First Impressions


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Scene Title First Impressions
Synopsis Tyler gets to meet Connor, Simone and Kailin. And they get to meet him.

Crime Alley Entrance - Hell's Kitchen - New York City

The festering wound that is Hell's Kitchen seems to draw all of it's infection from this place. The weltering gash that tears through this area is known as Crime Alley, home to more then it's fair share of homeless vagrants, and more then it's fair share of druggies and crimenals. The garbage strewn alley fades off into darkness in the distance, even on the brighest of days little light finds it's way into this corner of New York City. The unsavoryness of the Alley combined with the rumors of a freak with a Red Cloak taking over the Alley are more then enough reason never to venture forth into the alleyway.

The city is blanketed by the dark night's sky. The moon does not give much light with it hiding behind a few clouds. However, the neon signs of all the local gentlemen's clubs and liquor stores are enough to keep the streets lit. A purple camero with black racing stripes pulls up to the side of the curb. The headlights turn off and the engine shuts off. A moment later the door opens and the young scion known as Tyler appears from inside the car. Taking a look around the alley a smirk appears on the man's face. "So this is the ass crack of New York City." Tyler chuckles to himself. "Well, got to get started somewhere." With that said, he turns and makes his way inside a nearby liquor store.

The steady clunk-clunk of boot heels on the pavement announces someone's approach; in this case, a petite brunette wearing a longshoreman's coat. It's long enough so that only her tights and black go-go boots are seen below. With a bit more makeup Simone might pass for a streetwalker in this neighborhood, but there's something that's a bit too confident in her stride. Senses alert, she comes into view shortly after the purple camaro stops.

Connor is inside the liquor store, browsing the aisles. Specifically he's in the whiskey section examining their selection of Irish whiskey. Which, granted, is very sparse and he has a choice of maybe a half dozen. "Well, least the have Jameson's." he murmurs to himself.

"Good choice." Tyler says as he reaches for a bottle of Jameson's after over hearing Connor. He gives a nod to Connor then makes his way up to the clerk. The scion sets the bottle of whiskey on the counter and motions for the clerk to hand him a cigar. With the clerk's back turned he goes for a newspaper and tucks it away under his arm. Tyler pays for his stuff then takes a step towards the door. "Hey buddy! You forgot to pay for your paper!"
Tyler swirls around with a smile. "Oh! stupid me. It's been a long drive to get here."
"Yea, yea." The clerk says not really buying Tyler's forgetfulness.
Tyler finishes paying then makes his way outside where he comes across Simone. "Well hello there. Have we met?" He asks with his eyes examining the girl's body.

Simone looks up at the much larger man, giving him a wry smile as his gaze roams. "No, I'm pretty sure I would have remembered you if we had." she replies simply. Her gaze roams as well, mostly his purchases.

Connor doesn't really buy Tyler's clumsy excuses either but neither is it his business. He just hands the clerk his bottle and a credit card then signs for his purchase before leaving the store. Stepping past Tyler, he opens a compartment on his motorcycle which is parked by the curb.

Tyler sticks the unlit cigar un his mouth as he adjusts the bottle of whiskey under his arm to extend his hand out to the girl. "Tyler Monroe." He says with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face. Once he has his hand back, he takes a moment to take the cigar out of his mouth. "So what's a pretty thang like yourself wondering out here all alone? I'm new to the city but this doesn't look like the kind of neighbor hood I would want to be alone in."
Hearing the opening of the compartment, Tyler looks over and spots Connor. "Hey buddy, got a light?" He asks while waving his cigar.

Simone looks at the hand, then slips her own from a coat pocket to accept the shake. "Simone." she replies simply. "Actually, I'm working tonight. And no, it's not what you might think." Glancing over, she spots Connor and recognizes him. Acknowledgement comes in the form of a simple nod.

"Sorry, no. I don't smoke." Connor answers, turning to look back at Tyler. And spotting who he's with, he he gives Simone a quick smile. "Well, hello again doctor. Unexpected to run into you here."

"I'm sure." Tyler says to Simone with a wry grin. He looks back over to Connor with a frown. "Meh, no worries." He then looks to back and forth between Connor and Simone. "Doctor? You two know each other?" He asks as he sticks the unlit cigar back into his mouth so that he can twist open the bottle of whiskey in his hands.

She gives a soft laugh at the reaction, thrusting her hand back into her coat pocket once more. "Nice to see you again, Connor." she replies. "And yes, I'm a Doctor by profession. First impressions can be sometimes deceiving, Tyler." And with that, her gaze falls directly to where he's wearing the sword… lingering, without remarking further upon it.

Connor acknowledges Simone's look with a nod and walks over. "We met recently in a coffee house via a mutual acquaintance. I expect running into each other will be a common occurence." he says to her with a quick grin. "It's a small city." Especially for people like them. Looking over Tyler's car, he says "Nice car. Stock or have you customized it?"

Tyler gives a sour face and lets out a manly grunt after taking his first shot of whiskey from the bottle. "Aaah." Twisting the cap back on and sticking the unlit cigar back his mouth he looks over his car after Connor comments on it. "Stock…I think. I just picked it up this morning." There's no telling what he meant by that, but you can get an idea knowing Tyler.
The scion of Kalfu looks to Simone even though he is still talking to Connor. "She drives real smooth and is real easy to handle when things get hot and heavy." He gives the girl a smile that seems to linger around his cigar.
Breaking his gaze towards Simone he looks back over to Connor's bike. "That's not a bad ride you got there though. You should let me take it for a drive one day."

Simone tilts her head to one side, giving Tyler a peculiar look when the talk turns to cars. And she seems quite amused when he describes the handling. "Why is it that men refer to machines as being female in gender?" she asks rhetorically. To Connor, she offers simply. "I'm here following up on some… research… I've been doing. But it looks like a dead end."

Connor looks back toward his Yamaha then smiles. "I don't think so. I've put a lot of work into it so I'm rather protective of it." To Simone, he notes "Almost all forms of transportation are considered female. Cars, ships, planes… No idea why." he nods at her explanation. "Well, you have my card."

Again, Tyler gives another grunt with another shot of whiskey. "Well then, we should atleast see how these two machines handle against each other on the freeway." He says with a grin towards Connor. "I'm Tyler by the way." he says readjusting the newspaper under his arm. "What kind of research, honey?" He asks not really interested but its small talk.

It's a calculated risk she's taking, and no doubt Marius would be really pissed, but Simone offers Tyler a warm smile and replies casually. "I've been sifting through old newspaper records, looking for places where men were rumored to have been carried off by magical creatures. Harpies, to be specific. This alley was quite popular, apparently."

Connor's brows rise at Simone's answer and he just ignores Tyler's question completely in favor of seeing what reaction the man gives. He does though file it away for future reference.

Tyler blinks for a moment or two. "Did um, you say magical creatures called harpies? You haven't uh, been talking to any drug dealers around here have you?" Tyler says playing off Simone's answer. However, inwardly wonders if the harpies that Simone spoke of were actually real and have any connection to the load of mess that his "father" Kalfu had dropped on him recently.

Simone returns Tyler's gaze evenly, even giving a soft laugh at his reply. Slipping her hand from the coat pocket, she offers him a business card with just her name and cell phone number. "Not lately, no. And you'd best watch your ass if you see any, too. Naked women that fly, but you'll smell the stench of rotting meat first. They prefer men, whom they carry off to mate with before devouring." Her smile sweetens and she offers a bit of a wink.

Connor has encountered one so just nods. Disgusting smell. He does turn to examine the alley more closely as if to discern why they might be attracted to this place. "Well, I've heard tales of lots of strange things in the city lately." he comments. "No telling what you can believe any more." Eyes narrowing at Simone, he asks "Assuming what you say is correct, do you really think you're able of dealing with it by yourself?" It's a genuine question, not asked skeptically.

Tyler takes the card then eyes Connor as he makes conversation with Simone about the harpies. The man still wearing the look of disbelief. "Are you guys sure you both aren't koo-koo? I mean, i see naked women that fly around all the time in strip clubs and well as far as the smell…so a few haven't showered in a day or two."

"I've already killed one, so I think the answer to that is 'yes'." she replies casually to Connor. More data to support the 'first impressions being deceiving' remark. Turning to Tyler, she replies. "Well if that's the way the dancers smell, then I think you need to choose your entertainment establishments a bit more carefully." Giving him another look, she adds. "Regardless, if you see one that's -not- riding a brass pole and manage to dispatch it, Tyler, give me a call. I'd like to take a look at the corpse. Medical curiosity."

Connor takes Simone at her word. "Well, hopefully they don't come in flocks. And don't you know it's not polite to ask a lady if she's in her right mind?" he asks Tyler, sounding amused. Though he does then look from him to Simone and back. "Do you have some reason to suspect he's capable of dispatching one?"

Tyler is still looking back and forth between the two then goes to examine the bottle of whiskey he is drinking. However, the more the conversation continues the more he is beginning to believe he isn't the only "special" one. Just how big is this war he thinks inwardly. "Well honey, sometimes the cheaper route buys you the same ending as the more expensive. You just have to find a dark corner in the place." He says with a wink.

Simone's eyes brighten and she turns more towards Tyler even as she answers Connor. "Yes I do, actually." she replies, without further explanation. "You, um, feel free to give me a call if you need any of my -professional- services as well, Tyler. I've got contacts at some area hospitals, and can hook you up with a nice penicillin shot."

Connor looks Tyler over in a new light, ignoring the man's crudity completely. "Huh. Okay, if you say so." Perhaps he smells if she can do what Alexander can. Though given all the other smells around here who could tell. "I'll keep in mind you'd like to see one. I've only ran into one myself so far and that was too many. Disgusting smell."

Still completely lost from the underlining conversation Connor and Simone seem to be having with him, Tyler takes another sip from his whiskey bottle then smiles to Simone. "Yea darlin, we'll keep it professional. I know how it works. I give you money in exchange for your—" He takes a moment for his eyes to crawl up Simone's body once again. "-services. And I thank you for the hook up with a penicillin shot, but i rarely get sick sweetheart." That's when his bottle catches his eye. "Oh! And let me repay your offer with an offer of a shot of my own." He says shaking the bottle towards Simone with a grin on his face. "How about it girly? Feel like partying?"

Kailin rolls along the street, pulling through an intersection at a slow blur on a black Ducati motorcycle. He comes to a stop just before hitting a curb, sliding next to it instead. He looks over towards Connor and Simone from behind metal shades and smiles politely. He's seen the both of them before, but nothing was really jumping out initially. Then there's a light bulb moment and Kailin secures his bike, sliding off of it. He starts heading their way as he unbuttons his jacket to let it flow open.

Simone stares at Tyler for a moment, then gives a soft laugh and accepts the bottle. Tipping it back, she takes a long, healthy swig before passing it back. "You mistake me, Tyler. I stopped stripping years ago." she replies glibly, almost daring him to believe her. "And that's as far as I went. But thanks for the drink, all the same." Hearing the approaching Ducati, she turns to look and returns Kailin's smile immediately. Apparenlty she has no problem remembering him.

Connor also turns at the sound of someone approaching but he remembers the bike more than the person and takes a moment to recognize its owner. Nodding to Kailin, he turns back to Tyler and fishes a card out of his pocket. "I'll assume the doctor knows what she's talking about. Take this and call me if you need assistance with some… thing. Your crudity though is unbecoming."

Tyler takes the bottle back from Simone with a blank stare. God only knows what is swirling in his mind after the thought of Simone striping enters. His attention breaks when he notices Kailin approaching. "Who is this handsome devil coming this way?" His tone more of a mimicking one than anything. "Friend of yours?"
Once Connor presents Tyler with his card, he takes the card and takes a moment to look at it. "Aww, thanks. I think your eyes are pretty." Tyler says in response to the crudity comment. "But sorry buddy i don't swing that way. I mean don't get me wrong, you dress well, speak well, and have a good taste in whiskey. Here, I'll just hang on to your card though in case i come across a fine looking gentlemen who maybe looking for a nice guy too." He says as he tucks the card into his back pocket. "Oh speaking of which…" He says turning to Kailin to great him with an offer of whiskey.

Kailin pauses for a moment as he approaches and looks towards Tyler with a furrowed brow. "I don't don't even know you, you fucking D-bag. Why are you insulting me? Save that shit for your drinking buddies." He shakes his head and looks towards Connor and Simone. "What the hell…" He shakes his head and nods in their direction. "I really just wanted to stop by and say hello." He motions towards Simone and says, "I don't think I actually met you, but someone was hitting on you by talking around me, right?" He turns to the other and asks, "Connor, right? From a couple of days ago?"

The brunette turns her attention from Tyler to Kailin, giving him a smirk by way of response. "Yes, in the coffee shop. And if it's any consolation, he didn't get farther than my phone number." Looking from Kailin back to Tyler, she adds wryly. "It -is- good whiskey, at least. But I think it's time for me to leave you boys to your drink and your machines, since this was a dead end."
"Somehow, I doubt you know any guys I'd be attracted to." Connor notes calmly. And the card advertises he does custom automotive work. "I appreciate the thought however. And don't look at me, I only just met this guy. The doctor though has implied there's more to him than meets the eye." As difficult as that might be to believe, his look says. "Yes. And you're Kailin, you said? I remember your bike."

"Whoa, whoa." Tyler says holding his hand up to Kailin. "I haven't insulted you. We're just all out here having a good time. A little drinky-drink, a little chit-chat, admiring…" Tyler cuts his eyes over to Simone even after hearing her comment at the coffee shop. "…machines."
However he gives a raised eyebrow at the comment of there being more to him than meets the eye. He wonders if or even how they know what he had just found out about himself. Tyler reaches back to his back pant pocket just to make sure those contact cards are still there for he has a feeling he will be meeting up with these people again in the future.
Tyler looks over to simone. "Well sorry it was a dead end. Maybe you should come back next week when i've settled in and run down place has a new mayor." After said that, Tyler spots a high roller walking into a nearby club with a entourage of thugs around him. Suddenly the man's mannerisms turn serious and all signs of him being anywhere near drunk fades, and his crude attitude seems to turn business. "And on that note…" Tyler seems to ignore everyone around him as he keeps his attention on the high roller while walking to the passenger side of his car. Reaching in he leaves his bottle of whiskey and newspaper in the car then pulls out a sheathed sword and a lighter. Throwing the strap over his neck, he takes a moment to light his cigar then turns back to the three. "I'll keep in touch." And with that said, he makes his way to the club with a "man on a mission" air to him.

Kailin nods towards Simone with a wry smile. "Completely understandable… It was nice to see you again, though." He steps to the side so as not be in the woman's way and brushes back his jacket to set his gloved hands on his hips. Kailin nods to Connor and says, "You're the automotive engineer, yeah, I remember. What brings you out down this way?"
He glances back towards Tyler as he grabs his sword and calls out, "If you're looking for trouble, you're probably going to find it. Only it probably won't be the kind you're expecting. People of your nature that abused their powers will quickly find themselves similarly abused. I don't know your situation, so just keep that in mind."

Simone watches Tyler scoop up the sword and head across the street, slowly shaking her head. To the other two, she offers softly. "Let him go, for now. He'll surface again. Have a good evening, both of you." And with that, she gives them each a smile and then turns to walk away from the liquor store.

Connor shrugs lightly at the question. "Just passing by and decided to pick up a bottle." he answers and tilts his head toward the liquor store. He too is watching Tyler and shakes his head at the sword. "I think it's safe to see we'll be hearing of him. Or reading about it in the paper. Have a good evening, doctor."

Tyler gives a thumbs up as he continues walking. "You're right. You don't know my situation." He calls back. Once he reaches the club's door he exchanges a few words with the bouncer before disappearing inside.

Kailin looks back towards Connor and shakes his head. "Its always sad when good Scions go down. But like a rabid dog, they have to be put down just the same." He shrugs slightly and sighs. "It isn't necessarily fun, but sometimes it is. Kicking the snot out of pricks is always more fun than just fighting mindless beasts. They can appreciate the ass kicking where the animals just feel pain."

"Assuming he is one." Connor points out. "I'm not sure how the doctor knows as she just met him. Though she might have an ability similar to someone else I've met who can basically smell them out. Well, I should get going as well. I don't remember, did I give you my card?"

Kailin nods to Connor and says, "Yeah, it is a useful ability. Though not really necessary when someone grabs a sword. Like that doesn't scream something. He is. Normally, I wouldn't give it away, but in his case…" He shrugs and shakes his head. "You didn't give me one, but you gave one to my friend Dee, I think. And I can get it from her. I'lls ee you around, though I'm sure. Fate is crazy like that."

"The sword is a decent indicator." Connor agrees and zips his jacket back up. "And yeah it is. Catch you the next time it brings us together." And with that he gets back on his bike and takes off.

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