Guardian Boons

It is every God’s and Scion’s responsibility to protect the World, but some take this duty more seriously than their fellows. It’s from them that this Purview arises.

Associated With: Anubis, Baldur, The Dagda, Danu, Erzulie, Guan Yu, Hachiman, Heimdall, Huitzilopochtli, Huang Di, Isis, Lugh, Miclántecuhtli, Nuada, Ogma, Quetzalcoátl, Raiden, Set, Thor, Xipe Totec

1 Vigil Brand
1 Warning Line
2 Aegis
3 Ward
4 Unseen Shield
5 Come Running
5 I Say Thee Nay!
6 Confer Knack
6 Watcher at the Threshold
7 Confer Immunity
8 Appropriated Vigil
9 Divine Resolve
10 Salvation Sacrifice
11 Avatar of Guardian (The Sentinel)

Vigil Brand

Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy (to check up)
Cost: 1 Legend (to brand)
The Scion touches a person, an object or the entrance to a location and lays a mystical brand there that marks that subject as being under her protection. (Doing so costs one Legend.) Thereafter, whenever that subject is in physical danger (as determined by the Storyteller), the Scion receives a reflexive intuition to that effect. Should her player then succeed on a (Perception + Empathy) roll, she gains a clearer understanding of the subject’s condition, location and current situation.

The Scion can also use this Boon to check up on a subject at any time, but only one subject at a time. A Scion cannot brand herself with this Boon, but she can brand as many other subjects as she pleases. A subject can be branded by more than one Scion at the same time. Each brand is unique to the Scion who made it.

Warning Line

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion traces a line across the ground, along a doorway or over some other opening. The line can be as long as the Scion wishes to make it, so long as she traces the entire line in one pass. At the end, she names a creature. This can be as specific or as general as she wishes: “titanspawn,” “mortals,” “any animal smaller than a rat” and “Kane Taoka” are all valid examples. If a creature of that sort crosses the line, the Scion immediately becomes aware of it. There’s no limit to the number of Warning Lines that a Scion can have drawn at once, and she can intuitively tell the difference between any of them. (That is, if she has three different Warning Lines active, she knows which one was tripped at any given time). A Warning Line remains effective for a number of days equal to the player’s activation roll.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
By touching a mortal or an object, the Scion grants it a measure of divine physical protection. Her player spends one Legend and Willpower then rolls (Stamina + Fortitude), adding her usual bonuses. Successes on this roll then apply to the subject of the Scion’s protection as a temporary Hardness rating for the next 24 hours.


Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
By touching the entrance to a location, the Scion lays a ward on the area that bars entrance to a certain type of threat. Such a ward could bar ghosts, walking dead, a breed of titanspawn, human beings, lesser animals or Scions. The ward acts as a sphere with a circumference area equal to 500 square feet per dot of Legend the Scion has. It lasts for one day per success garnered by the (Stamina + Fortitude) roll.

The Scion can ward an area against as many different types of threats as she wants, but each threat requires its own activation roll and expenditure. (In effect, she must stack multiple wards on the same area.) Characters with more Legend than the Scion who laid down the ward can attempt to batter their way through the perimeter, thus destroying the ward. The ward can take a number of health levels of damage equal to ([the Scion’s Legend x 5] + [activation roll successes]), and it has a Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Legend.

Unseen Shield

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion concentrates and projects an invisible, semi-spherical shield of pure force around herself and those she’s trying to protect. The base of this shield can be as big as 500 square feet in area (about 13 feet in radius) per dot of Legend the character has, though she can keep it smaller. Ghosts, spirits and physical beings of lesser Legend than the Scion cannot penetrate this shield. If such a being has an equal or higher Legend rating (and can bring a physical force to bear), it can attempt to batter the shield apart with physical attacks. The shield can take a number of health levels of damage equal to [the Scion’s (Legend x 5) + activation roll successes], and it has an all-purpose Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Legend.

Unless some enemy’s effort shatters it, the shield lasts for one scene. Once the Scion produces it, she can move around freely within. She can also adjust the shield’s size during the scene, though moving the boundary exerts a physical force that pushes people and objects in contact with it.

Come Running

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 3 Legend
The Scion immediately rushes to the aid of anyone or anything on whom she has placed a Vigil Brand (Guardian •). When she gets a sensation that her branded charge is in danger (as determined by the Storyteller), she may spend three Legend points to disappear from her current location and instantly reappear in view of the brand she laid down. It helps to concentrate long enough for the player to make the (Perception + Empathy) roll to get an idea of what the danger is before she disappears, but it’s not necessary. Yet, while the character can use Vigil Brand to check up on a charge at any time, the Scion can use Come Running only when the charge in question is in imminent danger.

I Say Thee Nay!

Dice Pool: Stamina + Integrity
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion using this Boon commits to the unwavering defense of a mortal, a helpless supernatural being or a specific location. Until the scene ends, nothing can sway the Scion from her commitment to protecting her charge. She could still die during her defense, but she can otherwise stand her ground in the face of even the most horrible foes, overwhelming odds, gruesome threats or insidious persuasions.

To activate this Boon, the Scion names what she wants to defend and spends the required Legend and Willpower. Her player rolls (Stamina + Integrity). Every success on this roll adds one to the difficulty of any attempt to fool, intimidate or distract her from her chosen duty. Each success also reduces penalties suffered from wounds, poisons, drugs and anything else that might hinder her defense, though all other effects of these substances remain, and fatal wounds still result in death.

What’s more, the Scion gains a DV bonus equal to the successes rolled against anyone who would try to fight past her or attack her charge. Indeed, any attack on the person the Scion protects must overcome the Scion’s enhanced DV. For instance, a group of giants could fire machine guns at a fallen Scion, and even though the Scion is inactive, he would still gain the enhanced Dodge DV of the comrade protectively standing over him. This final benefit, however, applies only if the Scion on guard could defend against the attack herself. She still cannot defend her charge against unexpected attacks or against a sufficient number of massed attackers (see Scion: Hero, p. 193). All of these benefits last until the scene ends or the protecting Scion dies or willingly removes her protection.

Confer Knack

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 3 Legend
The Scion can bestow on a mortal in her care any Epic Stamina Knack she possesses. To do so, the Scion must have the mortal ingest at least a trace amount of her ichor, which can be found in any of a Scion’s bodily fluids. When the mortal has done so, the Scion blesses him, and her player spends the necessary points to confer the Knack. The mortal receives the attendant benefits and protection of the Knack for a number of days equal to the Scion’s Legend.

The Scion must actually have the Knack she intends to bestow, and she does not lose the benefits of the Knack herself when she gives them to someone else. She can confer only one Knack on a given person at a time, and a mortal can have only one Knack conferred on him at a time. The Scion can confer as many single Knacks on as many different people as she can afford to, though. What she can’t do is confer a Knack that has a prerequisite Knack.

The Scion can confer Knacks only on mortal human beings. Any conferred Knack that requires a Legend point expenditure requires a Willpower expenditure from a mortal instead. For Knacks that provide benefits based on the user’s Legend, assume that a mortal gifted thus has a Legend rating of at least 1.

Watcher at the Threshold

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 5 Legend
Prerequisite Boon: Vigil Brand
By marking a series of portals or passageways with his Vigil Brand, the Scion becomes capable of instantly transporting between any of them. The Scion can only appear at a given portal when another being attempts to pass through it, though. If a creature makes an effort to enter a passageway, the Scion can check on it through his Vigil Brand and then decide whether he wishes to respond by transporting to the spot.

Watcher at the Threshold functions for any Vigil Brand that the Scion lays at an area that could be considered a threshold — a doorway, gate, bridge, intersection, window or even a hole in the ground.

Confer Immunity

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower dot
Several Purviews grant as a first-dot Boon an all-out immunity to the element to which they pertain. With this Boon, a Scion who enjoys such protection from some such an element may grant it to a mortal of her choosing, whom she has already marked with Vigil Brand (Guardian •). To confer the immunity, she must first have the recipient ingest a trace amount of her ichor, as with Confer Knack (Guardian 6). Then the Scion’s player must sacrifice one dot of Willpower. (The player can buy it back later, but only after the end of the current story.) When that’s done, the Scion need only touch the Birthright relic through which she channels the immunity’s Purview to the Vigil Brand of the recipient.

The Scion can confer only one immunity on a given mortal, and a mortal can have only one immunity conferred on him at a time. The mortal does not need a Birthright relic to enjoy his immunity, but the immunity is not permanent. It lasts only a number of years equal to the Scion’s Legend at the time she confers it. The specific one-dot Boons a Scion can confer on a mortal with this Boon include the following: Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1), Night Eyes (Darkness 1), Safely Interred (Earth 1), Fire Immunity (Fire 1), Sky’s Grace* (Sky 1), Water Breathing (Water 1). (* If a Scion confers Sky’s Grace on a mortal, only the aspect of it that allows a character to survive falls of any height actually applies to the mortal. This aspect alone requires no expenditure from the character—he simply drifts safely to the ground when he falls from a height greater than that of how high he can jump.)

Appropriated Vigil

Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy (to check up)
Cost: 1 Legend or 5 Legend
The Guardian Gods have a broader range of responsibilities than heroes and demigods do. Among the largest of them is making sure that those heroes and demigods are doing their jobs, which is where this Boon comes in handy. When a God uses it, he can check up on the subject of a Vigil Brand that he did not lay down. The brand must have been laid down by one of his Scions, someone to whom he is Fatebound or someone whose Birthright relic his ichor helped to consecrate (thus enabling it to channel the Guardian Purview).

For one Legend point, the God can check up on a single, specific brand that he knows about, which was laid down by one of the aforementioned people. Doing so works just as well as checking up on one of his own personal brands (if he has the Vigil Brand Boon). Alternatively, the God may spend five Legend points to activate this Boon for a whole day. When he does so, he maintains a blanket passive awareness of every brand laid down by one of the aforementioned people (even brands he isn’t specifically aware of). He can’t check up on any particular one while he’s aware of them all, but if one of the subjects is in physical danger (as determined by the Storyteller), he senses it just as clearly as if one of his own protected subjects were in danger. If this awareness reveals a physical threat, he can focus in on it for a single point of Legend and survey the scene. If the God also has Come Running, he can use that Boon in relation to an appropriate other person’s brand just as if the brand were his own.

Divine Resolve

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy
Cost: 5 Legend
When a God sees a valued ally facing seemingly insurmountable temptation or coercion—whether he sees this in person, while checking up on the person remotely or is made aware while hearing the person’s prayers with the Hear Prayers Knack—the God can lend that person his own spiritual fortitude. When circumstances reveal that a mortal or Scion character’s player is about to have to roll (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) to resist some supernatural effect, the God may activate this Boon. He spends five Legend as his player rolls (Intelligence + Empathy). If the roll succeeds, the God grants his target’s player’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) resistance roll a number of bonus successes equal to the successes the God’s player achieved on the Boon’s activation roll. A God can use this power on a mortal, a Scion or a lesser immortal.

Salvation Sacrifice

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend per attack
With this Boon, a God redirects all the damage that targets someone or something under his protection. The God must use Vigil Brand on that someone or something, and he must know that an attack is targeting that subject. If he does, he can spend two Legend and absorb all the damage the attack inflicts on the subject of his protection (after all the steps of attack resolution). He checks this redirected damage against any Hardness, armor or soak he has, which can completely eliminate the attack’s effect if he’s tough enough.

This Boon works only against damage-causing attacks. The God can redirect the damage from as many attacks against branded people or places at a time as he wants, as long as he is aware of all the attacks and can afford to redirect them.

Avatar of Guardian (The Sentinel)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Sentinel—the avatar of the heroic protector ideal. The Sentinel wears armor and carries a shield but wields no weapon. The Sentinel’s armor protects anyone who hides behind The Sentinel. The Sentinel’s shield can protect an entire city from the fury of a God gone made with rage or grief. When The Sentinel stands on the path, none may pass without The Sentinel’s permission. The Sentinel can hold even the most ferocious Titan at bay without tiring, though The Sentinel can strike no telling blow.

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