Gayle Ha
Portrayed By: Kristen Kreuk
Status: Alive and dancing!
Age: 18
Calling: Girl Gone Wild
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Divine Parent: Nezha
Significant Other(s): Preston Masterson


So daddy is into white chicks. That's what mom told me anyway. My mom is Michelle Ha now, even though she's white. I'm Gayle Ha, and I'm a dancer at the infamous "FAME" high school in New York City. I'm a dancer. I'm cute. I'm chic and I'm badass. But mom says I get it from dad. I know they hooked up along time ago. Mom was experimenting or something like that, but she's always had an Asian fetish I suppose. Besides, dad was muscley from the pictures that I've seen, so no wonder she liked him. Still, he died during the Korean war and mom remained a single lady ever since.

We live in Brooklyn. I have my closest friend Matthew living next door. There's been some tension, but he likes fucking random girls too much to become boyfriend material. And with me, I want to be a dancer. Rather, I want to become a triple threat: act, dance, sing. Everything! I want it all. Still that's pretty far from now, so I just go to school. It's my senior year and let's see what life has ahead!

Of course, there's my other BFF, Pei-Pei. She doesn't live too far away either. She tutors me. I help her in social things. We are totally on the same wavelength and have had sleepovers as long as I can remember. She knows all my secrets of course,even the fact that I'm of divine heritage. Best part, she is too!

Well, that's what I was thinking anyway. Until glowing blobby angels went pew-pew at us, religious nuts are trying to recruit us about our divine heritage and of course till I accidentally summoned the ghosts of one of my friends who was killed last year. That was weird. Apparently, daddy is a god. A god that forever more looks like a teenager. Lame. Still, he gave me pretty shinies and he expects me to kick ass. Me, I just want to dance. So we'll see!


Rambunctious. Flirtatious. Obnoxious. Popular chirpy mean girl to those she doesn't like, loyal friend to those she does.

She is quite full of snark. She speaks her mind and is rather a feisty individual. She means what she says and she says what she means.

As far as being a Scion, she's still trying to figure things out. She's not as gung ho as the other seems to be, and is on the same wavelength as Matthew and Pei-Pei when it comes to certain things. She's not even sure if the OoDG is truly evil or if there are just a lot of innocent dupes in the group. She tends to overanalyze at times even though she likes to remain carefree.

She's complicated. She's a contradiction. She's Gayle.


Name Relationship Notes
Shen Pei-Pei Willow/BFF <3 Gayle and Pei-Pei have been friends for forever. Turns out their mothers have been best friends forever as well. Gayle's very happy Pei's breaking out of her shell and has a boyfriend now. She most definitely approves.
Matthew Morgan Xander/BFF <3 They have known each other since diapers. Lots of crazy adventures, secrets shared, first kiss amongst other things. Turns out his mom is a Scion too and was good friends with hers. Things are slowly making sense.
Zack Archer Riley/BFF's BF All American hunk. Patriotic McPatriot. Class President and Pei's boyfriend. He's a nice guy for the most part even if he is all "America, Fuck Yeah!" Turns out his mom was part of her mom's band as well. Both biological and adopted, crazy.
Octavio Reyes Holy Hunky Latin Lover, Batman! The song of some god she can't pronounce or remember. His mother recently moved to Wisteria Lane and was part of the same band that the others' mothers were part of. Crazyness. There is no such thing as coincidence anymore. Gayle firmly believes that.

Events Thus Far

Links to logs with event summary. Woosh!

Character Sheet

Appearance: 4 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 4
Epic Appearance: 1 Epic Charisma: 1 Epic Dexterity: 1
Intelligence: 3 Manipulation: 2 Perception: 2
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 0
Stamina: 4 Strength: 3 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Strength: 1 Epic Wits: 1
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