Hiroshima Pt 1



Scene Title Hiroshima Pt 1
Synopsis Maia and Kamui meet after the disaster that was Takamagahara

Babies are asleep. Drake is all curled up in a little puppyball on the floor in the condo, dreaming Viking puppy dreams, such as chasing Titanspawn or retrieving his toys from copcars without impunity. Haldor's even asleep, snoring in their bed, and the only one that isn't joining the land of Morpheus is Maia.

She's dressed in her simple black lace nightgown, not leaving much to the imagination. She sits up in the bed watching the Viking sleep soundly as she sighs softly. She idly runs her fingers through her hair and starts to creep out of bed to head to the living room. Perhaps some water would do her some good.

She is not alone in the house she finds as she makes her way into the living room, there in a recliner sits Kamui lounging back and looking typically thoughtful with his fingers drumming upon the arm of the chair. Why didn't her spirit guardians alert her to his presence? Well, obviously the answer to that must be that they were talked into going the other direction by somebody who is now one hell of a lot more powerful than Maia herself. "You're awake" he sstates looking her over frankly for a moment before he says distastefully, "Do put on some clothing."

Of everyone who could be visiting at this hour, he is the last person god titan avatar thing that she would've ever expected. Maia stands there frozen for a bit as she recognizes his voice and wrinkles her nose as she turns on the lights to make sure it is him. "What… do you want?" she asks curiously,her brows furrowed, nonplussed by his comment of her not wearing enough. It's a very classy blacklace nightie, though perhaps as Kamui is old school he thinks a nineteen year old is too young to wear it. Who knows?

She is not leaving much to the imagination! Kamui finds her whorish and tacky. Least that is what his eyes are saying. His gaze drills into her and he says, "I want you to stop making such a total mess out of everything that you touch. I expect as much out of Haldor, plan on it, really." A smug little smirk at that. "But I have different expectations of you. For all that you've always been terribly sheltered and naive you have at least been dependable about doing the right thing and trying to correct your wrongs. Until recently, fleeing as you did and leaving only chaos and destruction in your wake. Have you heard yet of the bounty offered for your capture?"

Her eyes start roll initially. She's not about to be treated like a little girl by one of her enemies, in fact her boyfriend's arch nemesis. Still, she wrinkles her nose and sheepishly meeps as she runs quickly tograb a bathrobe to wrap it around herself to give her a bit more of modesty. She hrmms for a few moments, catching what he says and looks down for a few moments.

"It wasn't my choice. We were teleported out. I'm sure someone with your psychopomp skills would know teleportation.."

"Don't play the twit" Kamui barks at her, "You might have stayed behind and tried to put things right. You did not have to take the instant exit set before you and yet that is exactly what you did. When the time comes for Preethi to finally destroy you. When at last she burns all that you were to ash it is supposed to matter. To be worthy. Something powerful and good and strong in the world forever erradicated by her flames. You? The others? Perhaps you are no longer even worthy of erradication. Perhaps you have finally reached your limits, stars ascending as high as they might and now plummeting back to earth."

Wincing Maia is wincing! She isn't expecting an enemy to get all paternal to her and she wrinkles her nose once more as she chews on her bottom lip for a few moments. She looks back towards Kamui and takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Kamui would smoosh her right here and now afterall.

"So I screwed up. Majorly. I wasn't thinking and Mikaboshi used me just like he uses others. I had no choice in taking the instant exit, the darkness wrapped around us and we were back in Chinatown. The way was blocked. And Preethi isn't going to destroy me. Just like you aren't going to destroy Haldor. I haven't reached my limits, and you know it. That's why you're here aren't you.."

Kamui gives the tiniest of approving smiles, fingers steepling together before him as he looks over towards her "I hope that you've not reached your limits, I am here out of a genuine concern that you have. It's been a long road. A difficult struggle. For us even moreso than you and yet we keep going. Pressing forward. Achieving more. You? You seem ready to set up a nursery and abandon all other pursuits. You have harmed your family, and before you can be a worthwhile adversary once again you must set that wrong right."

"I'm setting up a nursery because my mother asked me to take care of Akemi." Of course, she skips over the fact that one baby just happened to have been five, but oh well, details. "You had a family, your two boys I recall, and yet you decided to serve a Titan who wishes to destroy all. Funny how things work out, right?"

Oh his look goes cold, cold and deadly at the mention of the boys and Kamui quietly says to her, "There are carefully laid plans. Great plots laying ahead and a purpose to your existence that extends beyond this day. Seek to taunt me with my family again and all those plans shall need revision for you will no longer exist, nothing you love and cherish will exist." That unusual flash of emotion and he is forcing back calm, "I did not come here to destroy you. I did not even come to level threats. I came to help you, and to help myself. Leave the nursery to your friends, you must journey alone to Hiroshima."

"You… help me…?"

Did she just enter the Twilight Zone? Who knows? She seems dubious at his offer for help, but something about him seemsgenuine in this case. Maia purses her lips and takes a deep breath as she looks towards the nursery, not really wanting to leave the babies so defenseless.

"What's in Hiroshima?"

"Old wounds" Kamui says quietly, "Old old wounds. Ones that have never been proper closed because as a people.. acknowledging the failures that led to there are unacceptable" Grim look, "Which is why you must go there. You have harmed not one person but the very fortunes of your family, you have dealt a blow that echoes and resonates and it is one you cannot put right directly. There though you have the opportunity to put right something which influences all. There you might truly make amends and again become.. worthy."

"How do I know this isn't a trap?"

So there's Kamui and Maia in the house. It's late at night, and everyone else for now is asleep. She feels some sympathy, reaching out as her heartstrings are being tugged by remembering the plight of the people in Hiroshima, that's where the bomb was dropped afterall.

"Do I have your guarantee that this isn't a trap from your people?"

"Of course you don't" Kamui answers sounding disgusted by the very question. "My companions have difficulty sticking to any sort of schedule and too often fall into conflict with the best laid out of plans. Preethi might well decide to take the opportunity to attack you there, you'd not be surprised how much the idea of atomic fire burning all to cinders appeals to her. It is no trap of my creation you wander into however. You have my guarantee that within certain limits I am actually trying to help you to make amends with your family. I've no interest in you being brought before Susano-o in chains, and even less in watching you become a soccer mom."

At the description, Maia winces once more. She definitely doesn't want to be brought before her uncle in chains, nor does she really want to be a soccer mom, not that there's anything wrong with it. She takes a deep breath and considers the warning once more as she purses her lips. Going to the site where an atomic blast would be right up the crazy bitch's alley. But still, it must be a challenge.

"All right, I will be going to Hiroshima then. But at least make me make proper preparations for the children and Haldor and Drake." She still has maternal instincts on overdrive especially after the nemean anaconda attacked at their day at the zoo!

Kamui rises from his seat, "I was not offering to play taxi. You will find your own way there, in your own time. Make it soon. Currently the report of the office that saw you close is not well believed, but once it is learned that you do have the children you shall be witness to the full force of Susano-o's fury and he is most unpleasantly emotional. If you do not make amends before then it may become a case of you either sacricing yourself, or your mother." A wave of one hand, "And that asks you to reveal nothing. Her presence is a secret still, but I recognize the play of familiar hands that have not left the strings of events. A touch that however subtle remains familiar. Move quickly and show conviction with your actions."

Maia nervously swallows. Smart Kamui is smart! Her eyes widen as he seems to know of her mother's ploys as she hrmms and purses her lips once more. "I'll leave tomorrow. I know of someone who would be able to take care of the children.." she says matter of factly before sighing softly as she runs her fingers through her hair. "What else do you know of the children? Who else's Scions are they?" she asks curiously.

Kamui deadpans, "I have little time to waste worrying about the parentage of babies. I know that they were not kept in a normal nursery. All were children of those who might not support Susano-o's reign. Tiny little assurances to help guarantee that no one would seek to seize the palace or bring violence to it's door. With them gone now a full scale civil war seems a fair bit more likely."

Blink. Blink! The babies were hostages! Maia is definitely nonplussed at the thought as she looks back into the nursery and hrmms for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip once more as she mulls everything over.
"Then it is important that I take care whatever needs to be taken care of in Hiroshima quickly and efficiently. I.. uh.." and she hesitates for a few moments,scratching the back of her head as she shuffles her foot on the ground. "Thank you, Kamui."

Kamui tilts his head in just the slightest bit of polite acknowledge of her thanks and then he is giving a totally needless snap of his fingers before flickering from sight and leaving Maia alone in her living room once more. Free to get half naked or whatever it is that Maia does.

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