Horsemen Of The Spire


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Scene Title Horsemen of the Spire
Synopsis Our quartet runs into a series of Ixion's creations and an epic battle happens. (very good examples of stunting btw)

The Terra Incognita

And so, the trio went down to a duo. Maia sighs softly as she caught a cab and paid for it once more. It's fun having lots of money to spend when adventuring or trying to save the world. Makes things a lot easier. and so, when she steps out of the cab at the edge of Times Square she peers towards Scott, wrinkling her nose.

"You can see the faint outline of the building even when we're not in it, can't you. That's something I'm hoping you'd be able to figure out. Why can we only see it and enter it, and no one else can.." she says softly while yawning as she pats her duffelbag full of Shrine Maideney goodness.

"Yes, I can see it," Scott says, swallowing. He had to drink his coffee fast so have his hands free once they got into the cab, and he takes a moment to todd the empty cup out. "Thanks for this too, Maia. I've been wanting to get a closer look for days now." He reaches into his pocket, withdrawing his monocle again, to peer at the structure only they can see with more senses than the usual five.

Maia smiles brightly as she looks around, trying to look around to make sure no one is watching. Suddenly, she grabs Scott's hand and starts running towards the bit of the yellow tape that's left surrounding one of the billboards. It's like trying to get on the platform ala Harry Potter, cept..better. As they approach, she hops over the yellow tape and soon they're covered in darkness once more.

The terra incognita Times Square is much different. It's almost always a constant night with everything in ruins. There's rubble isntead of buildings, and the groans and moans of the creatures inside can be heard echoing out of the dark spires. "Well here we are…"

"Jesus," Scott says, though it's not exactly the words he should be using. Still, old habits and all. "This is…okay, very damn freaky, but I am not going to lie and say I'm not intrigued, either." The young man keeps the monocle on, over his right eye. "Maybe there's a trace of the flavor of magic that pulled this off, you know? I wouldn't mind going deeper, but I think if it's just us, it's a bad idea."^t

Fortunately for Scott, it's not just him and Maia.

Haldor all but materializes out of thin air behind him and the Shrine Maiden. The Viking claps both on the shoulder, one hand to a person/shoulder as he finishes skidding to a halt. A cheerful, though subdued, smile is spread across his face as he regards both of them.

"So. What do you think, Blue Ranger?"

"Hey Haldor!"

And that's Maia, her cheeks flushed a bright beet red as he enters from behind them. She beams brightly towards him before she runs her fingers through her hair and looks around, wrinkling her nose as she nods in agreement with Scott's assessment.

"See, I'm glad we found you. None of us can do your type of mojo, but if there's traces of magic, then perhaps we can find the location of the people wnho did it..though I think that would lead us to Michael Clarke Duncan.." there's a frown there in the end.

The appearance by the Scion of Thor causes Scott to jump, especially as the hand is laid on his shoulder. "Ah! Man, you're quiet," he says, shaking his head. "I have to start over. You kinda broke my conversation." Thoth's kid relaxes, letting himself focus as he flexes his meager magic power once more. "Let's see…though you're probably right if it leads us to the demigod, but if there's another player in this game, I can sniff out the possibility, though not the identity straight off…"

"Well, keep on trying then.." she says, patting Scott on the shoulder reassuringly before she beams brightly towards Haldor once more. Maia sighs softly as she keeps a wary eye out for anything that might pop out of the castle.

Meanwhile, once Scott concentrates once more, the threads of fate have been obviously twisted and turned. No wonder the gods said the loom of fate was damaged. However, there are a bit of sympathetic traces out of the terra incognita to the real world once more…

"I will." Scott continues to scan the area, not going further inside. His stomach twitches, on reflex. "There's some threads synching with the outside world again," he says. "Most of the fate threads are hosed, but it's slowly healing, and I don't know if that would banish the Dark Hour, or link it permanently to the Real World as it were. I'll need to do more research, maybe ask Dad for some clarification.

"Maia, Haldor? I have a question or two about this bokor, Michael Clarke Duncan-looking guy, if you have time?" He's still scanning with his abilities, but is trying to keep multiple thought tracks intact. "I had some theories."

Maia makes a mental note as she hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose as she offers. "I have a bunch of books back at my apartment, you can give those a gander if you want. I'm assuming you can read Japanese anyway.." she says matter of factly as she purses her lips, not really knowing what he's seeing, but she's interested nonetheless.

"But, I guess we can answer your questions. Haldor did fight him. I just sorta banished his ghosts.." she says while scratching the back of her head. "And David and Rupert fought him as well, so you might want to ask them later on..and need to meet them!" she says with a soft chuckle under her breath.

Haldor arches a red eyebrow. The Viking steps up beside Scott again, arms folded across his chest as he glances around the darkened interior of the Terra Incognita. For the moment, Haldor is wary and curious of his surroundings as one might expect him to be.

"How can I help?"

"Well, just general information," Scott replies, taking off the monocle and rubbing at his eye as his sight readjusts. He still clutches the relic in his right hand. "You've both mentioned he works with ghosts. Does he deal with other undead, as well? I know that some of those who are Scions of the Loa work with zombies and the like. Is he a corrupted Loa? I only ask that because bokor is an African-originated term, and a number of the Loa were brought over to this continent during American Colonial times, their worship occurring in secret for various reasons."

"I've only ever seen him do stuff with no obvious effect to me, but visible ghostly effect to Maia."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, offering a slight smile. The Viking is a little apologetic that he can't be more helpful, but he's at least as honest as can be.

"He can summon ghosts. Really violent ghosts. So, if I had to guess, I'd guess he was a child of Baron Samedi…though he didnt have zombies with him, like Jolie.." and she muses for a few moments, wrinkling her nose for a few moments. "Maybe he's a petro? One of the dark sides of the Loa?" she muses under her breath while scratching the back of her head before she gives Haldor a reassuring smile.

Maia pat's his shoulder gently as she leans against the much taller redhead. "But if that's what we're facing, then he's not just a demigod, he's a god..if he is truly a Loa."

"As David said about Goliath," observes the son of Discord as he steps along around a corner, taking a rather dramatic bite out of a Snickers bar and gesturing with it towards the gathered as he approaches across the strangely altered square, "The bigger they are… the harder they fall." Gene's smile visible under the shadow of his fedora, the rest of his face cast into shade by the tilt of it and by his Oakleys, "I stopped being afraid of ghosts a long, long time ago, personally."

"All of those options are possible, which is the truly freaky part." Scott gets out another notebook to start writing things down. "Yes, I'd like to meet the otherk, and yes, I'd love to see your books. I can read Japanese," he admits. "Now, I was thinking this before. This much power done by a very public act, he can do either one big thing one time, like maybe skipping the middleman to godhood or taking the fast track, or do a simple thing many, many times. Like, say, summoning a violent ghost, or a zombie. With as much power as he stands to gain from this as it becomes more known, he could soon raise everyone on Manhattan. Everyone since the colonization who has Ever Died Here. In the last four hundred or some-odd years."

The Viking remains off to one side, nodding to the arriving Gene. Quietly Haldor continues to watch the interior of the Terra Incognita, apparently not very trusting of the ruined landscape. He keeps his arms folded across his chest, shifting his gaze toward Scott at regular intervals to focus on what he's saying.


The young onmyoudo doesnt seem too pleased with that possibility as she looks up towards Haldor, deciding to translate a bit for him. "Everything he just said…that means Em-Cee-Dee probably did the ritual to work major mojo. Zombiepocalypse, cept no snarky Ash.." she says softly, sighing as she runs her fingers through her hair as she looks towards Scott and then Gene once more.

"That would be bad. Resident Evil meets Evil Dead, cept no crazy Necronomicon or singing.." she frowns.

"I do believe that he'd have to take credit for the destruction, and all of… this… before his legend spread, wouldn't he?" A brow lifts, slightly, as Gene approaches the gathering at an unhurried stroll, pausing nearby and taking another bite of the candy bar. He looks up at the spike, chewing thoughtfully, swallowing, "Hm. Twizzler, you and me should start doing some legwork on this guy. If he's a demigod… he's got to have a reputation. There have t'be people who know about him. That could give us an advantage."

"More importantly, no Bruce Campbell," remarks Haldor. The Viking doesn't note that he pretty well understood what Scott was saying. Sometimes it helps to be assured that what you think you heard is what you actually did hear… If you hear what I'm saying.

Haldor pops his neck slightly, shifting his gaze toward the Spire for several long moments. Only slowly does he return his attention to surveying the rest of the Incognita. The Viking looks toward Gene and nods a bit.

"Just a matter of whether or not he left the right people alive."

"Yep. It's basically George Romero's wettest dream, if that's what he wants to pull off. But, while I'm really flattered when you compliment me for smart things, it's only a theory, so don't put all your eggs in that basket." Scott shudders at the thought. "Assume the worst, so the realith might not be as bad." he calms a little as Gene speaks up. "You're probably right, especially with the name recognition. Part of my pantheon even takes power from when people talk. I know a little." He purses his lips. "I'm more than willing to help, of course. I'll need a name, at least."

"That's the problem. We don't know his name." Maia says with a soft sigh as she runs her fingers through her hair, slightly frustrated as she wrinkles her nose and starts walking towards the spire. There's more markings on the door it seems and she calls them over. "Heeeeey…is this anything like what you saw on the glyphs that Gene took?" she asks curiously as she continues to dash towards it. Whether it's a smart move or not is still debateable, but considering the writing on the door looks like what Gene showed earlier, it might be good..or terribly bad.

"We just need to find the name, then… or a name," Gene muses, pausing beside the others and looking over towards the markings on the door— and then Maia dashes over to look at it, and he winces. "Ah, mother," he murmurs, "Why're you so influential around here these days?"

"Yeah. He wasn't very talkative while I was trying to cut him to ribbons… I think he started leaking armor plating too, but I'm not sure," remarks Haldor.

And then Maia runs away. For a moment, Haldor looks confused. A moment later, the Viking is zipping after her at a ridiculous rate of speed. Well. Ridiculous for a human body, mortal or immortal, to be moving at without wearing shoes with wings or something similarly bizarre on them.

"We'll track it down. It's, like, what we do?" Scott tries to sound confident at that, though Haldor's description of the fight doesn't fill him with self-confidence. Still there's a need for him, which seems to do a bit for the young man's mein. "What'cha got, Maia," he asks. "And please stick together. We need each other in a place like this." The Thoth scion approaches the spire, looking through the monocle once he gets there, but not touching the door or markings. "Let's find out, shall we?"

Haldor is much faster than Maia, so he obviously gets there before she does. She wrinkles her nose as she's still a good twenty yards or so away from the door, but the markings are big. She just stares and cants her head to the side before she goes into a hand stand, trying to see if the markings mean anything while upside down, and she finishes off her faux cartwheel to stand back up again.

" kanji there.." she says firmly and resolutely before she looks back towards the trio, lettnig out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Sorry, got overexcited.." she admits under her breath.

The fedora'd head of Gene shakes slowly from side to side as he crosses the square after the others at a more casual, unhurried pace, finishing off the Snickers bar as he does so. "Let Twizzler look at it," he suggests, licking a bit of melted chocolate from his fingers.

Haldor skids to a halt in front of the doors, drumsticks drawn from his pockets. Somewhere between one second and the next, his drumsticks are replaced with Viking long swords. The Viking shifts his gaze around while he assumes a defensive stance, apparently standing guard over the others.

"You're right," Scott says, his eyes lighting up as he lays eyes on the markings. "No Kanji, no Norse runes, no glyphs…but the slant over here on the sigils is the same…it's that same unknown language that we found in Gene's notebook!" Scott starts shuffling his weight from foot to foot. "Getting this…" He pulls out his notebook again for a new page. "Maybe with this much of a sample I can find a way to decrypt the language and translate it, using that one symbol we know is 'The Unconscious' as a base. But that's not going to happen overnight. He gets his pencil, looking in the immediate area for more markings to take a sample of."

"I'm sure you can do it, Billy.." Maia quips, apparently giving Scott a different though still appropriate nickname. She continues to look up towards the doors, taking in a deep breath as she sighs softly while looking around before a voice up above can be heard.

It's the little boy that Haldor, Maia, Rupert and Gene ran into before. He's still wearing the same clothes with the same khaki shorts and the white button down shirt. He looks to be about nine or ten years old. "Mmm, you've got a smart one with you now. That might be good though I still don't think you'll be able to do anything.." he says with a happy little giggle.

"Oh, it's you." A turn, and Gene crooks a smile to the young boy, one brow arching up and over the edge of his shades, "Where's your sister, kiddo?"

The Viking whirls toward the boy, who he could have sworn was not there just a moment before. Haldor starts to say something, but cuts himself off as Gene starts doing the talking. Most likely, this is a better use of skills than if Haldor had attempted to use his social graces.

"Billy…should have seen that coming," Scott mutters at Maia's nickname for him. Still, he's trying to take down the glyphs he's seeing, but the presence of…a small child seems to get his mind away from it. "You know this young man?" He's at least attempting politeness; he's been called 'kid' too many times. Still, he touches the wire frame of his monocle, peering at the boy.

There are lots of sympathetic connections between the young boy and the castle and even the rest of the realm. He just giggles as he looks towards Scott, his brows raised for a few moments. "Curious aren't you.." he says before snapping his fingers as soon the connections are all blurred, as if blocking his attempt at magic. He giggles with glee once more before shaking his finger back and forth. "Don't be naughty.." he says firmly before raisnig his brows towards Gene. "She's busy. You're not the only ones we're watching afterall!" he chirps brightly.

Maia just stares for a few moments. Creepy little children are always bad news. She looks towards Haldor, her brows furrowed before she looks towards the other two. Still, she's not as tense, considering he helped them before.

"Oh, well, pass on my regards," Gene offers, his tone easy and friendly, "I did promise to come visit her, after all, and I'm a man of my word." He gestures vaguely to the doors, asking curiously, "Don't suppose you know when those're going to open again, kiddo?"

Haldor shrugs at Maia, though he doesn't go so far as to lower his guard. Not yet. The Viking is is always uneasy in this place, this miserable, deserted, dark place. It's creepy and smells ever so faintly of the yearnings of a vengeful spirit.

For now, Haldor remains utterly silent. The Viking keeps his long swords at the ready, gaze shifting about very slowly as he waits. Gene's surely gone and doomed them all to a horrible onslaught, the likes of which they have never before seen.

The only visible indication is that Scott winces, as he he was peering at something that just flashed really bright. He tries to clear his vision from the minor, undamaging feedback, in order to get back to the glyphs. Still, he's listening, weighing each word as the others talk.

"The Dark Hour..duh!" he says with a shake of his head as he looks towards Gene with clear disappointment in his features. "I thought you all would've figured that out already. But I'll let her know. Apparently you named her Mary. She likes it.." he says with a bright smile.

Maia continues to sigh softly before she glances around, occasionally glancing around the Terra Incognita just to make sure nothing is going to creep up on them while the child talks.

"So you.." he says, pointing towards Scott in the end. "You want to know what that writing is, don't you.." he says with a wry grin of amusement on his features.

"Everyone," Gene replies firmly, "Deserves a name… even you. I'm surprised your father didn't have the consideration to give you one…" He quirks a smile, then, noting with a brow's lift, "I know it's the Dark Hour, but I haven't figured out when that happens to fall, particularly."

"If I remember the clues he offered last time, I think it was either during a lunar eclipse or one of the phases of the moon. Taking a wild guess, I'd say maybe a phase on the waning side of things?"

Haldor shrugs a little bit. Wait, did Haldor just say something kind of intelligent? Maybe it's not Haldor, perhaps it's a terrible dark magic clone… Or something.

Once he's addressed, Scott looks over to the young boy. "I do," he says. "I won't lie about that. I haven't asked, mostly because I don't think it will be that easy. Still, what we do have here, it's a riddle, or a puzzle." He smiles, just so. "I have to try, you see." He raises his eyebrows in Haldor's direction. "You're probably right."

"Mmm, see, you are smarter than Son Goku says you are!" the boy chirps merrily applauding Haldor before he looks towards Scott, letting out an amused chuckle. "Hubris…not a good trait, but I'll accept it for now.." he says firmly and resolutely. "But word of advice..don't come here when the moon is full. They get really angry.." And soon, he's gone once more, vanished without a trace.

Maia just blinks blankly as she sighs softly. "Creepy little kids that are more powerful than us with teleporting powers. least he doesnt seem to be on the others' side.."

"I think they're the children of whatever - whoever - is in control of this place," Gene observes quietly, looking up (and up) at the darksome tower rising from the earth's sundered flesh, scratching under his chin. After a moment, he points out, "I doubt they're hostile to the others, either."

"Could be some sort of Titan underworld come to Earth?"

Haldor remains on edge, glancing over his shoulder at the doors at regular intervals. Things are never this easy, not since he got dragged into this epic battle of… Well. Everything. Quietly he continues to scan for danger.

"And he blocked what magic I do have without even twitching," Scott says. The Hubris comments seems to have struck home, as the young scion mumbles a bit. "I did want to know, but I had a feeling he would've made an offer that I couldn't, or wouldn't, pay. It might yet come to that."

"The Titan Realms are much bigger than this. If anything, I think it might be new..or.." and she muses of the possibility as she runs her fingers through her hair. "Older than we know.." Maia seems more disturbed by the possibility of the latter than the former as she wraps her arms around one of Haldor's and gives it a tight little squeeze.

"But be careful if we see the children. I've only seen him, so I can't say much about the other. What do you know, Gene?" she asks curiously, sighing now.

"Not much, not much," Gene admits, his head shaking a little, "They talk about their 'father' who thinks we're going to 'lose'… they seem a little lonely. Their father didn't even bother to give them names, so I doubt he's terribly attentive." A pause, "While they may well be children, I don't think they were ever human children."

"Like I said. Titan underworld could be a possibility," remarks Haldor. The Viking slowly folds his arms across his chest, long swords mysteriously shifting toward knives somewhere during the process. Anxiously he continues to look around, foot faintly twitching out a rhythm against the ground.

"And, if Haldor's right," Scott adds. "Then we have to wait a while longer before the spire opens up. Are we the ones who are in the know right now?" Scott looks to the others again. "Or should we find anyone who's aware of this and pool what we know?"

Suddenly and abruptly the sound of engines can be heard. Yes, motorcycle engines to be exact. From the top of one of the lower spires, two 'horsemen' jump down grinning towards the gathered group of Scions with clear murderous intent in their eyes. One looks to be a former metal leathered out biker, except his shoulders have been replaced by..armor that seems to be an old Harley Davidson. The other is a Japanese business man with a Kawasaki ninja for shoulders instead. A wry grin curls on both their lips as they just stare towards our gathered heroes. "Mmmm, looks like fun.."

Hearing the new voices from behind them, Maia quickly turns around and reaches into her pockets focusing her own abilities into several sheets of paper that soon become razorsharp. "Scott…stay behind us.." she says firmly and resolutely before looking back over towards Gene. "You too!" She's not aware of his abilities afterall.

The rumble of the engines is the first sign that all hell's about to break lose, Gene's head snapping upwards to where the motorcycle-men are perched glaring at them with those murderous grins. The scion of Discord drops back a step - or three - one hand delving into his coat to bring forth the small, age-tarnished pistol tucked into his underarm holster. "Good evening," he calls over in casual tones, "Gene Horkos. Associated Press. Would you care to weigh in on the gasoline versus electrical debate, boys?"

As he waits for things to worsen, he prepares himself to move — not along human patterns of movement, but a more chaotic, unpredictable flow of motion that isn't quite mortal.

"Oh. Fuck." Which might be the first time Scott's been heard to really swear in this company, but this is also the first time he's ever seen the Horsemen, which look to him like something out of one of those B or C-level sci-fi films. On reflex, the Thoth-son calls upon his own power, making him fast enough to dodge should this come to blows. "They'll have to catch me first," he whispers. "Tell me you weren't yanking my chain, dad…"

Haldor whirls around at the sound of the motorcycle engines. The Viking looks at his crossed arms and knives clutched in his hands with disdain; it takes less than the blink of an eye for his arms to return to their ready positions, Viking long swords at the ready.

With a grunt, Haldor exposes his Futhark Bracer to the air inside the Incognita. He channels his power into it, tapping into the power of his father for what is to come. Nothing appears to happen. The Viking just stands at the ready, eyes fixed on the Motorcycle Horsemen, beings he's never seen before.

Maia goes all tense as she starts to enter a battle zen. She watches the two horsemen's movements as she brings her now razor sharp ofuda up and stays eerily calm. She's in the zone and just continues to look back towards them. "Scott…" she asks, taking in a deep breath. "Will you be okay? If you havent fought Titanspawn before, it's probably best to stay behind me. I'll try to keep them away. Haldor is the strongest here, but he'll also be doing the most attacking.." she says looking back towards the Blue Ranger with a reassuring smile. "We'll get out of this, don't worry."

"I'll do what I can, but I need others to draw them away from me," Scott says. Oh, the quaver in his voice says why yes, this is his first Titanspawn battle, but he's also among friends who have readily accepted him, after only a day, and that's worth fighting for, for him. He concentrates, the monocle nestled over his right eye, which has a quick gleam glance across it. "Spawn of the Titans," he intones, and his voice sounds off. It's Scott's voice, but it's as there's another voice overlaying or intertwined with it. Definitely more than one voice, as the shimmering anima banner rises around him. A tall, stern figure with an Ibis head instead of a human one. "I call you doom upon you, where Fate has decreed you will be cast down this day!" The Thoth-Image points a long-fingered hand at the one known as Horsemeat, skulls in its eyes for just a moment before the image vanishes.

Just in case you weren't aware, Haldor has super powers. Ridiculous and often useless sounding super-powers… Until something like this happens. Then Haldor is a fucking god.

After a moment to fully focus himself, the Viking launches into the sky without so much as a warning. It's quickly apparent that he's not jumping, Haldor is visibly running directly upward and at the Asian Biker so as not to interfere with any line of sight attack that Scott might or might not be using at just that moment.

With a rebel yell, Haldor closes to striking range and starts hacking and slashing at Master Asia: Two-Wheeled of the East. People below may wish to take a step or two out of the splash zone.


Motor oil explodes outward from Biker Asia as Haldor's blades carve thick trenches through his Motorcycle Shoulders. The Viking keeps slashing and hacking, backflipping and dropping away from a clumsy counter-attack intended to drive him away; unfortunately, Haldor merely starts dashing through the air again. He presses the attack as hard as he can, never letting up with his impossibly fast blades of death.

And there's the yell of the Viking. The leather biker horseman moves out of the way starting to dash towards the group with murderous intent clear in his eyes. From the way he moves it looks like he's covered in a plate armor of sorts, but when he moves the armor starts to shift, leaving exposed tender spots. He continues to run until his hand suddenly turns into a chainsaw attempting to cut the young girl in two.

Unfortunately for him, Maia is in full battle mode. Her eyes widens as she quickly moves out of the way as the chainsaw merely slices through a silhouette formed by dust particles falling down. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she continues to watch as she keeps her distance, grinning the entire time.

"Mmmm. F = ma, I can throw these around 60 miles per hour..carry the one.." and she starts doing a few quick calculations in her head as she starts mocking the biker. "Ooooh look at me. I am big and strong, I go after the little Asian school girl amongst the group to prove my manlyness. You have to be the gayest Titanspawn ever.." she says before flicking her wrists sending two ofuda just perfectly timed to hit the soft spots underneath the armor.

This was unexpected. Sometimes luck is on the side of our heroes. Sometimes, it's sheer battle genius. This time, it's a mixture of both as the ofuda strike true. It strikes just as the biker tries to move out of the way, exposing the fleshy part just under his neck. The razor sharp strips of paper slice across his neck, spurting out blood as he acks, letting out a strained cry as a mixture of his blood and ichor starts to spill towards the ground. Gentlemen, this is why we do not fuck with generally happy bubbly Japanese school girls. Because they're secretly ninjas who will kick your ass.

As compared to some of the more physically-oriented of the divine-blooded that he's been associating with, and even some of the more mystical, Gene's gifts are more subtle, less flashy, in their nature. The Scion of Eris doesn't call up any imposing anima and curse the fate of his opponent, he doesn't leap upwards into the sky like a vengeful thunderbolt to crash down upon his foes. No grand blades are carried in his hands, and the gun in his hand is a small one - nine-millimeter at best, snub-nosed, nearly antique. Nevertheless, as battle is joined and the blood and oil of the metal-melded titanspawn splashes to the earth… he smiles, a slow curve of his lips that matches the sudden, bloodthirsty glint in his eye. Battle-Strife, they called his mother, the sister of Ares. Her blood carries true in her son, however little it shows in casual interaction.

"Almost not worth us intervening, is it, sister…?" A quiet murmur of his own (apparently to the tarnished pistol in his hand) as twirling it by the trigger guard on his index finger as the weapon nearly quivers in his hand - as if eager, itself, to see action. Then he brings his hand up, a sweep through the air as the pistol's stabilized in his hand and the trigger squeezed off in mid-motion, an almost careless shot that's fired into the confusion and strife of the melee, the song of the bullet a scream beside Haldor's ear as hungry lead seeks flesh and steel.

Sweat starts to soak Scott's pits and bead his forehead as the rush of magic washes out of him. He steels himself, his teeth gritting. "Only have one shot," he says, turning his attention to the Aisan Biker Horseman this time. There's another quick-gleam over the lens of the monocle as Scott speaks once more in that odd dual-voice. "By the will of Thoth himself, under the eternal sun of Atum-Re, let the light of eternity curse your warped existence so you may be cast back to the pits from whence thou came!" A different anima banner appears this time; the sun. It doesn't cast much like, but a phantom beam like the glare of the stoic, merciless destert sun lances out from the sun-image to strike the Kawasaki-morph biker before it dissipates.

Once upon a time, the curse of the Pesedjet was a slow and patient thing, waiting for years before striking. These days, divine retribution comes a bit more swiftly. As the wrath of Thoth is directed upon the asian biker - still bleeding oil mingled with blood from his wounds - the bullet fired carelessly from a gun driven by the blood-thirst of one of Eris's daughters slams into his chest with enough force to shatter a rib, driving the twisted creation of Ixion back a step as black-red oil begins to spill down his front.

Aerial acrobatics continue to spray blood and oil in all directions, several gouts of flame erupting into the air as the sparks cast by Haldor's blades screaming across the steel of Biker Asia's motorcycle shoulders ignites spurts of motor oil and gasoline.

Haldor does not slow down, does not rest, does not relent in his assault upon the biker. The Viking whirls into motion, blades flashing all around him as he spins and steps toward Biker Asia all in the same motion. Strange as it makes his perception, he can make out the arterial spray from Metal Biker. Fortunately a combination of his spinning and his body's attunement to obscene speed saves him from the bullet sailing past his ear. It splits the air in the key of C, by the way, giving Haldor plenty of time to bob his head out of the way.

The Viking ceases his spinning, standing atop the spire now and thrusting his left hand blade for Biker Asia's gut, intending to impale and then cleave him from pelvis to lower jaw with his terrible Viking blade and his tremendous momentum. Of course, this won't entirely kill his momentum, leaving Haldor to backflip with the motion of his upwardly slashing sword.

In mid-air he whirls about, spinning like a tornado as he reaches the apex of his flip. Both hands and swords come together as he breaks his spin, plunging toward Metal Biker with a rapidly forming single zweihander. The enormous sword aimed to plunge through the more American Biker's skull and replace his spine in the most awful of ways.

Haldor lets out a roar of annoyance as his stabbing blow doesn't carve nearly so deep as he intended. Apparently Biker Asia had an engine block where his stomach should be, deflecting and absorbing much of the blow. Even so, blood and motor oil, gasoline, and even transmission fluid erupts out along the blade's length, fountaining to the ground so far below. The Viking smiles a sinister smile at Biker Asia, putting his face in close as he torques his body upward, carving a terrific trench through the pseudo-Transformer's body from pelvis to chin.

Engine block, heart, lungs, and myriad other internal organs, organic or otherwise, start to spill out of the sagging, fluid-spurting body as Haldor launches into the air for his backflip. By a narrow margin he manages to avoid getting drenched in vital fluids. A narrower margin still keeps the others safe from the Horseman's body as it topples off the side of the Spire to the ground over thirty yards below, sending up a pillar of flame and smoke on impact.

Haldor plunges toward the Metal Biker, his zweihander gleaming along its edge as Haldor summons his inner power. Scott, if he's looking, might see a crackle of lightning run over Haldor's body as he summons his divine power to the front. The Viking plunges his enormous blade through the biker's head with a sickening scream of metal on metal and bone followed by a meaty *SCHLURP*. It doesn't stop there though as Haldor's momentum forces the Biker to crash into the ground, the Viking's Germanic blade splitting his spine in twain as it slides further and further down his back.

Just before the impact of bodies on the ground, Haldor launches upward by a slim margin and flips over his zweihander. When he lands, less than a second after the Biker, he wrenches the sword free of the Metal Biker's back… Through his back, spraying sticky blood and motor fluid everywhere, some of it catching light as the metal blade casts sparks as it cleaves through armor.

"… That! Was. /AWESOME/!"


Even with the high of the adrenaline rush in her system, Maia is now match in terms of raw damage that her more close combat oriented bandmates can accomplish. She watches and winces at the bloody splattering of gore all over the ground with a bit of disgust, gagging a bit as for a few moments it looks like she's going to be sick.

Alas, she doesnt, and thank the gods for that as she dashes towards the others, huffing and puffing in the end. She looks towards the bloody gore and mess and runs her fingers through her hair, sighing softly as she smiles warmly towards Gene and Scott.

"You guys all right? I mean..we've fought before, but I have no idea about you guys.." she says matter of factly before her attention goesover towards Haldor celebrating his bloody gory victory. "I feel like a narrator or something should've yelled FATALITY! FINISH HIM! or something like that.." chuckling softly in the end.

Once the noise and bloodflow has died down, the monocle falls into Scott's waiting hand, and those muscles around his eye twitch a little from the released tension. The metal links of the chain feel cold against his hand. He looks at the mangles metallic-laced corpses of the Horseman, and shakes his head. "No kill like overkill," he says, finally releasing breath he didn't know he was holding. "I'm all right," he says. "But what about the rest of you? I can't heal like other Scions can, but I've been able to study medicine while I was away and…" Beat. "Wow." Beat. "That was intense."

A low, throaty chuckle stirs itself past Gene's lips as he holsters the pistol, thumb stroking over the grip before he lets his hand fall once more. "You don't need to worry about me, Glowbug," he offers, flashing over a smile that's altogether a bit dark, "I can take care of myself."

That said, he turns a more appraising gaze over towards Haldor as he wrenches the great blade free of the corpse of the fallen Horseman. "Not half bad, Thorson," he calls, tongue firmly in cheek, "Not half bad."

Haldor sweeps the enormous zweihander around like a samurai about to sheathe his katana. Blood, lubricants, and miscellaneous ichor sprays from the blade's edge across the ground. A moment later, Haldor is holding a pair of long swords again.

"You all did pretty frickin' good. They looked like a much tougher fight, especially with us not totally team-tactics-slaying them."

For a minute or two, Haldor sweeps his gaze around the Incognita. Satisfied that nothing else is going to leap out at them, his long swords revert to drumsticks. These Haldor stuffs back into the pockets of his hoody. With that accomplished, he meanders back toward the others.

"Mr. Horkos..may I see your gun?" Maia asks curiously, raising her brows before she looks over towards Haldor. "And I need your drumsticks for a minute. I learned a new trick.." she says with a bright and mischevious grin curling onto her lips as she wrinkles her nose just a bit.

"And yes, that was surprisingly good. I think Scott's mojo helped out though. I think with him on our side, and Mr. Horkos here, we might ya know..actually have a chance at stopping the Corrupted Scions.." she chirps merrily while waiting for the objects to be handed to her.

"Of course you do. You just need to — my gun?" A twitch of Gene's brows up a little, and one might even think he was being slightly defensive about it; regarding the asian girl for a moment before reaching back under his coat, tugging the early-twentieth century pistol free of its holster, though he doesn't hand it over just yet. "What sort've trick do you have in mind? It's not going to hurt her, is it?"

Although Haldor is less obviously defensive and reluctant about handing over his drumsticks than Gene is about his gun, Haldor does hold them close to himself for the moment. The Viking isn't entirely sure what Maia's about to do, though she has proven more than trustworthy, if a bit brash, in the past. Slowly he turns over his drumsticks.

"Demonstration time?"

"I'm honored," Scott says, especially hearing praise from people that just went all physical and pulled some serious stunts while he just spoke and waved his hands. "And I think there's strength in numbers, and we have that chance. But I need to bone up. That was my one really good trick, and I'll need more than that if I'm going to not be a liability." He makes all the brave noises to cover the sound of his knees knocking together. But, Maia's request and the possibility of seeing More Interesting Stuff is enough to keep him there.

Maia reaches into her pockets and pulls out another prayer strip and mutters a soft prayer before her hair starts to whip up as the spirits start to swirl around her. Apparently, in the Terra Incognita, mojo like this does something that wouldnt happen in the realworld. "Spirits surround us all. Please, I beseech your aid, kami.." she whispers as she closes her eyes while taking the gun in her hand. Soon, asmall little angry spirit comes out, but is soothed by the young woman's plea. "Protect Mr. Horkos with all your might and make his shot always strike true.." she whispers softly before letting out a soft sigh, looking quite..winded.

Soon, the spirit grumbles something under it's breath and the symbol on her prayer strip appears on his gun as she lets out a soft sigh before leaning against Haldor. "There..your gun…" she says with a deep breath. "Is a bit more effective now.."

The process is watched with a hint of wariness in the child of Discord's eyes, observing the young woman over the edge of his shades as the spirits swirl and whisper through the air. At last, he nods a little, relaxing as he reaches out to take the weapon in hand once more. "Interesting trick," he admits, turning the weapon from side to side, pausing to examine the symbol, "I suppose she can't complain about a bit more… oomph behind her." Of course, his gun doesn't speak, but apparently he considers it more than a gun. Who knows.

While listening in on Maia's ritual, Scott gets his notebook back out and finishes what he started. In a short time, he finishes writing down the sigils, marking them with a small rough sketch of how they're arranged and where he found them. "Perhaps we should go," he says. "There's a lot of work to do…"

Haldor gently props Maia up with both hands. Discreetly he slips his drumsticks into the sleeves of his hoody, leaving them there for now. The Viking whistles softly as he regards Gene and his gun, nodding a bit.

"That's pretty cool, man."

"I'll do your drumsticks later.." she says, resting her head against Haldor's chest as she looks more than a bit winded at this point. She takes a deep breath and sighs softly before she smiles towards the others. "And that's a good idea Scott..home sounds like a good idea.." Maia says softly.

"Thank you," Gene says, free hand lifting up to tip his hat lightly towards Maia, holstering the weapon once more. He turns a bit to regard the spires that've erupted from the earth for a moment, before noting, "You both probably need a shower, at the very least."

With that said and done, Maia starts to lead the quartet out of the Terra Incognita as she sighs softly once in the real world once more. "People are still walking by completely ignorant of what's going on right under their noses.." she says softly with a bit of disappointment while running her fingers through her hair. She looks around at the crowds wandering the Times Square nightlife as the silhouette of the Dark Spires can still be seen by any godling around.

"Maybe you should report on what's going on. Or do you think that will just fuel whatever is doing all this?" she asks curiously.

A soft, soft chuckle stirs upon Gene's lips at her words. "What would I report? 'There's an otherworldly castle of sinister origin sitting in Times Square, you just can't see it'…? Bad enough that the crucifixions were so widely covered." He shakes his head slowly, "I'll find a way to… blame someone else for the murders, and the 'earthquake'. At least we could deny him that power."

"Blaming it on others would be good I think.." she says firmly and resolutely, sighing as she looks up towards nthe nightsky, running her fingers through her hair as she looks back towards the silhouette of the towers once more. "Still..I can't get what the boy said when we were inside…it's disturbing. I should've asked Scott what he thought before he went home.." she admits.

"Which part?" A turn of Gene's head, regarding her from the shadow of his fedora's edge.

"Windless night, moonlight melts; My ghostly shadow to the lukewarm gloom. Nightly dance of bleeding swords, reminds me that I still live.." she says softly, remembering it as the best as she can while she looks up into the sky, sighing once again.

"I don't know…" Gene's lips purse in a thin line as he, too, gazes back up, one hand lifting to nudge the fedora up on his head so he can see better, "…we don't know enough about this place. Or who, what, is in control've it."

Maia hrmms for a few moments as she stretches her arms into the air. "Well, I guess we can ponder it over a bit. How bout some coffee?" she asks curiously, her brows raised.
A shrug, and Gene turns away from the spire — and the bloodied battleground before it. "Sounds good to me," he replies easily, "I could go for some late dinner, too… or maybe one've those late-night breakfasts…"

"Sounds good.." she says with a bright smile as she runs her fingers through her hair and calls for a cab, taking out a bit of cash once more. She lets Haldor slip in first, then she slips in and waits for Gene to head on in. "Um…anywhere..a nice diner should do.." she tells the cabbie.

Into the cab, with the scion of Eris! "The last place you had a good after-midnight meal," suggests Gene with that charmingly roguish grin to the cab driver, settling in beside Maia - with Haldor on the other side - and looking out the window, commenting randomly, "I love cabs."

XP awarded.

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