Henry 'Hao' Liang
Portrayed By: Danny Chan
Status: Alive (and Single!)
Age: 20
Calling: Lovable Vagabond
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Divine Parent: Sun Wukong
Significant Other(s): None


Hao Liang, 'Henry' to his friends, grew up as something of a slacker. His mother raised him alone in New York, where she worked to send him to school. While good at sports and something of a troublemaker, he was never really the kind of guy who stood out in a crowd. That all changed on his 19th birthday, as he returned from the showers of his public college dorms.

Ancient magic whirled around the surprised mass communication major. When it stopped, he dropped into the crunchy Autumn grass of a mountain meadow. What followed was a rather hurried explanation of his place in the war against the Titanspawn from his real father…Sun Wukong the Monkey King. Hao's father seemed rushed and distracted, but before he left, he gave his son a staff he claimed was 'important', and an old pair of robes, since it was quite cold.

As for how he was supposed to get home? Hao never really got a chance to ask the question. After waiting an hour, he began to think his Father wouldn't come back…so he set off into the woods. It was months before he finally stepped off a train in New York. Not the front, mind you. He hopped the back, where he'd hitched a ride home. Hiking from Tibet to New York takes a while, you know! But the journey gave him a chance to get used to his developing powers as a Scion.


Henry was something of a slacker before his visitation. He was the kind of guy who never really found life that interesting, so scooted by on the bare minimum. Afterwards, he was forced to use his full potential in order to survive the trek home. He's become a bit more focused, but still likes to take it easy. A journey through poor country and fending for himself for the last year has given him something of a stubborn streak when it comes to charity, but he does like to help others, so something mutually beneficial is right up his alley (which led to current arrangements, teaching self-defense at a dojo Alexis's friend owns).

His casual attitude in combat and easy-going nature tends to get him overlooked, at first. But when he lets go, his kung-fu and stick fighting are works of art. At least, by mortal standards.


So far, Henry has met a few other scions. Pei-Pei (who is technically his niece) set him up in a hotel for a bit when he arrived in New York. As it turns out, his mother had moved on, thinking him dead. He's worked together with Alexis and Percy, as well as having met a few other scions. The fact that all of it's real, and that there are others like him is still sinking in a bit.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Academics 1 Athletics 5 Awareness 3
Brawl 5 Empathy 2 Fortitude 4
Integrity 3 Larceny 2 Melee 5
Occult 2 Presence 3 Stealth 2
Survival 3
Heavenly Heartwood Staff Robes of the Journey
Five Cycle Augmentation
Boys Will Be Boys Cat's Grace Eternal Vigilance
Game Face Holy Bound Language Mastery
Self Healing Spatial Attunement Takes One to Know One
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma 1 Perception 1
Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 1
Stamina 1 Appearance 1 Wits 1
Duty 1 Harmony 4 Intellect 1
Valor 3
Legend 2 Legend Points 4
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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