Fire Boons

For sharing fire with humanity, Zeus punished the Titan Prometheus. Yet, it’s never been clear whether Prometheus meant to uplift humankind with his generosity or destroy it with an insidious, forward-thinking act of sabotage.

Associated With: Brigid, Hephaestus, Loki, Nezha, Njord, Ogoun, Ptah, Shennong

1 Fire Immunity
2 Bolster Fire
3 Fire’s Eye
4 Blazing Weapon
4 Flamin’ Bullets
5 Flame Travel
6 Inferno
7 Devil Body
8 Control Fire
9 Ifrit
9 Hotter Than Hot
10 Rain of Fire
11 Avatar of Fire (The Devourer)

Fire Immunity

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The Scion takes no damage from fire, he need never worry about suffering from smoke inhalation, and even the most intense heat is nothing more than a comforting warmth to him. This immunity remains in effect regardless of what substance is burning. It doesn’t, however, extend to his clothes or to any item except the Birthright through which he channels the Boon.

Bolster Fire

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per scene
Normally, fire needs oxygen to breathe and fuel to consume. With this Boon, a Scion removes both necessities from a single flame for one scene. He could keep a single torch (or even a match) lit for hours as he explores a dark labyrinth. He could cause the tiny spark at the end of a fuse to burn in place without moving. This Boon is also good for keeping a source of flame from consuming the breathable air in an enclosed space.

The Scion must be able to see the flame he intends to bolster, but once he uses the Boon, he can leave its presence without canceling the effect. The fire he bolsters with this Boon can be no larger than that of an average campfire (roughly a yard in diameter). If no source of flame is available, the Scion can create a fire the size of a candle flame from thin air. It burns at the end of his finger or from some point on the Birthright he uses to activate the Boon. The flame isn’t strong enough to cause damage in combat, but it can ignite a flammable substance easily enough.

Fire's Eye

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can see out of any fire that A.) is already within his line of sight or B.) he affected with Bolster Fire. The Scion cannot hear what is happening around a distant fire, and his field of vision remains the same through the fire as it is through his eyes. He may physically move his head or turn his body in place to change his remote perspective, though. While he looks through the fire, the Scion can’t see from his own perspective. He may maintain his remote perspective for as long as he wishes.

Blazing Weapon

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per weapon
The Scion reaches into a flame that’s at least as big as a campfire and pulls out a blazing melee weapon made of flickering fire. The weapon can be of any shape and size, but the distinction is largely a matter of personal taste, rather than available traits. These weapons do not use the normal traits from the chart in Scion: Hero. Instead, when the character removes the weapon from the fire, the player receives a base number of points equal to the Scion’s Legend for each weapon. These points can add to a base Accuracy +0, Damage +0 and Defense -1, and they can subtract from a starting Speed 6 (reducing it to a minimum of 1). The player assigns the weapon’s traits as the character produces the weapon, and he can’t change them afterward.

The character can create more than one weapon at a time from the same fire, but only characters with Fire Immunity (Fire 1) or some other means of handling fire without getting hurt can actually use them. These weapons inflict no harm on characters with Fire Immunity. If the character already has a melee weapon, he can instead expose it to a fire at least as big as a candle flame and cause the fire to wrap around the weapon and enhance it. Doing so allows his player to temporarily divide up a number of points equal to his Legend and use them to enhance a weapon’s Accuracy, Damage and Defense. He can likewise enhance a compatriot’s melee weapon, but only if that character has Fire Immunity or some other means of handling fire without being harmed.

Either way, the blazing weapons inflict lethal damage and can set inflammable materials (such as wood, gasoline or clothing) alight. The flame weapons or flaming enhancements last for a single scene, after which point they disappear in a puff of smoke. Melee weapons augmented by this Boon suffer no ill effects from the fire that enhances them.

Flamin' Bullets

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per scene
The Scion reaches into a source of flame — anything from a candle to a bonfire will do — and then “loads” that fire into a projectile weapon. The weapon becomes wreathed in flames, and for the rest of the scene, the weapon belches blasts of Legend-fueled fire. The weapon still consumes normal ammunition, but the shots become imbued with “fire power,” so to speak. The fiery rounds also inflict lethal damage, even against creatures that normally take bashing damage from bullets, such as the walking dead. The fiery rounds add +1 Accuracy and Damage to the weapon and also allow it to light targets on fire. Shooting the gas tank of a car with a pistol really can produce an explosive ending when Flamin’ Bullets are used.

In spite of the moniker, this Boon also functions on missile weapons besides guns. Anything that fires a projectile is fair game: bow, cho-ku-no, atlatl, sling, blowgun and so on. The effect is the same: Otherwise mundane ammunition becomes wreathed in fire and gains the bonuses to Accuracy and Damage. While the Scion can choose to place this Boon on weapons other than his own, a wielder who doesn’t have Fire Immunity (Fire •) risks burning himself just by holding an imbued weapon. The weapons augmented by this power do not suffer any damage, though.

Fiery ammunition burns into black smoke and ash after it strikes a target, so there’s also no evidence left behind — aside from the wounds, which look like they were inflicted by superheated versions of the weapon in question. Although the ammunition created by this Boon is fiery, it also has some degree of corporeal substance. As a result, it still inflicts damage on creatures that are immune to fire, although it does not gain the bonus to Accuracy and Damage against such targets.

Flame Travel

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can leap into any fire he can get to and instantly emerge from either another fire within his line of sight or one upon which he has used Bolster Fire (Fire ••) in the scene. The fires he enters and exits must be at least as big around as he is. The Scion doesn’t actually touch either fire through which he travels, so he doesn’t necessarily have to have Fire Immunity to use this Boon. He emerges right beside the fire through which he exits, though, so heat and smoke are factors to consider.


Dice Pool: Charisma + Craft
Cost: 3 Legend
With a shouted word, a Scion can cause an area in his line of sight to instantly burst into flame. The flame has the intensity of a bonfire, and it covers an area with a radius in yards equal to the number of successes on the activation roll. The flames stand as high from a flat surface as the Scion is tall. This fire can burn without fuel for a number of minutes equal to the Scion’s Legend. When that time is up, the flames go out if they still don’t have any fuel. People who are within the area the Scion intends to set alight get a single chance to escape the affected area unharmed before the fire starts. To do so, their players must get more successes on a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll than the Scion’s player got on the activation roll, and the character must be able to get out of the area in one action.

The Scion can use this Boon as many times consecutively in the same scene as he has Legend to pay for it. Stacking flames in the overlapping section of two or more areas of effect has no additive effect on the intensity of the fire. The area of effect can take any shape the Scion chooses, from a simple circle to an area that conforms to a room’s floor layout to a silhouette of a hand flipping someone the bird. The Scion cannot change the area of effect’s shape once the fire is burning.

Devil Body

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 3 Legend
Upon activating this Boon, the character’s body immediately becomes a human-shaped pillar of white-hot flame. His features are unrecognizable except in silhouette (if he has a distinctive silhouette), and his voice has the quality of a roaring bonfire. In this form, the character’s merest touch can set things alight or burn flesh. Touching the character inflicts a number of levels of lethal damage equal to his Legend. If the character physically attacks someone, the player adds that many extra levels of lethal damage to the results of his damage roll. The flames of the Scion’s body can even burn a fellow Scion who has Fire Immunity (Fire 1) if that Scion’s Legend is lower, though the lesser Scion suffers automatic fire damage equal to only the difference in their Legend ratings. The character’s semisolid form also absorbs an amount of damage equal to the character’s Legend from all physical attacks.

While he’s in this form, the Scion can climb up or across any inflammable surface—a set of hanging vines, a tapestry, a large monster’s dangling hair—as if he had the Spider Climber Knack but without the Legend cost. Climbing on the surface automatically sets it on fire, however. If the Scion does not already have Fire Immunity, he enjoys its effects while he’s in this form. Also, if he has Flame Travel (Fire 5), he doesn’t have to jump into a present flame before emerging from another one—he counts as the entrance flame. Other characters with Flame Travel can use him as either the entrance or exit flame.

Finally, a character can throw an unending supply of fire projectiles at distant targets with successful (Dexterity + Thrown) rolls. These projectiles have Accuracy +0, Damage +10L and Range 10—though Epic Strength can change the latter dramatically. Scions with Fire Immunity are immune to these projectiles’ damage regardless of how their Legend compares to that of the character using Devil Body. The character remains in this form for one scene at maximum.

Control Fire

Dice Pool: Wits + Control
Cost: 5+ Legend
A fire must burn, but when a God has this Boon, fire burns as he commands. To take control of the fire, the God need only stare into it and spend Legend points. When he does so, the fire becomes a three-dimensional mass that he can manipulate in all three dimensions in any way his imagination can conceive. For five Legend points, the God can manipulate 10 cubic yards of fire (based on its surface area and height). If less than 10 cubic yards of fire is present, the God can increase the present amount of fire to fill that volume. For each additional Legend point he spends, the God can increase the amount of fire under his control by 10 more cubic yards. (The God can spend no more additional points of Legend beyond the mandatory five than he has dots of Legend.) The God can move and shape fire under his control in all three dimensions—lifting it off the ground entirely or making it take any three-dimensional shape he desires. He can even mold the fire into a recognizable shape and have it take actions.

Shaping a controlled fire requires a successful (Wits + Control) roll. Having the fiery construct take an action also requires a successful (Wits + Control) roll—the God can take no physical action at the same time unless he’s performing a multiple action. Wresting control over a fire away from someone with this Boon requires a contested (Wits + Control) roll, and the would-be usurper must spend an equal amount of Legend. Fiery constructs have an effective Strength equal to the number of Legend points spent to fuel the effect, and Strength rolls to determine attack damage are modified by threshold successes on the (Wits + Control) roll made to direct the construct. Attacks made by a fiery construct inflict lethal damage then continue to burn with an environmental effect of (Legend)L/action, Trauma 5. Fiery constructs have an effective Stamina equal to the controlling character’s Legend, but only effects that could conceivably douse a fire have any effect on them.

Only characters whose Legend is equal to or greater than that of the controlling God are protected from that God’s fiery construct’s attacks by their own Fire Immunity (Fire 1). If a mortal victim hopes to withstand this damage thanks to a conferred Fire Immunity (one granted by Confer Immunity—Guardian 7), the Legend of the God who conferred that immunity on him must have been greater than or equal to that of the God using Control Fire. That is, the Guardian God’s Legend must have been at least equal then to whatever the Legend of the Fire God is now.

The God’s control of the blaze lasts for one scene at maximum. He must be able to see his fiery construct in order to mentally command it unless he has used Fire’s Eye (Fire 3) on it. When the scene ends, any fire still suspended in the air goes out. Any left touching a surface either continues to burn or goes out, depending on whether the surface is flammable.


Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 5+ Legend
With this Boon, a God turns faithful mortal worshipers into powerful servants of living flame. If the mortals are willing to undergo the transformation, the God lays a hand on each mortal’s forehead and imbues him or her with the spirit of the living flame. In a moment of intense, unutterable pain, the mortal spasms and collapses with his veins glowing white hot through his skin and smoke pouring from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. A moment later, the mortal’s flesh burns away entirely and he rises as a blackened skeleton surrounded by swirling yellow fire. To activate this Boon, the God’s player spends five Legend points and rolls (Charisma + Command). With the base activation, the God can transform a number of willing mortals equal to his Legend. Each additional Legend point he spends adds another number of willing mortals equal to his Legend.

In essence, this Boon confers the Devil Body Boon on a transformed mortal. This Boon imposes on the character the Virtues of the God’s pantheon. It also grants him a “phantom” Legend rating equal to half that of the God who used this power on him. This Legend rating exists only for purposes of determining Devil Body’s effects.

Unfortunately for transformed mortals, however, this effect is terminal and irreversible. The character’s new state of being lasts for a number of days (i.e., 24-hour intervals) equal to the successes the God’s player made on the activation roll, after which point the flames die away and the mortal’s blackened bones crumble to ash. A God can use this power only on willing mortal human beings.

Hotter Than Hot

Dice Pool: Wits + Control
Cost: 5 Legend
When a God of Fire decides to turn up the heat, it’s time to get out of the kitchen — things are going to get really hot. Invoking the Hotter than Hot Boon amplifies the mystical force that powers a God’s Fire Boons. For the rest of the scene, any time the God uses a Fire Boon, it automatically trumps the simple Fire Immunity (Fire 1) Boon. While many advanced powers can overcome the immunity of beings with lower Legend ratings, a power enhanced with Hotter than Hot suffers no such limitation: It cuts right though fire resistance like it’s not there. In fact, the supercharged flames that a God wields in conjunction with this Boon are so deadly, they can injure or kill creatures that are made entirely of fire. Whether it’s another Scion in Devil Body form or an Ifrit, fire elemental or salamander, beings that normally enjoy total protection from fire now realize what “scorching” really means.

When the God invokes this Boon, the player rolls (Wits + Control). Anyone subsequently targeted by the God must score more successes on a (Stamina + Fortitude + Legend) roll or have its resistance to fire completely trumped. This trumping effect applies only to powers used by the God who invoked Hotter than Hot: The creature’s fire resistance (if any) functions normally against other peoples’ effects unless they, too, have this Boon. This Boon’s effects last for a single scene.

Rain of Fire

Dice Pool: Charisma + Survival
Cost: 15 Legend
The God raises a hand and calls down a torrent of blazing projectiles from the sky above. Each projectile is the size of a soccer ball and explodes upon impact into a fire at least five square yards in area. Each blaze that springs up at a point of impact has the intensity of a bonfire and will not go out for the rest of the scene. At the end of the scene, the fires go out or stay lit based on the circumstances of where they’re burning.

The character can designate any point within his line of sight as the center of this rain of fire, and he can affect an area around that point with a radius equal to 100 yards per success on the activation roll. The storm of exploding projectiles lasts for 10 minutes, during which everyone in the area of effect must compare their Dodge DV to the successes on the activation roll once every five ticks. If a victim’s Dodge DV doesn’t measure up, the victim suffers (threshold successes + Boon-user’s Legend + 1) dice of lethal damage. He also has stuck to him liquid fire that burns with the intensity of a bonfire.

For a God caught out in the area of effect to be able to withstand this fire damage via Fire Immunity (Fire •), his Legend must be higher than or equal to that of the God who used this Boon. If a mortal victim hopes to withstand this damage thanks to a conferred Fire Immunity (one granted by Confer Immunity— Guardian ••••• ••), the Legend of the God who conferred that immunity on him must have been greater than or equal to that of the God using Rain of Fire. That is, the Guardian God’s Legend must have been at least equal then to whatever the Legend of the Fire God is now.

Avatar of Fire (The Devourer)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes The Devourer—the insatiable avatar of Fire, which has only a cavernous maw and two grasping hands. What The Devourer touches, it consumes. The heat of its breath pushes back the wise and the weak; it obliterates the foolish and the slow. The Devourer’s touch sublimates any loose material not fortified by ichor. It lays forests to waste and boils the oceans in their cradles. The Devourer’s teeth can scour a God to the layer of bone. The Devourer’s breath can blind a Titan with foul smoke. Its touch can peel back a Titan’s hide in sizzling strips. Its heat can drive a Titan off in a panic.

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