Happy Halloween


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Scene Title Happy Halloween
Synopsis Flirtation, Fornication, and a Visitation!

WHEN: Halloween, duh!
WHERE Abandoned Warehouse - The Bronx - New York City
WHO: Albert (Deadpool/Thorpool), Dion (Peter Pan), Gayle (Chun Li), Hikaru (Captain Jack Sparrow), Jolie (Skeleton/Baron Samedi), Matthew (Chippendale Dancer), Melissa (Mermaid), Richard (Edward Cullen)
NPCs: Dionysus/Lyss (Tarzan) - courtesy of Shou, Jord/Titan Avatar of Sex (Norse woman with very little clothing on) - courtesy of Pikachu; Punisher Guy, Twilight Fangirl, Pirate Woman - courtesy of Jolie

Abandoned Warehouse - The Bronx - New York City

The party is taking place in an abandoned warehouse. Some techy type has rigged up power from some outside illegal source, so there is electricity for lighting and music. The entrants are greeted to the sight of a dimly lit venue in shades of blood red, dry ice spilling out here and there. Fake bats dangle and cobwebs are stretched around. Coffins placed here and there contain speakers that pulse out the beat of music that ranges from cheesy horror themed music to the occasional pop hit. But always, always, a thumping, primal beat, lights flickering in time. The DJ is just a guy with two laptops and an iPod, but he's got the music for your moves.

There are tables containing snacks, healthy and non. And three huge bowls of punch. The first, guarded by a woman dressed as Bo Peep, glows green and is non-spiked Ecto cooler! The second, guarded by a man in an Elvira outfit, is blood red and is mildly spiked strawberry punch. The third, guarded by a man in a Tarzan costume, is such a deep red it almost looks black, and is the strong stuff, heady with rum.

Couches and chairs are littered all over the place for socializing and resting between dances. There are also more than a few people wearing little skull necklaces that seem to be part chaperone, part security, making sure that the party runs smoothly.

Melissa slips in wearing a shimmery blue-green skirt that ends in a fin-like shape, but lets her walk easily. And the top? A couple of pale pink shells. There's seaweed and tiny shells in her wavy hair, and it has pale streaks of blue-green in it as well. Mermaid! "Oh this is awesome!" she says brightly as she moves further in, looking around at the party and the partiers.

There is a party going on! Or at least.. there will be a party soon enough and Matthew has shown up for the festivities. With tight fitting leather pants, a bow tie with a notable lack of shirt he's going the budget costume route as a male stripper. It's an economical sort of costume and he's on a budget! Letting his gaze play over the room he skips punch and refreshments to head right towards the dance floor.

It took a little bit of doing, but Richard finally managed to slip into the party, because he'll be damned if he's missing this. A black shirt is worn beneath a jacket of black-dyed crocodile skin, the former's collar up along the sides of his neck, several buttons opened to bare a slice of his chest to view. His skin's been powdered to look pale, hair teased up Cullen-style, and a set of nice fake fangs affixed to his teeth.

"Now this is a party," he murmurs appreciatively at the decor, grinning as he walks along through the warehouse, checking the place out.

With all the weird lately, a party was exactly what Dion needed. Also, it's Halloween. He *loves* Halloween. It might have something to do with the opportunity to play dress up. He's certainly gone all out this year, once again choosing something quintessentially Broadway. Sure, Peter Pan has always been played on stage professionally by a woman, but the character is still male. On the whole then, terribly appropriate for the young man. He spends a bit of time taking in the decor, the 'staff' and the music, and, of course, the other party-goers. His own choice for drink? Well, he is only eighteen.
He's darling. No, really. He's completely darling. This teen who isn't all that much past five and half feet would be a lovely young lady. If he were a lady. Instead, he's a very effeminate (but still lovely) young man with perfectly-coifed brown hair and expressive blue eyes. Emotions play very easily on his face when he isn't making an effort to hide them, and when he smiles it's obvious he gives just as much attention to his perfect teeth as he does to keeping his hair just so and his skin even and moisturized.
He's dressed in an unmistakable manner, wearing all forest greens. His short-sleeved tunic, which wraps to tie closed, is of a leafy pattern and is very short. It's kept better closed by a thin belt and there's a simple dagger-style shethed knife worn to the side. His legs are covered by forest green tights, and his feet by matching slippers. Yes, he's dressed as Peter Pan, as done on Broadway by Mary Martin. It's so him - you know, a little light in the (green) loafers.

He's got nothing but that tentative loincloth on; but somehow, it works. Tarzan is seated behind the punch table, abs and biceps shining just slightly under the dark glow of the flickering lights. His long and wavey, raven hair settles comfortably on his shoulders, and that amazingly primal smile dazzles when it's aimed. He's got a cup of the punch he's serving in one hand, and a girl dressed like Cheetarah in the other. A young black man with make-up on and a fishnet t-shirt fawns over him a little. Can you say 'LaFayette'? Tarzan glances at the door, and his smile spreads wider still; almost impossibly so.

With the stealth of a rhinoceros, a figure in red enters. As he comes into view, you can see his features: a red mask with black spots over the eye areas and wings on the sides, a huge x-shaped belt around his red spandex-suited body, and a huge hammer in his left hand. "Hello, true believers," he shouts, as he looks around. He then quietly says to himself, "I really hope I don't get my dad upset with this…"

The partiers are in a variety of costumes: fictional, historical, famous, infamous, and punworthy. There is a gaggle of Michael Jacksons showing off their moves, a few Billy Mays (one with an actual box of Oxyclean), and a Kayne West drunkenly harrassing people. He swaggers up to Melissa. "That's a nice outfit, and I'mma let you finish. But Ariel was the best Little Mermaid of all time. Of All Time!" A few friends of Kanye point and laugh.

Richard's Edward outfit gets a lot of attention from a squealing young woman, who corners him and asks him about the book and the movie and this fanfic she just wrote…

A man in a Punisher outfit (well, it's a Punisher tshirt at least) gawks at Albert. "What kinda Deadpool outfit is that man…oh, wait! That's from the issue when he picked up Mjollnir? Dude, that was a total haxxor courtesy of Loki, you know. Totally weak."

A woman in a "Sexy Pirate" costume sashays over to Matthew. "I'm on a search for booty, and it looks like I've found it."

Melissa looks curiously at Matthew, as though she's trying to figure out his costume. Dion gets a grin, and Tarzan a second look, but then she's off for the punch. The spiked punch.

"Oh, yeah, totally," Richard replies offhandedly to the young woman's squealing fairgirlism, paying more attention to her cleavage than her words— drifting along towards the drink table once the latter become too intolerable for the former to really deal with. "I'm sorry, but… I'm too dangerous, I can't risk losing control around you."

Escape! Richard moves off to try and lose her in the crowd, deftly stepping through the crowds.

Thorpool turns over to the Punisher. "Yeah," he admits, "I know it is. But I still think it's awesome. Wait… I have those head-wings on, don't I?" He then reaches to his head, and pulls the wings off, while putting them in one of the containment parts of his belt-thingy.

Matthew gives the Sexy Pirate woman an appreciative look before flashing her a cocky smile and he says, "You sure put a shiver in my timber." An offered arm as he urges her towards the dance floor. He's a physical sort of guy and it's just not a party until you've had time to work up a little sweat and get stretched out. His eyes keep searching the crowd, probably in search of anyone familiar. Sadly the only familiar figure seems to be Dion and the Peter Pan outfit just earns a wince.

There's certainly a lot to look at, and Dion does enjoy the view. He looks a little surprised to see some familiar faces, but not very. This party was very well advertised, after all. Instead, he contents himself at first with that view. Mostly, the very attractive people, wearing various shades of not a lot. At least one of which require therapy later. Hey, really hot guy in a loin cloth. Now, all he needs is someone dressed as Dr. Freud.

Hikaru apparently has come as a couple with Melissa tonight, it would appear. Did someone call for a swishy pirate? No worries. The fox has come as a remarkably convincing Captain Jack Sparrow with marvelously crafted clothing — it would almost seem like he has access to a costumer! And that appearance! He's the very spitting image of Johnny Depp in swishy pirate makeup! Why, he's even practiced Depp's sashay, waving his hands as he walks through, spindling his fingers as he picks at something invisible upon someone's shoulder, then flicks it away. "I am looking for a bottle of rum, and an attractive young lass which I can ply with said rum. The order in which I acquire these matters very little," he announces.

Tarzan is the one manning the spiked punch bowl, so as Melissa comes closer, he slides his heels off the table and rises, standing tall. He leans his hips against the table, and sets his never-empty cup down. "Looking for a drink?" LaFayette and Cheetarah manage to somehow entertain themselves… in fact, they're entertaining themselves, and anyone with a portable camera. Ooh la la.

Melissa glances back to Hikaru and she laughs before she waves him over. "That is an /awesome/ costume. Captain Jack almost doesn't look as Captain Jack-y as you," she says with a grin, before she turns back to Tarzan, nodding. "Yep. Two though, one for me, and one for the good captain," she says, jerking a thumb in Hikaru's direction.

Hikaru-as-Captain Jack curls an arm around Melissa's waist, still not breaking character. "I am wounded, my dear. Good captain implies that I have a good bone in my body. Which, of course, you are well aware that I do not. Save for one, but we shan't talk about that here. My word, woman. You're a mermaid!" he finally notices. "I've been at sea too long," he announces, rubbing his eyes. Blink, blink. "Ah well. Beggars cannot be choosers, after all. You'll do."

Okay, there's Tarzan, there's Captain Jack, and a Mermaid standing in fairly close proximity to one another. Richard promptly ducks around the group, crouching down a bit behind Melissa as he hisses out to the trio, "Hide me. There's a fangirl on my tail!"

Twilight Fangirl will not be stopped. "I still think that Jacob has the hots for Edward, you know? It would be a totally logical progression - wait, where are you going? Come back!" And she hustles through the crowds after Richard.

Pirate Woman heads to the dance floor with Matthew, and it looks like he's going to have a happy ending tonight, as she's loving his dance moves. "Are you sure that's a costume and not your working uniform?" Purr purr.

Punisher guy snorts at Albert. "At least you gotta costume. I just grabbed a tshirt. But hey, this is some weird kinda party. I saw invites at the comic book shop, but most of these people look like they wedgied me last week at the lockers."

Deadpool chuckles slightly as the Punisher makes those comments. "Don't worry about it," he says, "just have fun." He then walks over to the punch bowl, before remembering a fatal flaw in his costume. "Oh, right," he sighs, "no mouth hole. Heh. Ah, well." He then looks around for anyone that he might know, which is difficult, as everyone is wearing a costume.

With her hair in little 'meatballs' on her nhead and long flowing baby blue and white ribbons around her, there's another character who heads into the party. Gayle's bopping her head up and down as she's decided to change costume to something a bit different for nthis year. She's played by Kristen Kreuk afterall, so why not go with Chun Li from Street Fighter in all her leggy glory. Her almond shaped eyed peer around the room looking for any familiar faces or anything that would make her laugh her ass off as she pats down the blue flap over her little bikini bottom as she hrmms and beelines towards the punch bowl with Tarzan.

Melissa grins at the Captain, patting his shoulder lightly. "Ahh, this is true. I forgot. I won't insult you like that again." Then she's being hid behind, and she twists around and peers down at Richard. "Well you're almost on /my/ tail. And wait, fangirl? I'm now lost."

One thing Dion does not have to worry about is being chased after by fangirls. He watches Richard try to lose his, and tries not to look like it's as funny as it is. Of course, he doesn't go for the heavy-duty punch, given his age. He doesn't even try for the slightly-spiked stuff. He looks towards the DJ with a look of almost haughty disapproval of his choice at the moment, then sighs and checks out the snacks. The healthy ones. He has a figure to maintain, after all.

Tarzan pours Melissa and Hikaru their drinks, and slides them over to them. "You kids have fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." He winks at them with a snicker. Richard's plight just makes Tarzan smile wider. "Stop dodging the girl. You knew the risk when you put that costume on. She's willing, she's able, she's got great cans…" Tarzan's expression is very much the 'what's the matter with you, kid?' type. He pours two more cups and holds one out for Richard, and the other out for the Twifan. "Have fun. This is a PARTY!" He lifts his hands up high, and a few people from the shadows roar their approvel between debauched atempts at their own purity. Chun-Li is given the toe-to-head treatment, but Tarzan's eyes fall on Dion again, after a moment. He waves to a young Hispanic man dressed like Zorro. "Take care of my table," he orders the black-clad young man. Then, Tarzan weaves out from behind his table.

"If it were my working uniform you'd be handing me over pieces of eight for this dance" Matthew tells the pirate wench while continue to show off his moves. Dance dance dance. He's actually been practicing! Still he continues to watch the crowd for familiar faces even while watching his dance partner show off her own steps.

"Well, it is a very nice tail," Richard points out with a roguish grin up to Melissa, before the observation from Tarzan gets the wry response, "Yeah, but I think she's trying to set me up with that guy with the Jacob costume over there." Oh hell, here she comes. He pushes himself straight, reaching over to accept the drink handed out from Tarzon, tilting it back to his lips to slam it back before it's too late.

Melissa takes her glass, arching a brow at Richard. "Why do you have a fangirl? You don't look familiar to me," she says curiously, before smiling at Tarzan. "I intend to. It /is/ a party, and why come to a party if not to have fun, hmm?"

"Oh my God, Richard.." Gayle-cum-Chun Li recognizes the vampire as she heads on over as she facepalms, trying to grab at his shoulder. "You said you weren't gay! Really!?!?!?!? Edward Cullen?!?!?"

Punisher says to Deadpool, "Looks like the Tarzan punch bowl is getting all the action."

Pirate Woman says to Matthew as she gyrates, "Oh, I can pay you all the pieces of eight you want, baby."

Suddenly, the music stops. There is a chorus of "Awwww" mingled with a few curse words. And then the dry ice around one entrance gets especially foggy. The music to "Thriller" starts, and when the organ riff comes in, Jolie appears out of the fog! She's outting her divine status tonight, if the outfit is any indication: A skin tight black full bodysuit, painted with a skeleton, her face painted like a skull as well. She's got on a top hat, and clear heels that don't hide the "bones" on her feet. "Welcome to the party, everyone! I hope you're havin a good time. Just remember, play safe, and don't drive if you're drinkin. Party on!"

Tarzan lifts his arms up when Jolie busts out in her Samedi get up. "WHOOO!"

Failing to recognize anyone he knows, Deadpool throws his hammer into the air and catches it repeatedly. When Jolie appears out of the fog, Deadpool is in mid-throw, and the hammer lands and hits him in the head as he turns to look at her. "Ow," he says, as he holds his head while still looking at Jolie. "I mean, wow." He then applauds loudly.

"Gayle? Hey—I am not gay! I figured it'd get me laid to… night…" Richard's protests to Gayle's sudden accusation trail off as the eruption of dry ice spills out of the fog, and Jolie appears from the swirling mists to declare a beginning of the festivities. A low whistle trails under his lips as the liquor works its way into his system, "…now that is a costume. Ho-ly shit."

While Dion is not exactly the most masculine sort of young man, he's still really, really pretty and does get some looks. Embarrassed sometimes furtive looks, some of them, but still. He stands watching the DJ, hand on his hip and leaning more on that leg, as though he's considering his chances of banishing the man and taking over. Then, though, their hosts makes her appearance and he has to smile and nod appreciatively at the presentation. He, too, applauds her effort and her welcome.

Melissa glances over to Jolie like everyone else, smiling and giving a cheer at the real start of the festivities, then half her glass of punch is knocked back and she grins. "I swear, we need more excuses for parties like this. I love everyone's costumes."

Hikaru casually drinks his wine. Oh, dear. This should be good. Shapechanger with alcohol. What could go wrong tonight? And he has pretty girls with him! And lowered inhibitions!

It's briefly after Jolie's introduction that Dion gets a well-formed arm around his shoulders, dangling a cup of the heavy, crimson drink near his face. Tarzan leans on Peter Pan gently, and says: "Let the DJ do his job. In a little while, no one's going to care what the music is, and neither should you." He offers the cup to Dion, smiling wide. "Have a drink."

Matthew pauses in his dancing just long enough to applaud Jolie's entrance before he begins moving again and looks back to the pirate wench curiously. "Oh I can want a lot" he says in makeshift Han Solo form as he considers her anew. If she a pirate princess? Perhaps his costume could actually make him cash! Already a mind that works in odd directions at the best of times is suddenly spinning get rich quick schemes involving lonely pirate lasses.

Jolie does the rounds after her little display, talking to groups, complimenting costumes, and just generally trying to be a good hostess. She talks a lot to the people wearing the skull necklaces, finding out the problems and helping to get them resolved. She hands a drink to Punisher Guy and says to Deadpool, "That's a nice costume, but do you have a hole in that mask, hon? You ain't gonna be able to drink!"

"And how much do you want?" Pirate Woman is having a good time flirting with Matthew. "Because I want everything."

There's no small amount of surprise when Dion finds the arm of a gorgeous, mostly naked man around his shoulder and a cup in front of him. He looks back and forth between both, this not at all being what he expected. He blushes deeply, then says "I'm not old enough to drink. Thank you, though." He looks again to the DJ, with some effort, then adds "I guess I should just let him. It leaves me more time to dance."

Deadpool reaches into the container on his belt and palms the head-wings. He pulls off the belt while throwing his hammer into the air. The belt hits the ground as Deadpool fastens the wings to his mask, unzips a zipper in the back of his costume, untucks a cape in it, zips it up, and attempts to catch the falling hammer - and fails miserably. "Heheh," Thorpool laughs nervously, as he picks his hammer up.

Melissa downs the rest of his drink then looks up at Hikaru. "See anyone you know?" she asks, before doing a lot more looking around at the various costumes.

"Not old enough t-" Tarzan blinks at Dion and then tosses his head back, giving a riotous laugh. He grabs Dion's hand and puts the drink in it. "You're old enough to die for your country, you're old enough to drink. Besides, you can't /buy/. You can still partake." A wink. "Trust me. What could /possibly/ go wrong?" And when he asks it, it's almost impossible to think of a single thing…

The rest of the liquor in Richard's cup, mostly just a bit at the bottom, is tilted back to his lips; an eye on the hostess in her skeleton-painted bodysuit as his attention keeps getting lured back in her direction. "So what're you doing here, anyway?" A turn back to Gayle, brow furrowing, "I didn't think you were coming. You're lookin' great, though."

Hikaru glances around the room curiously. He stands upon his tiptoes curiously, then returns to his alcohol once more "I'm afraid not," he says softly.

Matthew suddenly finds his get rich quick schemes floundering! Pirates don't use dollars, what is a piece of eight actually worth? Piracy is simply very complicated. He continues to dance and do his thing with the wench, no punch required there to lower inhibitions. He makes a special point of further showing off his moves as he fires back, "Make me an offer".

Dion looks at the drink now in his hand. He is absolutely about to protest further, of course. His grandparents would not approve in the least, after all. It's a lot harder to think of any number of perfectly reasonable objections though, when Tarzan asks what could go wrong. "I… guess it's alright to bend the rules occasionally. I mean, there's chaparones. We're safe here, right?" It seems there's really no reply needed, though. It's meant rhetorically, and Dion does taste what's in his cup.

Melissa smiles and comes Captain Jack a comforting pat. "At least you know me, so it can't be /all/ bad." She sets her empty glass down, then grins. "Let's dance, then find someone to talk to. We'll know someone by the time the night is over!"

Deadpool realizes that he completely blew off Jolie's question. "Oh, sorry," he apologizes. "Didn't mean to ignore your statement. It's hard for me to sort out the different sounds at the party. I think you asked about a mouth hole? No, I don't have a hole in the mask to drink. I didn't think that through. At least I can breathe through this, right?"

"Don't worry," Tarzan says with a grin. He pats Dion's shouldet gently. "I'll watch out for you." Don't you fret, son. Daddy's here. "So what's your name? People call me Lyss." Or Lyaeus. He has a cup in his hand, too, and is having a long, hefty drink. "You come to parties a lot? I'm so busy sometimes I don't stop to enjoy these things." Lies.

Jolie smiles sweetly at Deadpool's little trick, her grin looking a little odd with the skull facepaint. "That was cute! Lemme go see if I can get you a straw or somethin, hon," she drawls, then heads over to the dark punch table. "Hey D, you have any…" She blinks, as Zorro is standing there.. "Manu, where is Lyss? I thought he was supposed to be here?" Zorro crooks a thumb towards Tarzan and his growing entourage. "Okay, fine, just gimme a straw, kay?"

Pirate Woman waggles a finger at Matthew. "Ah ah ah. How do I know you're not an undercover agent for her Majesty? I'd sooner be hanged, even though you're quite hung."

Normally, those words would not really comfort Dion. For some reason. Older man showing lots of interest in a teen boy and plying him with alcohol? Nothing fishy there. His expression says he accepts those words though, and relaxes some as he has another sip. "Dion. I'm Dion. It's nice to meet you, Lyss." He's still a little overwhelmed by the attention, and there's a deer in headlights quality to him. "I haven't been to anything like this before, no. My grandparents don't really approve of big parties or anything."

"One of the hottest parties in New York and you think I wouldn't come?" Gayle asks, rather flabbergasted at the question. She peers towards Jolie and woohoos, applauding rather heartily. "I am so doing her costume next year.." she says with a wry grin, wrinkling her nose as she runs her fingers through her hair. She hrmms for a few moments as she bumps against the Edward cullen. "So how come you aren't.. ya know.. sparkly. That really would've finished your outfit."

Matthew tsks at the Pirate Lass and says, "Would you rather sit in drydock instead of going forward full sail and plundering all you can?" Gee. Pirate movie watching is coming in handy while flirting it seems! "Surely you must take chances in your line of work, and if I am an undercover agent for her Majesty you can always run me through, after I've run you through first of course."

"It's not sunny out," mentions Captain Jack as he moves by. Haha, Gayle doesn't know that he's really the person she's creeped out about. He makes his way around to mingle!

"Do I look like Neon? Speakin' of I think I saw him around here somewhere…" The emptied cup's tossed over into a trash can, Richard's free hand sliding over the small of Gayle's back as he steps in closer to her; stealing another glance over after Jolie, before leaning in to murmur, "Pft. I bet you'd do /her/ if you had half the chance, too. Hell, I would." Warning, filter between gonads and mouth has failed. Liquor inhibiting polite social functions!

Lyss mutters something under his breath that sounds vaguely like 'boring old prudes', but he dazzles Dion again with a smile. "That's too bad. At they're your grandparents, right? You don't have to worry about taking after them or anything." Eyeroll. "So what do you like to do, Dion? You look like a very expressive sort."

Melissa grins at Hikaru. "I think I'm glad it isn't. A sparkly vampire would look /weird/," she says, moving along with him, pausing to ooh or laugh about a costume here and there.

"Puhleeze, if I'm going to make out with a girl, I'm going to do it on camera in Girls Gone Wild. At least I'd get paid for some of it.." Gayle says matter of factly before she peers towards Captain Jack, giving him a two thumbs up. "Awesome costume!" she chirps merrily as she looks back towards Richard, "And uh, are you okay? You only had /one/ drink. Come on, let's go find Matthew and cockblock!" That is her idea of a good time as she starts heading to the dance floor ready to get her CB skills on.

"Thanks for the straw," Thorpool says in advance. "I think I'll have some of the radioactive green punch, once I get the straw. Nice costume, by the way."

"I'll take her, then," Richard replies without missing a beat, "Mermaid's pretty good too, but I think Captain Jack's got her, the lucky bastard… you know, I can probably get a camera." As she begins the hunt for Matthew, he drops into step along after her towards the dance floor, "Alright, alright. I don't dance, you know, babe…"

Jolie grins at Thorpool, returning with the straw and the Ecto cooler. "Here you go. I hope you're having a good time." She pats him on the shoulder and moves on to another part of the party.

Dion does not seem to notice anything disparaging said about his grandparents. Or, it's just not important at the moment. Especially given that lovely smile Lyss has. "Yeah. They're my grandparents. They're really good people." he offers in slight protest. He has another sip then, obviously liking the taste, then smiles "I sing. And dance. I love the theatre." Not really a surprise, considering his costume. "What do you like to do?" he asks then, almost all his attention remaining on Lyss.

At the party, another person comes in. She's amazingly beautiful, her hair long and golden as she has strong Norse features. She wears a rather sheer outfit as she peers around, looking at the masses as she lets out a soft and amused chuckle under her breath. Almost immediately, she gives a come hither look to a passing male and heads with him into the dark corner…

"I… like parties." Lyss smiles a little. "I organize them. I helped our hostess organize this one. It's sort of my thing." He rubs his chin a little, and glances at the DJ booth. "Hey. I have an idea." He claps Dion on the shoulder. "You should get on up there and do a little number." From somewhere — under his loincloth? yikes! — he pulls out a wireless microphone, and hands it to Dion.

In the meantime, Twilight Fangirl has found Richard again, as he walks with Gayle. "Oh! There you are! As I was saying, don't you think that Jacob and Edward are, like, a one true pairing and…who is she?" She blinks at Gayle. "I don't think Lana wore an outfit like that on Smallville."

Dion smiles as well. "This is a good party. Everyone's having fun, looks like." He looks around a little, but on the whole just seems to be taking it on faith. "At some school parties in the past, I've done the spinning. I hate when the DJ have no sense of flow. An evening of music should tell a story." His voice is naturally smooth and soft. The appearance of the microphone does boggle him, some. There's not all that much room under the loincloth, that he can see. He just looks at it once it's in his hand, then down at said cloth, but doesn't seem to be able to find the way to ask when he was hiding it. "A… a number? Sing, you mean?" It's off-handed commenting, since he's still trying to figure out where it came from. Maybe another, slightly larger sip of his drink will help.

"That's right," Lyss says. "Go on. I'll take care of the music." He gives Dion a little nudge towards the stage, and then heads off to the DJ, to make sure the appropriate song comes on. Nevermind that he never asked Dion what he'd want to sing.,

And Gayle continues to go towards the dance floor before looking towards the fangirl as she lets out a hearty laugh. "Totally not Lana lang, I keep on getting that.." she grumps under her breath before she stares back at Richard. "Looks like you have a fan, Edward,but I'm going to cockblock the male stripper over there. And I'm totally Cun Li right now, thank you very much.." she quips before bouncing on over towards Matthew.

"Oh my God! Matthew! there you are sweetie! Thanks for keeping him warm for me.." she tells the other girl with a wry grin on her lips. "But he and I have an appointment.." she quips, enjoying her bitchy moment of the evening.

Oh, god, it's the Twilight Fangirl. Richard's steps falter a bit as she steps in to continue her rant about fanfiction and try and insult Gayle; pausing before completely dismissing her, gaze dropping. She does have nice cans, Tarzan was right. "Personally," he replies finally and shamelessly, "I think they should've both just dragged Bella into bed and double-teamed her. And I don't know why… what?" As Gayle bounces off, he blinks after her, "Hey, where're you—" Uh oh. Left alone with the fangirl!

"Thorpool gets some greenish punch, and drinks it through the straw, which he put under the mask. He then looks around. "Hmmm… I got my drink, now what?"

Melissa smiles at Hikaru. "Gonna go grab another drink. Don't get snared by some other mermaid while I'm gone, hmm?" she teases, before heading off towards the special punch bowl. She does pause, however, to look at Lyss. "Aren't you /freezing/ in that?" No matter that all she's wearing on her chest are shells, of course.

Matthew looks disconcerted as Gayle rushes up to him? What?!? He is not being kept warm for anybody! He is totally about to get a large chest of pirate loot for taking clothes off and doing things. At least, that is the hope! "Careful" he says to the Chun Li sort, "She's a pirate. She probably has a cutlass."

Dion has never minded standing out, so the idea of singing in front of a lot of people doesn't bother him. This isn't necessarily the right venue, but he's been steadily sipping from the cup given him by Lyss and any reservations have left him. It's hard to tell how much he's actually had to drink by now though, because there's been no change in the level of what's in his cup. He looks at Lyss again when he's shrugged, but then smiles and finds himself walking towards the stage. What is he going to sing? Don't trouble him with details.

And Richard utters the magic words. "Oh! You are so right! I, I mean Bella would totally love that," says the Twilight Fangirl, as she scoots closer to him. She's not bad looking, and could infact pass for Bella with the outfit she's wearing at the moment.

Pirate Woman glares at Gayle. "You must be joking." Then she stares at Matthew. "Were you trying to set me up to get your little girlfriend here jealous? I don't play that!" She huffs and stalks off.

"Oh he just does that because he knows how riled up I get when I think he's going to cheat on me. It's a game we have.." Gayle continues to chirp at the pirate woman, smiling brightly. "Besides, you're a little bit too old for him. A few decades perhaps?" she says, not able to resist a little snipe at the woman's pride as she starts to drag Matthew off, giggling with glee the entire time.

Pirate Woman runs right into Thorpool on her way off the dance floor. "Oops, sorry about that…Deadpool? Nice."

Jolie finishes her rounds and heads back to Manu/Zorro, getting a cup of the dark punch and downing it almost immediately. "So far, so good."

Thorpool nearly falls over as Pirate Woman crashes into him. "Sorry," he apologizes, as she does. "Shouldn't have been in your way. Yeah, I'm Deadpool. Nice pirate costume…"

"I mean, wouldn't it've saved some time if instead of /watching/ her sleep, he just…" Richard drapes an arm casually over the Bella's shoulders, leaning in with a lazily crooked smile to offer more quietly, "…climbed into bed with her? I mean, you know they both wanted it, right? Better way to wake up, in my opinion…"

He keeps an eye on his friends - smirking a bit as Gayle chases off the pirate wench, murmuring, "Poor Matt. She was pretty hot."

And suddenly from the darkness, the man who was grabbed earlier comes out with a dopey grin on his face. He just nhad his world ROCKED. That Norse woman is that good.

She soon steps out of the shadows as she peers around. Her gaze scans over the gathered men, her eyes squinting as she soon finds Tarzan, Richard, Hikaru, Dion, Matthew and Albert in her range. Only one of them is ineligible as she doesn't like fornicating with her grandsons if she can avoid it. That's gross even for her. Still, she sashays her hips from side to side as her sheer outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. This woman is the slut ho-iest cougar ever and she eyes Richard first as he's barely legal, just how she likes them on occasion.

"You know, Bella isn't the only one who likes threesomes, handsome.." she whispers. "Want to join me in the corner over there and I can show you just what she'd like?" she asks curiously.

Lyss just winks at Melissa. "If it's a concern, you could always help me keep warm." Beat. "Give me a moment, though, I have something to do." He whisks over to the DJ booth. After a brief interchange of words, the Bette Midler song, 'The Rose' starts up, and Lyss gives Dion the A-OK signal.

Melissa rolls her eyes at Lyss and points to the quiet Hikaru. "Here with someone," she says, before shaking her head and continuing on, snagging a drink, then heading back to the Captain. The music starting has her frowning. "What kind of music is this for a party?" she complains.

"No idea," replies Hikaru-as-Captain Jack to Melissa. "I was expecting some kind of modern music, or something of that nature. No such luck, I suppose. The dee jay must be getting requests, or something of that nature. Either that, or there's a prank of some sort going on."

The young man dressed like Peter Pan can't really work out how he ended up at the here and now, but he is here and now, and he has a microphone in his hand, and something starting up that he knows he can do well. It may not be Halloween music, but it's a song he loves. That's really all that matters at the moment. That, and the wonderfully warm feeling he's getting from being a Center of Attention. He does like that a lot, and on cue his strong, sweet voice rings out the words to Midler's song. He's good. He's really, really good.

Matthew is looking daggers at Gayle. Daggers! His booty call was totally called away. "It's not like that!" He calls after the pirate lass before turning his attention to grumble at Gayle, "I was totally going to score. Maybe even get paid for it! You owe me. You owe me lots."

Pirate Woman smiles at Deadpool. "Thanks. Um hey, crazy question: Do you have a girlfriend? A jealous one? Because…" The words die on her lips, as she looks over to Peter Pan as he sings. She sniffles a little, smiling wistfully.

Twilight Girl was about to lay down some lame snap on Norse Cougar, but the song enthralls her as well, even though she probably has never heard it before.

Jolie is also drawn to the song. "Dayum, he's good," she whispers, greatly impressed.

Lyss shows up next to Hikaru and Melissa and says, "Show some respect. You're about to witness greatness." He grins at them both, and then sidles over to Baroness Jolie, taking her hands. "Dance with me, gorgeous!" It's a slow dance. He pulls Jolie close to his bare, glistening abs and chest. Oh, baby.

Melissa nods and glances towards Dion, sipping at her drink. "Yeah, but he /is/ good." She looks towards Lyss, shrugging. "Still not a party song. Unless you're fifty," she replies, before looking back up to Hikaru, arching a brow slightly.

Hell-o there. At the moment, with that Dionysian brew in his veins, Richard's attention isn't hard to draw… and it's drawn from that appetizer of a fangirl nestled under his arm to the sheer garments of the blonde that's just sauntered up to them, drawn first by the sway of hips at the corner of his vision and then up the rest of her before she's there and whispering out that shameless proposition. Now's the time ot be smooth, Rich.

"Oh really…?" Yeah, that wasn't very smooth. His arm slips down from Twilight Girl's shoulders as she's distracted by the stage, and so is he, grinning towards Peter Pan, "Shit, Neon's pretty damn good. Mm. So you were saying, beautiful?" The latter, presumably, to the norsewoman.

Jolie is pulled in by Lyss. It's been a while for her, so she's enjoying the dance almost as much as the song. "Lyss, I didn't know you could dance," she grins.

"Woah…" This is all Thorpool can say as he hears the song. "He's good… man, it makes me feel bad about how bad I suck at singing. Heh."

"You were totally not going to score. That woman was hideous. Come on, pirate woman? She probably has STDs galore in that booty of hers.." Gayle says chastizingly as she continues to drag Matthew towards the direction of Richard before she looks towards the stage. She blinks and wrinkles her nose as she tugs on Matt again. "Hey! It's the guy from before. Damn, he's good!" she chirps. "But he's totally gay for singing it."

Dion doesn't really concern himself with the rest of the world, as he lets himself be entirely consumed by the music. He looks very much at peace as he sings, smiling and feeling the words as they pass through his lips. Though not concerned with the others around him, he still wants them to feel the music as he does.

Meanwhile the Norse woman starts to let her fingers entwine with Richard's starting to drag him off to the side. She isn't exactly enthralled by the singing. She has other pursuits in mind as she continues to bring him towards the darkness. "Let's have a little fun, shall we?"

"I can dance forever," Lyss tells Jolie with a wink. "Sorry for hi-jacking your party. I had to hear what my kid can do." He twirls Jolie once, and then back again.

Matthew follows along Gayle protesting, "She was not hideous! She was hot! And how would a pirate get STDs, they are out on the ocean all the time. I mean she maybe had scurvy or something but I could have just fed her an orange before we fucked and everything would have been all good." Then his gaze falls on Jord dragging Richard away and he says, "Damn it. Why don't you go cockblock him."

It's one way to escape the twilight fangirl! Richard's certainly enjoying the music, but he's also letting himself be dragged off towards that shadowy corner, fingers curling through the nordic woman's fingers in a warm clasp, lips curving in a confident smile as they slip off to the side, "…isn't that what we're both here for?"

Pirate Woman consoles Deadpool, "We can't all be that good. Besides, he's probably got some inner pain or something. He /does/ have the voice of an angel, though."

Jolie is confused by Lyss' words. "That kid up there is your son? Wow, you must be real proud of him. That boy can /sang/."

"Yeah, thanks," Thorpool says to the Pirate Woman. "Sorry about dragging you into my self-pity. I doubt anyone here could be anywhere near as good as him. Heck, he should go pro. He'd be at the top of the charts." He then starts drinking more of his punch.

That boy can definitely sing. For those for whom it's really not music to party to though, it's also not a long song. Dion's voice soon quiets, never having wavered or become uneven. For a moment after the music ends, his eyes remain closed. He looks positively radiant and peaceful.

"Well, definitely not a Halloween party song, but it was good," Melissa says, clapping for a moment, as well as she can with a cup in hand.

"I would have preferred the Monster Mash," Hikaru mentions. Everyone's a critic. "Still. I have to admit, that was one well done song, don't you agree? It really got my spirits up. Maybe it's just the wine talking. He has a serious future on Broadway as a performer if he were so inclined. I could really see it happening."

"Excuse me," Lyss tells Jolie, "I have to go set another one of you into the world and watch the party start." He sidles off towards Dion, as the music turns back to the more party-ish beats. He summons Dion with a wave of his hand.

Dion smiles at the sound of the applause, his eyes opening and then shining in reaction to the show of approval. He's never performed in front of so many, and the applause makes him positively heady. Part of that's probably all the drink, though. He smiles brightly to Lyss, and hurries over towards him. Fortunately, he manages not to spill much of his drink. Not that it wouldn't be refilled, but still. It would be a sad waste of good alcohol.

Melissa laughs and she leans in closer to Hikaru, slipping an arm around his waist. The mermaid and the pirate. What a pairing. "You and Broadway. I have /so/ got to see you on stage sometime. Hey, maybe /you/ should go sing!"

And of course Gayle claps and applauds as she looks back towards Matthew with squinty eyes like this: -_-. She rolls her eyes and facepalms, wrinkling her nose as she stretches her arms into the air. "Don't you watch Degrassi! Geeesh, slut hos have STDs.." she grumps, just trying to do the right thing. "Look, I don't know why but I know that woman has genital herpes. I just don't know why, but like I can seeit. I see her and she's like a walking, talking, genital wart."

"You, my boy, you are /magnificent/." Lyss comes up to Dion and puts his hands to the scion's cheeks. "Do you know why your name is Dion?" He smiles, wide.

"Me?" Hikaru replies to Melissa quietly, putting his arms down as he finishes his clapping. "Oh, I don't sing," he assures her. "I'm spoken word only. My voice is far too squealy, and I can't hit the high notes like this anyway. But I actually don't think it would be polite to follow him up. He did a fantastic job. He doesn't need someone to try to sing like they're trying to compete."

And so the Nordic woman gives Richard the ride of his life. she's really that good. She /is/ sex embodied in purephysical form. Fifteen minutes later, she gives Richard a little kiss on the forehead as she starts pulling up her panties and ruffling her skirt down. "Thanks hun, that was fun.." and she eyes the others.

Melissa grins and nods to Hikaru. "Fair enough. But you still owe me a dance. Unless you want to see a mermaid cry. It's not a pretty sight, I promise," she teases. "Or do you want to go tell him that you liked the song?"

Pirate Woman sneezes. "Oof, I hope I'm not catching anything," she mutters. She applauds wildly when Dion finishes, then smiles at Deadpool. "So, if you can't sing, can you dance?" She's ready for another go on the dance floor.

Jolie grins at Lyss. "Sure, you go on, I need to check somethin, thanks for the dance." She heads back to the dark punch bowl, then blinks. "Oh no. Did I just?" And she shudders, but in a good way. "Woowee!"

"Eww" Matthew upones to Gayle, "Eww eww eww. I mean.. how would that be as a costume though? Big genital wart. I mean I bet that would just scare everyone you know? Have them all running away in terror."

"I… am not much of a dancer," Thorpool confessed. "Sorry. I could TRY to dance, but I might get mistaken for a member of the 'Ministry of Silly walks'. Not sure I want to embarress you…"

There's certainly a fun time to be had off in the dark corners of the room! As the norsewoman pulls herself away and adjusts herself, Richard's arm curls about her waist as his other hand does up his own pants; leaning in to kiss against her neck, murmuring, "Goin' so soon, beautiful?" Hey, he's the one who's supposed to fuck and run, not her!

The music returns to the typical hipshaking booty bumping grooves to get your body moving.

Dion's cheeks flush deeply at the compliment. "Thank you." He sighs happily, then says "I've never felt like that before. Having the attention of all those people…" He can't even begin to describe it. The question causes him to shake his head, then. "My grandparents said when I was given to them I was already named." he replies to Lyss.

Lyss nods a little. He's almost tearing up, he is! "You're named after your father," he explains to Dion, in a voice low enough not to be heard by others, but loud enough to be heard by Dion. "Do you want to know who your father is?"

"I… it was fun, but I want someone who has a bit more experience.." she whispers, starting to move away from RIchard as she eyes Lyss. Of all those present he radiates the most power afterall, and so she sashays her hips back and forth before going to him.

Richard's ego has taken a hit! It's going down, bail, bail…! As she saunters off towards the muscular Tarzan type that's chatting with Dion, he's left looking after her wistfully— and perhaps with just a bit of offense— before sniffing, fingers brushing his teased-up hair back straighter before walking back out through the party. Where'd he leave Gayle and Matthew at, anyway?

Pirate Woman laughs. "Dance skill isn't everything. I was dancing with a guy earlier who had some nice moves. And he was just setting me up to get his girlfriend jealous. Pitiful. But if you want to just talk, that's fine. Want some punch? That dark red stuff is killer."

Dion listens, his attention certainly peaked at the mention of his father. "My… my grandparents didn't know anything about him. They didn't sound very happy about him, though. I guess they didn't approve." Clearly, he's been told almost nothing about the circumstances of his conception. "You know my father?" He seems to be accepting the claim for the moment, though.

Thorpool starts to fall over, clutching his head. "Crud…" he groans, "I'm sorry. I'd like to talk some more, but I think I'm getting a… GYAAHRG… YEP, I'm definitely getting a migrane. Something's not right. Uh… sorry." He then stumbles out of the party, but not before running into a wall. "ARGH! Freakin' wall!"

"I know, but I can't explain it. Know how we have powers and stuff now. I think my power is to tell if someone has STDs or not. So you need me around every time you date a girl,okay?" And that's Gayle, taking things very seriously as she looks around and then covers her eyes. "Gah! Syphilis! The Clap! Crabs!" she whines, not wanting to see anymore.

Lyss grins at Dion. "Yes, well, your grandparents can stuff. Dion? /I/ am your father." And while everyone else may simply see Dion and Lyss having a normal chat, to Dion and the God, time seems to halt, the world becomes slow, and Dionysus stands tall before his progeny.

"I am /Dionysus/, God of Wine and Celebration. I met your mother at a party, one day, and we had a… good time. She was a lot like your grandparents. She almost had you aborted." A tone of sorrow in the God's voice as he slides his fingers over Dion's cheek. "I stopped her. I stopped them all. I knew you'd be beautiful." He smiles widely. "You're eighteen now, Dion. It's time you knew the truth. I am Dionysus. And you are my son. The son of a God."

Pirate Woman looks distraught as Deadpool/Albert flees with a migraine. She discreetly sniffs an armpit, then mopes her way over to the dark punch to get totally plastered.

"Hey, there you two are…" Richard's lips curl into a smirk as he comes up on Matthew and Gayle again finally, adjusting his belt subtly as he stops beside the group, "…guess she chased off the pirate wench after all, eh Matty?" He doesn't seem quite so easygoing as the brew had him earlier, probably because of that hit to his ego. He'll get over it!

"Such a bold claim.." the blonde Norse woman speaks as she looks towards Lyss, a wry and almost predatory grin curling onto her lips. She snickers softly under her breath, oozing sensuality like a bad MUSH cliche as she looks towards the god of wine and celebration. She snickers softly and idly runs her fingers through her hair as she watches the visitation, highly amused at this point.

Hikaru, on the other hand, then, mentions to Melissa, "I suppose I do owe you a dance, then. What kind of dance shall we do? The tango? The salsa? The bon odori? Ghetto booty dancing?" he suggests. "I suppose we'll need some music for any such dancing. And no, I wouldn't want to see a mermaid cry. Mermaids are far too pretty for that sort of thing," he says, lightly touching the chin of his mermaid companion. "Not that you could really tell if they were crying underwater."

There's a lot of staring and blinking, on the part of Dion. Sure, there's the obvious Star Wars joke to be made, but the young man isn't that specific sort of geek. And his feelings do, in fact, tell him it's true despite the perhaps ridiculousness of the claim. It's a LOT to take in though, hence the staring and blinking. And then a large drink from his cup. Finally, "You're… I'm…" His forehead furrows some. "Those men. With the robes. They said…" They can't possibly be right, though.

Melissa laughs then nods towards the DJ when the booty shaking music returns. "This is fine. Whatever kind of dance you want to do to this. You're leading, after all," she says with a grin, before she all but drags Hikaru off to dance.

And the Twilight Girl morosely passes by Richard, Gayle, and Matthew. "Looks like you're going to get that threeway afterall," she spits out bitterly, then heads out of the building.

"At least I don't have the herps! Go and get that checked out. HPV is bad mmmkay?" Gayle calls back, snickering the entire time as she looks towards both boys surrounding her. She wrinkles her nose once more and stretches her arms into the air. Oh wait, that wasn't the herpes girl, was it?

Poor Twilight Girl! Matthew looks already ready to offer to sex her up, with or without oranges but a sidelong look at Gayle seems to deflate that idea before it takes form. She is cockblocky. So so cockblocky. "She was diseased too? Wow? How about you just point out who is not all warty at the party?"

Hikaru gets out there on the dance floor. Arms go up, legs swivel, rear end shakes from side to side. Yes, he's shaking his tail, despite the fact that he has no tail. He does a very good impression of Jack Sparrow dancing like a loon. Yes, that's right, thug dancing to booty rap. The perfect maneuver for a Halloween party. He doesn't comment on how weird it is to have a pirate dancing with a mermaid. At least it's not with a ninja, the Internet would probably explode or collapse into a singularity.

"Oh, go write your fanfic," Richard casts back after the bitter Bella, rolling his eyes as he looks back to Gayle and Matthew; brows raising a little, "Yeah, so, you two havin' fun tonight? I was just over with this smokin' hot chick, but she was— well, a little old for me, so I decided to ditch her." Yeah, that's exactly it.

Melissa busts out laughing when Hikaru starts dancing, but after a moment, she starts to shake her booty as well. When in Rome, right? "You make the best Captain Jack. It's kind of scary. Or could be. You do this often, or is it just natural talent?"

"She didn't have herpes or any other STDs, did she?" Gayle asks as she continues to keep her eyes covered. She whines and wrinkles her nose as she continues to tug at Matthew. "I hate these powers. So many people have STDs here. It's lame.." she grumps.

Dionysus ignores Jord. This is /his/ moment with /his/ son. He clasps Dion at the shoulders. "Dion. You are my son, and with that come certain gifts. I have given them to you tonight. You thyrsus," — and that's what the microphone has become — "and your goblet," — likewise the cup — "are your gateway to your powers and your birthrights." He lifts his hands, and from behind Dion, Cheetarah and LaFayette come into the small bubble of existence than Dionysus has created. They drape on Dion's shoulders like fawning fans. "These are the Thiasus. A retinue of followers, all for you. As you grow in power and as your deeds gain you fame, more will find you."

"Talent," replies Hikaru shaking his groove thang. Yes, he has a thang, and it is grooving. "I trained to be an actor long before I learned that it ran in my family. High school drama, drama club. I was well on my way to joining one of the guilds. Then things changed. So, now I just do it because it's fun, and I enjoy it! It keeps stories alive. Being a copyrighted character is even more fun, because usually I have to be historical or fictional characters!"

Melissa grins and nods, still dancing with Hikaru, and following his lead. "Hate to break it to you, but Jack Sparrow /is/ a fictional character! But tell me you don't dance like this on /Broadway/ or I might lose it here and now." She's missing Dion's rise to Scionness, but she's having a good time regardless!

Dion is watching the man calling him son, all sorts of emotions trying to cram their way onto his young face. Surprisingly, especially to him, doubt really isn't one of those emotions. He has had a bit to drink though, which is probably not hurting on top of his father's natural ability to convince. He does look to both the goblet and the microphone, eyes widening a bit as he seems them better for what they are. And then he gets more presents, and he doesn't even look like he knows what to do with them. He'll probably work that out later, though. "Wow." he manages finally, his voice breathy. It's not the presents, though. "I have a father." That starts to get him more emotional.

Jolie has snuck off as the dancing and drinking continue. She returns with a bottle of rum. She goes over to a corner of the warehouse (not the one where Jord was getting her groove on with Richard, thank you). She murmurs something under her breath, uncaps the bottle, and pours it all out on the ground. "For the ancestors. Take this blessing with my thanks." People have seen similar actions in rap videos before, so few people give her but a second glance.

"Mmm," Hikaru says, shaking his head, which happens to work perfectly with the dance. Oh, look, now he's doing the twist, complete with the Pulp Fiction-slash-Sailor Moon horizontal V across the eye step. "Kabuki dances are MUCH much different. Movements designed to show the thought behind each gesture. A movement in kabuki is as much poetry as it is anything else. One movement can tell a story. I suppose that would be true of this type of dancing, also, though I'm not sure what kind of story it would be designed to tell."

"You think they suck for you" Matthew grumbles at Gayle, "Least you didn't lose the slut you were going to sleep with. Come on. Let's go hang out near the punch and look at all the drunk girls. You can tell me which ones are disease free."

Melissa can't help but bust out laughing at Hikaru's latest dance move, and she nearly spills her drink. Yep, she still has it, though when she nearly spills it, she decides to avoid a party foul and drink, drink, drink until it's gone. Then she half steps, half stumbles towards Hikaru, swinging an arm around his neck and continuing to dance. "So how do you go from poetry to…what is that, disco moves?"

"No, she didn't have any STDs…" As far as Richard knows, anyway! He gives Gayle a bemused sort of look when she talks about being able to see those, the suggestion from the jock bringing a chuckle from him as he admits, "Not a bad idea, meathead."

"I want booze. It better be booze. Maybe I won't see talking, walking genital warts or crab people.." Gayle grumps once more as she keeps her face buried in Matthew's arms while motioning for the pair to lead the way to the punch. "Just watch, those crab people I saw were actual costumes instead of people with crabs..I hate my life."

"Not just /any/ father, either." Dionysus grins at Dion. He waves the thiasus away. "They'll find you," he tells Junior, swinging an arm around him. "We should go talk where it's a little quieter. Have ourselves a private soiree. You'll have time to party with all these folks some other time. I think we should have some father-son bonding while I'm down here." Down here in the mortal realms. He heads for the door, dragging Dion along, to explain to him the trials of being a Scion of the Gods, and what he should expect. Also, "By the way, about your grandparents…" Time to undo some of that damn brainwashing, too.

Dion nods to his father, then watches the pair vamoose for now. He can't help staring after them a moment, though. He doesn't at all protest being dragged off then, still looking deer-in-headlights about it all. He's all ears though, clearly eager to learn more.

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