Greek Sisters Speaking Geek


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Scene Title Greek Sisters Speaking Geek
Synopsis Scrivner takes Vette to meet Erasma, her half-sister, then suffers through the inevitable geeking out.

Erasma's Dorm Room

Envision a dorm room here. Yeah, there you go. You've got it.

The room is sligthly messy but thats to be expected. She has posters up of Star Wars and millenium falcon covers. She has a large computing station with her laptop there hooked up to a monitor. On the wall she has several weapons, a sword, an axe and what looks like a bullet proof vest with a red hammer drawn on it. Finaly admist her clothing and soda around there room there is also a HUGE bookshelf. Its stuffed full of books, Anime, Manga, comics and DVD's. Most of them are your typical nerdy stuff but some of it towards the bottom is a bit risque. Finaly across from the bed is a TV with several gaming systems.

In the room, poking at the strange device she got yesterday is a tired looking Ras. She wears a T-shirt which reads "Jesus Saves, Everyone else takes damage" and a picture of said religious figure with dice in his hand. She is also quite sweaty and tired looking as she does her best to sketch out the strange…thing she found yesterday. She has several pages of drawings so she knows exactly how it looked before she starts messing with it.

Rufus Scrivner has been a very, very busy man lately, so he's looking juuuust a touch tired as he walks down the hall of the dorm building towards Erasma's room. Dressed in business casual attire again, carrying his sword in a nylon case across his back, he keeps his hands tucked into his jacket pockets. He's gone to the trouble to explain two main things to Vette. One, not only did he find his half-sister, but he found /her/ half-sister, and her name is Erasma Menous. Two, last night, he joined Erasma on a little romp down into an underground cavern and destroyed a metal monster of some sort. He has no idea what in the Hell it's all about, but he intends to find out tonight while escorting Miss Adams to meet her sis.

He walks up to the door, and he knocks sharply at it.

Vette gaped a lot, trying to wrap her head around the concept of having any family at all. She'd dressed in nice brown slacks and a white shirt for this, but seems quiet and almost shy. Her long red hair is drawn back into a tight, neat tail. Usually Vette can talk anyone's ear off, but the whole concept of family is sort of an odd subject for her.

Erasma blinks as she hears the knock and she quickly runs over to the door, she bribed the sorority-wannabe sisters who usualy share her dorm to head out tonight so its just her. She opens the door and gives a bright smile ."Rufus! And um… oh shit. You must be Miss Adams? I um…Sis?" she asks. She herself seems a bit shy and she beams with an awkward sort of exitment. "Um. Welcome come in! I have leftover Pizza and mountain dew!"

The smile that comes to Scrivner's face is unfailingly polite, but the man doesn't say a word as he steps back so that Vette can enter the room first. Only once he's inside does he nod his greeting to Erasma, calmly saying, "Good evening, Miss Menous. A pleasure to see you again."

"Erhi, nice to meet you," Vette says with a smilenearly tripping over a soda can. She sweeps down and moves it out of the way, putting it right on top of one of the gaming systems in an absent minded sort of gesture. "You can call me Vette," she says. "I mean if we're um—you can call me Vette."

Erasma grins brightly. "Im Erasma. Wow. We even kinda maybe look alike." she offers with a smile before she leans foward to try to give the other girl a hug. When finished she just beams brightly. "Wow… you know your my first sister…well I mean Im sure I have others but your the first one I ever met. Ever. Mr Scrivner tells me your a dancer!"

Amused, Rufus folds his arms across his chest and takes a moment to look around the dorm room. Messy, as can be expected. He nudges a bit of something or other - he's not sure /what/ it is - out of his way as he looks for a chair to pull around and sit down upon.

"Erwell I was," Vette says with a slow grin. "But I just do it to keep in shape now. Now I'm going back to college. Er. Physics. You're the first sister I've met too. I've met lots of cousins. No sisters. And you're right" she pauses and pushes the other lock of hair behind her ear, "we /do/ kind of look alike."

Erasma grins brightly. "I guess its dad's influence eh?" she asks before she gestures to Scriv. "Sit down on the bed if you like. Its clean. And OOH your at NYU? Me too! Im there for Computer Science. We might have some math classes together." she says brightly.

Rufus cannot help but smirk now. He had his own moment of bonding with Tyra, so he expects they might be here awhile. He's content to walk about and sit down on the bed as invited, and he pulls off his heavy sword to rest it across the duvet.

"We might! Hard to say in that sea of folks, but we should swap schedules." Vette says with a grin. "I'm there for Physics so I imagine we'll have a lot of classes together." Ok. They can nerd it up. Vette starts relaxing. "So are you from around here or did you just come up for college?" She looks over at Rufus and plops down next to him on the bed.

Erasma smiles brightly. "Up for collage. Dad sent me up here actualy. Told me the city could use my help." she says before she stretches slightly. "I was going to vanderbilt. Even so I love it up here. Chinatown is amazing, they have some really hard to find Anime and manga over there."

God, nerd talk. /Young/ nerd talk. Well, young compared to him. When Vette plops down next to him, Scrivner silently wraps his arm about her waist, reaching about to pat her opposite shoulder.

"Vanderbilt, North Dakota?" It's kind of clear, though, that Vette doesn't actually know where Vanderbilt is, and is just pretending she has heard of some Vanderbilt to ask what she doesn't know without feeling stupid about having to ask.

Erasma shakes her head. "No no.. its in Tennesee. Real different from here." she says with a smile before she claps her hands together. "So…just wow. Wow wow. guys want something to drink? Soda maybe?" she asks exitedly. "So.. tell me about yourself, your parents your life. Um.. have you heard from dad? OH T.A.L. has been dying to meet you."

"I'd quite like a Coke, please and thank you," Rufus says with a quiet chuckle, growing ever more amused by the second, though he keeps it subdued and quiet. He pats Vette's shoulder again and sits a little straighter, glancing about the room to take in a few more details.

"I'll take a Mountain Dew," Vette says, eyes widening. "Um. Well. No, I don'tno parents. Dad showed up in a dream once but that's been all andwho is T-A-L?" She is looking as swirl eyed as one of Erasma's anime girls.

Erasma gives a small frown. "Oh… im sorry. And sure." she says as she runs over to grab the cans of soda, cold from the fridge and takes a Dew for herself. She grins brightly. "Dad gave me Tal…to help me out." she says as she turns on the laptop she has on her desk and a bored and english sounding voice comes from the speakers. "Hello Again Master, you actualy manged to wake up? So whats it today, more porn I imagine?" which causes the girls face to blush bright red. "Or still fuming over the tabloid article?"

Rufus blinks slowly, raises a hand and slowly facepalms. Oh, Erasma. The man, at least, doesn't say a single /word./

Vette puts a small hand to her mouth for just a second and says, "Er…hello, Tal." She exchanges glances with Rufus, and she's a little red herself, but she's grinning. She'll ask 'what tabloid article' later; and she'll pretend she never heard the word porn in respect to her uh. New baby sister?

Erasma closes her eyes and sighs lightly. "No Tal… we have company." she says with no small amount of sheepishness. The computer begins to run its startup operating procedures even as it says. "Ah! The famous Miss Adams! A pleasure to meet you. I am Talos 4.3, operating system working for Miss Menous here. Im exited to meet another child of the creator. Hopefully one who dosn't have an obsession with naked japanese people." which causes Ras to blush again and she growls at the computer. "I swear to Dad Tal, I will wrap you in magnets and drop you into a public toilet." she looks up at Vette before she shrugs. "He is very smart… just…not good with people."

Rufus rubs his forehead a little harder and does valiantly in not smirking. He clears his throat, and looking up, he very curiously studies a poster on the wall. "Arificially intelligent, is he?" he mildly asks.

"Erthank you." Vette saysa bit taken aback by famous. "Er no, I have no fascination for umnaked Japanese people." She grins at Erasma. "That's ok. The best teams compliment each other I guess, and you're good with people." Pause, beat. "So Erasma, Taldo you ever run physics models?"

Erasma blushes bright red and shrugs. "Im not too good with people either actualy. I blame dad." she says with a shy smirk before she bites her lip. "Never ran one but im sure I could write a program for them if you explained them to me…" the computer waits then nods. "I could run one I suppose. Again, any welcome distraction." Erasma pops open her Mountain Dew and drains almost half the can in a big gulp before letting out a belch. "Oh um, sorry, I keep forgeting that people actualy come to my room now. But it shouldn't be hard to write a program to run one."

More nerd talk. And a belch. With his Coke in hand though, Rufus pops it open and takes a drink from it. Then he says, "Erasma, could you explain just what was going on last night? I don't mean to interrupt, but while we're discussing work and such…."

"Oh that is a good idea," Vette says, nodding like a bobble head. "Metal monsters sounds quite important to explore. I'll have to explain the models I want run later—" and then she falls silent before she runs them right back onto a tangent.

Erasma blinks lightly. "Ah right! Oh! Your good with machines too! You need to take a look at one of the rock monsters. One of our cousin's got one for us to look at. But well, we went down into the tunnel. There was thise weird rail which looks like it was melted into the ground. And transports with harnesses and then this." she says gesturing to the thing on the table. "This is the brain of the creature that attacked us. I haven't tried to hack into it yet."

"How did you find out about this creature down there?" Rufus asks, as he pulls his arm away from Vette so she can get up without any hindrance. He rocks back a bit on the bed, then he stands up. He's curious as well. He wants to watch this. "And what were all of those guards responding to?"

Vette picks up the brain—not because she can hack, because she can't, but because she's able to do some useful analysis on these things using her earth powers. "I bet they use an earth shaper to open and close the egress to the rails," she murmurs.

Erasma gives a small nod. "Sounds like the sort of thing. And are you serious? Its all over the news. I check out the news all the time to see if there is somethign itneresting happening. So a bunch of people fought that one, im guessing percy was one of them. A rock monster this time.. not a metal one."

"I'm serious… I've been rather buried," Rufus mutters. Looks like he needs to go read the papers and work on something that /isn't/ one of his cases. Note to self, do that as soon as he leaves.

"I don't watch the news," Vette says vaguely. "Once I did, and I got so depressed I cried, and then you know what? I went for a walk to clear my head and walked right in front of a truck…of course that was the day after I learned I could heal myself but really, it's still something I don't want to repeat. It was really gross pushing all my bones back into place—" she turns the head over and over and murmurs, "Fascinating," before putting it down.

Erasma gives a small nod. "Isn't it? Maybe he is nicer then you Tal." she says before she shrugs. "Eh, depressing things happen. I just kinda learned to deal with them." she says with a small chuckle. "After all, I already have to deal with dad's wonderfull legacy. I seem to be the only kid in our family who can't make someone drool blood just by winking at them." she says bitterly.

For a second or two, Rufus looks vaguely worried, and he glances over his shoulder at Vette. "How long ago was this?" he asks, his voice low and quiet. He blinks again, turning to look at Erasma, and he has another drink of his Coke. "Don't let it worry you, Erasma. I would much, much rather spend all of eternity with a woman who can challenge me intellectually and keep me company than spend all of my time fuming in jealousy over a harlot who attracted the eye of every mangy farm dog within a hundred mile radius."

Vette looks up at the sky. "How long?" she asks, blinking. "I'm really not sure, honey. I think it waswas that in July? Or was that last weekI'm sorry, I really don't remember. I was wearing a white shirt at the time, does that help?" Probably not. Most of her shirts are white. She smiles at Erasma and /hugs/ Rufus. "Just find yourself a Rufus," she agrees. "Rufuses are the best. Though I admit I've felt the same way. Like they're all four times as beautiful, and four times as deadly, and often filthy rich too, and I'm just like the boring cousin who happened to wander in because their Moms said they had to play with me."

Erasma smirks. "Well, deadly I can help you with. I used to work Ren-faires so I knew how to handle a sword before I got the blood." she says with a bright smile. "I can teach you to fight if you want." She then takes a small bite of her lip. "I have myself a Wesley. At least I THINK I do. He isn't very smart but he tries real hard to be nice to me. Still I wonder, might just be fated to follow dad's footsteps."

His smile is bright and warm as he pulls the girl into his arms, hugging her tightly before letting her gently go. Rufus studies her for a moment, then he murmurs, "We shall have to discuss this truck accident, however. Don't think you'll be getting off so lightly." But he pats her back, and he turns to look over at Erasma, concern in his eyes. "You control your own destiny, Erasma Menous. The mistakes of our parents are not ours."

"I'm inclined to agree," Vette says, but she's giving Rufus a sheepish grin. "I'm /trying/," she mutters. She decides to clue Erasma in. "I um. Managed not to notice an explosion once. Of a building I was in. I've been working on that. I don't think you're going to be happy with a dumb person though. I like the fact that I can talk to Rufus on a smart person level.

Erasma gives a small sigh. "I… im working on smarting him up a little. He is really nice." she says sheepishly before she looks over to her and bites her lip. "Ah.. you should work on that. I would say I noticed explosions but now im not sure." she says with a small grin before she drowns the rest of her soda and tosses it towards the can. "Want Poki guys? I.. sorry I dont really know what im supposed to talk about. I never met family before."

"I'm content with my Coke, thank you," Rufus says quietly, smiling as politely as he can. "Good luck with your young man, Erasma. But do not be afraid to … well… do not be afraid to stand on your own and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve. And as far as you should be concerned, you deserve something more than what your father received."

"I want pocky. I don't know what it is, but I want some," Vette says, without thinking. And then she starts. "Er. Wait. Is pocky…er…um…well. Is pocky naked?" She figures it's important to check.

Erasma just sort of…blinks at Vette. "Its a candy. Hentai is the naked japanese stuff. Pocky is well this." she says as she takes out a small box. "Chocolate and Kiwi flavored. Wow we really need to get you educated on your asian nerdery. Have you ever seen Full Metal Panic? Or Neo Genisis Evangelion?"

Vette takes the chocolate ones and then blinks. "Er…nooooooo," she admits, shaking her head. "I've never even heard of Full Metal Evangelist. I didn't even know the Japanese had Baptists." She bites into the pocky. "This is good though!"

Erasma blinks lightly. "Neo Genisis Evangelion..its a bout big giant mecha robots." she says with a grin before she nods. "It is. Tell you what, you teach me how to dance and I can get you into the nerd culture. Bring you to a few conventions and tournaments. You any good at Counter-Strike? Or OOH! Do you play Warcraft?"

"Is that like Risk?" Vette asks, brightening and searching for /some/ point of reference here. "Cause I'm good at Risk. It's a little less fun now that I've worked out the entire algorithm for winning the game, but I did like the game before I figured it out."

Erasma just sort of blinks at her sister before she nods. "Alright..if you write algorithms for that game you will LOVE these games… computer games, video games. Its where I practice most of my tidespawn fighting strategy. Learning to plan and think fast on my feet and be tactical."

"Ok, well, put one on and teach me," Vette says, apparently convinced as she reaches for more pocky. This is family stuff? Cool. She likes it. "And we'll see if we can't beat those Evangelists." Ok, so she's hopeless too, but she'll play!

Erasma just sort of..blinks. "Ok.. lets try you with Team Fortress first." she says before she smiles at Vette. "Its.. thats something else, Evangelion is an Anime…itsjapanese animation. Cartoons but really advanced." she says before the computer chimes in. "So advanced that you wouldn't BELIVE how much time she spends watching some of it? What was that you were watching again? Naughty Night Nurses?" Ras responds with a small light whack to the computer. "Quiet you."

"I think everybody watches porn," Vette muses at Tal. "Especially healthy young people. Though I think he's only saying it cause you react so, Ras. So what's going on with Team Fortress? What are the rules?" Poor Rufus. His quest to talk about serious things…DERAILZOR'D!

Erasma gives a small nod to the computer. "I know he is… he likes embaresing me. But its ok, he knows im in charge. Or else." she says before she smiles. "You are a person, your trying to attack another team. You take different roles and well..kill the enemy,:"

"Ok," Vette says with a grin. "But that's Risk, and that's Chess, and that's Chinese checkers. They all have different rules. Maybe you'd better just show me. I'm more of a visual person anyway. What tech level is the army?"

"Ok," Vette says with a grin. "But that's Risk, and that's Chess, and that's Chinese checkers. They all have different rules. Maybe you'd better just show me. I'm more of a visual person anyway. What tech level is the army?"

Erasma gives a small shrug. "Steam-punk world war two kinda. See the medic has a healing gun. The spy can look like other people and stab them in the back. All sorts of things. " she says as she starts to play. Picking the engineer of course.

But of course. "I wonder what would happen if you built an entire army of spies," Vette murmurs. "Like, you could just flood the enemy camp and they'd be sitting there going la la la, we're all safe, and you could hide whatever your main base is /really well/ or in some /really/ defensible place and put really good defenders on it, and then just go nuts with spies till you slaughter the evil army."

By now, Rufus has finished his Coke and thrown the can into the trash. He just shakes his head at the two sisters. Quest to talk about something serious derailed indeed. Silly little ladies. But he's content to just listen for the time being, let them catch up and bond.

Erasma shakes her head. "Spies are real weak though.. one hit and bam out. And they can only kill from behind. Balance is better. Strategy and balance. That way we can focus on buildign up what we need in each fight. Plus its not against AI. Its against other people."

"Ohhhh. Well Rufus will probably beat both of us. Usually when something's about to eat us? Rufus yells out some kind of an order and then we just do what he says and suddenly the monster is mincemeat." Vette smiles back at Rufus.

Rufus looks up at the lady and smirks at her, quietly saying, "I do enjoy a good game of chess, but I don't know if I could play this silly little game of yours. I can barely keep up with your conversation as it is."

Erasma narrows her eyes. "Not silly dam you. Its a game of tactics" she says before she smiles at Rufus. "And I know. He did very well last night. Quite a tactical warrior."

"I'm sorry I missed it," Vette says—though Rufus may not be. Sorry she missed it, that is. "I'd have liked to see the train tracks disappearing into the rock. I wouldn't mind going down there and opening a nice little path to see what's what."

He is indeed not at all sorry she missed the violent party. Rufus studies the ladies for a moment before he shakes his head, and he comes to sit back down on the bed after standing about for a few minutes. "I've no objections to taking you back down, however, if the guards have cleared out. I'm not sure how easily I can get us back down in there."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Sure I dont mind if Rufus here has the old black magic to get us back down there." she says before she blinks. "Be right back guys.. need to use the restroom. Talk amounst yourselves." she says before she scoots.

"That sounds like a plan," Vette agrees warmly. "You never know what cool stuff is there to be found." There is, in Vette's experience, usually lots of cool stuff. "The rock monster sounds almost something like what I could make, if I were Much More Awesome.'

Rufus watches the girl dart off, holding his tongue till she's gone, and when she is, he turns to Vette. "So," he says, unable to help a little grin. "What do you think? Do you like your new little sister?"

"I really do! I don't understand every other thing out of her mouth, but that's really ok," Vette says with a grin. "I feel like I've found a kindred spirit. It's really cool, actually. Though I want to just go find this Wesley guy and inform him that he's not good enough and he can step off now, and I haven't even met the poor man and I've been in her life for all of…today."

He can't help but smile a little more warmly, and approaching Vette, Rufus bends at the waist to gently kiss her upon the forehead. "I'm glad, though. I have long thought it was high time you were able to find someone to truly bond with you."

"Really? I figured I'd just bonded with you and that would be that," Vette muses thoughtfully. "I mean we've got the band—" who all the ladies of intimidate Vette with their sheer Awesomeness.

Now he reaches for her hand, holding it between two of his. "But it's not the same, now is it?" Rufus says with a murmur, smiling faintly. "Your cousins are all admirable and I enjoy their company, but… it's just not the same. I only understood this myself after meeting Tyra."

There is a FLUSH and a bit of the sink running before Ras walks back in with a bright smile. "Hello, back. Alright sorry about that guys. So…Vette, im sorry I have been so busy with my stuff. Show me this dance of yours. Do you do ballet or is it like… hip hop popular teen movie dance?"

Vette grins at Rufus and nods her headshe wants to meet Tyra tooand then blinks at Erasma. "er well it's choreography but umI can't just bust it out like thathere…" where the floor seems to be riddled with enemy nations at war.

There're no more kisses. Rufus pulls back from the lady and releases her hand, straightening and glancing over at Erasma with a smile. He very carefully steps around the figurines to go take a seat on the bed again, right by his stuff, and he leans back to cross his legs.

Erasma wrinkes her nose. "Yeah I know.. I should really clean this place up." she says with a wrinkle of her nose. "But well, I would love to see it some time. Im a compleate spaz when it comes to dancing."

"Well er uhI go do it at the student gym sometimes now, if you want to come learn," Vette says with a smile. "I'll bring the music and everything. I can teach you some basics and we can just uhrock out! Or heck, if you want to bring Japanese music or something, I can work with that."

That smile of Rufus' broadens… Soon he's just outright smirking. "Might I be permitted to watch sometime? It has been awhile since I've seen you dance, Vette."

Erasma glances at Rufus. "Dont know how cool it would be with you watching us dance all droolyfaced." she teases before she smiles at Vette. "And I listen to more then just Japanese music. Nerdcore and Horrorcore rap..a bit of goth and metal too."

"No rap," Vette says, with the kind of exaggerated grimace that someone gets when they might have just heard something that causes them physical pain. "Goth and metal are okay. And it's ok with me if you watch, Ru." She smiles.

"My dear Miss Menous, drooling is uncouth," Rufus says archly, his eyebrows lifting quite high. "I assure you, my intentions are entirely honest and pure. I will not at all be smirking to myself as I watch the pair of you bouncing around to your loud music." He rests his right hand over his heart, then traces an X over it with his fingertips. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

Erasma raises her brow a moment before she bites her lip. "I liked it better when you were drooling." then she frowns at Vette. "Aww rap isn't all bad. Some of it is quite witty! I.. OOH I know I will lend you some of my MP3's from a rapper you might enjoy. M…C….Steven Hawkings."

"No /way/," Vette gasps, half laughing. "Are you serious? MC Steven Hawking? Ok, /that/ I'll listen to." She reads Steven Hawking, these days, for /fun/. And to think last summer the most she ever bothered to pick up were women's fashion magazines between poodle washings.

"The physicist? A rapper named himself after the physicist?" Rufus looks rather startled at that, and he tilts his head at an angle. Idly he leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

Erasma bobs her head exitedly. "Yeah! He is this guy who uses a computer program to do the voice and raps about science and being a badass gangster rolling around in his pimped out wheelchair and dispensing wisdom. There are songs where he 'disses' the rival scientist at MIT and everything. The real guy aparently gets a kick out of him." she says with a grin.

"Ok. This? I totally want to borrow," Vette says solemnly. She giggles softly. "I'll bust a wormhole in yo' ass with the power of -i!" This is just what she thinks these lyrics have got to sound like, you see.

Was that a sigh? Maybe a chortle? Hard to tell. Rufus is facepalming again.

Erasma giggles and nods. "See! I dont think you will like horrorcore rap much but… nerdcore rap is very clever. I will burn you some Mp3's" she says with a nod of her head before she grins. "Poor Rufus….would it be better if we got some mead and bashed heads?" she teases.

"I don't believe I've ever seen Rufus drink Mead," Vette says, startled. But then, "But I have seen him bash /lots/ of heads." She says this with a note of pride. He's very very good at bashing heads without even mussing his nice suit.

The man smirks again, lifting his head, and he glances over at Vette. "Why thank you, my dear," Rufus murmurs. "Mead is… mead is quite the most disgusting drink I've ever had, I have to admit. Perhaps I got ahold of a bad bottle, but it tasted of …. well, it was dreadfully /sour./ I thought it was going to blow off the back of my head."

Erasma gives a small chuckle. "Alright alright.. no mead then. But still. beer maybe? " she teases before she nods. "But alright…you can teach me how to dance so I can use my feminine wiles on Wesley." she says with a small chuckle.

Maybe Vette should teach her something unfeminine like breakdancing just so she doesn't waste them? THen she remembers it's kind of not her job to make decisions for Erasma. "Alright," she says gently, smiling.

He considers that for a short while, their conversation, and Rufus cannot help but grin. "I shall gladly drink beer, but not if it's this dreadful American swill that you call beer. A proper lager, my dear, served warm and so malty it makes you weep tears of joy."

Erasma nods lightly. "See see… all norse and manly." she says before she smiles softly and stretches. "Do you have a weapon Vette? Something good? If not one of my band mates is a blacksmith. He might be able to help you. Even if you do have something."

"I have a gun," Vette says, looking down at the waistband of her pants. "And some daggers I made out of harpy claws once…" She rolls a piece of red hair around and around her fingertips. "I keep thinking I could make a mini canon out of a cross pen. Then I remember Rufus might not like me gutting his cross pen for a mini canon."

He sucks in a breath, and quietly, he states, "My cross pen cost me /two hundred dollars,/ my dear. It is a bloody good cross pen. No, I do not want you to make a mini cannon out of it." Rufus sounds pretty darn adamant about that.

Erasma just sort of…looks over to the suddenly very adamant Scrivner. "Ok.. he really likes the pen. Lets make some mini-cannons out of other things." she says softly before she smiles. "Well if you need a big honking sword dont be afraid to ask." she says before she rubs her ring….and the ring turns into the girl's GIANT axe which she beams at proudly. The axe which if not for her AWSOME strength its doubtfull she would be able to lift seeing as its made of bronze.

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