Hoku Bridges
Hoku Bridges
Portrayed By: Troy Palomalu
Status: Still Kickin'
Age: 26
Calling: Bartender
Pantheon: Atua
Divine Parent: Pele
Significant Other(s): None Apparent


Hoku's legend is just beginning. There's really not much to say.

He was born sometime in August 1984. The real date is a little hazy because he was born in the Overworld, and fell to Earth from his mother's womb. Between Pele's power and good ol' luck, solid clouds slowed his fall just enough that his impact along the fronds of a palm tree just slid him into a nice lazy stop on the beach. He was curled up to nap around a coconut before his mother found him.

For convenience' sake, Hoku's birthday was selected as August 11th, for the whole 'birth records' thing. He was named Hoku Bridges after his proclaimed birth father, and given up for adoption. And thus Hoku floated through the ol' Ward of the State thing, though being a Ward of the State of Hawaii is much more epic than say, Kansas. He was fostered for a while but never found a good fit in a family and was thus never actually adopted. And so he stayed, in the tourist city of Kona (or Kailua-Kona) Hawaii.

He floated through school with both moderate athletic ability and pretty good grades. Many teachers felt he would have had perfect grades if he'd had a better home situation. He went to community college and got an associates in business, followed by a year of bartending school. Which is where he found his true calling. Even still, he felt there was more for him out there. In 2004, he went back to school at the University of Hawai'i, starting his first year in a real college to finish a bachelor's degree in Business to finish out what he started on his Associates, hoping to start his own bar one day. To round out his elective sciences, he took meteorology, oceanology, earth sciences…all things which would later make mama proud, it turns out. As the Hawaii Collegiate Baseball League formed in 2005, Pele tried out and got a spot on the Hawai'i Ali'is, which he did in the summer between his two college years and then again after his last year of college. Two summers of baseball, a finished degree, and then he kept on tending bar in the clubs of Kona, his home town as experience before he would try to start his own club. Never made it that far on the Big Island, however.


Still being felt out.


Too new for any of note.

Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Epic Strength 1 Epic Charisma 0 Epic Perception 0
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Epic Dexterity 1 Epic Manipulation 0 Epic Intelligence 1
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 2
Epic Stamina 1 Epic Appearance 1 Epic Wits 0
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