Haldor Englund
Portrayed By: Corey Taylor
Status: Alive & Rocking
Age: 22
Calling: Viking Metal Drummer
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Thor
Significant Other(s): Tsuchimikado Maia "Hime"


Destiny can be a bitch, but I guess I don't have the luxury of really saying that anymore. I think I'm related to the Scripters of Destiny, at least on my dad's side of the family… Well, technically, I guess it's more 'at least in my dad's home realm.'

What? Big, bad, poor as dirt Haldor Archibald Englund can't have a badass motherfucker of a father? Oh, right. Mortals don't know too much 'bout gods 'n' shit anymore. I forgot about that for a moment there. Sorry. Lemme start over.

Me, I was born in the dead center of Nowhere, Pennsylvania a little over twenty years ago. My dad, Donar Englund, had a one night stand with my mom, Joanne Melnitz, after a raucous block party that had some hardcore, 1980's hair metal band or other playing. My mom never really got into the details of it, thank Frigg 'n' Odin. But yeah. My dad died a couple of days later, just before my mom realized she was pregnant. They were getting to know one another a bit though and she really dug on his Norse ancestry. She thought it made him kind of a raging badass.

So, uh, here's where things get tweaked. Turns out my dad's actually Thor. Donar's one of his traditional names, but… Yeah. No idea where the 'Englund' part came in, I guess everybody's gotta pick a last name when they come down to Earth… Or is it Midgard? I dunno. I'm still new to this whole Scion versus Titanspawn thing and my extended family hasn't been very helpful about explaining it.

I grew up pretty normal as kids go, my powers and abilities were either really easy to control or, uh, Hel. I dunno. I grew up pretty normal, but when I hit my teenage years I started getting into all of that Viking, neo-pagan, black metal bullshit. I've never been the smartest guy around, but I'm smart enough to get by. Besides, I'm a musician. That's all I've ever wanted to really do with my life: Play the drums and let the world know how I feel.

Well after getting into the whole Viking scene and graduating from high school by the skin of my teeth and some really smooth talking to some of the smarter folks in my class, I moved to New York City. I figured there'd be jobs here, if nothing else, but there's also a pretty pumping garage band vibe going on in the Big Apple still. Turns out NYC still draws a lot of attention, even in the real world, compared to fricking Marvel Comics.

Well the more time I've spent here in the City, working clubs as a bouncer and a few corporate gigs as a security guard, the more my Aesir heritage has started to surface. Couple of months ago, my pop shows up, looking just like he popped out of one of my mom's scrapbooks. He sits me down in some recording studio lobby and I swear, folks didn't notice either one of us, much less what we were talking about. So, yeah. Thor pretty much said the standard crap you'd expect from an Aesir god in the modern world, except less Marvel Comics campy. Apparently the old gods don't get too involved in the power struggles going on here on Earth (Aerth? Midgard?) anymore. Rules or some shit, I dunno.

But even so, the Titans that the various Pantheons sealed away ages ago are starting to rise up again. So pop tells me I gotta find some of my fellow Scions and join them in glorious battle to save Midgard. He explained I had powers from him, though he really didn't have much in the way of stuff to give me to help me in my quest. I'd have to come up with stuff on my own…

And that would be when my family came through. My uncle, apparently, Baldur visited me shortly after my dad did. He gifted me with a bracer, kind of a forearm guard-type thing, that was engraved with ancient Norse runes. Uncle Baldur said that the thing would help me channel more of my Dad's godly power than I could on my own and shit. This thing really has saved my ass a couple of times already while I was trying to fight Titans on my own.

One of the Titan kids hurled me off the top of an apartment building and I tried to summon Thor's power to my aid through the bracer and when I hit the ground I wasn't a pancake. I wasn't even hurt. So I kept concentrating on it and I ran clear up the side of the fricking building and jacked that son of a bitch in the face so hard it broke a couple of my knuckles before it launched him off the other side of the building.

Good thing for me he didn't have somebody watching his back on the fall out of the sky. At the time my, uh… Shit. I don't even know what to call Sif, so far as relations go. She's my dad's true, godly wife, so… I dunno. My step-mom? Yeah. Let's call her step-mom. My step-mom Sif hadn't visited yet and she brought the freaking god candy, can I get a fuck yeah?

Sif visited me like two months ago, shortly after my falling off the side of a building incident. She said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that it was pretty dick of my dad to just thrust me into this war thing without any weapons. So she had the dwarves that forged her golden hair and my dad's Oo… Ooooooo… Uru. Uru hammer. She had the dwarves that do a lot of forging for my dad and step-mom forge me some toys.

Apparently Sif kept an eye on me in the past, because she knew I was a drummer. She had the dwarves forge me some enchanted drum sticks. They'll turn into pretty much any up close and personal weapon I need, from hammers to swords to a Viking heavy axe, plus they're made of some ultra-lightweight god metal or some shit. Even in the shape of the biggest, baddest motherfucking swords I can swing, they're still light enough that I can swing 'em around like they don't weigh anything. They're freaking hardcore man and she said they're mine, all mine, which is really hardcore.

Now the question is: What happens from here?


Bombastic, outgoing, and very aware of his underused intellectual capacity, Haldor is a lot like his divine parent. He may live life on the edge sometimes, but Haldor isn't an adrenaline junkie or a thrill seeker or anything else that such behavior might normally indicate. Instead, Haldor is big on keeping other people safe. His mortal mother raised him with emphasis on some truly Norse virtues, courage in the face of danger, loyalty to family and friends, and standing firm in the face of danger are how he was raised.

Haldor likes being around other people, though he's often the guy that doesn't start talking until others talk to him first. Another lesson learned from his mortal upbringing, groomed through careful training since high school. Keeping at least a little to himself keeps him out of trouble and helps to attract the ladies; at least, Haldor thinks coming off as aloof attracts the ladies.

As a general rule, Haldor plays as hard as he works. Considering he's willing to put his all into his work, trying to keep up with him when he's working or partying is a bad idea. On the plus side, at least he's one of the more friendly Scions of Thor. He's relatively unlikely to suddenly explode into anger without, at least, giving some sort of warning.


Name Relation Notes
David Kong Bao Donkey Kong Great in a fight, but gifted with the personality of an ass.
Gene Horkos Frank West Combat Journalist. Wouldn't be surprised if he covered wars.
Jolie Watkins Black Jill Valentine Cool chick. She has nine zombies - NINE! HA! HA! HA!.
Rupert Patel The Guitar Hero Metal hero, may have the other half of Haldor's brain.
Scott Cornwall Tails Kinda nerdy, but has obvious potential. Pretty cool guy to talk with.
Tsuchimikado Maia "Hime" Miku Hinasaki Hot nerd-babe with something to prove. Totally Haldor's type.

Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Appearance: 3 Charisma: 7 Dexterity: 9
Epic Appearance: 1 Epic Charisma: 2 Epic Dexterity: 9
Intelligence: 3 Manipulation: 3 Perception: 5
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 4
Stamina: 9 Strength: 9 Wits: 6
Epic Stamina: 8 Epic Strength: 9 Epic Wits: 4

Hidden Destiny?

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