Friends New And Old - Social

Participants: Reynard, Bryn, Eileen

Scene Title Friends New and Old
Synopsis Returning to the city after some time away, two old friends catch up and encounter a new face who shares news of conflict brewing

Middle Grounds - Queens - New York City
Stepping inside of the middle grounds the smell of coffee hits the senses. Rows of books meet the eyes on every subject. In the middle of the room stands a register and help center for any questions someone might have. To the right is a small study area that patrons can use for research needs. To the left is a few more rows of book then a door that is labeled basement. To the back of the store is a small bistro offering patrons drinks of different sorts and even a small kitchen for food. In the very back of the store is a door way marked "Private."

3:52:23 PM
Reynard is here at the coffee shop on his off hours, mostly to relax. He's camped at the back of the store by the little bistro, sipping a hot drink and fiddling with a tablet PC on his lap. His bag is resting on the floor next to his seat, that odd prop staff leaning up against it, his feet propped up on another chair scavenged from elsewhere, legs lazily crossed. The seat opposite his little table is vacant, and the place overall is not exceptionally busy, as it's past the rush hour of people getting off work.
Sometimes, the direct approach works best. Bryn has managed to work her way inside without much of a fuss or muss, but when she sits down at the table beside yours, she looks down at her cup of tea and then shakes her head. She leans your way and asks in that proper London accent, "Pardon me. You wouldn't happen to have any milk for m'tea, would you?"
Reynard looks up from his tablet and sets it on the table, smiling warmly on hearing the proper accent, his eyes taking in your figure and manner of dress curiously. He reaches over to another nearby table, retrieving a few packets of those individual serving milk and creamers, checking the labels to make sure he's not giving you the disgusting artificial stuff, and passes the appropriate stuff, leaning over a little more closely. In addition to whatever you might get from Scent of the Divine, you may also detect he's wearing a very faint strawberries and cream scent. "One of the few places that actually keeps anything other than the artifical stuff on hand, here." he offers conversationally.
"Why do you think I came here?" asks Bryn. She shakes her head, "Rest of the places are pure bollux. y'd think in a city this bloody big, a person could have proper tea in a variety of places but…" she shrugs her shoulders as she starts applying milk to her tea. As you -do- lean in, she's actually kind of subconciously pulling back away from you for one reason or another. "Now, if I could just find proper biscuits." she adds.
Reynard considers a little, "That's the real trick, isn't it." he sits back in his seat again, after deivering the milk, and relaxes, stretching a little, before taking up his cup of hot cocoa and taking a long sip. "Back before I moved out here, we had a little local place back home that had -perfect- biscuits, but they stopped carrying because just about nobody bought 'em" His accent is… decidedly -not- British, clearly born and raised Midwestern American, but he's a friendly, casual sort.
And yet, you smell English. It'd be even more interesting were someone able to smell the Nordic on Bryn. "At least someone in this Benighted land understands the -concept- of pro'er tea." And yes, she left the -p- out there. She lifts her cup and takes a small sip, eyes closing as she savors the taste. "So tell me, did you work past the accent, or is it just your -family- that is from Merry ol' Britain?"
Reynard hehs, "Well, my father's as British as they come, though he travels a lot. But I grew up here in the states with my mother's side. Something about not wanting me to end up like him. Shows how well that worked, anyway. I've been meaning to visit London one of these years, but… things just keep getting complicated, you know?" he seems quite chatty about his background, considering he's with a total stranger, but then again, it's not like he's divulging deep, meaningful personal information
"I see." remarks Bryn as she shakes her head, "And this traveling father… never was around very much, was he?" she asks. "I hope he at least brought you gifts now and then, maybe even did the pro'er fatherly duty of sittin' y'down and explainin' a few things? A few… important things?" She sips her tea a bit and leans back in her seat, gray eyes opening to stare at the ceiling as she talks with you.
Reynard chuckles a little, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're implying something naughty. Not that I mind terribly much, but it does make me wonder at your motivations" he wiggles his thin little eyebrows suggestively as he turns in his seat, putting his legs down from where he'd had them propped up.
"My motivations could give lessons to a nun on celibacy." remarks Bryn as she sips her tea once more. "I meant quite literally what I said. See, I had a father like yours. Never around… thought he was gods gift. Finally showed up out of the blue to try to tell me how it wasn't his fault. I'm seein' much o' the same in you."
Reynard hmmms, "Well, you've the right of it, and you seem to have a keen eye for people. But at least the old fox remembered to send along some funds now and then to make sure we never went without. He claimed that not being around in person and showing up for a 'big revel' made it a 'better story'" he chuckles a little at that. He offers a hand towards you in a more friendly greeting. "Reynard Romane, by the way. Student at the local acting college" that one in the Theatre District that I can never remember the name of. >.<
"Something tells me you could give the professors lessons." remarks Bryn as she reaches to accept your hand, "Brynhildr Jorstad." she says. (Jorstad pronounced Yorstaahd). "University is… well, a distant memory for me these days." She shrugs her shoulders. "But, I have my degree from Cambridge at the very least."
Reynard tries to get his mind around the foreign syllables, then nods. "Well, I don't like to brag…" a bold-faced lie, naturally. His hand is smooth and soft, his grip warm but weak as he offers a slight seated bow over the clasped hand before retracting, the motion causing the little silvery tag hanging at his neck to jingle a bit. "Have you had the chance to study abroad, then? I'm looking forward to the opportunity, once I've gotten a good groundwork laid here, but it's still aways off."
While her shake is -firm-. Manlike one might say. She even goes so far as to wrinkle up her nose at your mannerisms, but doesn't say anything either way. What she does say however relates to your comments. "Abroad? Well, you might say that. I'm a practicing, and traveling, archaeologist. You might say I take after my father, even more than he might've wanted me to. Something tells me you and I might be similar in that regard too."
Reynard would find the dichotomy between the two of us amusing if he were aware of it. He is certainly a bit more… effeminate than most guys, while you've got that 'one of the guy's' type of mood around you. Certainly an unusual pairing here. "You could say that, yes." he looks over you once more, "Part of me is curious if you're the 'Indiana Jones' style of archeologist, but I suspect you get that question -far- more often than you like." he quirks a little, amused smile, not denying your allegation.
Shaking her head, Bryn remarks, "At first, aye, I got that comparison a lot. In more recent years, I've been asked more about some actress… Angelina something. Lady Croft was a name tossed at me as well." She shrugs, "Apparently, I'm not -built- well enough to get the comparison very often. Not that I care what they think." She -would- ask another question, but it might offend you. She's from a -viking- society, where men are MEN, effeminate men don't end up contributing to the gene pool after all.
Reynard hmmms and headtilts a little, "I could see the comparison, but Lara is an even -worse- archeologist than Harrison Ford, and that's saying something. Build or no build" he nods a little at that, then quirks one eyebrow a little, obviously curious. He's pretty perceptive, and that unspoken question is certainly hanging in the air somewhere around you waiting for it. He does seem the sort to be very difficult to offend, at any rate.
"Just wondering… how much like you… your father really is." offers Bryn. She inclines her head as she tries to wrack her brain for potential names and such. "Was he one of those who was too pretty for his own good?" yes, she's implying that about -you-.
Reynard brushes a hand back through his hair, seeming to take that as a compliment rather than an insult, "Well, he -was- the sort to make certain the hero always gets the girl… and that he was -always- the hero when it mattered" he shakes his head a little, chuckling softly, a funny thought seeming to have struck him.
6:01:53 PM
Eileen has arrived.
"Well, I just… you don't seem like the sort who might've been from that line is all. Just seems a wee bit dodgy t'me you know." Bryn shrugs and finishes off her tea then, setting the cup down. "Not like my Da was anything but a right Wanker most times."
Reynard hmmms, "Well, he's got a lot of Old Stories to live up to. All I can do is my best, after all." he lazily crosses one leg over the other in his seat as he leans forward over the tabel, draining down the last of his hot cocoa and, with a flick of the wrist, tosses the disposable cup over his shoulder to land neatly in the trash bin with a 'swoosh' sound. "You seem like you already know the sort of person my father was, without me going into detail. It's rare to see someone guess it so fast."
"What do I do for a living again?" asks Bryn with that accent just a touch exaggerated. "Plus, my Da is kinda known for being an all seeing, all knowing wise-arse." She slides her teacup away and mutters, "I'd murder someone for a good biscuit."
Reynard laughs a little at that, "Hmm… You don't -look- Jewish" okay, that was a *bad* joke on multiple levels, but there's a place in social niceties for the deliberately bad joke, to defuse tension a bit. He thinks, "Only way I know is to order the things in bulk online and keep a stash at home. I hadn't gotten around to it since I got here, what with all the Sandy nonsense that's been going on."
Walking into Middle Grounds is Eileen, looking fairly calm before she spots Bryn and walks over saying, "Godan daginn." with a bit of a grin, "Figured if you're going to greet me in old Egyptian, might as well greet you in old Norse, hm?" then looks over at Reynard and says, "Does he?.. Y'know, have anything in common with us?"
"I'll have to see about having the net professor coming to get my input bring some with'im. Only fair y'know." and then there's that Old Norse greeting to which Bryn raises a brow and turns her smoke gray eyes towards Eileen. "You know I'm English, yes?" She asks, exaggerating her accent just a bit again.
Reynard looks up to Eileen greeting Bryn in that unusual way… and the explanation just makes him smile all the more. This is getting -quite- interesting, it seems! His eyes flit over the lovely, full-figured, confident female, then notices the uniform and badge… which don't seem to caution him any, though he remains quiet until Bryn offers an answer to the officer, not wanting to interrupt obvious friends in catching up.
"And my parents are irish, but you greeted me in ancient Egyptian because of the ankh I was wearing." Eileen says before looking up and down at Reynard as he makes eyes at her and says, "Yeah, some other time, 'Romeo'." with a bit of an odd maybe slightly sarcastic emphasis on, 'Romeo'. Then looks at Bryn saying, "You didn't answer my question though. This like the time when you approached me?"
"Don't be silly officer. There's nothing Egyptian about this gentleman." offers Bryn, trying to keep a straight face as she goes for her joke. She shakes her head and looks towards Reynard, "Do you see the quality of the local officers these days?" she asks before she reaches a foot out and kicks out a chair for Eileen. "Siddown officer. Let me get you a cup of that horrible coffee you love so much." she adds as she starts to stand up.
Reynard can't help but acquire a little blush along the edge of his ears at the bit of sniping… though the 'some other time' choice of words certainly doesn't dissuade him. It's an encouragement, after all! "Actually, they usually cast me as Tybalt or Mercutio in that one. Well, except the one time I got roped into the Juliet role on a bet. *Long* story, but the show must go on, as they say" The embarrassment is there, for those good at picking up emotional cues, but he seems comfortbale enough with it. He slides his bag and that off prop staff out of the way of the path for Eileen to seat herself.
Sitting down on the seat, Elieen says, "Look, you're at least five years younger than me. -Plenty- of guys have hit on me before and honestly? I'm not all that interested right now. Got a lot of other stuff going on." upon hearing about him playing Juliet she raises an eyebrow and says, "Really? How very Shakespearean." then looks back at Bryn and says, "You know what I mean. Anything… Oh say… Greek, maybe?" then groans before saying, "We both know I'm direct and you're not. Look, just cut the crap. Is there anything notable about either of his parents?"
Rolling her eyes, Bryn remarks, "Everyone is special in their own way, right Reynard?" asks Bryn as she heads for the counter and orders a black coffee. She turns and leans on the counter, watching from a distance now, giving the two of them an awkward moment together.
Eileen shakes her head and says, "You and your dad both, I swear you're vaguer than the oracle at delphi, and probably twice as knowledgeable to boot. And here I am, without an interpreter. Look, I'll drop it, it'd be weird if I'm barking up the wrong tree anyway." she then looks more relaxed as she says, "So, how have things been?"
Reynard seems fairly not put off by the stated lack of interest. "While I certainly wouldn't mind making the attempt, you've nicely cut me off at the pass before I even left town, it seems. Very well, I shall take my honeyed words and save them for a more fitting time, when one so deserving is less preoccupied" he gives a teasing little wink as Bryn leaves us alone. "I swear, though, all the interest in parentage, you'd think they were running some kind of breeding program around here."
"Kid, you're not going to get that far with me OK?" Elieen says, "Not to say we can't talk but you're not going to be dipping me down and kissing me by the end of this conversation. But hey, if you want to try that's your business." she then looks over at Bryn and says, "So, you two know each other?"
And only a minute or so later, Bryn sets down a coffee before Eileen. "Officer Guinness. Meet Reynard. Reynard, meet Officer Guinness." she says as she settles back into her seat. "So, you chaps bosom buddies yet?" she asks as she realizes she forgot a refill for her tea. Oh well. She shrugs a bit and then says more softly, more privately. "You any good at Archery Rey?"
Reynard shrugs a little at that, "Perish the thought, Miss. As is my fate, I must but admire from afar" he can't seem to keep up the act though, and ends up chuckling to himself, leaning back in his seat, stretching a bit. "It is certainly a pleasure to meet you, Officer Guinness. I've only met Brynhildr just this afternoon, actually…" on the question, he ponders. "I was in an archery club back in school, actually. I like to think I'm a fair shot, but I seem to do nothing but miss lately" The 'Rey' nickname, being printed on that little tag on his collar, is certainly acceptable to him, at least he doesn't make an issue of it.
Extending a hand towards Reynard, Eileen nods and says, "Eileen Guinness. Well, Eileen Maura Guinness but middle names aren't too important. So, what do you do for a living?" before she takes the coffee and -chugs- just about half of it then says, "Ah… Good to have something like that at least once a day. So, you do archery? I'm not that bad a shot myself, but… Well, I'm better with a pistol than a bow. Truth be told, I've done a bit of archery myself but it's been… Years since I ever held a bow."
Reynard accepts Eileen's hand. His grip is… warm, but not firm, and his hand is soft and smooth, like someone who's never seen a day of hard work. "Hmmm. Actually, I'm a student at the local acting college, on scholarship. Eventually hoping to act professionally - dreams of Broadway and all that. The same old song half of the people that come to this city sing, if you believe the tropes. But yes, I try to keep up with my archery. Surprising how useful a skill it can be in this day and age."
"The question is… just -how- special do you think his parentage might be. And if you're thinking what I think you think I think you're thinking… which parent?" asks Bryn. Yeah, she's turning into a Viking - English Yoda here, but it's fun to tweak the cop's sense of curiosity.
"Dunno." Elieen says quietly, "Maybe a well-known romantic. Could be someone good with parties and booze, but he looks too clean-cut and together for that… Could be someone who's curious as a cat, he'd probably have good acting skills if that's the case. The list goes on and on…"
Reynard just sits back and watches as the pair discuss his parentage, almost like he were a show dog or something. He can't help btu be amused at how all this secrecy and vagueness turns conversation into a bizarre game of verbal cat and mouse.
"I'll give you a hint, if I'm even remotely close with -my- educated guess." offers Bryn. "Wait, I already gave you a hint." she adds with a smirk as she leans back and folds her arms over that… well unimpressive bustline of hers. "But for a second hint… let me see… ah, I think that a certain Bob MArley song would be applicable to his illustrious parent."
"Sorry, before my time." Eileen says quietly, "I know who the man was, famous reggae singer." she then pauses before saying, "Wait, are you thinking one of his parents is… Influential around the Caribbean?"
At that, Bryn is starting to light up, oh, getting warmer, getting warmer… right smack dab into an ice wall. She shakes her head and sighs. She looks to Reynard as if begging for help silently. "No, more likely from my neck of the woods… as in England, not Norway." She is suddenly a lot less riddlish.
Reynard blinks, "I'm not much into reggae, myself, but that sounds way off, unless you're making some unfortunately obscure reference I'm missing?" he folds his own arms under his chest, the odd material of that body-suit shaping very nicely against him that way. His jacket is, naturally, hung over the back of his chair. It's an odd combination of exposure and cover that the bodysuit creates, a striking effect. On the England note, he nods. "Yes, though I'm sort of glad I don't take after him physically, judging by how he looked when he finally showed up. Some complaints about 'that damn mouse ruining his image in Court' or something like that. We had a good laugh over it."
"Oh tell me he at least shot -at- the Sheriff." offers Bryn with a shake of her head. "Was he partial to Costner, Elwes, or Crowe then?" she adds towards Reynard before looking towards Eileen. "Ran around with a bunch of Merry Men… and no, one was -not- a Klingon." Yep, more obscure references. Damnit.
"Next generation holodeck episode, Worf was dressed up as little john in an adventure." Elieen says, "…Ok, yes I got into Star Trek for a time." she then looks over at Reynard and says, "Yeah… The mouse did a number on another family too. Made them seem a lot less dysfunctional than they were originally, but if that has any influence on them it's probably helped them out a bit. 'Cept for one of the more decent guys from what I heard but… Well, you win some you lose some." she then pauses before saying, "Anyway, since we're doing introductions my dad… Well, if you know a little bit about -certain- things…" she says as she pulls out an ankh on a necklace from her uniform, "This was made by my grandpa." then puts it back in and says, "So there you have it."
Reynard can't help but chuckle, "It sounds like you've all got it, yes. Locksley is a pretty solid guy, but it took a -lot- of explaining to mom why there was russet fur shed all over the floor in my room after he visited. He assures me that mother was far more fond of Errol Flynn. Not that I needed -either- mental image." He pauses, then shakes his head, "I'm sorry, I'm not nearly so up on my traditional mythology as I should be for this line of work. Can we cut the vagueness, if at all possible? As much as I love dancing, I pefer it to be slow and intimate, rather than in circles around fairly simple topics."
"We can do that." offers Bryn in her proper accent of course. She gestures to Eileen and says, "She took after her father. Egyptian god of Justice. Horus. Me? My wanker of a father is a rather self indulgant god of knowledge. Perhaps you've heard of Thor Odinson? Well, I'm technically, Bryn, Odindottr."
"Yeah…" Eileen says, "Honestly, I kind of feel bad for Hades. First he gets stuck with a thankless, yet extremely important job, probably gets frustrated and pulls some crap, then the mouse turns him into the devil and Zeus gets to look like god with heaven and angels. But enough about those guys… Never met any one of their kids anyway." she then looks over at Reynard and says, "But yeah. Thought you were like… I dunno, some voodoo spirit's kid when she mentioned reggae, due to the whole Jamaican or Caribbean thing. So sue me, I have no idea who half of the guys running around who knows where are anyway. Only name I've heard from them is, 'Baron' something anyway." she then pauses before saying, "There aren't any gods demanding human sacrifice in the present day, are there? Y'know, like the… Mayan gods or something."
A sudden addition as Bryn kinda rambles on even while Eileen is speaking, "Well, knowledge… magic, war, death, lots of shite." she mutters before looking to the two of you and she smirks, "No, not Carribean… shot the sheriff… of Nottingham. Get it?" Yeah, she's more impressed with her sense of humor than most other folks are.
Reynard smirks, "Admitedly, -that- would have been a fun revalation, but no. I'm in the luck position of being son to a heroic figure that *encourages* dressing up in tights and running around on rooftops like a comicbook superhero. So I suppose things could have gone a lot worse" he snickerfits a little. "From what I understand, the only Aztec ones are still around, but they usually keep to themselves a lot. I couldn't get a lot of detail out of the Old Fox about any of the other groups except some amusing anecdotes. Either way, it's a pleasure to have more allies in the field." he gives an inclination of the head in a seated partial bow again, an honest gesture.
Suddenly, Bryn snaps her fingers and looks towards Reynard, "You know my favorite renditon of your dear old dad?" She smirks and then says, "Parry, Parry, thrust, parry, spin!" Then she devolves into giggles as she waits to see if folks catch -this- reference.
"Aztec… Right. I blame hollywood for confusing the three." Eileen says, "So yeah. Dad took to playing cop for a bit, then some rat who told me to my face that he's Set's kid killed him. Tried to kill me too, my dad jumped in and gave me a bit of help. Believe me, I was surprised when I fell… Over five stories and walked away without a scratch. Neat trick, but I'm not willing to test how often I can pull that off. Something tells me I can't do that all the time… Just a bit of instinct, really." then pauses before saying, "…Sounds familiar. Some cartoon thing, maybe. Not sure what."
Reynard facepalms a little, "That one, yes. The rise of WEstern Animation has been so -very- happy to have someone as exciting as Robin around to parody and protray" he giggles, "Still, it could be a lot worse. At least *most* of the renditions don't put him in drag very often. The Queen really doesn't let him live that down, for all the trouble he gives her." he shrugs a little. "So, anything particularly dramatic been going on among your beats here? We've had some trouble with Voodoo ice-spirit-ghoul-things lately on the lower west side…"
"Well, I've been… the Aussies call it Walkabout. I've been travelling. Seeking information to share… bands to help here and there. I'm not exactly the leadership sort… I show up with the right piece of intelligence, share it with the right people.. they do the right thing, and I move on. That's been what I've been doing for the last couple years. But… I have this inkling that -something- major is coming up, and I need to be -here- for it. Personally, I think it'd be nice if the Wanker… and I mean Da.. would bother telling me things point blank rather than vague innuendo." And she eyes Eileen, "And no pot or kettle comments from you, understood?" she asks with a smirk.
"Yeesh." Eileen says, "Well, I'm kind of new to the whole, 'My dad's a deity' thing. Still trying to figure out what to do, seeing as how my CO is screwing around taking deals on the side and had my dad killed when he tried to find out. Dad told me that much before he left. Sure I'm probably able to do who knows what, faster, stronger… Weird thing is, I think I can even detect lies now." she then looks over at Bryn and says, "Yeah. Honestly, I'm pretty lucky I guess. Nobody's really bothered to put my dad or his family into media lately. You've got Marvel screwing with peoples' perceptions of your folks, he's got the mouse, and the fact that his dad's just plain iconic and bound to pop up every now and again. In media, that is. But yeah, my dad's pretty direct thankfully. Supposedly, Thoth is the one that spouts cryptic crap. 'Least your brother's direct, hm? Subtle as a bull in a china shop as far as I can tell. Thor, not your snake in the grass adopted brother."
Reynard hmmms, "Hey, now. Loki isn't -that- bad. Fate's a bitch, that's all. I've got a friend in the neighboorhood who's his. Really nice girl, great sense of humor. A little fiery-tempered, but what can you do, hmm?" he rests his arms behind his head. "Still, it's good to have folks around that know the score on all this. The more people we have paying attention, the less likely things are to go totally south" he flicks one hand and produces a tarot card from one sleeve, dropping it on the table between you two. It's 'The Tower', the image being a modern office building being struck by white lightning, with people leaping out from the windows of it. "The folks responsible for the last big attack left this for us, and a threat - 'Next time you won't be able to stop all of them.'" he sighs.
"If you want to get technical about it. Marvel, DC, Comico.. just about every comic book company has taken a stab at my family. At least comico didn't make my dear brother a blonde. But they did make him the only survivor. Let me tell you.. Dad was -not- pleased with the idea that World War 2 was Ragnarok…" She shakes her head. "Keep in mind though, yeah.. step bro's kinda got a bad rap too. Loki is the god of -mischeif-. Popular media turned him from a joker, and a bit of a manipulator, into something of the world's worst evil." She snorts, "What you really need to understand is that in all of the pantheons, every aspect is necessary. Without darkness, how will you know what light really is after all?"
She inclines her head and studies the card, looking closely at it. Of course, using her unlidded eye, and all that jazz.
"Well yeah. My dad didn't like set but… Well, the rest of his family reminded him that we needed balance and harmony whenever he went a bit too far. I mean, if we don't have evil then we only have good and thus no free will. If we don't have pain, we don't have pleasure because we have nothing to distinguish it from. Y'see where I'm going with this, right?" Eileen says before grinning then saying, "Anyway, if someone wants to screw around in my town? Set's kid can wait. On the subject of DC, 'Justice is about harmony, revenge is about making yourself feel better'. Dad would've loved that quote, though who knows maybe he's seen that movie already. Just wish I could see him in person every now and again, I know he hears me when I pray but… It'd just be nice to be able to touch him and see him face-to-face."
Reynard muses a little on all that philosophical stuff about balance, though visibly blushes along the ears when Eileen starts talking about pain and pleasure, though that quickly passes. Guy's a bit of a pervert, what can he say. He leaves that card there for the two of you to look over, if you prefer, but otherwise seems a little lost in thought, weighing the benefits of being serious about all this to the amusements of various mental images best left undescribed. "Balance is a high minded ideal… but really, things are pretty good at working themselves out, at least when you don't have something game-changing like the Titans involved."
Staring at the card intently, Bryn seems to not hear anything said until she remarks, "Well, Eileen, that's one thing we all need to get used to. We all have at least -one- parent who will never win… parent of the year awards." She looks up from the card and shrugs her shoulders, "All we can do sometimes, is all we can do. Ragnarok -is- coming, and we can't stop it. We can only do what we can to try to insure that as many as possible survive it." What a bleak outlook, but hey, Viking!
"Geez, you need to look at things a bit more brightly." Eileen says, "Not sure how Ra's related to my dad aside from the whole part of the pantheon thing but he beat the daylights out of Apophis on a regular basis. Sure he went into the underworld on every night, but he always came out OK even if darkness came. 'Least, that's how the story went anyway. Point being though, more people might survive Ragnarok than you think. For all we know, we could curbstomp whoever's planning to end the world and more people than you thought possible could come out of this one."
Reynard hmmms, "Well, regardless, that's all stuff to happen when it happens. For now, we've got some very -real- threats. And since, at least for the time being, we all live in this city, might be a good idea to keep an eye out for any ice-spirit-flesh-eating-undead-ghoul-monsters. Apparently they eat people. And I, for one, don't plan to find out how tasty I am. At least, not -that- way" he smirks a little and picks up the card, then with a little turn of his hand slight-of-hands it back to his sleeve. He's a show-off, he can't help it.
"No offense, but… You're -really- not my type." Eileen says, "Really. Not going to say any more than that, but… Well, I have a rough idea about things. Sorry to shatter any hopes you have, but… Well, people just like certain things." before she stands up and says, "Anyway, where was this voodoo-ice-ghoul? Maybe I could take a look."
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Reynard hmmms? Again, he hadn't explicitly stated anything, but that assumption that he's directing it actively at Eileen does make him giggle. "It's lovely the way you personalize every bit of inuindo like that. And while I -certainly- wouldn't mind personalizing it a little more, I think you jump to conclusions very quickly, Officer" he teases a little more. On the subject of the ghouls he shakes his head, "They've long since been cleared away. The first attack was weeks ago, and there were three of them. according to the threat… there will be more this time. We'll need more combattants if we want to have a hope of keeping things safe. Last time nobody else got hurt, and we were able to take care of them quickly… but…" he sighs. "I doubt there would be anything left to investigate there. It's a high traffic area."
Eileen steps up and quietly says, "Look, I can tell that you aren't completely biologically male OK? You're nice, you've got a great sense of flair and you really know how to add drama to what you say. It's just… I'm not into guys with either half a or a full set of ladyparts. I swear, I won't tell anyone. Just… Be careful around other people with a deity for a parent alright? We tend to be more perceptive than others."
Reynard 's smile doesn't falter as you move closer and tell him. "My dear… ahem… Eileen…" he begins, organizing his thoughts, "I've learned a fair bit ago that there's no way I can keep this a secret. Why do you think I dress this way, hmmm?" he headtilts, his voice low, and his hand gently touches the bakc of one of your hands lightly. "I sort of -expect- that our kind of people will either know, or will find out in ver short order." he sighs, but seems very good natured about the whole mess. "Though I have to wonder just how many individuals… like me… that you've encountered to have formed a standard opinion." he gets that teasing glint in his eye again.
"Well… Not too many." Eileen says, "Heard of a few crossdressers or LBGT people getting into some trouble with people who think that they can beat someone over the head with a 2x4 because they're happy with who they are or because they like the opposite sex. Honestly? I just say leave 'em be. Like I said though, I haven't seen too many people who don't really fit the bill for one gender but… Well, this is New York. We've got every type of person and then some around here."
Reynard nods, "I can imagine. I'm… the only sort of person like this I've ever met, myself. But, as my dad told me when all this stuff started going down about monsters and mayhem - Be skillful, and have confidence, in all things you do." he nods slowly, then gives your hand a light squeeze before releasing it and sitting back a little, legs crossed. "And honestly, I'd love to see someone -try- to corner me for a beating over something so trivial as circumstance of birth. I've had to turn those tables more than once."
"Well, you got to admit this sort of thing is pretty rare." Eileen says, "But hey, maybe you can take care of my backstabbing boss for me, hm?" she says with a grin, "Your dad was pretty good about that sort of thing. Well, hounding corrupt law officials not sniping them unless absolutely necessary." she then sighs and says, "So, got a few tricks up my sleeve… Want to head over to that site?" she then glances out the window and says, "Thank Ra, the moon's out in the middle of the day… There's a trick I can pull if I can see that, very useful if I need to check an area quickly." before she looks over at Bryn and says, "Hey Brynnie, you coming?"
Reynard grins a little at the mention of your boss, "Oh, I -do- want to hear about this boss of yours." he slides up to standing. "If you want to check out the area, I'll lead the way, but the trail is weeks cold, as I said." he slips his tablet PC back into his messenger back, slips the jacket on over his shoulders, and slings that prop staff diagonal across his back, before offering a hand to lead the officer along. "The bastard might just get a little scare of a visit from the Black Fox, if he's not careful" he waggles his eyebrows a little. Yes, the kid has a vigilante superhero name >.<
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Scene fades out as group leaves

Additional Notes
Bryn will have used several Boons on the card to try and learn useful information about it.
Eileen will have plied her forensics and investigative abilities at the scene of the original Ice Ghoul combat.
Results of these, pending

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