Gene Horkos
Eugene Horkos
Portrayed By: Hugh Jackman
Status: Quite Alive
Age: 29
Calling: Muckraking Journalist
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Eris

"Peace sells… but who's buying?"


Discord. Strife. Chaos.

It's my birthright, I suppose. I was a foundling, which is a nice way of saying that I was found abandoned by my parents - in the middle of the 1980 transit strike that crippled the city for weeks, discovered left behind on a bench after the police broke up a worker protest that turned a bit violent. There was no identification, and no amount of searching turned up any information about who my parents were, so it was into the care of the nuns at St. Agnes's that I went.

Lucky me, huh?


Outwardly, Gene's the friendliest bastard anyone could ever meet. He's outgoing (pushy), gregarious (never shuts up), and sarcastic in the most amiable of ways. He's the sort of guy that grows on you - like athletic fungus. He's shameless, and shamelessly arrogant. There's two things that he makes no bones about, one is that he knows best and everyone should listen to him, and the other is that everyone is screwed. Usually because they didn't listen to him. Of course, he'll be the first person to admit that half of his suggestions are intended to cause as much confusion as possible, so those who get to know him well tend to take everything he says with a grain of salt - if a grain well-inspected for any good ideas hidden in there somewhere. Apparently driven by an eagerness to know things, he asks ten million questions if allowed, and has no shame about what he's prying into, whether it be business or the details of someone's love life.

Inwardly, well, that's a harder story to tell. This scion of Discord keeps his cards close to his chest, and nobody's ever gotten close enough to get a good look at them. At least nobody that's talking about it. He could be the open book he seems to be, or there could be hidden agendas, feelings, and purposes somewhere under his mask. At least he seems to be devoted to the cause of the Dodekatheon and the Gods, although given the trouble his mother's caused them in the past with nothing save a golden apple (an apple which, one might note, Gene's carrying around these days) - who can really say where his loyalties lie?

Events Thus Far

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Faces and Names AKA Description


Glowbug The daughter of Ama.. amat.. Amalamadingdong or something like that. Plays the fiddle or something. She's cute, she's bright, she's driven, she's got something to prove, she's agonizingly naive. A recipe for disaster. Gene likes her.


Ripper The son of Kali, goddess of strangling people for some obscure religious reason, and inspiration to the guy that built the Atomic Bomb. Wait, maybe that last was Shiva. Anyway, she's really violent. Somehow, Gene suspects his mother and her get along well. Her son goes right along with that. Also, a famous musician, useful when the bills come in.


Monkey Boy The son of Goku, from Dragonball Z! No, wait, the son of Son Goku? Or maybe his brother, or — oh, hell, Gene can never keep these asian pantheons straight. The Monkey Prince, anyway. Kind of an asshole.


The daughter of Baron Samedi, Gene hasn't dealt much with her, though. He agrees with Rupert's appraisal of her ass's excellent quality, however. According to Maia, she's a mambo, by which she probably doesn't mean the dance, unfortunately.


The son of Thor! His father's son, pretty much. Carries around swiss army drumsticks. Another musician? Gene's Memo To Self: find out if they all misinterpreted what 'Band' means. Also, destroys all enemies in his path. Useful to have around for that.


Twizzler The son of Thoth! Gene's Note to Self: Can gods have lisps? Maybe his real name is 'Soth' or 'Foth' or 'Toth'. He's a real smart guy, useful. Bit of a bookish sort, take him out to a strip club or something. Maybe he'd relax more.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 4
Dexterity 6 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 4
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 5
Brawl 1 Larceny 2
Art 3 (Writing) Empathy 2 Marksmanship 4
Art 1 (Photography) Fortitude 2 Politics 2
Athletics 2 Integrity 3 Presence 3
Awareness 2 Investigation 3 Stealth 2
Kallisti (Relic 3) Night's Fedora (Relic 1) #19074 (Relic 5)
Followers 2 (Baker Street Irregulars) Followers 4 (The Giants)
Arete 5 (Marksmanship) Arete 1 (Investigation) Arete 1 (Integrity)
Night Eyes (Darkness 1) Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1)
Shadow Mask (Darkness 2) Shadow Refuge (Darkness 3) Absorb Light (Darkness 4)
Shadow Craft (Darkness 5) Shadow Shroud (Darkness 6)
Epic Attributes
Charisma 1 Perception 4
Dexterity 6 Manipulation 5
Appearance 1 Wits 2
Benefit of the Doubt Escape Artist Game Face
God's Honest Instant Assessment Instant Investigation
Knowing Glance Monkey Climber Photographic Penmanship
Psychic Profiler Roll With It Rumor Mill
Secondhand Persuasion Shot to the Heart Spatial Attunement
Takes One To Know One Trick Shooter Untouchable Opponent
Fool Me Once Predatory Focus
Expression 2 Valor 2 Vengeance 2
Intellect 3
Legend 7 Legend Points 49
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D

Epic Dexterity 6

  • Trick Shooter - If this were the Wild West, he might be Billy the Kid.
  • Untouchable Opponent - He can move in chaotic ways, hard to predict and harder to hit.
  • Shot to the Heart - The dragon's only weak point is a missing scale on its belly? Child's play!
  • Escape Artist - No bonds can hold him.
  • Roll With It - He can roll with the punches… even giant-sized ones.
  • Monkey Climber -

Epic Charisma 1

  • Benefit of the Doubt - You know, he could be telling the truth.

Epic Manipulation 5

  • Takes One to Know One - He can see a lie coming a mile away.
  • God's Honest - You can't help but trust that smile of his. He must be an honest boy.
  • Secondhand Persuasion - He can be a very persuasive writer.
  • Rumor Mill - Did you hear? She said what/? No!
  • Knowing Glance - //He knows.

Epic Appearance 1

  • Game Face - A smile that promises blood.

Epic Perception 2

  • Spatial Attunement - Eyes in the back of his head? Not good enough for him.
  • Instant Assessment -
  • Fool Me Once -
  • Predatory Focus -

Epic Wits 1

  • Instant Investigation - Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary.
  • Psychic Profiler - He can tell you things about you even you don't know.
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