Ganseki Private Security Firm
Company Information
Organization Structure Multinational Corporation
Founders Koga Takeshi, Sousuke Akira
Country of Origin Japan
Japan Operations Division
CEO Sousuke Akira
HQ Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan
American Operations Division
CEO Koga Takeshi
HQ 5th Avenue, New York City, New York
Private Security - Large and Small.
Short term and Long Term Contracts.
Military Grade to Rental Cops.
All Personnel Special Ops trained.

Company Run Down

Founded in 1995 by Koga Takeshi and Sousuke Akira, Ganseki Private Security Firm quickly proved their worth to contractors. Both men were ex contractors and highly trained to begin with. After recruiting a crew and training everyone of them in Special Operations, they began to make a name for themselves. Once they were able to truly incorporate themselves and buy an office building, they decided upon procedures and policies. Having every employee trained in Special Operations meant that they had an advantage over some Private Security Firms and quickly proved themselves to be capable individuals of the highest level: It helps that Takeshi was the son of Hachiman.

After fifteen years of smooth and profitable operations in their Headquarters stationed in Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan, they decided to move and extend their range to the Americas. Riding on their success in Japan, Takeshi moved to New York City and established Ganseki Private Security Firm American Operations. While Akira changed the name of the original Ganseki to Ganseki Private Security Firm Japan Operations. It was believed that maintaining similar names would lead to greater recognition of the name later on.

For the record: Ganseki is japanese for Rock.


All Ganseki personnel are highly trained individuals capable of subduing and outgunning your average street criminal and/or criminal organization. They are identifiable by the wispy green logo as seen above on their armor and the etched Ganseki sunglasses standard issued to all Ganseki operatives.

Ranks are denoted on armor by the number of raised lines from the logo visible with three being reserved for the CEO and Second in Command. Though the CEO is easily identifiable by his sunglasses, which have the etching done in green instead of silver. The Second in Command has a red etching.

Criminal Connections?

Though rumors have circulated, absolute proof of Ganseki also being a form of Yakuza or Triad operation has been absolutely impossible to find. So far there is no evidence to suggest criminal ties or criminal operations, but odds are they're engaging in them.

The Ace

The Ace is the codename for a select group of operatives hand picked by the CEO in each Operational District. These men and women are the cream of the crop, the best in their league. No one can come close to matching this squad inside the organization. They are reserved for the CEO's use at his or her discretion.


Yes, Ganseki Private Security Firm is openly traded with the stock index of GSAO!

Current Value: 150.35
Increase/Decrease: Up 10%!

(PS: This will change as stuff happens)

I want to join Ganseki!

Well find yourself a Koga Takeshi and apply in person! He personally accepts all applicants everyday from 12 PM to 3 PM.

Koga Takeshi - CEO Ganseki PSF American Operations

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