Jackson Montgomery Hopper
Portrayed By: Russell Tovey
Status: Alive.
Age: 17
Calling: Steam-Punk
Pantheon: Yankee
Divine Parent: Br'er Rabbit
Significant Other(s): None


Born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jackson Montgomery Hopper, or Hopper as everyone calls him, was an a typical kid. His mother was simply a college student when she met Hopper's Dad and it was a passing fancy that brought them together an apart one night at a party when his Mother's boyfriend was away on a frat trip. It was never talked about an assumed that Jackson was legitimate. But it couldn't be further from the truth.

Jackson was a bright kid. But in the wisdom and shining wit were of course the adverse response to authority and the sort of ADHD mentality that most bright kids experience. He grew bored easily and constantly surrounded himself with new projects and books. Of course this is the time of his life when he was supposed to be learning how to socialize on a more mature level and he simply opted out of it.

Having very few friends, a cynical attitude at a young age and no respect for established authority made him something of a geek, something of an outsider and something of a miscreant. Teachers liked him, but only at arms length given that he was always getting into trouble and fights, and even thought he typically lost most fights, he brought them on himself.

Aside from the occasional Jock who wanted help with his homework, or the occasional punk who thought Jackson's brain power was worth something, he led a rather solitary life….that is until the angels came.

Investigating the possibility of a ghost and angels….Jackson got caught up in more than he was prepared for….and who should come to his rescue when he was captured by a warehouse full of crazy babylonian zealots? His real father….Br'er Rabbit.

Being left to hang by 'school mates' was formative for Jackson. Seeing the lack of concern in his 'friends' he broke, becoming less of a person, and more of a mind. He met a group that does care for him, (Dion among them) though he is having problems coping.

With the Band, Hopper has faced many challenges and become something of a challenge himself. Most of the band seems confused by his actions, though there are a few that understand him.


Neurotic. Paranoid. Hostile. Forward. These are all things that speak on Hoppers multi-faceted personality. Not being much of a social person, he can pretend pretty well and use manipulation to get what he wants. Otherwise, he's focused inward, truely scared shitless to rely or care about anyone as friends, as in the past friends leave you to die in a cult.


Dion: Best friend. Very much like a little brother (even if he is older). Dion gets him more than most people do.

Gayle: Mega-Bitch

Pei Pei: Mega-Awesome….hangs with Mega-bitch

Aillen: Good guy. Keeps Hopper honest and on task.

Jocelyn: Jo-Jo the gossip. She's funny. She gets Hopper, and she can do Magic…don't call it wuwu though.

Neil: Obviously the Scion of Howdy-Doody. Has a dog. Everyone has pets these days.

** Alexis**: Neil's girlfriend and apparently shits skittles and rainbows.

Sophia: She's a wierdo….but she's my weirdo.

Ben: Someone thinks I'm attractive….wierd.

Ruth: Strange Urban Gardener Woman

AJ: Some sort of dancer. Has long hair. Looks like a girl.

Kurt: Trouble.

Josh: Idiot. Nice guy, but an idiot none the less.

Events Thus Far

*Visited by Br'er Rabbit.
*Infiltrated the Church of the Holy Light for information.
*Was rescued by Dion and others, though he had already been rescued by dad.
*Returned to school, met up with Dion, Aillen and Jocelyn.
*Currently dealing with a Gremlin infestation.
*Corrected Gremlin Menace and pointed them at the Atlanteans.
*Formed Band w/ Dion, Aillen, and Jocelyn (Later to be joined by Neil and Sophia)
*Went to Rio to fight Cult of Caligula.
*Strange Bird Realm Battle.
*Met and escaped the Division

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 4
Epic Strength 0 Epic Charisma 0 Epic Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 4
Epic Dexterity 3 Epic Manipulation 3 Epic Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Epic Stamina 3 Epic Appearance 0 Epic Wits 2
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