The Demigod


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Scene Title Prologue - The Finale: The Demigod
Synopsis Jolie and Maia discuss the ethics and morality of the corrupted Scions when they see one with his family. Rupert and David take a different approach which brings out..a Demigod

Long Island

Long Island, out past Brooklyn, is one of the more upscale places in all of New York. There are a lot of high price homes here, lots of beachfront property as well. The beaches themselves have summer swimming, for when the water is warm enough to support it. These are long, sprawling, public affairs, with lifeguard on duty and such. There are also a few less public beaches, some of which charge admission, others only for certain groups wanting something different. There are plenty of trees on the island, and there's plenty of grass and rolling hills with winding roads through, especially in the portions well away from the city itself.

It's a beautiful day over at Long Island. The sun is high in the sky and a young Japanese woman, not a girl and not yet a woman sits there on one of the sand dunes, looking out towards the ocean and the sun. She sighs softly, sitting on a large picnic blanket as she's curled up. She's in a pair of grey bootie shorts and a black tanktop with her petite feet in a pair of flip flops. She sighs softly, watching people pass by, though really, she's just caught up in her own little dream world.

"Booyah!" Jolie didn't come out of nowhere, but considering that Maia's in her own little dream world, she might as well have. "Hey, girl! I should've known you'd be out here!" She waves as she walks over, carrying her own picnic blanket and basket. She's wearing a well worn 'Dawn Of The Dead' tshirt, cutoff jean shorts, and black tennis shoes. "Thought I'd get a little sun, too. How are you?" She lays out her blanket and plops down, opening up her basket. "I've got roast beef sandwiches and deviled eggs and watermelon. Want some?"

There's a little yelp as Jolie just sort of appeared. Maia looks over towards the other girl and smiles brightly. "It's a gorgeous day, just wanted to mull some things over." she admits ruefully, stretching her arms in the air as she looks towards Jolie. "But we could share, I have a bento with lots of goodies." she offers with a bright smile as she starts taking out the bento, opening it up for various sorts of food inside.

"Yeah, I gotta lot to think about, too." Jolie pokes through her basket to pull out a sandwich, then gets curious about Maia's food. "A bento? What's that?" She peers over. "Wow, it's like sushi inna box!"

"That's pretty much it, but I have other things in here too. My new roommate likes teriyaki, the only Japanese thing he really knows.." she says, her cheeks flushed bright red at the mention of it before she brings it out and offers a pair of chopsticks as well. "So..anything interesting happen?"
Jolie smirks. "Your new roommate is a /he/, huh?" But the request for information rules out anymore teasing. "Oh yeah, lots of interesting. A Scion almost got kidnapped last night at the Middle Grounds bookstore. She's a new one to me, Anne. Me and Zeke and Rupert stopped them from taking her."
Jolie must be serious, since she isn't using any nicknames.

"Yes, he's a he. Very cute, but I call dibs. We kinda..well I kinda fell asleep on his shoulder while we were watching movies.." she admits ruefully, wrinkling her nose as she looks down at the food for a few moments. And it's time for subject change! "Anne? THe guy who's living with me now..his name is Haldor..a really powerful mambo was sent after him."

Jolie perks up. "A mambo? What did she look like? That's real strange, because I was about to tell you that one of the kidnappers was this Asian guy who tossed around black strips of paper, just like you toss around white strips."

"What?!?" she says, staring towards Jolie a bit as she hrmms for a few moments. "The guy, he looked..well, he was very dark skinned. He was male. He dressed up in a pin stripe suite, not really goth, but he spoke in a language I couldnt identify. But..he did some things that even surprised me. He was surrounded by ghosts.." she whispers softly in the end. "And he had this huge..machete looking thing. Cut a bunch of people up at the club."

Jolie frowns thoughtfully. "Yeah, that guy sounds like he's serving the Loa with both hands, alright. He'd be called a bokor, by the way. If he wasn't corrupted, he'd be a houngan, because he's a guy. /I/ am a mambo." She winks. "In any case, how's Haldor, besides being cute?"

"Oh, sorry.." Maia says, letting out a nervous little chuckle, wrinkling her nose at the mess up in terminology. "Okay, well the bokor just disappeared. We think he teleported or something." THen there's the bit about Haldor once more. "And he's a Scion of Thor. Very hot. I call dibs.." she says with a cheesy grin.

Jolie waves a hand. "Hey, you've done all the work. You saved him, you're housing him. I'm not gonna take your man. Besided, I think that David guy is kinda cute. And that Zeke guy is kinda cute. Rupert's cute, but he's waaaaaaay outta my league, what with all the fame and the groupies."

" think David is cute?!?!?" There's a bit of surprise from her on that, shaking her head a little before nodding in agreement with the other too. "Zeke is yummy. Rupert's too much of a British ass..he gets negative cuteness points from me.." Maia continues, letting out an impish giggle, feeling like a normal college co-ed for once, but that quickly changes as her brows furrow as she looks towards Jolie. "So..tell me bout this Anne girl and the guy with the black ofuda?"

Jolie shrugs. "Yeah, I think he's cute. He talks a good game, he's confident. Even though he /does/ look a little like a monkey." After looking around, her voice lowers as she says, "But don't tell him I said that." Then she returns to the other subject at hand. "There were two of them. The guy was well dressed in a suit and carried those…ofuda, you call them? But they were black. And there was a woman with him. I think she was Indian, or something. She was brown skinned, but not like me, you know? And I think she was a little crazy. She was trying to set fire to the place, and was giggling about it. Oh, and the both of them can run like the wind." Jolie adds, "Anne is nice. I can't say the name of her parent. It was something-otl. And she could summon this beautiful creature, looked like a cross between a snake and a parrot."

Maia mulls the new information over as she lets out a soft chuckle at the thought of David being cute. "You can have him.." she says with a bright smile before she returns to the topic at hand. "I'm of the Tsuchimikado family..we were designated as the guardians of the onmyoudo arts, which are supposed to be used to help ease pain, bring light into the world and to protect our world from interacting with the oni. There is another family though, according to the stories I heard growing up..the Mitsurigi family, the dark onmyoudo. I thought they were just a legend, but if he did carry the dark ofuda..then.." and she hrmms, wrinkling her nose once more sighing in the end.

"You think they're working with the White Slut and the Mordred guy? I mean, if we're finding each other, maybe they're finding each other as well.." she muses before hearing about the newbie. "A woman who can summon a snarrot. Ooooookay.."

"Oh, I'm betting these two were working with Red and White, alrighty," says Jolie, after nibbling on her sandwich. "It's too much coincidence. And like I was telling Rupert, maybe there isn't such a thing as coincidence after all." She shrugs. "At least, for us."

"I stopped believing in coincidence. Things happen for a reason." Maia replies as she nods and hrmms for a few moments, taking a deep breath as she looks back out towards the beach. "I wonder what those people are like though. You they have real jobs? Or go to school like us? They cant just be evil 24/7, can they?"

Jolie eats and thinks, and thinks and eats. Then she says, "I think they have real jobs and stuff just like us. They have dogs and like music. They just…make a wrong turn and end up thinking that capturing people and dragging them into other dimensions is a wonderful idea. I dunno."

"People can't be inherently evil. There has to be a way to make them see our side of things.." she says matter of factly, seeming to believe in her statement fully and completely. "I mean..they work for the Titans..maybe they all got brainwashed?"

Jolie perks up. "I've got an idea. Maybe we can talk to that Irish guy, the stupid bokor that was working for Red and White. I mean, maybe he can tell us why he was willing to work for them."

"Didnt he say cause it was because of the blonde?" At least that's what she recalls anyway, wrinkling her nose the entire time. "Maybe the blonde is like some sort of femme fatale that seduces everyone?!?!?"
Jolie snorts. "Maybe. The way she was dressing, I can see her seducing Green. But she's not the one that kissed /you/. Red did." She's color-coded the enemy!

"Maybe he's going out and seducing others? I mean you said there was an Indian girl with the Japanese guy.." Maia offers, scratching the back of her head as she throws out the possibility.

Jolie rolls her eyes. "And they all have a big evil orgy every Friday night. You're overthinking this seduction thing, Maia. Though I still think we should talk to Green."

"No, I know it's ridiculous, but you never know. Just go with an open mind.." she says before picking up a bit of mochi to pop into her mouth, chewing a bit as she mulls it over. "So, were you able to get this new girl's number? Cause they might try attacking again.."
Jolie shakes her head. "No, I didn't, but I'm sure Zeke did. But I get the feeling Zeke was trying to get her number anyways." She grins.

"Ooooooh.." she says with a knowing glance. "The woman must've been pertty then, cause I'd totally go for Zeke if ya know..I hadnt found hunky Haldor.." And there's that impish giggle again.

And off in the corner of Jolie's eyes, is well the hunky dark onmyoudo. He definitely has a family it seems. He's shirtless, showing off his toned abs and chest as there are two children with him, running around. Then, a Japanese woman hooks her arms with his own, sighing softly. Awwww. Isnt evil adorable sometimes?

Jolie stiffens. "Maia!" She hisses just under her breath. "Maia, look over there, but don't look like you're looking. There's the black ofuda guy. And his family!"

And there he is, in his late thirties it seems like. Maia watches for a few moments, looking towards the children before she looks back towards Jolie. "Um..I hope you're not suggesting we attack him or something. He's with his kids!"

Jolie frowns. "Oh hell no! That's against the code. Besides, the kids might not know what their daddy does. I just wanted you to see what he looked like and stuff. Though…I've got an idea. Follow me." She stands up, and starts to walk over to the Black Ofuda Family.

"Good.." Maia replies as she eases on up and dusts the sand off her own outfit as she looks back over to their blankets with food. Perhaps it'll be safe afterall. And she starts following Jolie, whispering softly, "What do you have planned?"

"Nothing bad," whispers Jolie, who walks right up to the family. "Hello there! I'm collecting money for the Middle Grounds Fund. The bookstore suffered some damage recently from an act of vandalism. Would you be willing to give a few dollars for repairs?" She smiles so sweetly.

And there's a twitch on the man's lips for a few moments. Jolie, he recognizes, but not Maia, fortunately. They're cousins technically afterall. Kamui mutters a few things in Japanese as he talks to his wife for a bit. "All right, I suppose I have a few dollars.." he says, reaching into his back pockets, pulling out a fiver which he promptly hands to Jolie before putting his wallet away once more.

"Thank you so very much sir! And the Middle Grounds thanks you, as well." With that, Jolie turns and walks away. She waits for Maia to follow, though.

Maia lets out a soft and nervous chuckle asshe starts to run after Jolie, wrinkling her nose as she hrmms for a few moments. "He didnt seem so bad. Maybe they arent really evil? Just..misguided?" she offers.

Once the two girls are out of earshot of the Black Ofuda, Jolie asks, "What did he say to her, Maia? I only speak English. I'm betting it was probably, 'Just some local charity, I'll give her some money to make her go away' or something like that." She smirks. "The family isn't evil, I'm betting. But Daddy there? He abducted a girl in order to help the Titanspawn."

"He was explaining to his wife that five dollars meant nothing if it meant us brats would go away.." Maia quips, letting out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. "I dont think he's evil..I think he's just Japanese.."

Jolie blinks a lot as they get back to the blankets. "Uh, could you explain that to me? Real slowly? Assume I'm real stupid."

"Evil or not, he wanted to spend time with his family.." she says, making a nquick motion to the kids jumping up and down over on the waves as they crash to shore. "We were in the way, so he would do whatever it took to make us go away so he could go back to his family. Hence the money..I bet if you asked for more he would've given it too."

"And /that/ is Japanese? Wanting to spend time with your family?" Jolie rolls her eyes. "Sounds universal to me."

"No, that's not what I meant..nevermind.." she says as she looks back over towards the family once more. "They were saying a few other things, but I think it was more personal. His wife is dying.." Maia whispers softly in the end.

Jolie looks like she's been smacked. "Oh no. It's all coming together, Maia. He's got a legit reason for turning to the Titanspawn. They've promised him that they'll make his wife better." She looks pretty guilty about taking the five bucks.

"And he believed that?!?!?" Maia looks aghast, the opposite effect happening to her. "If it's her time, then he should let her go, to be with the other selfish of him.." she says with a bit of a harumph.

"I don't know if that's the truth, Maia," says Jolie, remorseful. "But I'm making a guess. Think about it. He's a happy man with a wife and kids, and he's found out about his God parent and the war. And then, the love of his life and the person who will take care of his children while he's out fighting the Titanspawn is going to be taken from him. His parent agrees with you, let her go and be with the Kami, so he's not getting any help from that quarter. And then…Red, White and Green show up and give him another option." Jolie says, "I could be wrong, but that sounds about right, doesn't it?"

"He's not following his duty. If he truly had the black ofuda like you said, then he should serve the shinigami. He /should/ help he pass into the next world easier. Not try to keep her here. He's going against his duty.." And in the mind of the Japanese young woman, that is worst that probably killing a bunch of others or sacrificing them to the Titans.

"Or, he /is/ following his duty and not trying to save her, but the medical bills are costly. I don't know," says Jolie. "Unless I go back over there and confront him, and that's not right. He deserves some peace with his family, that's what we're fighting for, isn't it? Allowing people to have peace?"

And there's a soft sigh under her breath as she wrinkles her nose before looking back out towards the dark onmyoudo enjoying the time with his family. "You'd think things would just be black and white, but it's never that way. You know..maybe the trio have their own reasons for serving the Titanspawn. If we're going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, shouldnt we give the same courtesy to the other three?"

Jolie ponders this. "People always say that Voodoo is evil, but it's not. There's peaceful loa and violent loa, Rada and Petro. It's what you do with the peaceful and violent forces in your life that makes you good or evil. But, evil acts must be punished, Maia. He's a family man, but he tried to kidnap a woman. Red and White grabbed you for a sacrifice, but for all I know, they love their families too." She sighs. "If they are not causing harm, I won't touch them. But if they /are/, I will punish them."

"Now you sound like Sailor Moon.." she says, teasing Jolie as she makes with the choreography, putting her hand towards the other. "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" Maia quips, winking in the end.
Jolie blinks, then laughs and laughs. "I guess I do! You got me there, Maia. I guess I can't call you Bunny anymore."

Maia laughs heartily as she lays back in the blanket and looks up at the sky before turning to look over the setting sun, with the onmyoudo and his family in her sights. "Good, no more Sailor Moon cracks..unless it's really appropriate.." she says with a sage nod before hrmming for a few moments, thinking back to what she said earlier. "If you feel that way, then you should follow what you feel is right. I dont think it's my place to judge." she says softly.

"What? What do you mean, it's not your place to judge?" Jolie pulls out a few deviled eggs. "Every time we fight a Titanspawn, or try and stop these corrupted guys, we /are/ judging. That's our job. That's what our parents want us to do."

"No..I dont think we are judging.." she says softly under her breath as she looks over towards Jolie. "Think about it..this war with our parents and the Titans has gone on long before they even thought of making us. I think..we're just playing our part. Fulfilling our duty.."

Jolie points with a deviled egg. "But in order to fulfill our duty, we have to agree with our parents. They are judging, so in a sense we're judging too. They are the real judges, but we are the cops."
Maia summons David.

Her lips purse as she thinks over what Jolie is saying. She wrinkles her nose and decides to keep her own opinions to herself, at least for now. "I guess so. But still, I'd rather think about doing my duty instead of judging. It's more..impartial."

Jolie and Maia are sitting on blankets, enjoying a nice picnic. Maia's got the bento, Jolie's got roast beef sandwiches and deviled eggs. "Yeah, impartial is nice, but it gets ruined real fast when you seen the Black Ofuda Family enjoying the beach, doesn't it?"

"No, it is very difficult to judge. Especially when we're fighting people, not monsters.." she says firmly and resolutely, wrinkling her nose as she runs her fingers through her hair before letting out a soft sigh once more.
Thump. It's really disturbing that he can leap from a couple of miles away and land so quietly, but it's more disturbing that David can -aim- a jump from two miles away and land at a picnic he really shouldn't have known was going on. Perhaps, one might muse, it might be fate. Nevertheless, the barefoot man clad in a yellow sweatsuit drops onto the ground out of the frickin' sky, takes a couple of steps, drops down onto the blanket, and steals a deviled egg. "Impartial is for pussies."
Jolie startles, then pouts at David. "Yes, David, you can have a deviled egg. Why, you're welcome, I hope you like them, I made them myself."

And there's David making his entrance as usual. Maia looks over towards Jolie first, and then to David before she lets out a girlish giggle of glee. She wriggles her fingers towards David and waves. "No, it's not for pussies. You just like beating things up too much.." she says watching the dark onmyoudo once more as he plays with his kids over by the beach.
Chewchewchew. "Thank you, Sister Saturday, for your kind generosity. Just the right amount of relish." There are never enough deviled eggs. It's a rule. No matter how many you make, there are never enough, and if you make enough for eight people, twelve show up, or one of them eats enough for ten. David snags another. "What are we talking about?"
Jolie nods, now that David has actually thanked her. Plus, she likes it when he calls her Sister Saturday. "We're talking about judgment, duty, and corrupted Scions with families. And how that all fits together."

"We both found two new Scions. Or rather Jolie and the others found a girl named Anne, and I found a guy named Haldor. They wre both attacked by other scions, much like the ones we saw at the warehouse.." Maia explains while running her fingers through her hair as she yawns and stretches her arms into the air. "Speaking of bad is Colm.." As far as she knew, David had him.

"Guy named Haldor? Did you make out with him?" Shooting a grin at Maia, David leans over, inspecting Jolie's food more closely. Oooh, roast beef. Deft fingers pluck a small bit of meat out of the side of her sandwich. While she's eating it. "Colm has been gagged and tied up until I decide what to do with him. Mr. Manacles and Mr. Handcuffs and Mr. Ball Gag are becoming very good friends with Mr. Oirish."

"Well, don't get too Jack Bauer on him, man," Jolie replies, clueless as to the theft of her sandwich meat. "We need to find out why he jumped over to the Titanspawn side, and leaving scars might keep him on their side."

The trio are off on one of the sand dunes of the beach. There's deviled eggs, roast beef sandwiches and watermelon thanks to Jolie, and there's a spread out and rather large bento box full of mochi, sushi, teriyaki and other assorted goodies as well. Maia looks over towards David, shaking her head as she wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out towards him. "Wouldnt you like to know.." she says, trying to keep up her feminine mystique while stretching her arms into the air as she nods in agreement with Jolie.

"Let's not torture. That wouldnt be right. That's the realm of the Titans and their spawn. We should be better than that, holding ourselves up to a higher call.." she says firmly and resolutely. And she looks out towards Kamui off in the distance playing in the sand with his wife and two kids. "You never know, Colm might have a wife and children waiting for him at home.."

"I only promised to keep him alive if he told us the truth. And I think he worked some fucking mind-mojo on me, so honor pretty much goes out the fucking door. He's not gonna get a chance to stay on their side. When we have what we need out of him, I introduce him to Mr. Shattered Spinal Column. My interrogation techniques, however, are my fucking own. The difference between us and the Titans isn't tortue. Ask the Aztecs how they feel about that. The difference between us is that we want reality to continue to exist and they don't. I'm fine with walking on the dark side of reality still existing to make sure it does so still when I'm fathering my own baby gods." Leaning in near Jolie, he asks, "Hey Saaaaaaaturday. Spare a sandwich?"

"Well, well," Rupert's voice muses as he walks out from behind a dune and catches view of the idyllic scene. "Every man on earth dreams of what he'd do with the power we have, and what are we doing? Having a picnic on the beach. Is it spring break already? Because there's some coeds in Miami that desperately need my attention if it is. I might even let MTV tag along."

Jolie hands the sandwich over. "Well, Greenie's not Aztec, so he might not understand that definition, you know? He's enough of a whiner as it is, I don't want him thinking that he was justified in bouncing." She smiles at Rupert. "If you want some food, we've got it."

"No, not spring break. Just a regular break. While you guys were saving Ms. Anne, I found another Scion last night. Haldor, scion of Thor." she says matter of factly, beaming the entire time at her accomplishment. She stretches her arms into the air as she sighs and shakes her head.

"We arent Aztec, but do what you feel is right." Maia replies softly, looking out towards the Japanese family out by the shore. Rupert might recognize the tall man as Kamui from the previous night.

Roast beef. It's pretty much as close as you can get to steak on a sandwich. And thus, David is appeased. Rupert shows, and the Monkey Prince looks up. "We fight battles for the survival off three worlds every night,a lmost. I don't feel bad about sitting on a fucking beach and stealing food from vodoun and Magical Girls on occasion. You too cool for deviled eggs, superstar?"

Rupert looks disdainfully at the food, then perks up. "Deviled eggs?" He heads over to the food. "Might take a bite. Pizza's getting old, but that's all my fucking drummer wants to eat. Fuckin' idiot."

"Pizza's good, but it's not /that/ good," says Jolie. "After a while, you get all stopped up with all that bread and cheese, and ugh, constipation makes for an unhappy drummer, I bet."

"Not to mention all that bread and cheese can make your drummer diabetic if he's not careful.." Maia chirps with a wry grin, wrinkling her nose as she snickers softly. "Well, everynoe eat up! I think I cooked too much anyway, but I had a feeling making too much would be a good thing in the end."

"By the way." David flicks a glance from Maia out to the beach, where the man with his family is. "That guy is a Scion or a Titanspawn. Pretty fucking dangerous one, from what I'd say. Look at the way he walks. On the balls of his feet, even in the sand - keeping his eyes open, he's watching everyone around him like he expects them to come at him with a knife. And I'd put him at…oh, I'd say a thirty to forty percent ichor content. Very scenic picnic."

Rupert raises his eyebrow and follows David's gaze. "Oh, so we're 'anging out so the Japanese Schoolgirl can get 'er rocks off eyeing the enemy." He shrugs and reaches for the deviled eggs. "If you sweatdrop," he warns Maia, "bad things will happen."

Jolie pushes the eggs towards Rupert. "Maia only likes redheads."

Maia's eyes widen at the comment before she facepalms and wrinkles her nose. There's another harumph from her lips as she shakes her head. "According to Jolie, y'all fought that guy last night. Scion, right? And if he did have the black ofuda, then he's a member of the Mitsurigi clan, the assistants to the shinigami themselves. So he's an onmyoudo like myself..but leave him alone David. He's spending time with his family.." she says with a dismissive wave. "Attacking him now would be…well..not right."

"I wonder if his family knows he's working to bring about the destruction of all they love and cherish," David muses. "Let's go ask." Bouncing up to his feet, David grabs another egg, shoves the rest of his sandwich into his mouth, stuffs the egg in after, and works on chewing as he heads across the sand toward the family.

"Excellent idea, mate," Rupert grins, turning to follow David. "I think they deserve to know what in store if Daddy has his way." He smirks at Maia. "It's only fair."

Jolie sighs and rolls her eyes at Maia. "Great. You…now you know why I called you Bunny. Well? Here's your chance to find out about judgment." She merely sits, watching to see what the men will do.

"I thought they'd have better sense! Like you did! I thought no attacking or being a jackass when your enemy is with family and enjoying themselves was an unspoken and unwritten rule.." Maia says slightly, shaking her head as she facepalms again, looking over towards the two men. "You two are on your own."

"Right," David calls over his shoulder, "Because the ugly smelly chick waited until my troupe wasn't around at the mall! I should totally return the favor!" And with that, the Scion of Sun Wu Kong crosses the sand to where one of the children is playing at a sand castle. He drops down onto one knee, inspecting the kid's work. "Hi," he says. "I'm Davey. What's your name?"

"Jackasses unite!" Rupert calls back to Maia, then mutters to David. "I don't think she's even seen one of my concerts if she think's I'm playing by those rules." He grins widely as they approach the child, and seems to draw back into his stage persona, becoming looser and more smooth. He doesn't say anything while David speaks, merely lighting a cigarette with a gold Zippo lighter.

"Shirou" the young boy says, making the castle with his brother, twin brother to be precise. He looks towards David and Rupert with a bit of suspicions as he hrmms and chews on his bottom lip. "Daddy says not to talk to strangers.." he mutters softly and his twin nods in agreement! "NOPE NOPE NOPE!"

"Well I'm not a stranger," 'Davey' insists. "I just introduced yourself. And then you introduced yourself to me, Shirou. We've been introduced. If you know who someone is, they're not a stranger anymore, are they?" David extends his knobby-fingered hand, giving a silly grin toward the boy, and offers to shake. "I'll tell you a secret. How's that sound? Then you'll know something special and we won't be strange anymore."

Rupert glances at the kids and takes a drag off his cigarette. "You can call me Ripper," he offers. "We're friends of your father."

"No! I wanna know the secret!" the other more aggressive of the twins says, speaking up as he shoves Shirou out of the way. "I'm Suzuki!" he chirps happily.

"Um..we shouldnt talk to them! One of them is named Ripper!" Shirou stage-whispers as he tugs on his twin, looking around for his parents.

And there they are watching. Kamui finally seems concerned as he sees the tension on his son's face and he starts heading on over. "Shirou, Suzuki!" he says with the tone of a general instead of a father. "Go to your mother.." pointing towards the rather pleasant and beautiful woman sunbathing off to the side.

"Good bye, Suzuki, Shirou. Next time we talk, I'll tell you -both- that secret. It'll be fun." 'Davey' comes up to his feet, the smile still in places as he turns to Kamui. Arms come up, cross over his chest. Next to Rupert, he's not so cool, but he gives it a shot anyway. "Cute kids," he remarks. "It would be a shame if they were reduced to nothingness in a great armageddon of nothingness and unmarking."

"Right on," Rupert mutters. "Think we need to have a talk with this fellow. I want to know why so many of us are switchin' sides. I can't think the recruitment pitch is that good. I mean, oblivion isn't like a condo timeshare in Aspen."5r

Kamui just stares towards the two men for a bit as he remains eerily calm. "I am with my family. My wife is dying. Please, leave us alone.." he says firmly and resolutely while looking towards them.

"Really? I knew a few people who died. Oddly enough, because of worthless fuckers like you. If you want, I could make sure you're there to greet her. Oh, wait, no. Because whatever afterlife she's destined for wouldn't have you, unless she's -also- a traitor to his kind, his family, his duty, his honor, and to all life on this or any other plane. Anyway. We could still make you dead. It wouldn't help -you- much, but it'd make me feel better." David cocks his head off to one side. "Where's Mordred?" Oh no. David's not one-minded at all.

Rupert smirks and takes another drag off his cigarette. "Listen, you seem like a decent bloke. Family man and all. So it's not like the question is coming out of nowhere, is it? You're working for the enemy, mate. You win, your family is gone. Bye-bye. And not even the Underworlds will exist to catch their souls." He shrugs and looks around idly. "And if you lose, you die and go down in history as a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold, eh?"

Oh all the Scions corrupted to the side of the Titanspawn, perhaps Kamui is the most watched. He lives for duty. He's bound by duty, and it's clear that it tears him apart inside. "The Castle Clinton..there's a d.."

And sudddenly a rather large and powerful looking black man stands behind, grinning evilly in his white pinstripe suit. He carries a machete and he's already picked up Kamui's wife, holding her by the throat as he brings it near her throat.

The two kids have been knocked out by some form of magic and the bokor simply grins. "Ahhh, Kamui..I knew you should be watched. About to reveal little secrets. Not, not good at all. And to think, will your wife appreciate it when I raise her back up from the dead knowing that you threw her life away to help them? What will she say, Kamui? What will she say?"

"These guys," the Scion in Yellow remarks, "Never cease to amaze me with how they think I give a shit about some dying bitch who's spawned a traitor's progeny." However, a glance is given back to the picnic, where Maia and Jolie watch. "Aw, fuck it. Being a hero is just too damned fun." With a hand on Rupert's shoulder, David takes two steps -upward-, basically using Kamui as a stepping stone, planting one foot into the man's gut, then the next on his shoulders before springing up into the air. A spin begins, and somewhere in the maelstrom of yellow as the monkey flips end over end over end over end, he pulls out his spear and rows it to its normal length. At the zenith of the leap, an anime moment - pausing in mid-air may be an illusion, but it's just long enough for light to glint off of the spear before the man falls like a vermillion commet toward the huge black bokor. A foot slams into the man's face - not as an attack, but as a distraction to shove him back…and as a fulcrum point as David -grabs- the man's face with his foot, swings around his massive body, clings with one hand to his knee. He hangs there, for a half-second, upside down, clinging to the monstrous man, spear held at the ready, and uses his other foot to shove the woman away while he slams the spear down, into the necromancer's hand, leaf-blade pushing between fingers, slicing through skin and seeking the weapon…

And David flies high in the air, that's for sure. Kamui oomphs a little and the bokor makes ready to slice towards the woman, but alas, our intrepid monkey hero, Scion of SunWukong and Son Goku has succeeded as the woman is pushed away. However, his weapon does not strike flesh, nor does it pierce it. Yes, Michael Clark Duncan's skin is just that hard, because he is a badass. He growls angrily as he stares a bit towards the monkey prince. "I'm going to have fun with you, boy.."

Rupert smirks as David starts pulling wire-fu moves out of his ass, but he likewise doesn't hesitate long before dashing towards the big dude. "Hey," he says cooly. "Wanna know how I got my nickname?" His hand comes out of his pocket with long, steel claws sticking out between the fingers, and spins, slashing out with the bagk-nakh at the big dude.

Holding onto the man's knee with one hand, David flips backward into the sand, dropping down low into a crouch. "God -damn-, that's a thick layer of raw stupid you're using as armor," the monkey quips. "But sorry. You wanna fuck with the bastard who actually betrayed you? Go right ahead. Wife and kids? It just wouldn't look good if we let you. Not in front of the girls, anyway." As Rupert attacks, David coordinates to strike at just the same moment, rolling in a sideways somersault through the sand to thrust up at the man's unprotected flank, leaf-blade aimed at the man's spleen. Or at least where David thinks his spleen is. Necromancers have spleens, right? Everyone's got a spleen. And, uh. It -sounds- like it would hurt to get stabbed in. Rather than just relying on his own strength and momentum, though, his foot lashes out, seeking to connect with the back of the man's knee. The bigger they are, the harder they'll fall, right? And, well. If you fall and someone's stabbing you in the bac with a spear at the same time…

Even with the multiple attacks Henri just chuckles under his breath. He shakes his head, sidestepping the two quite easily before he bellows and lets out a hearty laugh. It seems he's not concerned with Kamui and his possible doublecrossing. Nor is he concerned with the wife and kids. David and Rupert are on his agenda now.

"This is what Scions can do? I am disappointed, no wonder it was easy to capture the other two.." he says, sneering as he looks towards the both of them. Then he just stands and makes a defensive stance, giving a come hither motion towards the two. "Show me what you two can really do, and I might decide to let you live. It's been a while since I've had a good fight, though that exorcist and the bouncer proved to be stronger than the soldier with the gun. I let those two be, but I captured the soldier. Is he a friend of yours?" he asks curiously, canting his head as he examines the two.

"Hey, every Scion -I- know is just fine, so I don't give a shit," David growls. Now he's not unhappy because of Kamui or his wife…he's just goddamned pissed that he can't fucking hit this guy. So the spear begins to blur, swiping at Hneri's head, over and over, once a second, an unending stream of attacks…

Rupert loses the smirk at how both he and David seem unable to do any damage to this guy. "Bugger this," he grunts, gripping the tiger claws tightly. He winds up a haymaker, then changes the orientation mid-punch in an attempt to uppercut the fucker with his claws.

Slam, slam, slam! The spear hits flesh over and over and over, each time hitting as if it were scoring against a steel statue. "GODDAMNIT!" the Scion of Sun Wukong curses, "Where's a fucking pit of lava when you need one?"

Jolie and Maia are already on the run. Why do these things have to happen? The young Japanese girl gives David a glaring look as she picks up the stunned two children and Jolie grabs the wife as they bring them both to safety, far far away.

Meanwhile, Kamui decides this is the best time to leave. He still has a family to protect and so he follows, leaving the two with Henri..

Three quick backflips…and a sudden charge, as David kicks sand up in a cloud behind him, charging in to slam the spear durectly into the Henri's -EYE-. "Hrrrrrrraaaaaaaagh!" Muscles bulge all over David's body, sweat appears on his forehead, veins pop out everywhere, and he shoves with all his might. The spear slides off the bokor's eyelid as he's covered in a thin layor of ichor siddenly, and draws a tiny sliver of blood. "Mother. -Fucker-."

Slam! David spins around, slams the spear into the side of Henri's face, then -shcikt!-, straight into his chest with a gash that actually cuts through clothes and into skin as the rapid assault seems to actually be sending the monstrous bokor off-balance.

Rupert grunts as he drops to a crouch, then springs up, spinning like a dervish to rake the deadly claws up and around the big torso of the Kingpin wannabe. "I'm starting to hate this guy!"

Okay, so maybe the spear goes in deeper. Maybe it penetrates deep enough to puncture organs, to sink past the blade and a few inches into the haft, forcing David to shrink the weapon to draw it out. "Hah! Eat that, fucker! EAT IT HARD! HOW'S IT TASTE, FUCKER?! HOW DOES IT TASTE?!"

And there's Henri cut up pretty good. His blood flows from his eye, his chest and everywhere else that was punctured, but instead of going down, he juwst laughs. Correction, nhe bellows with a loud sound that people at the edge of Long Island could probably hear the demigod of Marinette. "This…was fun! You hurt me! You actually hurt me! To feel alive again!" he cries out, completely out of his mind, much like his mother.

He pulls out something from a bag and starts mixing it with his blood, spitting in the sand. "I think I will watch you and spare you for now. You hurt me like the red head did. I like you both.." he whispers, wetting his lips hungrily as the ground starts to rumble. And suddenly, he disappears in a poof..

"I am going to kill that mother-fucker. I am going to chop him into tiny pieces until the tiny pieces stop wriggling. I am going to burn the tiny pieces. I am going to shit in the ashes." David. Not Happy.

Rupert glances at David, and breaks into laughter.

As the demigod's mixture of blood, ichor and his special powder from the gris-gris strikes the sand, everything starts quaking. There's a shift in the sand at the beach before suddenly it sprouts out from the ground. It's at least fifteen feet long, with ten feet up in the air. It looks like a giant lamprey or a leech as it screeches out from the ground. And here is the mini-boss music. Gentlemen, here's the Lindwurm.

"Oh, buddy. You totally picked the WRONG FUCKING MOMENT to burst up out of the sand like something out of the bastard child of Dune and Beetlejuice. Hey, Ripper. Distract it." And with that, David leaps into the air - amazing how the guy can go from being on the ground to being thirty feet thataway so easily, vaulting out of the sand in a burst of flying particulates before landing on the creautre and slamming his spear downward.

Rupert stops laughing and blinks. "Well, you're a big one, aren't you?" He dashes forward, still holding those tiger claws. "Alright, let's see if this works." He dashes forward and takes a giant leap at the thing's head, attempting to slam his claws into it and hold on.

The creatures screeches as the spear strikes true in it's head spreading a black ichor onto the ground that sizzles and burns even the silicon dioxide of the sand on the ground. It starts thrashing before curling up a bit to try to knock David off. Meanwhile, Rupert has successfully grappled's not happy..

As the wyrm bucks, David flies up. The spear still in its head, David spins around and around the haft as it flails and thrashes until he finally swings upward, body curling back around to swing rather than totally cancel his momentum until his feet slam into the butt of the spear - it swells to a larger size, providing more are for him to focus his momentum down onto…

Feet slam down into the spear, driving it downward until the spear comes out the bottom, pinning its twitching, shuddering form to the sand. "Go for the eyes, Rip! It's got a brain in there somewhere, you just gotta burrow to it!"

Rupert hangs on for dear life, in a manner that still makes him look cool as hell. "Alright, time to get physical," he quotes, climbing up the thing's back. He stands with inhuman grace, and makes a quick headlong leap forward, landing on the creature's head. He slams his claws down and lets gravity pull him toward the ground, trying to rake a deep, bloody gouge in the creature's head.

And the creature cries out, it's ichor moving all over and spilling on the ground. It starts to thrash as it falls towards the sand with a loud thud, it's death spasms still keeping it's tail end moving…

"Now watch this," David says, as Rip takes the wurm's last bits of life and shreds 'em. The spear comes out, shrinks to a slender, very sharp implement…and David runs down the back of the beast, slicing the flesh just enough to separate skin. With a backflip (yes, he does -everything- acrobatically_ he seizes the skin and hauls downward, peeling it off of the flesh as he drops down to the sand. A hard shove on the skinless beast rolls the carcass off, and it makes a horrible tearing sound as the body comes free and rolls out into the water. "I love useful titanspawn."

Rupert shakes his head at David. "Showoff," he mutters, taking a drag of his somewhat battered but still intact cigarette. He looks around for witnesses. "Don't want to go fighting that bloke again. Think I'll leave that to you, monkey-boy."

"Hey," David says, settling down in the gore to begin slice the skin into manageable chunks, "You helped quite a bit. He's slow, and his head is as slow as his body - he's big and strong, but I don't think he actually could have hit me if he'd tried, but without you there to keep him off balance, I never would have been able to land the blows I did. Now, this?" Tearing a piece free, David folds it carefully and places it atop the others. "These guys are cake. I fought six of them, once, in a subway tunnel. That was nasty."

The First Story is Done! Lots of XP awarded!.

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