High School Voyeurs -- The Planning


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Scene Title High School Voyeurs — The Planning
Synopsis Halima and Dee make plans to monitor a school where titanspawn activity has been reported.

A library in New York

Halima sits in a comfortable leather reading chair in a small secluded corner of the New York Public Library. Strange place to meet for planning a potential crime. She's got a few books on a table nearby and waits with her legs crossed in her conservative little business skirt and suit. She's sent a few messages to Dee's phone. Something about the murder at a Bronx school perpetrated by an angel or some such nonsense. Mortals are often prone to exaggeration, but it happened on Halima's home turf, and Dee seems like she knows her stuff regarding breaking an entering. And Halima knows her stuff regarding electronics and computers. Seems like as good of an excuse as any to team up. And so Halima waits at an appointed meeting place.

Actually, it's a pretty good place to meet to plan a potential crime. Everyone more or less minds their own business. Dee's dressed a little more conservatively at the moment. At least, conservatively enough that she absolutely does not stand out here. She's just another student or researcher. She's pretty promptly on time, appearing into view of Halima. She seems unhurried, and as usual has her satchel over one shoulder. She smiles as she slides into the next chair over. "Hello there."

Halima smiles. "Please, sit." She indicates the chair across from her. The fact that people won't be bugging a group, and the fact that part of a librarian's job is to keep someone's privacy private are probably good motivations for selecting a library. "Thanks for coming. I'm sure you've been keeping an ear to the ground with regards to certain things. What I mentioned in my message occurred at a school in Queens. I live in Queens, and it occurred at a school, so I feel it's doubly in my territory, so to speak." The book she was reading is stacked on the pile next to her. "I just thought you might be interested in helping. I was considering setting up a monitoring system."

Dee nods as she makes herself comfortable. "Hey, anytime. I do try to keep my ears open, when I can. Things have been a little busy lately, though." She listens, then hms quietly. "There was a murder at a high school in Queens not all that long ago. A girl who'd recently had her first visitation." She gives the name of the school, which happens to be the same one.

"Not surprising." Halima uncrosses her legs. "I was thinking placing some security cameras. Maybe a few microphones cued to sense screams, gunfire, etc. I think I could program it to dial a few phones, or send text messages to alert key people. I can handle the electronics side of things, but I'm not the best with infiltration. And I suspect you would also have a keener eye for where the best spaces to place these things would be." She sits with a straight back, hands folded in her lap. "To maximize monitoring potential while reducing the chance they could be detected."

Dee considers that. "It'd be easy enough to do." she replies then. "We could take a look at the blueprints of the place, and I can get it all installed." She doesn't look as though it will be any trouble at all. She smiles then, and says "Nothing I put in place will be detected, if I don't want it to be. Unless they make a serious effort."

"That's what I assumed, and why I asked you. I want to do this mundane as possible, of course. If there are titanspawn prowling the school in disguise then we might show our hand if we do it with too much help from our inheritances. It might be nice to actually investigate the building from top to bottom while planting the devices, too." She draws the knuckle of her forefinger down the bridge of her nose. "Maybe we can uncover some evidence to help us establish persons of interest."

"Oh, sure." Dee replies. "Make it look like anyone could have put it together. I don't need the gifts my father gave me, for any of it. I was doing this kind of thing for a few years before I even met him." To the latter, she nods. "We can give it a good scrub, as it were, sure."

"Right. I'll study up on some acoustics and write up a program to analyze audio input in real time. Will probably need to install a computer on-site… Shouldn't be too difficult, I think I could repurpose a little netbook for it." The persian woman smiles to herself. "Those are getting pretty powerful. Alright." She sits forward a bit, "It should take about two days to set the whole thing up. To test under a few different circumstances. Get all the equipment together. Would you like to scout the location beforehand?"

Dee spends a moment in thought. "This would be easier, if I didn't need to go somewhere soon. I could just monitor things remotely. I'm just not sure how long I'll be." She thinks again, then nods. "I'll have a loot around, for anything that might have been missed, or any other surveillance going on."

"Right. I understand we all have certain commitments we need to attend to. Part of the reason I want to make this as automated as possible. For example, sending certain people text messages when the microphones pick up a suspicious sound so we can check the cameras. But it will take a few days to set things up anyway. I don't keep a few dozen cameras and microphones on hand at all times." Halima smiles. "Just let me know when you're free for an evening of snooping around on government property."

Dee smiles. "You don't? Why not?" She's joking, obviously. "I'll give you a number where my Band can be reached. I'd like any pages to go to them, too. A good bunch."

"Good idea." Halima stands. "We should give Fate as many chances as possible to arrange for at least one person to be nearby." She extends a hand with a smile, "I'm going to get to work, send me a message when you want to scout the location and with the numbers you want me to include in the alert system."

Dee stands as well, then chuckles. "We should, yes." she agrees. "Fate helps those that help themselves, right?" Sure, that isn't how the original phrase goes, but still. She takes Halima's hand for a moment, then says "I'll certainly let you know what's going on."

"Right." Halima nods once. "I haven't had to sleep much recently, just not getting tired. So I'm usually up and available." She collects the books she has on the table next to her chair, a glance at the spines shows that they are about mathematics and sound. "Going to check these out and get to work. Gotta make pops proud." She smiles as she sets off. "Let me know if you need anything. Have a safe evening."

Dee chuckles. "We both do." she replies. "I'll definitely let you know. You be safe, too." she says then, before turning to go.

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