Frost Boons

The old Norse knew well the dread power of the long, cold winters of the North, and so do their Gods. Scions and Gods who access the Frost Purview understand the true nature of that grave chill and can draw in all the warmth around them to leave a still, frozen silence. Nevertheless, the Aesir associate this Purview more with their old enemies, the hrimthurssar (a.k.a. frost giants).

Associated With: Chang'e, Hel, Uller

1 Frost Immunity
2 Uller’s Stride
3 Hrimthurssar’s Touch
4 Frozen Panoply
5 Winter’s Mercy
6 Chill the Blood
7 Blizzard Call
8 Frozen Heart
9 Flash Freeze
10 Ymir’s Hand
11 Avatar of Frost (The Cold)

Frost Immunity

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The cold of winter has no effect on the Scion. She never suffers damage from exposure to ice, frost, chilling wind, freezing water—or other Boons of this Purview. While the Scion’s possessions still suffer the effects of cold, the Scion herself need not fear the most extreme cold in the World (or even beyond). This immunity extends to whatever Birthright the Scion uses to access the Frost Purview. The Scion also never slips or loses her balance on bare ice. If someone pours another slippery substance (such as oil) on top of it, however, the Scion could still slip on that.

Note that if the Scion does not possess Frost Immunity, she could well injure or kill herself by using other Boons in this Purview!

Uller's Stride

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
Like the God of Skis who gives this Boon its name, the Scion can speed his travel by gliding on a thin layer of snow. Hoarfrost coalesces into ice around his feet or his shoes, allowing him to skate over nearly any flat surface. As long as the Scion can slide along the ground, he can move quickly and easily. Grassy fields, liquid water (or other substances), and pavement or concrete are all ideal surfaces for this sort of motion. The Scion leaves a thin, wavering trail of ice that soon melts in warm surroundings.

As long as the Scion stays on a reasonably flat (though not necessarily level) surface, he gains a fiveyard bonus to his Move and Dash actions. Uller’s Stride cannot take the Scion up into the air, but he can skate over water. Tricks such as skating off the end of an inclined tree and landing on the lip of a nearby hillside count as stunts that apply the five-yard bonus to Jump actions. Players can use Uller’s Stride with many other stunts too, such as maneuvering a foe onto a not-yet-melted patch of ice so she slips for a moment, giving the Scion a bonus to attack.

Once activated, Uller’s Stride lasts for the rest of the scene unless the Scion deactivates the power prematurely. He can walk or skate interchangeably, depending upon what seems useful at the moment. The Scion never slips or falls from losing traction, though he can still be knocked down He can also trip over difficult terrain or crash into an obstacle if he’s clumsy.

Hrimthurssar's Touch

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend
By calling upon the cold of Ymir, the Scion suffuses her hands with deathly cold. When she touches water, a skin of ice freezes across it; when she caresses plants, they wither. The Scion’s unarmed attacks inflict extra dice of bashing damage equal to half her Legend (rounded up), except against opponents immune to cold. Holding an easily chilled object, such as a cup or a metal blade, causes it to frost over. (A metal weapon affected by this Boon adds the above damage to a successful attack, but that damage is either bashing or lethal as appropriate to the weapon type.) A bottle of liquid the size of a typical soft drink will freeze through—likely bursting the container—with just a few seconds of contact. Through a special expenditure of an extra point of Legend, the Scion can instantly freeze a large quantity of liquid, equal to her Legend rating in cubic yards.

This Boon lasts for an entire scene after its activation, though the Scion can end it prematurely (to avoid injuring a companion by touch, for instance).

Frozen Panoply

Dice Pool: Varies
Cost: 1 Legend per creation
The Scion summons cold air around his hands and conjures objects made of ice. Certain standardized applications call for various dice rolls; simply conjuring sheets or blocks of ice do not. See pages. 202–203 of Scion: Hero for the weapon templates.

  • Armor of Ymir (Wits + Athletics): Frost spreads across the Scion’s body and crystallizes into plates of armor equal to riot gear (see Scion: Hero, p. 204). The armor holds together by magic, but Athletics is needed to fashion the armor so its joints match those of its wearer. Armor of Ymir does not stack with other armor.
  • Ice Sculpture (Wits + Craft): A catchall for shaping moderately complex structures out of ice—anything from a functional ladder to a fanciful statue.
  • Instant Igloo (Wits + Survival): The Scion shapes ice into a small shelter. Doing so costs one Legend point per person who can fit inside the igloo.
  • Skadi’s Bow (Wits + Marksmanship): The Scion creates a massive bow of knobby ice with 20 glittering icicles as arrows. The bow is equal to a daikyu.
  • Uller’s Spear (Wits + Melee): A tremendous jagged and pointed icicle forms in the Scion’s hands, which he can wield as a club, spear, sword or javelin (treat as a macana, kontos, spatha, pilum or yaomitl, respectively). All forms share the maquahuitl’s property of inflicting lethal or bashing damage without using the “flat of the blade” rule.

Note that while Frozen Panoply weapons are made of ice, they deal damage through ordinary crushing, cutting or piercing, and Frost Immunity does not protect against this damage. The Scion can, however, channel Hrimthurssar’s Touch through the melee weapons to add dice of damage (bashing or lethal, as appropriate to the weapon)—and Frost Immunity does block this bonus damage.

Since the ice coalesces out of ichor and Legend, Scions can conjure it anywhere—even on the lip of an erupting volcano—and it does not melt unless the Scion decides to banish it whence it came (as a reflexive action). Icy articles last a scene in any case. When the scene ends or the Scion dismisses his creation, it dissipates in a sprinkle of snow.

A Scion can extend Frozen Panoply’s duration by spending an additional point of Legend for each additional scene, but his player does not need to reroll. A Scion could even conjure weapons of ice and hand them out to his allies in a pinch, though his allies would need to have Frost Immunity or thick gloves to use them without suffering frostbite. Such items dissipate instantly if stolen or broken by enemies.

Winter’s Mercy

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per recipient
This Boon extends the effect of Frost Immunity to other beings. Each Legend point confers one scene of Frost Immunity to one creature. A Scion does not need to know Frost Immunity already to gain this Boon, but if she doesn’t, placing Winter’s Mercy on herself costs the same as giving it to anyone else.

Chill the Blood

Dice Pool: Perception + Marksmanship
Cost: 1 Legend
Having learned to internalize the power of frost, the Scion learns to internalize it in other people… against their will, setting them shivering with a chill no fire can warm. The Scion picks any target he can see and spends a point of Legend. His player rolls the dice (with bonus successes if applicable), at a difficulty equal to the target’s Legend. If the roll succeeds, every non-reflexive action takes the victim one tick longer, and her Dexterity drops by one. These effects last the rest of the scene. Repeated attacks cause further loss of Dexterity but do not add more ticks to the Speed of actions. Reducing a victim’s Dexterity to 0 renders her inactive.

Blizzard Call

Dice Pool: Stamina + Craft
Cost: 1 Willpower + 3 Legend
Winter’s power responds to the Scion’s commands. She can summon snow, sleet, hail and ice. In an area up to five yards in radius per success, at a maximum range equal to (Legend x 50) yards, the Scion can make the temperature plummet, create or shift ice and snow, and even create avalanches and crevasses.

Used to drop the temperature, this Boon causes the ambient temperature to drop by a number of degrees (Celsius) equal to the successes scored every tick. Such a rapid and severe freezing can cause ceramics to crack and metals to turn brittle (such objects lose all their soak), and lead to exposure and frostbite in living tissue. Once the temperature reaches freezing (zero degrees Celsius), the drop slows to a rate of degrees per success every minute, instead. While the Scion cannot liquefy the air, she can inflict numbing cold (see Scion: Hero, p. 184) over the area. The Scion may also choose to keep the temperature hovering around a specific point. Doing so is especially useful to keep the temperature between 0 and -20 degrees, which causes snow to precipitate out of the atmosphere. At that point, the Scion can evoke anything from a light dusting of flakes to a heavy snow. (See pp. 185–186 of Scion: Hero for visibility rules.) Liquid water also rapidly freezes unless it is heavily cut with other substances, such as salt or alcohol. (Sea water doesn’t freeze until about -2.2 degrees.)

When the Scion uses Blizzard Call in an area with existing snow and ice—or one where she already flash-froze the moisture from the air—she can sculpt the ice or snow with precision, simply by gesturing (often with the appropriate relic). The ice cracks, breaks and splinters as the Scion shapes it, but it follows her direction, whether to split into a crevasse, rise in a spiky pillar or form a hulking, glistening statue. She can cause spikes to shoot up to attack her enemies, she can raise walls of deflecting ice, she can even try to trap someone in a cage of ice—indeed, any feat she could perform with Frozen Panoply, but at range. Pit the dice pool of the Scion with this power against the victim’s appropriate DV or a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll to see if the subject can avoid icy spears, imprisoning walls or similar hazards.

Just as importantly, a Scion can use Blizzard’s Call to alleviate cold. Instead of freezing an area, she can raise the temperature to the chill of a late autumn or early spring day: comfortable with a warm coat; bearable with a jacket and flannel shirt.

The Scion’s mental dominion over the chosen area lasts the rest of the scene. Should another Scion or creature with control of ice try to wrest control from her, the players of both parties engage in a contested roll, with the victor taking charge of the targeted frost.

Frozen Heart

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 4 Legend
Once a Scion passes mastery of physical cold, he can send that chill seeping into souls to freeze and quell passions. When the Scion invokes Frozen Heart on a target, his player pits his dice pool in a contested roll against the target’s (Willpower + Legend). If the user wins, he can apply his net successes toward quelling his victim’s Virtues and Willpower as follows:

He can spend his successes at a one-for-one ratio to temporarily reduce the subject’s Virtues, thereby dampening her passions. The target simply can’t feel the fire of her emotions anymore. One success reduces a single Virtue by one dot. To reduce four different Virtues by one dot each, the Scion would need to spend four of his net successes.
If he spends successes equal to the target’s Willpower dots, the Scion can render the subject unable to spend Willpower points at all. (The Scion must spend the successes specifically for this purpose.) In so doing, he dampens the target’s inner fire and makes her unable to muster her hidden reserves of strength.
Any use of Frozen Heart lasts for a number of ticks equal to (user’s Legend x 5). Effects from multiple applications do not stack, but more powerful applications can override lesser ones.

Flash Freeze

Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival
Cost: 5 Legend
The Scion’s command of frost enables her to freeze a single item or creature in an instant. If she can see a target, she can freeze it with a wave of her hand. Her player rolls the dice pool against a difficulty equal to the target’s Legend. If the roll succeeds, the target’s temperature drops nearly to absolute zero. Objects treated in this fashion generally freeze solid and shatter; living creatures usually die. The freezing attack inflicts levels of bashing damage equal to (threshold successes + Scion’s Legend), that ignore soak. A creature or object reduced to zero health levels by this power freezes solid. If that target is subjected to even a slight but sharp strike, it shatters into tiny fragments.

Ymir’s Hand

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 15 Legend
The Scion’s mastery of cold is now almost complete. He can inflict glacial cold over an area whose radius in miles equals his Legend rating. For the next day, the area suffers numbing cold (see Scion: Hero, p. 184) with up to a foot of snow; adding a stiff breeze for a wind chill factor is optional.

The supernatural chill inflicted by this Boon has a numbing effect on living creatures and even causes walking dead to stagger and slow as their flesh freezes. Beings within the area of Ymir’s Hand suffer a one-point Dexterity penalty and add one tick to the Speed of all actions, just as if they’d been subjected to Chill the Blood (FROST 6), if they do not stay close to a source of warmth.

Avatar of Frost (The Cold)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Cold. While The Cold resembles an immobile statue of ice, its influence extends through tendrils of utter stillness and freezing wind, like invisible limbs of absolute zero. Anything touched by The Cold instantly stops and freezes through. The Cold can send a wind over a city to blanket it in snow and ice, instantly freezing every mortal into an immobile statue. Liquids and gases turn into frozen solids when caressed by The Cold, and solids crack with brittleness from its touch. All sound seems to fade away and vanish into The Cold, so that anything it encounters makes only the briefest, momentary noise before it becomes utterly still. The Cold can act subtly, too, insinuating itself into hearts and souls to quell passions or freeze them into rigid monomania. The Cold can even freeze a Titan in place for a short time, enabling other beings to flee or fight while the Titan struggles to shrug off the loss of warmth, motion and life.

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