hide the fact she works here.

It's the herbs and vegetables that have drawn the Texas native to the garden. Refered here by Miruan, Yaretzi heads directly toward the tomatoes, eyes just how vivid and red they are. She licks her lips, looking for the seed packets.

Vargr decided he needed to go shopping. He heard of something strange and so he came here. He asks the front desk of the store where Miruan is and he shrugs as he is stuck still in his gray modcloth trenchcoat in the middle of summer. He sees Yare here and he gives a smirk and a nod towards her as he is looking for Miruan. He is holding a list and he is actively looking for a very specific fower. He is looking like a man with a mission but who is giving the man orders?

Wade has eventually come back to pay a visit, if only to be neighborly. The doctor shuffles into the building, careful not to disturb too many plants while he makes his way around. Familiar faces get a pleasent wave of his hand, and he proceeds in that general direction for the time being.

There is a pretty healthy selection. Miruan looks over towards the tomatoes, smiling as she sees Yare. She waves, trimming scissors in hand. There are indeed, seed packets on a rack nearby. A beaming pepper exclaims their newest selection, the dreaded GHOST PEPPER! But happily, tomato seeds and friends sit nearby. They are the lumpy, old sorts of tomatoes before the tomato as we know was created. Miruan smiles as Vargr approaches. She waves to him from her station by the roses. "Hey there. I'm surprised to see you," She admits. "What brings you here?" She's a polite worker if nothing else. And then there's her cousin. An eyebrow lifts. But it gives way to a smile. "Allo."
Yaretzi waves brightly to Miruan, left hand collecting a seed packet to look at. She double takes as she spots Vargr. Her smile is nevertheless pleasant and happy as she spots him, but though she waves to Miruan's boyfriend, the latina does not approach. She remains by the tomato plants for now, violet eyes returning to the information on the seed packet. That's when her eyes catch sight of the GHOST PEPPER sign. Her mouth forms a little 'o' and her eyes widen.

Vargr is sighing as he is checking his list as he is looking towards each and every flower. He isn't overlooking a single one as he passes them by. He seems oblivious now to the world and even other people. He just moves from flower to flower and is almost acting like a zombie in his ceaseless dedication to find a specific flower. He then looks around and sees Wade and he sighs again and gives him a greeting nod. He then continues to check each and every plant sometimes going down to a knee. He turns to Miruan "I am looking for this as he hands over Miruan a list. "I am going to need these hunni. I am going out on an expedition."

<OOC> Vargr says, "On the list he is looking for 60 rounds of 9mm jacket hollow point silver rounds. 10 Arconitum plants, over all colors purple, pink, yellow the whole bit. Also about 50 grams of Powdered Silver."

"Hello." Wade's head bobs politely, the man taking a moment to adjust his spectacles before he leans to take a peek at the list of Vargr's plants. He doesn't know about plants, but he does know about lists! After that he wanders over to examine a few more things, pausing when he's sneaking past Yaretzi. "What's ghost pepper? Is it a plant ghost?" He has a sober voice, the hint of a germanic accent.

That's right. The dreaded GHOST PEPPER. AKA: Naga Bhut Jolokia, Aaaah, Jesus IT BURNS! and other colorful names. Coming in at a whopping 600k-1 million heat unit things, it is a pepper not to be trifled with and indeed, there's a little disclaimer. Not to be eaten by those with sensitive digestive tracks or who value their tastebuds. But for the rest… well. Life is all about spice and heat right? It's an adventure for those talented with spice. But for now, Vargr has caught Mir's attention. She stops, holding a trimmed rose in hand and looks over the list. Her eyebrows lift. "Hmm. That first one might be tough, but I can borrow the facility a bit I think," She smiles faintly. "Wolfbane… we have a few of those, weirdly enough. Kinda popular with the goth crowd. Go figure," She shrugs. She smiles at Wade. "How are you?" She asks him in passing. She's slowly nearing Yare and the display. "Wolfbane is more towards the back here. We … try to be careful with that sort of plant. Just in case someone gets ideas about eating them."

Kenneth Zaraki knew the risk he was taking by coming here, to this plant shop. However, such things are worth it in the pursuit of love. With his relationship with Pei-Pei continuing, he figured that flowers would be a nice touch: she is a super-genius, but girls will be girls. At least Ken will find out if flowers are good for any sticky situations he would get in later. And so, he enters the flower ship Mir works…

And where the Douche could be at. Nothing's ever easy.

Vargr smiles to Miruan "Thanks hunni. The plants aren't for me. Well they are for me but not in that sense. I am going on a "field trip." One that I want to be prepared for." He follows her to the back and he hears the door open. He quickly spots Ken and sighs "And the putz is here. Just great." He shakes his head and then mutters "Right don't have time to batter words with the novice. I, I going to make sure my theory about something is wrong." He heard about the ghost peppers and even he had a light hearted face as hearing what he thought of a joke. "A ghostly pepper. Now thats rich."

Replying to Wade, Yaretzi smiles. "No. It's just a really hot pepper," she informs him, hand reaching for a seed packet. "And it's perfect for my next batch of Atomic Death Salsa," she adds with a mischeivous sort of sparkle to her violet eyes; her mexican accent coming through. Ghost Pepper and Tomato seeds collected, she turns to Wade and offers her right hand, "Yaretzi Quetzalxochitl."

"Oh." Wade sounds vaguely disappointed at a critically insufficient amounts of real ghosts. There's a smile after that though, a nod as he gives Yaretzi's hands a shake. "That's a long name," He mentions, "I think I won't try to pronounce it. If that's okay. My name is Wade Farber." He turns after that, smiles toward Miruan after. "I'm doing well, how are you?" A nod at Vargr. "And you?"

Sigh. Miruan smiles politely and waves at Ken. "Welcome to the Gardens. Let me know if you need anything," She looks to the list. "And I'd hope not," She admits. "Here, the flowers you want are back here." There's an apologetic look to both of the gentlemen. Poor Mir, stuck in the middle. She motions over towards some purple plants. "We only got these in stock because a Goth chick really wanted a whole bunch. She underestimated a whole bunch so… let me know which 10 you like," She smiles. "And I'll have them carted up. As for the rest of it, I think I'd need to be at my other job. Not sure on the last one," The silver powder. She smiles at Yare and the chat of peppers. "Careful with that one. It … probably is pretty close to literally atomic," She considers with a wry smile. "I'm curious about it though," She admits. She peers at the Wolfsbane. "It looks like these are it," For now, she admits. "I am well enough. Work is work." Grin. "But the roses are trimmed for now," So she can help find flowers and chat a bit.

Yaretzi giggles as Wade shakes her hand, nodding to him. "It's okay. Mostly everyone calls me Yare for short. You can too," she offers him, returning the hand shakes warmly before withdrawing her hand. "It's great to meet you Wade. May I call you Wade," she asks as Miruan steps up to them. She turns her attention to them, steps over to give both a pleasant hug and that cheek-to-cheek-air-kiss of a greeting. "Miruan! Alec! Mucho gusto! Como'stan?"

"Hey Mir." Ken waves at her, and just completely ignores her robot boyfriend. He takes a look at some of the flowers as Mir talks with the others. Ken is not much of a botanist, and so he's not sure what to get Pei-Pei. He could care less what Vargr's getting, as long as he's not using it on him. He then noticed Yare talking with some other guy, and waves at her.

But there was something more important at hand. He turns to Mir, with a bit of eagerness. "Hey Mir, I wonder if you can help me. If you were to give… say, Pei-Pei some flowers, which ones would you give? Yellow roses? Yellow tulips? Yellow… pepers…?"

Vargr smirks And picks out two plants and puts them in the cart. And then he hears Alec and then he sees Wade and he remembers he has two different personas here. His facial features look shaky at best and he just nods. "Hi um bien." He then looks to Wade "Still got that coin?" He shrugs and he then notices Ken ask the question "Why not try a ficus or a peace lilly or a bonzai."

Wade's head tilts at Vargr, but the man having a second name seems to be put out of mind soon enough. "I do," He chimes pleasently. "I always have it. If I didn't I would probably get scolded. I have to be careful when I go to vending machines." He beams, adding to Yaretzi, "You can, and I will." He peeks over at Ken, and then back to the others. "Oh. Are we all-" That's left to hang.

"These are for a girl," Yare cuts in, eyes wide. Of course, she's hiding the teeny tiny little itty bitty touch of jealousy behind the over eager 'assistance'. "It's got to be roses. Definitely. White if you're friends, pink if you're sweethearts, red if it's something more," she says as if she's the complete expert on these things. The real reason is seeing which color Ken picks… Bad Yare! No trying to butt in! But! But! I saw him first? Did you really? Well… I dunno. Okay, then. Shut it. But but! No buts. Let Ken pick the flowers and stay out of it. BUT! Fighting the blush that accompanies her inner rambling, Yare looks to Wade, then Miruan, Ken, and Vargr, bites her lower lip, then gives Wade a nod.

Miruan smiles at her cousin and Yare. Cute. Awww. She blushes and returns the hug. "Hello! And um, I think so. Just working," She offers quietly. "Are those enough? I can fetch you a cart," She offers to Vargr. She's nothing if dutiful. Then her eyes widen at Ken. D'aaaaaaaaaw. Hmm. She looks thoughtful. "Hmm. Well. Your first decision is do you want her to be able to keep it long term or put it in a vase? Because if it's vase flowers… have you heard of technicolor roses? You split the stem and put each split into some dyed water. It absorbs the dye, so each petal is a different color," She notes. "Really unique. Could do it with Chrysanthemums, too. But if you wanted something to keep, I'd go with yellow snapdragons, orchids… or a bonsai that grows fruit and flowers." Nod. "Citrus and small cherry blossom trees seem popular this year," She considers. Then a smile at Wade and Yare. She nods. She listens to Yare, "That's true. But like I said, I think it depends on if she prefers to keep the plants or not," She considers. "Either way, I can totally snake you in in my discount I'm sure," Handwave.

Vargr responds to Miruan "Yes please. I would need a cart. The ten will do nicely." He then pauses "Up for anything after work hunni?" When Wade starts to let his words drift He then interrupts immediately. "You all are." He seems to keep himself at the distance. But he then looks askance at Yaretzi when she drills into Ken but for the sake of letting Ken get barraged by questions. He seems to be sort of enjoying the moment as Ken is put in the spot light. His inner self is saying (Go Medicine woman, Go Go Go) He then looks to Wade "No harm no foul big guy. Just well I thought we went over this."

"Dang. That's… neat." Color changing flowers? Woah. Ken wasn't sure what to do. And since he wasn't sure just where his relationship with Pei-Pei is, she may be scared off by the wrong type, which is why he wants to go yellow.

"Uh… I think I'm going to go with… Frick, I have no clue." He shurgged, so focused on this he barely noticed Yare having her inner dilemna. Nor did he notice Vargr doing whatever he was doing. Nor the new guy. "Maybe… the snapdragons? I think that would fit with things, I feel. What do you think?"

"I think so." Wade nods at Vargr, offering another short smile before his head tilts at the chatter about flowers. "I'm very bad at plants." Not peppers, though. Those he leans back to inspect, a hand reaching out to touch gingerly. "I think I'll buy some." A nod, and then he adds, "I guess there are a lot of us. That's nice. I think."
Yaretzi's eyes widen a bit as Ken says he's not sure. It's like an eager puppy. But one glance at Miruan and the curandera clears her throat and turns away, following Wade's motion to focus on the peppers. "You like spicy," she asks. Because that seems like a legit subject change.

Poor Ken. Miruan looks sympathetic. "Well. Why don't we show you some of them? You're ultimately the gift giver and now you have a few ideas," She nods. The orchids they carry here are yellow with delicate pink edges. The snap dragons are puffy and snappy! As they should be! Vibrant yellow, they stand a stark contrast amidst the pinks and reds, their little puffs complimented by upturned bits. Yare gets a little smile, too. Aw. A nod at Vargr. "I'll fetch you a cart. You've two there, so eight…" She ticks off her fingers. "That depends. It looks like I'll be doing some metalwork soon," She points out. She glances to Ken and the others. Then a faint smile. "I think she'll appreciate all of the thought you put into it, whichever you choose," She points out. "You might also look into a seed kit or window garden, especially if she's into making things," Miruan notes. "But in the end, I think you should go with your best guess. Miss Pei-Pei seems very perceptive. I think she'll know what you mean," She points out. "It's the thought," Nod. She smiles at Wade and the peppers. Cute. "It's - not really a growing industry. Well, it IS but it's not as big as back in the day." Grin. "One sec." She'll let Ken take a look while she fetches something for Varger to carry his doomplants on.
Vargr is standing there holding two wolfsbane plants. He looks to Wade "So any new and exciting events in the field of dead people?" He looks to Yare "Fought any Zorra's lately? Who knows I could not have free will…" He looks to Ken and then he just stares for a few seconds and then… grunts.

Ken thinks about waving the finger at Vargr, but resists the temptation. His mothercircuit may fry from figuring out the gesture… and that made Ken chuckle on the inside. So many choices…

Perhaps Mir was right. "You know, about a combination… 4 dragons, 4 orchids, and 4… the cryssy ones." Ken shrugged, as he forgot the name. "I think that would do. Worth a try."

"Dead people are still dead. For the most part." Wade grins, shuffling back and forth for a second before he raises his prize. "I will be taking these." He does pay for the peppers, of course. "I want to see what will happen if I eat it." He offers that to Yare, which seems like a particularly bad idea on his part. "I should be going soon. It was nice meeting you. And seeing the rest of you. Or not meeting but still seeing."
With a blink at Vargr, Yaretzi looks at him, then rolls her eyes. "Por favor. You wouldn't be such a pain in the ass if you were mind controlled," she retorts, sticking out her tongue to him. Waving to Wade, Yare nods. "Likewise. Very good to meet you. You'll have to tell me if you survive that ghost pepper," she says, looking more than a touch concerned for me.

Vargr shrugs "Unless said Zorra told me to be a pain in the ass. Then how would you know? You really wouldn't unless said Deidre was killed and since she is helping me kill someone else I can't really allow that to happen. So you are just in a catch 22 mindset aren't you?" Vargr sounded a little bit pedantic as he explained the catch 22. He then said to Wade "Be well and well we should talk more and perhaps catch a bite. You seem a decent fellow. Hopefully we speak again." He then looks to Ken again "Well lets get this out of the way. How have you been Mumble happy feet? You really think flowers will solve your problems if so then the secret to happiness was somehow known thousands of years ago and have failed time and time again."

Miruan also looks concerned. She smiles and waves to her cousin, though she's not working the register today, alas. There is that look of concern on her face. He IS her cousin and she'd rather not read on the news about a German-Greek man who ended up in a smoldering crater. She seems pleased as Ken decides. "That's good!" She beams. Then a pause at Vargr as she returns with the cart for Vargr. She blinks owlishly at him, opens her mouth, closes it. "… what." Stare. Miruan missed something here. She sighs. "I'd really you didn't hang out with Deirdre…" Concern and uneasiness. "But. Here's your cart." Nod. "I need to go grab some chrysanthemums, yellow snap dragons and yellow orchids," She smiles. "One moment."

At Vargr's retort, Yare's smile fades into a very unhappy glare. She sets the seed packets she had in her hand down with obvious disgust and anger. "Chingue su madre! Pinche pendejo hijo de su puta madre," she all but spits at Vargr. "Vete a la verga," she tells him, dismissing him with an impolite wave of her hand and turning to the others. "Excuse me. I need to get some air," she tells them, refusing to look at Vargr as she turns and makes her way toward the door.

"Thanks Mir! I really do appreciate it." He gave back a smile to Mir as she moves to help fulfill his order. He then turns to Vargr with that same grin, only not as sincere towards this one. "Aren't you supposed to be hunting down John Carter right now? Or did dropping out as gorvernor for California too painful for you to process? Besides, I didn't think you could compute happiness." He then turned to Yare, as she was just leaving due to Vargr's retort. "Seems like you're only on 'dick' mode today." ((Ken))

Vargr waves towards Yare "Oh Yes Curandera. Thanks for dinner last a few nights back. It was good we should do it again. And you are only angry cause you care." He looks to Miruan and he seems a bit apologetic "Did I go too far?" He sighs "Well I was just being rational. I mean… if she is a Zorra then it would for a fact one were to account for all the possible facts."

Miruan frowns as she returns to … Yare heading out. "…" She looks to Vargr. Sigh. She returns with Ken's plants. Then a look to Vargr and she frowns. "Yes. She doesn't lose her temper that easily. I didn't hear what you said, but you have to remember what you see as rational is … pretty harsh," She points out. "Deirdre is a Kitsune. Sorcerous spirit of seduction. Her /job/ in the cosmos is to manipulate gullible mortals for her own amusement. And … what?" She peers. "For a fact were one to account… that doesn't make sense," She shakes her head. "You should probably apologize. Even if something is true, there's a tactful way to say it and then there's… the other way," She notes. She takes a deep breath. She smiles weakly and picks up the seeds. "I'll buy these and bring them by to her," She remarks quietly. "When you say things… it's important to think of how other people feel," She notes. "Especially young women," Headshake. "Anyway. I've got your plants," She holds up the yellowy bundle to Ken. "We've got your cart. I think that's all of it." Aside from her smithy work.

"Jodete, pinche culero," Yaretzi says in response, hands hitting flat against the doors to shove them out of her way. A very unhappy frown sits on her face, shoulders tense and displeased. She fights at pretending to be polite for some oncoming customers, stopping to hold the door open for them, but refusing to make eye contact. Whatever Miruan says to Vargr is lost to Yaretzi. Leaving the garden, Yaretzi stalks away, headed for the subway and back to her apartment. Time to drown her sorrows in a big pot of fresh made carne guisada. Yes…. homecooking makes everything better.

Vargr frowns "Well I guess I should just pause and think what I would say and then say the opposite. When dealing with people. Last night at the Labs I put the charm on. But that was an act. I'd rather have people deal with the real me. Rather than dealing with a fake me." Vargr sighed "I meant to say One should account for all possible facts. Yes it is possible that I am being mislead by Deidre." And then his voice gets a little sinister "If that were true then I will kill her myself." Vargr goes to pay for the plants and he gives Miruan an Air smooch "I'll call you later hunni. Have fun at work. I have a field trip to plan."

"Wow. He apologizes," Ken says as he sees the cyborg walk off. "If you can call that an apology." He sighed again, more sad this time. He was so caught up with the flowers for Pei-Pei that he completely forgot about Yare, and did nothing to help his friend. He would have to call later and apologize; well, he didn't have to, but he wanted to.

"Mir, I know it's none of my business, but do be careful around him." He takes a long look at the daughter of Ares. "I honestly don't know much about him, but I've met his type…ish. Those who distance themselves from feelings don't make for good relationships, but that's just me talking. I think I said to much. What do I owe you?"

Miruan looks to Vargr. She tilts her head. "Look. It really is subjective. You can be kind and tell the truth," She notes. "But you kind of attacked her there," Miruan points out. "Deirdre tried to kill those guys and us," She notes. She takes a deep breath. "Being really yourself is fine. But it's not an excuse to be a giant bag of douche, okay?" She notes. "I try to be myself," Nod. "But sometimes I know I have to stay my hand." She frowns at his sinister voice. She smiles weakly as he goes. There's a faint look of doubt and sadness. "See you." A little wave. Then a look to Ken. She looks apologetic and will pat Ken's shoulder if he likes. "Don't worry. I plan on taking the seeds she wanted to her," Referring to Yare. "You can tag along if you like. Besides, it was nice to see you that happy. You were really enthused," She smiles faintly. "And I know. A part of me wonders if this is such a wise decision. I don't think you said too much. It's an unfortunate truth. He seems kind and to like me, but other times - I worry." She glances to the ground. "Maybe I bit off more than I could chew." Headshake. "But." Deep breath. "Um. Let me plug in my code. We can at least sneak my discount," She winks. "I'll get Miss Yare's seeds. I think it's the least I can do…"

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