Important Commands

This is a help page for some of the more useful commands used on the game, put together in one place. The game is not heavy on code. It isn't necessary and is more technical than needed.

Command Syntax Description
+help +help This is standard help file that will give a list of +help files to be accessed in game.
+xpreq +xpreq <description> For the description, list what you are buying (both starting and ending values) with the xp cost. eg. Jimmy is raising Athletics from 0 to 1 for 3xp. If the xp cost is modified for any reason, such as raising a favored epic attribute or Fast Learning, include that in the description.
+roll +roll # A very simple command for rolling the dice. You add up your own total of dice and roll. This will rolld the dice and give you the results with successes totalled up. Do not use +dice. It has a different result syntax, so it will be noted. Use +roll.
+cnote +help +cnote This will give a list of related commands for adding notes to your character. This can be used for noting anything special about your character that might not be otherwise known. A good place to add further information about Relics as your +sheet only records the name and total amount of points.
+mjoin +mjoin <name> This takes you to the room where <name> is.
+msummon +msummon <name> This brings <name> to wher eyou are. It is usually best to get permission before using this command or you'll be highly annoying.
+request +request Subject=Body This is to request something from the staff for your character.
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