Going 'Downtown'


Simone, Lin

Scene Title Going 'Downtown'
Synopsis Simone visits the police station to talk with Lin

Civic Center

The center of civic power in New York City, this part of Manhattan Island is the hub of the city, housing state and federal court systems and the city's police department. With the South Street Seaport and Pier 17 on the riverside, this area can be relaxed in very easily. City Hall itself is surrounded by a neatly-kept park. Some businesses are present here, such as AT&T with its massive building, but for the most part the area remains home to civil offices and services.

Walking down the steps from the Criminal Court building, Lin remembers what the desk sergeant had told him earlier. He has just be so busy, he nearly forgot. He digs into his pocket, fishing out the card and cellphone, calling the number. He leaves a message for the person to meet him here.

Simone isn't far from her phone tonight, and neither is she far from the police precinct. A short while later, she arrives and approaches the desk sergeant. "Detective Mu Kun, please." she offers. "He's expecting me. I'm Doctor Devoir."

Lin steps up from his desk as soon as he receives the message. "Miss Devoir?" He asks curiously, offering his hand as he meets the woman in the reception area.

Simone isn't dressed much like a doctor, with the mini skirt, cropped tank-top and vintage coat. Still, she smiles and accepts the hand in her own. "Yes, that's me. Nice to talk with you in person, Detective." Looking around, she asks in a lower voice. "Is there someplace where we can speak in confidence? This is a …delicate… matter."

Lin gives the woman a smile and nods his head to her. "Of course. Follow me into the break room. We can get some coffee, alright?" He offers. He nods to the Sergeant to buzz her in before lead her back. "So delicate, huh?"

Simone lets herself be led into the break room, giving the sergeant a small smile. Once they're inside, she looks around and heads for the coffee pot. "Yes, delicate. I understand you were present for some rather unusual circumstances that occurred recently. A woman who kills people with a single punch, for example."

Lin keeps his smile as he lets her fill up on the coffee first. He looks around himself as she mentions the woman, his smile fading. "Uh..yeah." He says in a lower tone. "Are you familiar with this woman?" He asks curiously.

Simone shakes her head slowly. "I'm not, no. But I'm familiar with these…." Reaching casually into her coat, she pulls out a brass harpy talon and holds it up. She watches his face very closely. "Have you seen something like this before?"

Lin blinks as she pulls out the talon. He directs her to a far corner table to sit down. "Uh…kinda. It was kinda big and picked up a guy…and that's all I saw of her before I started puking my guts out." He confesses to her. "I will say the woman and that thing? Not the same thing."

Simone smiles a little, seeing that she has his attention. "Not the same thing, I think. This came from a creature called a Harpy. They're cunning, but only about as intelligent as a dog. The steal men to take off and mate with, before they're devoured. And this particular Harpy took four 50 caliber slugs to bring it down."

Lin looks to the claw and grimaces. "Poor guy…err, the men it was trying to mate with." He adds to explain. He nods to her. "I was able to recover and help one guy after it dropped him. As for the woman. Let's just say….she's much different."

Simone nods slowly to that. "Yes, I don't doubt it." She pockets the claw and regards him closely for a moment. "Do you believe in the Old Gods, Detective?" she asks in a much softer voice.

Lin looks to Simone for a moment before chuckling out at her question. "Uh…you can say that." He says with a large grin. "You can even say I am even related to them." He adds before moving to grab him a cup of coffee. He returns quickly enough to reseat himself.

Simone tilts her head, arching a brow at his admission. She gets a cup as well, sitting on a table and putting her black go-go boots on the seat of a chair. "I think this woman may be as well." she offers casually. "Can you tell me more about what happened? Exactly?"

Lin leads forward in his chair, resting upon his elbows against the table. "So what about you? What do you know of the Old Gods?" He asks curiously. He shakes his head slowly as he takes a sip. "It…it really didn't go well. It started with a group of boys who was taunting a crowd. They were being rude and calling and being disruptive. I was just going to let them go. She walks up and punches them. I had thought she had just knocked them out and considering the trouble, was a little appropriate. I went over to check them….they were dead."

Simone smiles at the question about what she knows, skipping instead to the fight with the woman. "Detective, I would like to review the Coroner's reports for the three victims, if that's alright. And in return, I will answer your question truthfully and completely."

Lin considers for a moment before nodding his head. "Sure. But if you know of Harpies, I am sure you have heard of…Medusa." He answers her.

Simone raises both brows at that, and doesn't bother to try and disguise it. After all, Marius brought two of the nasty things to her brownstone one evening. "Yes. I'm familiar with Medusa." she replies, looking interested. "Has there been a sighting. They are -much- more dangerous than Harpies."

"Oh, you can say there has been a sighting." Lin answers. He looks around and sighs. "I fought the Medusa…well, she caught me. She took my badge and those kids video tape. She basically said I had to leave her alone or I will be prosecuted for not doing anything to save those kids." He admits to her.

Simone purses her lips at that, nodding slowly. "I see. A good-looking guy like yourself is fortunate that she did not pluck your eyes out and devour them. It's the only way a Medusa can keep up her looks." she replies evenly. "But she must fear your intervention, in any case."

Lin nods his head slowly to Simone. "Considering I was frozen….I had thought I was dead. The thought of blackmailing me for something else has crossed my mind. She said the badge and recording was going to be with a friend. So, I couldn't just try to hit her again." He pauses before looking up at her. "Good-looking?" He asks before quickly shaking his head. "Nooot important."

Simone laughs softly at that, nodding. "Good looks are -everything- to a Medusa. They are quite vain, actually." she replies. Tilting her head, she adds. "These things -can- be killed. I know someone who's killed one. But there are other options as well, such as finding out who her 'friend' is and recovering your stolen property. How familiar are you with Greek Mythology, Detective?"

Lin just chuckles out and reaches up to scratch at the back of his head. "Well, the options sound interesting. How familiar? As much as they teach in High School." He admits to her. "The family was more into Chinese Mythology."

Simone tilts her head at that, smiling and sipping her coffee. "You mentioned earlier that you're related to the Old Gods. You're not the only one, Detective. I bear the mark of Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon."

Lin smiles over to her. "Ahhh. Well, it is good to meet you then." He squints and looks up as he tries to remember. "Artemis…Goddess of the Hunt?" He tries to remember. "Me? I am related to Yan Luo, Lord of the Underworld."

Simone nods slowly. "She is many things, yes. Huntress, Healer, and Guardian of Animals. Among other things." Her smile broadens and she looks a bit amused. "Lord of the Underworld? Well that's sort of self-explanatory. There are others as well, Detective, though I will not name them directly."

Lin nods his head as she explains. "All of those are good things to represent." He comments before smiling and shrugging. "There must be order even in death. I just try to help those lost souls…both living and unliving." He comments. He nods his head quickly. "I have met a few myself. I understand in keeping their privacy."

Simone sips again. "I appreciate your discretion, and freely offer mine in return." she replies. "I'd like to help you with your Medusa problem, as well. I'm convinced that if we continue acting as individuals, these creatures are going to pick us off one by one. There was more than one Harpy, but I wasn't alone either."

"Thank you," Lin says to her. "And thank you for your offer of help. Any would be appreciative. There is some others I might contact to assist if we are able to find these friends." He considers as she mentions more than one. "Do Harpies have nests?" He asks curiously.

Simone looks pleased and gives a light shrug. "Presumably, but I've not found one. Not yet, at least. We took three of them last night. I located a park that's seemed to be a popular place for unusual disappearances, we set an ambush, and the world is a brighter place minus three of those foul creatures." She pauses, then adds. "Oh, and nose plugs help with the smell."

Lin nods his head to her quickly. "Oh, I found that one out the hard way. I don't think I kept anything down…for the rest of the day." He blows out a breath as he remembers, taking a drink of the coffee. "Well..minus three is always good. And if you need help against more, let me know." He offers. "Sadly, I am not really armed for the…well supernatural." He says with a smile.

Simone takes another sip of her coffee. "We all have our strengths, Detective. I may know how to shoot, but I'm also a medical doctor and a researcher. And there are times with those other skills are more important." Sipping again, she adds. "I will mention you to my associates, if you don't mind. Without stating your name or anything else that might give you away."

Lin takes another of his coffee as well. "Well, that is true, yes. I am good in finding the undead, tracking trouble and people. There is always a mystery to unravel." He comments before nodding his to her. "Sure. Go ahead. Always happy to meet people." He says with a grin. "So what do you research?" He asks with a large grin.

Simone smiles softly. "Lately, I seem to e spending a lot of time researching the occult. Trying to learn all that I can about these damned things that have infested New York. I'm learning what they are, what they can do, and how they can be stopped."

Lin scrunches up his mouth in thought. "You know, that isn't a half bad idea. Researching the occult. We are getting hit more and more by wierd things now. It's better to know your enemy." He comments. "Is that what you want to research, though?"

Simone chuckles as well. "Detect-… may I call you by your first name, if you don't mind? Anyway, I just finished my residency in New England. So a good part of my time has been spent on my medical education and training."

Lin chuckles out and actually looks a little embarrassed. "Sorry about that. Sure, you can call me Lin." He answers her. "As for me, I always wanted to be a Cop."

Simone looks amused, giving him a wry grin. "Don't worry about it, Lin. And I think most cops always wanted to be a cop." She takes another sip of coffee, then adds. "No offense intended, of course."

Lin chuckles and shrugs his shoulders to her. "About being a cop? No offense at all." He answers with a joking tone. "So how would you prefer me to call you?" He asks her curiously. "To be polite, of course." He adds with a smile.

Simone's smile softens as well. "Simone works just fine, thanks. I'm still not used to the whole 'Doctor' thing, yet, although I've started working at a couple E.R.'s in the city. To keep my skills sharp and my ear to the ground."

"What? You're not use to..Doctor, Doctor and…Doctor," Lin says with a grin, giving a little secret nod to the old movie, Spies Like Us. "Simone it is. I am sure you will do great in the E.R." He adds to offer up encouragement. "I remember when I was just a beat cop, worrying if I was going to actually make it myself."

Simone actually -giggles- at the movie reference, eyes brightening with recognition. "Thank you, Lin. And I appreciate it. But caring for people's physical needs is only -part- of my work. It's just as important to prevent people from becoming injured, which is something I'm sure you appreciate. In your line of work."

Lin laughs out at causing the giggle. He nods his head quickly to her. "I certainly can understand that." He answers her. "Still, I am sure you will do fine." He reassures. "Still, if you are worried, maybe you will get a little help being related to someone who is a Goddess of Healing?"

Simone's expression becomes a bit coy at that and she tilts her head knowingly. "It hasn't hurt so far." she replies, then she takes a long sip of coffee to drain the cup. "I'm afraid I have to go now, Lin. But I would greatly appreciate it if you could arrange a visit for me to the morgue sometime soon."

Lin gets to his feet as she mentions going. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Simone. I will send over those reports for you as well as arrange that visit." He answers. "If there is anything else I can help with, give a call."

Simone slips down from the table, settling onto her feet as well. "Likewise, Lin. You have my number as well. I'll invite you over for tea sometime, and we can discuss your… problem… with some friends of mine."

Lin nods his head to her. "I look forward to hearing what your friend can do then." He says with a grin. "So, you should expect that call." He gestures to the door. "If you will follow me, I will sign you out with the Sergeant."

Kailin ran the scene with the Medusa as well as the murders.

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