Haruki Lee
Portrayed By: Hiroki Uchi
Status: Reservedly Bisexual
Age: 23
Calling: World-Healer Wannabe
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Divine Parent: Xiwangmu
Significant Other(s): Single


Born in Southern California to an American teacher named Neil Lee, a man with an adventurous spirit indeed, Haruki is half-Chinese on his mother's side. The story he was told by his father was a bittersweet one: Neil traveled to China in the late 80s to teach English to Chinese college students. While there, he met a young woman while on a weekend excursion to the "cradle of Chinese myth and legend" the Kunlun Mountains. By the time he left a year later, they had married. They returned to Southern California, his birthplace, and she produced a son she named Haruki. It was to be one of her last acts, as no more than a week later, she was killed when a train hit the bus she rode to work every morning. But mourning was something that Neil took in stride, aided by the Chinese nanny that "Xia" had hired a few days previously to help care for the new child. Liu quickly became irreplaceable within Neil and Haruki's lives, and with her help, Neil finally let go of the memory of his beautiful lost love. When Haruki was five, he met Julie, and she became the mother that Ruki never had. They decided to keep Liu on as both a tutor and caretaker for Haruki, until he grew old enough to no longer require her, but Liu married when Haruki was seven and moved off to raise her own family - not without tears. Anything that Haruki knows of China comes mostly from his vague memories of life with Liu, and of what his father has told him.

Julie and Neil produced three children who, to be blunt, looked every inch the Anglo dream. Haruki may have been oldest, but he often felt he stood out - many times he would be asked when he was adopted by Neil and Julie, much to everyone's embarrassment. To make up for it, he quickly let fly with his wit, replying with anything from a polite rejoinder to a heavily sarcastic and biting riposte. He was and remains quite protective of his siblings, despite what he now knows is the truth.

He wasn't the brightest of intellects, only really average to slightly above average in his studies, except for when it came to environmental science. He found he had a knack for it, and given the Cali thoughts on the environment, he didn't have that much trouble finding ready sources of information to further his knowledge. Though far from a tree-hugger (he happens to like fishing and hunting, for instance, and isn't a vegan), he does recognize that the world is in danger and people need to figure something out to save it. It's their duty. He simply levies common sense to passion so that he doesn't lose his head like some folks. He also developed a deep interest in the occult, mostly due to Liu's fundamentals on ancient Chinese history and myths. The culture remained rife with it for a very long while.

Which is why, after he graduated from college and went to work as an environmental scientist on the East Coast (especially New Atlantis, given that was an entire ecosystem subverted by another), he came to find out the new job assignment had come as a result of strings pulled by a higher power. Specifically, his goddess mother, Xiwangmu, the Queen Mother of the West, cultivator of the immortal peaches in China. She Visited him while he was alone at home, simply appearing in his apartment living room and frightening him nearly to death as a result. After she explained herself and proved her identity to him, she granted him three relics to use and gave him the name and contact information of a Chinese scholar living in New York by the name of Mei Huang who would help guide him in his next steps. She explained to him briefly that his purpose was to protect the world from Titanspawn and other creatures bent on destroying it and humanity itself. She also said that he wasn't alone, and that there were other Scions out there of varying levels who he could find to aid him - who he HAD to find to aid him, as he couldn't work alone on this task. It was simply far too huge. When she left, Haruki understood what he was, why he was different, and what he generally had to do, but had no clue as to specifics.

Which would be the first thing to fix, given he had a name to go to who would probably answer all the questions his mother did not, or could not, answer.


His nature is that of a cynic. He's a stick in the mud, pole up the butt, reserved type who can and will use his sarcastic wit with surgical intent. But he's also a romantic, a stubborn, shy, romantic who believes in love though he's never found The One. He hates hurting people who don't deserve it, especially physically. It wars with his darker human nature sometimes, given he would love to have fine things to enjoy and the wealth to enjoy them. He's a hard worker, and can be very focused on a task or idea to the exclusion of other things when he chooses to exert that focus. He's not a genius, but he knows what he knows and is satisfied with that. If he needs to learn something, then he's up for the task.

Fluent Languages: English
Competent Languages: Mandarin


Being new to the New York area, he doesn't know too many people. Thus far, he's met:

Aghanashini: There are really no words to describe this woman. Mohawk, dark skin, and an attitude. Maybe 'punk' would do, but only in the most respectful of terms.
Red: Not a lot of fashion sense, but then, she seemed to know Aghanashini so a little abnormality is expected perhaps.
Tex: Latina girl. Texan it seems. Also, she likes sticks and leaves in her drinks. That's taking herbal essences a little to the max.
The Little Prince: He's actually not a prince, but a Lord in Britain. Love the accent. Damned charming thing; he seduced me thoroughly the first time we met and I'm still not entirely sure how or why. No regrets, though.

Events Thus Far

Links to logs with event summary. Woosh!

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 5 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Academics 2 Animal Ken 2 Athletics 2
Awareness 3 Brawl 4 Command 1
Empathy 1 Fortitude 3 Integrity 2
Markmanship 2 Medicine 2 Melee 3
Occult 2 Presence 1 Science: Environmental 3
Guide - Mei Huang 3 Bracers of the Phoenix 3 Claws of the Queen Mother 3
Immortal Copper Peach 2 Jade Cuff + Earring 1
Animal Communication Assess Health Fire Immunity
Taiyi: Five-Cycle Augmentation Measured Foe Peaceful Meeting
The Unlidded Eye
Inner Furnace Opening Salvo Self-Healing
Untouchable Opponent
Epic Attributes
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity 1 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina 1 Appearance Wits 1
Loyalty 4 Duty 3 Intellect 2
Valor 2
Legend 2 Legend Points 4
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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