General Play Rules

General Statement of Purpose

The goal of a White Wolf based Story Teller system is to cooperatively tell a story. Players and Storytellers come together to work on a cohesive story. Yes this may mean your characters may die, or they may have glorious results from their efforts. Only luck and actions will tell.

General Responsibilities of a Player

#1: Make a character. This game is about roleplaying as a character built around the Scion general theme and rules. Without the character, you cannot play.

#2: Don't be a dick. This game is meant to be fun for Everyone, not just you. Pushing the limits and trying to cause trouble for the Staff and trying to see what you can get away with is not fun for Anyone but you. If you abuse the privileges we allow players to pursue, you will not be welcome in this game

#3: Provide an interesting experience for other players. No you don't have to be a bright and shining paladin espousing all the ideals of your parents. Yes, some characters are not nice people. That does not mean that we will allow you to harass and in general make other people not want to play the game because of you.

#4: Don't mess around with the chat code. Yes, the game is not as locked down as some other games. No this does not mean you should try and make it dance like your little puppet. Trust is an important thing in allowing everyone to have fun. Do not abuse that trust.

#5: Don't argue and back talk. We expect everyone to act as responsible adults. This includes not trying to weasel your way into or out of things.

Things a Player can Do

  • Create characters. These are your player characters. They are your existence on the IC grid. You can have as many characters as you like.
  • Move through the established grid. The links you see are the links you may use. We allow certain teleporting to be done for the sake of ease of Roleplay. Not as a way to cheat.
  • Engage in social roleplay with other characters without a storyteller present. Lethal combat between players is prohibited without storytellers present.
  • Engage in a Scene run by Storytellers
  • Run a player run scene that has approval from storytellers. Player Run Scenes cannot award any birthrights or trophys as a result.
  • Participate in a player run scene that has approval from storytellers.

Things a Player can't Do

  • If its not on the above list, assume you can't do it unless you ask an admin first.

Character Advancement

Experience is given differently on a chat environment than in a table top environment. Not every scene will have a ST around after all, and to prevent abuse, characters cannot modify their own, or other character sheets. As such giving experience is still in the hands of Storytellers whether they are present or not. Here are the various methods by which it can occur.

  • Participating in a Storyteller run scene. The Storyteller will hand out experience at the end of the scene (or at the next most convenient time). These rewards will be more consistent with the character advancement rules in the Scion Hero book. It will however be modified for scale of character (a demigod, getting the experience in the Hero book, will almost never advance after all).
  • Participating in a Player Run Scene. When the scene completes, a log of the scene must be provided and posted on the Wiki (preferably cleaned up to remove any extraneous OOC commentary). When the log has been posted, a Storyteller will review it and hand out experience. This will not provide the same amount of experience as a scene run by a storyteller. To facilitate having Storytellers review the log, please put a link to the log in a +req so that it will be easily accessible.
  • Participating in a Social Scene. A social scene consisting of three or more people is eligible to receive experience. As for participating in a player run scene, at least one player in the scene should log the events, clean them of out of character commentary and post them on the wiki. A storyteller will review the log of the scene and decide whether or not to provide experience for the events. To facilitate having Storytellers review the log, please put a link to the log in a +req so that it will be easily accessible.
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