Health Boons

This Purview pertains to the physical well-being of beasts, mortals or other Scions. Titanspawn and supernatural creatures are also legitimate subjects of these Boons.

Associated With: Aengus, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Baron Samedi, Brigid, Damballa, Dian Cécht, Freya, Freyr, Guanyin, Hera, Idun, Isis, Lugh, Quetzalcoátl, Shennong, Tlaloc, Xipe Totec, Xiwangmu

1 Assess Health
2 Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty
2 Bolster
3 Heal/Infect
3 Antidote
4 Cradlesong
4 Virility/Muliebrity
5 Control Aging
6 Restore/Wither
7 Holy Font/Epidemic
8 Human Clay
9 Human Hybrid
10 Plague/Cure
11 Avatar of Health (The Savior/The Scourge)

Assess Health

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The Scion can instantly, automatically assess the current medical condition of a single living patient in his presence. He can tell how many levels of damage the patient is suffering, as well as any physical addictions he suffers, any illnesses or diseases with which he is infected and any genetic defects that afflict him.

Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty

Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
The Boon can take away a patient’s reproductive capabilities or restore them, provided the patient already has all the necessary organs. This effect lasts for one year per success on the activation roll.

Used on a pregnant patient, the Boon can make her unborn child come into the World strong and healthy or sickly and deformed. The Boon can cure or create any of the following conditions: a physical deformity, a life-threatening birth defect, a chemical dependency, an illness contracted from the mother, physical damage suffered in utero or a non-specified immune system effect (representing a ±2 dice modifier in rolls to resist illness). Each separate condition increases the difficulty of the roll by one. A Scion can also use this Boon on an infant within the first 24 hours after its birth.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion speaks a few heartening words and waves his Relic or activates the pressure points and meridians on a series of targets. The Scion spends one Legend point and her player rolls (Stamina + Medicine). For each success scored, one target gains one temporary health level. This bonus health level lasts for the remainder of the scene. When the health level disappears, any wounds that filled it also subside; it does not overflow into normal damage.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend or 1 Willpower
The Scion can repair a patient’s injuries or inflict harm directly. On one hand, he can heal as many health levels of bashing damage as his player gets successes on a (Stamina + Medicine) roll. Doing so costs one Legend. Alternatively, he can downgrade a number of health levels equal to successes on the roll from lethal to bashing damage. Doing so costs one Willpower.

On the other hand, he can inflict as many health levels of bashing damage as his player gets successes on the (Stamina + Medicine) roll. Doing so also costs one Legend. Alternatively, he can upgrade a number of health levels equal to successes on the roll from bashing to lethal damage. Doing so costs one Willpower.

The Scion can use this Boon on the same person only once per day. He can use it on as many different people in the same day as he can afford to spend the points.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
A quick purging of the subject’s system forces poisons and diseases away. Any mundane toxin or common disease instantly disappears from the subject, although the leftover damage, crippling, scarring or similar symptoms remain unless cured with other powers. Magical diseases, titanspawn venoms and the poisons inflicted by powerful Relics might be purged.

The player must score more successes on the activation roll than the original poisoner inflicted. For poisons or diseases that weren’t created via a power with an activation roll, the player must roll more successes than the poison’s Toxicity.


Dice Pool: Manipulation + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend (or 1 Legend + 1 Willpower)
By singing or playing some sweet lullaby, the Scion makes a number of people equal to the successes on the activation roll drift quietly off to sleep. Characters of higher Legend than the singer are not affected. Those of equal Legend get to oppose the activation roll with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. This soporific effect knocks out any living creature that can hear the Scion’s voice, for a number of hours equal to the Scion’s Legend. Victims with no Legend rating remain asleep the whole time, never waking up regardless of what’s going on around them. Characters with a Legend rating can be woken up by those who went unaffected, if the player of the character trying to rouse the sleeper makes more successes on an extended (Manipulation + Medicine) action to bring the sleeper around. (Such an action constitutes shaking the sleeping person, slapping his cheeks, pinching him, hollering at him or whatever else might wake him from a dead sleep.) Suffering a level of lethal or aggravated damage will also wake a sleeper with a Legend rating.

If prospective victims are engaged in relatively normal behavior—working at their desks, walking on patrol, raking leaves—using this Boon costs only one Legend point. If the intended victims are engaged in combat or some other strenuous undertaking—such as playing at a sport or making love with wild abandon—the Boon costs one Legend and one Willpower. The Scion cannot activate this Boon if he is participating strenuously in some activity himself. He must devote each action, instead, to calmly singing the song.

The activation of the Boon occurs in the character’s first actual action (a Speed 5, DV -2 action), but the Scion may keep singing for as long as he likes if he has not yet affected a total number of people equal to his activation roll’s successes. Once the character has affected the maximum number of people, though, the player must roll again (and pay the activation costs) if he wants to put a larger number of people to sleep. The effect targets those closest to the Scion first.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 3 Legend
By touching a male or female, the Scion guarantees that the next act of sexual intercourse in which that the person engages that could result in offspring does result in offspring. An affected male definitely impregnates the next female he has sex with if she is even theoretically capable of having children; an affected female definitely becomes pregnant from the next male with whom she has sex. Even infertile participants become temporarily fertile, and birth control devices fail. A Scion may use this Boon automatically on himself or any unresisting mortal animal or human. Consciously unwilling subjects may resist with a (Stamina + Fortitude) roll against the Scion’s (Stamina + Medicine). Titanspawn, Scions other than the user, and other supernatural beings are always considered unwilling even if they would welcome the Boon’s effect, for their supernatural aspect inherently resists the power. Undead and similar creatures are (thankfully) unaffected.

Control Aging

Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: Varies
With a touch, the Scion can greatly slow down or accelerate a mortal’s aging. So doing, he can either devastate an enemy with the ravages of time or bless a friend with nigh-eternal life. The more Legend points spent to fuel this effect, the quicker or slower the affected target ages. For one Legend point, the person ages one week in one day. For three Legend points, the person ages one month in one day. For five Legend points, the person ages one year in one day. For seven Legend points, the person ages one decade in one day. The number of successes the player gets on the roll determines the number of days the Scion is able to make the victim age at the accelerated rate.

The Scion can use this Boon on the same person only once per story, and he must spend the chosen number of Legend points at the moment of activation. He can’t add Legend points in the middle of things to speed things up. The effects of accelerated aging are as follows:

Acceleration Effect
Week per day The character suffers a -2 fatigue penalty to all rolls.
Month per day Previous effect, plus loses one dot from a Physical or Mental Attribute every week of real time. One dot returns per month of regular aging thereafter.
Year per day Character suffers a -4 fatigue penalty on all rolls plus loses one Physical or Mental Attribute dot every week of real time. One dot returns per year of regular aging thereafter.
Decade per day Character is bedridden until the effect wears off. He loses one Physical or Mental Attribute dot per day. Lost dots do not return.

The Scion could, alternatively, slow a mortal’s aging considerably. The activation roll is the same. For one Legend point, the person ages the equivalent of one day in a month of real time. For three Legend points, the person ages the equivalent of one day in a year of real time. For five Legend points, the person ages the equivalent of one day in a decade of real time. For seven Legend points, the person ages the equivalent of one day in a century of real time. The number of successes determines how many equivalent days the person ages (i.e., how many successive intervals of the longer periods of time he goes barely aging at all).

A Scion can use this Boon only on mortals and animals with no Legend rating. Once such a creature has been affected, only a Scion with an equal or greater Legend can counteract the effect before its duration is up. To do so, that Scion’s activation roll needs more successes than the roll of the one who first used this Boon. The second Scion must also spend an equal number of Legend points. Doing so cannot reverse the effects of accelerated or decelerated aging—demigods cannot turn back time—but the victim returns to his normal aging pace.


Dice Pool: None or (Intelligence + Medicine)
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can either heal the most terrible damage a patient suffers or inflict awful damage that’s almost impossible to resist. The Scion need only touch his patient or victim and will that person’s body to react. If the Scion chooses to heal and his patient is mortal, he can instantly heal all of a patient’s bashing damage, heal three points of her lethal damage or heal one point of her aggravated damage. (This Boon can’t bring a patient back from the dead, though.) Alternatively, the Scion can restore one lost or damaged body part or internal organ to its full functionality without a scar. From restoring an amputated leg to replacing a punctured eye to re-inflating a collapsed lung, the Scion can effect miraculous cures instantaneously.

If the Scion chooses to harm a mortal patient, his touch inflicts a point of aggravated damage instead. If he chooses, he can target that point of aggravated damage in such a way that an affected limb or non-vital organ withers and disintegrates. The aggravated damage will heal in its normal time, but the missing body part stays gone thereafter.

Mortals and lesser titanspawn cannot resist these effects. Their only chance to escape the damage (or the healing powers if they’re so inclined) is to keep the Scion from touching them. If the Scion wishes to inflict this Boon’s effects on an unwilling titanspawn with an equal or greater Legend or on an unwilling fellow Scion, however, the Scion’s player must roll (Intelligence + Medicine) against the victim’s (Stamina + Fortitude). If the victim’s roll garners more successes, the Scion can inflict only a single level of lethal damage or heal only a single level of bashing damage. If the Scion’s roll fails to get more successes, he can’t inflict the withering effect at all.

Holy Font/Epidemic

Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend or 1 Willpower
This Boon has the same effects as the Heal/Infect (Health •••) Boon. With it, a Scion can either heal or inflict bashing damage or either downgrade lethal damage to bashing or vice versa. The amount he can heal is still dependent on the roll results and which sort of point is spent to power it. What changes is the fact that the Scion can affect a number of people equal to his (Legend x 3) with a single activation of the Boon. The number of times a single person can be affected by this Boon is still once per day, but the Scion can still use the power as many times in one day as he wants to (and can afford, of course).

Human Clay

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Medicine
Cost: 10 Legend
The God can shape a mortal’s flesh like wet clay, effecting almost limitless physical changes within the scope of human variety. The mortal in question must be somehow under the God’s control—be he drugged, secured in an unbreakable clinch, duct-taped to the roof of a panel van in the middle of the desert or what have you—but he need not necessarily be willing. As long as the God can work with the mortal’s flesh and bones for five minutes uninterrupted, he can reshape the mortal as he sees fit.

As a result of his skillful manipulations, the God can effect any change in the mortal’s flesh that is possible with the Detail Variation and Undeniable Resemblance Knacks from Epic Appearance. The God need not have these Knacks himself, and he does not literally confer those abilities on his patient, but they provide good guidelines regarding the range of changes this Boon makes possible. Do note, however, that a God cannot change a mortal’s appearance to such an extent that the mortal’s Appearance score rises above 6. The God can endow a mortal with unearthly beauty, but mortal flesh can look only so good.

This Boon can allow a God to correct deformities, erase disfigurements, smooth over blemishes and even straighten improperly healed bones. It cannot restore lost limbs or organ function. Using it vindictively can impose serious penalties on a character if the God decides to mar a beautiful face with scar tissue, make one leg shorter than the other, twist one arm permanently out of its socket, cross one’s eyes or make other nasty cosmetic alterations.

The entire alteration receives only one roll and requires only one expenditure of Legend. For every success on the roll, the God may change one feature on the victim for better or worse.

Human Hybrid

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
Cost: 1 Willpower + 10 Legend
This Boon works in one of two ways. First, it can allow a God to make bizarre modifications to a living human being that should not be biologically possible. As with Human Clay, the God must be able to restrain the human for five minutes uninterrupted. He spends the points as his player rolls (Intelligence + Medicine). For every success, the God may reshape one feature of the human’s body in some grotesque, impossible or simply unexpected way. Anything that a God with the Unusual Alteration Knack from Epic Appearance can do to herself, a God with this Boon can do to his patient. He can stretch the human’s torso out and give him a second pair of arms beneath the first. He can give the human a ridiculously long and curling phallus like some prop out of a satyr play. He can turn the human’s skin green or mottle it with a camouflage pattern. He could replace the patient’s hair with a thick mane of twitching fingers. He could also remove the unusual alterations another God made, turning the mortal back to normal.

The other thing this Boon can do is allow the God to blend a mortal with a different kind of living thing (or even a non-living thing). Doing so costs the same amount of Legend and Willpower, but it’s more complicated and it requires the God to have additional Boons. If the God wants to create half-human, half-animal hybrids, he must have this Boon and Hybrid Chimera (Animal 9). If the God wants to create half-human, half-plant hybrids, he needs this Boon and Impossible Hybrid (Fertility 9). If he wants to make some inanimate object a fully functional part of a new hybrid’s body—if he wants his hybrid to have a working television for a head, for instance—he needs this Boon and Unintended Purpose (Chaos 10).

Creating animal-human and plant-human hybrids works much the same as putting disparate animals together or blending different types of plants. The God takes at least one cell from each parent, mixes them with a measure of his ichor, and voila! The God’s player makes his (Intelligence + Medicine) roll at a difficulty of twice the human parent’s Stamina, and a number of fully functional adult hybrids equal to the roll’s threshold are created. The hybrids are fully fertile with each other (always breeding true) and fertile with members of either of their parents’ species as well. Human/hybrid matings always breed true hybrids. Hybrid/animal matings yield normal animal offspring when the hybrid is the male parent. When the gender roles are reversed, each offspring has a 50-50 chance of being a true hybrid. Hybrid/plant “matings” always yield fertilized seeds. If those seeds are planted in the ground, normal plants grow. If a female half-plant hybrid implants a fertilized hybrid seed inside herself, it gestates into an infant hybrid.

Unintended Purpose works somewhat differently with this Boon. The God doesn’t so much create a new creature on the spot as integrate an inanimate object into a mortal’s flesh. In other words, the God effectively replaces one part of the character’s body with an inanimate object that functions as that missing part and still performs its normal function as well. The aforementioned television set, for instance, still plays and the transformed character can still see, hear and speak out of it. (And when it’s time to eat, he just turns on the Food Network.) This change lasts for a number of days equal to the successes on the activation roll, after which point the character very probably dies. The God can make this change permanent if he sacrifices a Willpower dot instead of just spending a single point. He can also separate a human from an inanimate object with which the poor soul has been blended with this Boon. Doing so requires that the helpful God’s activation roll garner more successes than that of the God who made the change. Once a God creates a half-human hybrid with this power, the resulting being is considered a supernatural creature. Its Legend rises by one.


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
Cost: 15 Legend
The God can create a disease from scratch or completely erase a disease from someone who’s suffering its effects. Doing the latter restores an affected patient to perfect health and eliminates any trace of the disease that could possibly cause a relapse or be transmitted to someone else. While that person lives, he is henceforth immune to that disease and all of its weaker strains. The person must actually be infected with a disease (even if it’s dormant or in remission) in order to be cured of it and granted future immunity. The God’s efforts cure one patient per success on the activation roll.

The game mechanics for creating a disease with this Boon are pretty simple. The God’s player rolls (Intelligence + Medicine) after spending 15 Legend points. The successes on the roll then go into a pool. The values that make up the new disease’s Virulence, Untreated Morbidity, Difficulty to Treat and Difficulty to Diagnose start at 1, and the player increases them one-for-one with successes out of the pool from the activation roll. (No value can be higher than the God’s Legend.) The Treated Morbidity value is automatically equal to half the Untreated Morbidity, rounded up. The incubation period starts at 30 days, and it can be reduced by one day per success devoted to it from the activation roll’s pool.

Suffice to say, Gods with Epic Intelligence can create some truly wicked diseases. Curing such diseases with this power requires that the curing God’s activation roll achieve more successes than the plaguing God’s did.

Avatar of Health (The Savior/The Scourge)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Savior or The Scourge—depending on whether the character wants to preserve life or ruin it. The Savior is a being of no gender or race, whose eyes shine with infinite compassion. Anyone The Savior looks upon feels no pain and is healed of all wounds. Diseases go into remission or vanish entirely. The weight of addictions eases, giving victims the power to quit. Even chemical imbalances in the brain straighten themselves out, bringing peace of mind. The Scourge is The Savior covered in weeping sores, whose eyes bleed contagion. Anyone The Scourge looks upon is stricken with weakness, swooning and coughing up blood. The Scourge’s breath is plague; The Scourge’s touch is rot. The Savior can restore even a partially devoured God rescued in pieces from a Titan’s guts. The Scourge can make a Titan vomit up its stillborn spawn and withdraw from the battlefield temporarily to recover.

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