Here I am, killing rats. How noble!


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Scene Title Here I am, killing rats. How noble!
Synopsis Luke, Blaze, and Beau go for a little R&R in central park, but a few of New York's beefier sewer dwellers have other ideas.

Central Park - New York City

The famed Central Park, an area that at times, has come to be known as the oasis of NYC. One of the great pleasures New Yorkers and tourists enjoy is getting away from it all inside Central Park. Stretching 51 blocks between 59th and 110th streets, this 843 acre, green rectangle has served its city well since 1859. From famous statues to castles, there is so much to see within this pastoral landmark. One of the more famous stops is The Dairy, built in 1870 as a milk bar, it now serves as the main Visitor Center. There is also the posh Tavern on the Green restaurant nearby. On the more romantic side of the park, Hansom Cabs can be found lined up across from the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, offering a romantic journey through the park. To the north lies a large, fenced-in body of water. with walking and jogging trails offered along the perimeter path.

Central Park may be in the middle of the city, but still there is rustling among the foliage, squirrels, raccoons maybe even a fox. But all three hear something trundling through the woods that can't be any of these small animals, maybe something bigger like a dog. The flash of green reflected light from nocturnal eyes breaks the night for a second. And the noises of nature just go still.

Luke pauses for a moment, his back to the others. He narrows his gaze as he peers into the woods with a slight frown, the first time that expression's come anywhere near his face. He's quiet though, also something that is almost a first for him, no speaking or even tapping of his feet on the packed earth.

Blaze takes a hit off the joint, then passes it to Luke. He unzips his guitar case, pulling out a rather ornate, obviously custom made instrument, the body covered in patterns of grapes and vines, the head bearing a pinecone shape. How odd. At the rustling sound, he gets slowly to his feet, frowning into the darkness. Oh right, darkness. He tucks the sunglasses into a pocket.

Beau has his sun glasses on…at night. So he obviously can't see anything, as he makes no movements and doesn't respond other than to rest his hand at his hip, idly scratching the small amount of furry stomach that is exposed, while he drinks his beer. He lets out a soft yawn and watches the pair, though his gaze can't be seen from under his glasses. "Cop's ain't gon bother y'all. Calm down." He says, the shadows starting to stir a little bit, spreading to the shadows around it, each seeming to quiver with life.

Luke takes the joint from Blaze but doesn't take a puff. "Cops hangin' out in the woods?" He gives a quirky laugh, some of his humor seeming to return to him, even if his body language doesn't twitch from the same slight tension as before. With a grin he places the joint to the ends of his chains, both of them bursting into flame.

The things in the woods slip closer, the sudden introduction of fire into the clearing pushing back some of the night shadows, the mundane ones at least. The three hulking figures in the woods stand on the edge of the shadows. Narrow faces and round ears, fur matted and foul looking. Not an uncommon sight in New York, sewer rats. Sewer rats that could dwarf some dogs on the other hand are something else entirely. And with the way they hiss and chitter, they're anything but happy.

"Blast," Blaze murmurs, taking a couple steps back from the others, out of their line of sight. Luke's flaming chains get a quirked brow, but he's too preoccupied to ask about it just now. Instead, he grips the guitar high on the neck and mutters something under his breath. A moment later, the guitar is gone, replaced by a sword, which he then grips in both hands.

Beau plucks a tall weed and sticks it in his mouth, sucking on the taste and chewing the end for a moment or three before he lets out a grunt. "Now dem some big bebettes." He offers lazily moving to sit up. His eyes behind the glasses looking a little surprised, brows slowly peeking up over top of the glasses. "You tink dey mean us some bad juju?" He asks, idly tugging his knife free of the confines of his jeans. Not standing up just yet. The shadows reach a little further. Here and there eyes and mouths start to open in the shadow, a small cacophony of hungry sounds coming from the mouths.

"Only two things to do with growly beasts, Cajun. You run from them, or you act growlier than them." Luke holds one chain in each hand, swinging them slightly at his side. "Didn't expect to dance like this." The shadows get a raise of the brow, but he doesn't comment on them for now.

Luke and the first of the rats move towards each other. He swings one of the flaming chains through the air towards the rat, even as the rat lunges on their arm. Both of the attacks connect resulting in an exchange between them before they both separate from each other, neither looking the worse for wear. Luke grinning like a mad man.

When Luke engages one of the nightmare rats, Blaze leaps into action with a loud whoop, his eyes flashing with pure joy. He may be a lover by trade, but he's a fighter as well, and he has a lot of pent-up energy to spend tonight. Brandishing the slightly glowing sword in a flourish of two, he dances his way up to the rat, then takes a massive slash at the creature's neck.

A great deal happens in a small amount of time. Beau isn't sold that the rats are bad news, but watches as fire-dancer rushes into combat with one who seems intent on causing him harm. Some things can't be helped. If it is to be a fight, it is to be a fight. He looks around the field for a moment, bringing Jinx up to his jaw line, pointed down, F shaped blade pointed at the threat. Jinx looks like an old ritual dagger, brown wooden handle, steel-black blade, serrated and making an F in shape as one blade juts off to a horizontal point just above a smaller less pronounced point. The breeze picks up a little bit and a couple of lights go out as shadows cover them, breaking them and causing the darkness to go a little deeper. Seeing Blaze with a sword, he tilts his head to the side and notes that a rat is coming for him. There are those that might be new to this, and for his part, he is extremely new to fighting monsters…but scrapping…that's something he has been doing since he was old enough to stand up. He has the scars to prove it. His toes twist in the grass as his body moves low, cutting across the air. However it disappears into the darkness of a shade only to reappear in the shadow of the rodent near Blaze. Only there for a flicker before it pops back out from the shadow in which it was released. The knife and hands come up in a defensive stance once again, his body already twisting towards another section of shadow….

And speaking of shadow. The darkness that was dealing with being creepy and giant suddenly coagulates into a lump of darkest blade the same shape and size as the ragin' Cajun, it is a little longer, stretches across the way via the light that comes from behind him, attached at the bare feet of the bayou boy. But it moves as he does, attacking the rat in the same manner. But from behind. It twists, and turns, the 'mirror' of the black knife stabbing not the rat, but the rat's shadow…but to the world of the spirits of the loa, that's the same thing. The anti-Beau opens a trio of red eyes and a mouth full of sharp nails in a horrid smile. Shadow-man don't play no games.

A sword, and two blades of shadow, and the rat is still moving right on a straight path towards Blaze, murder in its beady little eyes, mad chittering coming from its gurgling throat. Nasty fur raised on end and filthy yellow teeth flashing as it does to make a chomp out of Blaze's leg.

What, the thing's still alive, even after all the damage he, the Cajun, and those…shadows have done? Blaze scowls darkly when the rat comes at him, bracing his feet as he takes another two-handed swing at the beast, this time to parry. "Have at you then, foul being!" he cries dramatically.

Luke moves to the side, twin poi torches swinging wider and wider on the end of their chains, streaking light through the darkness. His movements become less subtle and more exaggerated, his arms moving in patterns familiar to his muscles. The two torches now moving in circles at the end of each arm, making his hands appear to be the center of large wheels of fire. The sounds of combat become the rhythm of his dance, blending into his combat. His movements graceful, but with the deadliness of a predator. His mouth splits into a mad grin as he takes a spinning step towards the rat, lashing out with one of the flaming chains, green stone blade at the end glowing an angry orange in the fire light as it streaks towards the rat.

The rancid smell of burning fur fills the air as the chain lashes along the side of the rat, it's fur curling and smoking. The third rat, which has so far stayed on the outside of the fray coils like a spring, then does something no rat should ever be able to do. It launches itself through the air like a smelly, furry, rocket right towards Beau, attempting to sink it's fetid teeth into the Cajun's flesh.

Beau was spinning so that he could plunge the Jinx into the nearest shadow…as all are connected currently, thus the magic of his combat artistry. However, his ears pick up something moving through the air at him and he turns, bringing his knife up into the air, just in time to catch the teeth as they clamp down on his weapon and the weight of the rat literally bowls the young man over. The pair become a ball of struggling muscle as the tumble and roll for a couple of yards before one ends up down, and the other on top…looks like the rat is the lucky one in the tumble…but perhaps not the lucky one as it has a birthright shoved into its open maw. Waiting just a moment to catch the creatures eyes in his own is face goes dark and a grin pops up. "Dis gon hurt." And then he shoves his hand forward into the rats mouth, into the inner soft pallet, letting his knife lead the way before he angles it so that the F'shaped blade hooks into some soft tissue and he starts to rip his way out with a loud grunt of effort. He's not amazingly strong like everyone else.

Hot stinking blood pours out of the rat's mouth and over Beau's hand and onto his chest. The rat, despite the blade inside it growls, chitters and snaps at the man beneath him. Still trying to get at him.

The burned and singed rat makes a sudden dash towards Luke in an attempt to get through the whirling flashing chains. Mouth open and going for a chomp of leg.

There's no getting past the whirling flames that are Luke's chosen form of defense. The rat's lunge is deflected by a lash of the chain, making it take a few steps away from the dancer.

Gore pours down onto him, hot and putrid ruining his good shirt. Not that that is important to Beau right now. He is a mistake away from losing his hand and his life. This isn't fun and games to him, it isn't time to 'have at' anyone or be theatrical. Yes, he is a hero…but heroes die. Look it up. Most don't make it. The Cajun, however, plans on doing what he can to keep himself alive. Seeing the effect the knife is having on the insides, he narrows his eyes into slits behind the glasses and opens his mouth to take a deep breath before reaching up and grabbing the back of the rats' neck-fur with a hand to keep it steady…risking his fingers and his arm as he twists the blade, lets out another grunt of effort and shoves it deeper in, pushing his hand in while his controlling hand pulls the rat down further, his shirt getting shredding down the arm by gnashing teeth.

"Time to end this, fell beast!" Blaze snarls, swinging the sword up over his head, then down to one shoulder, roughly parallel to the ground. The next moment, he lunges forward, blade aimed to stab into the rat's mouth and down its throat — it's a longer blade than Beau is using, so his hands should be fine. He grunts with the effort, throwing his back into the thrust, eyes blazing now with purpose, rather than joy.

Luke's twirling flames lashes around him in a spinning, weave of light and the sound of chains whirring through the air. His feet move over the ground, each step placed carefully among his rapid movements, more like a dance progressing towards the rat rather than a straight advance. The wheels of flame rotating around his hands first one then the other flying through the air towards the creature. The first going to knock the rat into the air, then the second to pound it back down into the ground.

Beau's rat moves with his twisting and wrenching, the blade unable to sink into the internal guts of the oversized vermin. Blaze's sword takes the rat in the side, sending it into a roll, but it hops right back up to its feet, looking more annoyed than ever. The final rate soars into the air, then is pounded into the ground with a sickening crunch of shattering bone, giving one last twitch before it just stops.

The rat is catching onto Beau's movements, which sort of infuriates the young man, as he is growing weaker, not having the strength of his partners. His muscles start to flag and he licks his lips breaths through his nose and lets out a sharp whistle that fills the air. The shadows for their part instantly shrink, heading back to the root and anchor of their power. A moment later they reappear, stretching up and off the ground, reaching around the creature to try and hold it still, wrenching it this way and that as living shadow squeezes and tries to take hold of the creature.

The rat facing Blaze gives an annoyed hiss. He skitters over the ground right at Blaze again. The creatures are relentless but not to creative. It still craves a bite of Blaze's flesh and blood. The other rat tangled with Beau begins to thrash and spit as the shadows wrap around it, the rat begins to struggle against the crushing strength engulfing him, it's bones grating together under the pressure.

Blaze leaps to one side, swinging his flashing sword with one hand to deflect the rat's gnashing teeth.

Beau is done fucking around. He is covered in gore, his pale scruffy form looking worse for wear given the fact that he isn't as strong as the creatures. He's just lucky….mostly. He slowly sits up as the shadow pulls the creature in and tight, coming up with it, as if he doesn't he might lose an arm. His grip on his weapon is failing and he is panting hard to keep up the fight. Yet he's not down, he's not out, and he's not throwing in any towel. He comes up to sitting and then to standing. Then all of the sudden darkness clouds his face and his eyes go black, his mouth opens and the shadow that is holding the rat opens a pair of blue eyes and a smile full of needle sharp nails. Then as if uncontrolled and set free of control over his darker desires, he starts ramming his fist in and out of the mouth of the rat which is held open. Knife tearing at the soft tissue and throat inside, again and again, yelling as he does so.

The rat thrashes against the shadows holding in unsuccessfully. The blade bursts through the top of the rat's skull, beady eyes rolling back as it goes limp, the life finally drained from its body.

Luke abandons subtlety as he turns towards the only rat still living. He spins the poi at his sides as he runs right for the beast, howling like a mad man. A scream of primal rage bellowed from his throat. He stops on a dime, chain lashing across the darkness towards the rat, the other chain behind spun over his head in a wide flaming halo over him.

The chain connects with the rat, sending it rolling but inflicting no visible harm upon it except for the stench of burning fur.

Blaze regains his balance after the leaping sidestep, and when the rat is sent rolling by Luke's flaming poi, Blaze lets out a snarl. Both hands raise the sword over his head, and with a loud cry, he charges at the beast full speed, bringing the sword down in a crushing blow toward the head. No more attempts at witty banter, it seems.

And the rat goes rolling again, and pops right back up, hissing and spitting like a demon.

Beau, draws his knife in from the wet sticky-slick insides of the dead rat which is slowly being lowered into the a wide open patch of shadow about 4 feet around with a mouth full of teeth made of bone, glass, wood and metal. The next few moments are not worth looking at, as the rat disappears, eaten slowly by the creatures that are the living shadow…the Tenebre. The literal Raging Cajun seems to snap out of it as the darkness is fed and it's hunger sated. Giving him control of himself again. He turns his gore covered face in the direction of his friends who are currently still in jeopardy. Under the pale light of the moon he looks down to the shadow nearest him and then looks over at the Rat, drawing a connection in his mind. He lifts the blade to his shoulder and then strikes hard into the shadow next to him, the blade appearing in a flash under the rat in the distance, rising from its shadows and cutting angrily at its flesh.

And the rat ands up going a few inches into the air with the force of the blow and lands right on his feet, already scrambling against the ground as it makes another attempt upon Blaze's legs.

Luke takes the ends of both chains in his hands together, swinging them both above his head turning the two flames into one. He stretches back as far as ha can, arching his back, the flame outlining him against the darkness. He lets out another primal roar and then bends forward, bringing both chains down to smash over the top of the rat.

As the chains fall down on the rat, there's the crunch of breaking bones, dirt and debris flying into the air from the force of the blow. He drags the chains back to his side, the burnt corpse of the rat laying in a small crater.

It's these damned clunky boots, Blaze just isn't light enough on his feet to do the things he wants. But the heavy boots do serve a purpose, and this time when the rat charges him, Blaze kicks out with the bottom of his foot, knocking the creature's head to the side. He brandishes the sword over his head once, twice, thrice, building up steam, then slashing downward at the back of the rat's neck. It's already dead? Blaze doesn't give a damn. This critter ruined the buzz he was working on.

The other rat is slowly disappearing as it too is being dragged into the hungry maw of Tenebres, the sound of 1000 spirits eating is not a pleasant thing. If someone wants the rats, they better act fast, there is only one and a half left. Beau for his part puts his dagger away and then falls over onto the hillside. His boots somewhere in the darkness. For his part he is unscathed, a few cuts on his arm from mouth-fisting a rat the size of a large dog. His back is scraped up and his head is bleeding from the back due to the tumble…but he is healing slowly already. He pants and wipes the blood from the knife onto his jeans…searching for a dry spot until he finds the back of one of his legs, then he slides it into his belt once again. He lays back and pulls his glasses off, stuffing them into a pocket as he looks over towards the other pair, making sure they are ok.

Luke grips the chains in his hands, he runs his hand down it, extinguishing the flames as he goes, leaving to hot but otherwise normal looking chains behind. His eyes goes back and forth between the remaining rats. "Well, I wanted to dance didn't I?" And then, he lets out a maddeningly wide grin, almost wild in look. He looks completely unhurt, and only a little winded. "Knew there was something a little different with you two. Well, I did with you Cajun, Duke I was iffy on." He sticks out his tongue, whirling the chains at his side to cool them off.

Blaze steps back, panting from the effort of combat and staring at the dead creature. "I believe I told you last night, Luke. I'm not a duke, I'm an earl. Earl of Carmarthen, to be precise, and even that is only a Title of Courtesy." He rattles the sword a bit in his right hand, muttering something under his breath. The blade flashes one last time, then transforms into the neck and body of his guitar. Very weird. He turns to look at Luke again. "And I did tell you that I'm different."

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