Faulty Wiring: But They're Cute


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Scene Title Faulty Wiring: But They're Cute!
Synopsis Hopper, Dion, Jocelyn, and Aillen let themselves into the high school aiming to find out more about the Gremlin infestation. The group comes across some disturbingly enhanced abandoned animals, and being intercepted by a suspicious Jade.

James Madison High School

Moving from the dark parking lot late at night into the hallway, and ultimately into a storage closet.

Aillen showed up at the van, all in black as well, the legendary spear propped over his shoulder. He was grinning faintly to Hopper as he showed. "People might mistake us for goth kids if we're not careful." He shook his head as his sprites zipped into the van as well, looking over everything a moment before they went into an orbit around the spear. "Here for my stabbing duties."

Black. Black is for little cocktail dresses. It's for dramatic accents. It's for goths trying to make a statement or be pretentious. Black is so not Dion. He's accepted that they have to be subdued for this, but charcoal is as dark as he's willing to go. He's also primped. Dark doesn't mean he can't look smart. He gets into the van, looking put out. "I'll have you know there's an amazing party happening on the Lower East Side tonight. A party I'm missing." Just in case anyone couldn't tell.

A figure dressed entirely in black emerges from the shadows of the parking lot, although it really didn't look like she had been there a moment before. Jocelyn is dressed entirely in black, a baggy pair of heavy black cargo pants hang low on her hips, held in place by a heavy duty black canvas belt, she wears a skin tight black tank top tucked into the pants.

Her long hair is pulled up into a no-nonsense pony tail, and the only ornamentation she wears is her caduceus necklace, on a thick chain around her neck. A black sports bag is tossed over her shoulder, clinking with a ton of jars, and smelling vaguely of incense and wax, if you get close enough to it. She approaches the van and her friends, nodding in greeting, "Evening all. Or morning, rather."

Hopper reaches over to start assembling the Tar-Baby. He screws in a couple of tanks and a barrel before holding it up with a smile. "Ok, so the plan. We go in. Scout the lab. See if we can find some trail of this thing, track it down an trap it with Joc's magic-juju." He says emphasizing the fact he didn't say the word wuwu. "Anything bad shows up to interfere, Aillen make with the stabbing and everyone fall behind him. Then we catch the little fucker, Dion tries to convince it to go elsewhere, and then we go the party to celebrate?" He looks around. "Questions?"

"Just one. Any other places in the lab we should check if I can't pick up a scent in your lab? Computer lab maybe?" Aillen gave a shrug as he checked over gae bolga, and taking a handkerchief, he wiped off a portion of the bone spear, flecks of some…thing flaking off. "And if we can't convince it, plan B?"

Dion looks like he's primarily window dressing. He shakes his head when asked if he has any questions, and just sits there looking pretty. "I'm good." is all he says, making himself as comfortable as possible.

Jocelyn shakes her head, "Computer lab would likely be the next place to look, but honestly, Hopper's lab seems like the place they'd aim for," she shrugs slightly and nudges her bag with her foot, which clanks and jingles in response, "We may need to lure it into the trap once we find it, though. I tend to need to set up stuff before I do magic, especially something like trapping these. But I'd say plan B would be beat them into a slimy green paste, if possible. If they won't listen to reason," she shrugs again.

Hopper gives a nod of his head. "I think i might have something that might lure them out." He offers honestly as he pats his backpack. "Alright…Now to get in." He stands up and hops out of the van. "I've still got keys, but they might have changed the locks since the explosion and the issues with construction…." He offers honestly as he starts towards the school, expecting the group to follow.

Aillen grinned, figuring that Plan B would be that. Course now for the breaking in part. He put a pair of black batting gloves, figuring the extra grip would be useful, and well, no fingerprints to leave for the cops if they end up destroying the building again. "Alright, seems like we've got a plan then. Always nice to have one till it goes to crap."

"A battle plan only lasts until you actually hit the field of battle," Jo offers with a grin, "So, we've got, what, 5 minutes of relevance left on this plan." She chuckles and picks her bag back up, slinging it across her torso, digging in one of the side pockets for a small case, "If the keys don't work, I can try and pick the lock, in theory, maybe," the young Greek really doesn't sound too confident of her skills, "I'm not spectacular at it, but it's an outlying option. Granted - I doubt the administration would have spent the money on changing the locks, so I don't think my lackluster theif-y skills will even come into play."

For new arrivals, there is a blue van in the parking lot and 4 figures, 3 in black, one in smart charcoal, who apparently are working on breaking into the school. Jackson moves quietly over towards one of the newest anex doors, that lead to the hallways, rather than the main doors. He knows where the cameras are. He pulls and the door comes open, the inside locked however with a chain from the inside. He grunts a little and shoves his hands inside, slowly working on getting the ket into the lock.

Aillen turned back to look over the parking lot as Hopper set to work on the larcenous activities. "Somehow, I never thought I'd be breaking into a school. Always figured it would be the other way around. " He chuckled and shook his head. "Least we shouldn't have anyone looking around here. Nobody here on projects, nobody ought be worried about security. Though might be some systems still there"

Dion notes "Don't they still have summer school here? I mean, for the real reprobates and defectives? I've never had to go, but I'm sure some do." he shrugs though, not looking worried.

Jo nods and looks out on the parking lot, as Aillen does, scanning for anything out of the ordinary. You know, besides the odd ball youths attempting to break into the school, "That's the idea, anyway, no one here but us crazies," she mutters, "School's a bit creepy this late at night. Even for me. It's just too quiet," she shivers slightly, despite the heat of the summer night.

Hopper offers as he works. "It's also haunted by a couple of scions that were killed by some Scion hating angels. Part of this creepy church that you guys thankfully missed out on…well, Dion rememb-ers!" he says as suddenly there is success and the door creeks open to reveal the dark hallway. "Ladies first?"

Raising a brow at that, he glanced about. "As in actual ghosts? Man this place just gets worse and worse. Gremlins, ghosts, homework." He sighed and put his hand to his triskelion and murmured under his breath an incantation before raising his head back up and looking around.

Dion smirks. "Yeah. That whole church thing was fun… Not. Someday, I'll get you for all that." he promises, then moves to take the lead before it occurs to him Hopper meant Jo.

Jocelyn nods and frowns, "I heard about those killings. Rather glad I wasn't here for that." She raises an eyebrow at Hopper's invite to go in first, snorting and putting her hands on her hips in a rather defiant pose, looking up at him, "What, sending the bite-size one in first? Gee, thanks so much." She does chuckles slightly when Dion starts to go in first, grinning. Brushing a hand against her necklace and mutters quietly in Greek, Jo peers into the darkened hallway, frowning again as she can't see anything, "Any chance we could send Aillen's sprites in first? I mean, the little flash-lights would be kinda useful, truth be told."

Hopper looks back to Aillen, even as he his digging in his pocket for a set of glow stick necklaces that he breaks and shakes. "Aileen, wanna send the troops ahead to light the way?" he asks looking then back to Jocelyn. "Got anything?" he asks as he pulls out a small PDA like device that he holds up. "Electromagnetics in the area are off the chart…." He mutters before looking to Jocelyn. "See anything with your Whispering Wuwu?" He says, trying not to snort, and failing as he gets a case of the giggles.

Aillen chuckled as the sprites made some disparaging remarks about Jo in Gaelic before zipping through the door and lighting up, fifteen little blue lights appearing in the darkened hallway. "Maybe I should lead. I'm the one who's supposed to protect you lot anyway." He shook his head as he pushed the door open, spear held out before him as he advanced. "Not dead yet." He dropped down low and gave a sniff around as he looked into the darkness.

Dion tries not to laugh, at the whispering wuwu comment. He only kind of succeeds. The sprites distract him, though. "Oooohhh. Can I borrow them for some parties? They'd be a huge hit." Apparently, he's having trouble focusing on this being a serious matter.

Jocelyn can't help be snicker at yet another 'wu-wu' comment, despite it being quite disparaging to her skills, "Hush you, or I'll turn you into a newt," she chuckles and grins. With the spell, she's able to see far more than she would normally, including the vigil brands Aillen had laid on each of them - the mark appearing as a Celtic styled dog design glowing faintly from where ever he had had contact with them for the branding - the delicate gossamer strands of Fate leading from each mark back to Aillen. And fainter strands interlinking the four of them like an odd little spider's web - possibly the hint of some future fate, or just the bonds of friendship.

She smirks slightly, turning back towards the hallway, where Aillen's sprites glow almost painfully bright. The occasional faint ward can be seen on some of the lockers in the hall, presumably placed by students who had something to hide, either intentionally or unintentionally, some glowing brighter than others with an otherworldly light. Occasionally there's a faint flicker of a figure along the hallway, but it's not a sinister presence, just the fleeting impression of some student long since gone, "Nothing too horribly out of the ordinary. We all look like a bunch of glow worms, and there's a few shades of students past, but nothing sinister that I can see."

Hopper gives a nod of his head as he continues to play with his little PDA device, turning it here and there for a moment as he walks down the hallway as quiet as he can, his facial features getting a little more puzzled and a little more unhappy the closer to gets to one of the science storage labs. "Somethin's not right." He offers as he taps the side of his PDA a couple of times and then all out shakes it like an etch-a-sketch. He grunts a little bit and slows to a stop outside the storage lab and then looks around nervously for a moment. "You guys ready?"

Aillen raised a brow as Hopper looked so nervous. "Something in there we should know about? Imminent death by angry robot maybe?" He tilted his head a bit as he stretched out, then readjusting Gae Bolga, he put his gloved hand to the door before looking to the others for readiness.

Dion mmms quietly. "We're at school Friday night at midnight, during summer break." he notes quietly to Hopper. "Of course something's not right." He doesn't really look ready, but then the plans a little shaky when it comes to his part anyway. He does take his wireless microphone from an inside pocket. "Ready enough. You sure you don't want me to just go in there and dazzle them?"

Jocelyn blinks at the door Hopper has stopped in front of and frowns, "Ah, there's something behind that door," her voice trails off a bit, interrupted by a slight thumping sound followed by a skittering of claws against the tile floor within the storage room, proving her statement true, and not just the ramblings of a nervous young woman. There sounds like a large number of somethings in there, although it could just be that the empty building is amplifying the sounds, right? "Ah, maybe we should open that door carefully, and, ah, slowly?" She nods to the door, casting a glance at Aillen. There's a slight gust of wind and her sword appears in her left hand, tip pointed at the door in readiness, "Ah, brace yourselves?"

Hopper gives a nod of his head as he sucks in a breath and presses himself flat against the door, jerking his head to signal Dion to get next to him. He brings his Gun up and to his shoulder as he gives a nod to Aillen to be prepared to take the offense. "On three…" He states as he bobs his head, once, twice, three times and then with a sudden burst of movement he throws the door open and steps back, lowering the barel of his gun at whatever might appear there.

Aillen had the spear lowered and braced for a charge as Hopper threw open the door. As it did he quickly scanned over the room, sweeping it for magics as he took a slight step forward to block out any chance for something to get past him, glad for his training to keep him from being taken by surprise.

If the others are determined to rush in, Dion is going to stay to the rear and moves next to Hopper. Not that he won't fight if he needs to, and his microphone is brandished, but he just got this manicure.

Jade hadn't expected to be stopping by school. She'd been on her way back from archery practice, having found an actual /range/ to practice at, and her path had taken her by the school. She'd seen several dark figures, though, and she was certain that they weren't supposed to be forcing their way into the school. The bike was parked, and she headed in where she had seen the dark figures entering the school, bow slung across her back and quiver hanging from her belt, the young woman already wearing her gloves. She could hear low voices ahead, so she started heading in that direction, working to keep silent, herself.

Jocelyn readies her sword, keeping it pointed at the door in preparation for whatever hell beast may be waiting on the other side of the door. She too glances into the room, looking about for the source of the sounds. Upon the door opening, she frowns in confusion.

Despite the nervousness and fanfare surrounding the opening of he door, what emerges is anything but terrifying. It appears as though someone has forgotten to take the lab animals home for the summer. At the threshold of the door, is a small cluster of innocent, sweet looking white rats and rabbits, their massive black eyes staring up at all of you, noses twitching curiously. It's damn near impossible to resist the cuteness of them. All told, there's about 10 of them, an even split. And they are just, so adorable.

Hopper tilts his head to the side for a moment and looks down at the bunnies and rats for a few moments. "Guys…. how did you get out of your cages?" he asks in a seriously worried manner. He bends down a little bit and adjusts his glasses in order to get a 'better' view. He looks behind the litter of animals and into the room they are blocking in order to get a better idea of what is going on.

Those of you who manage to not get sucked in by the innocent act can see into the room. The cages don't appear to have fallen open. What's left of the cages is a twisted mass of metal, and shards of glass are spread over the floor. It looks like a mini war zone. There's blood, but no obvious source. All of the bunnies and rats are pristine white. Creepily so.

Jocelyn, however, is apparently overcome with joy at the irresistible mass of fluffy white adorables. And in an incredibly, insanely, uncharacteristically high pitched and girly voice, squeals, "Oh good gods look at the adorable bunnies! Look how cute they are! Awwwwwwww!"

Whatever Dion might have expected, it certainly wasn't loose white rats and bunnies. He just stares for a moment, trying to decide exactly what to do with this information. He looks at the animals, then into the room, then back to the animals. "This is seriously wrong, guys. Really. Don't get too close to them." he's actually really good with animals, but he's not sure he wants to test that right now.

With a brow raised, Aillen shook his head. "They're magic guys " and looking over and wincing at the loud squeeing, "Um, and I think they just did something to Jo. Tried to do it to all of us. But well. Didn't work on me." He frowned as he looked around the room, keeping the spear in a tight grip, not wanting to squish the damn things yet if they'd done something to Jo's mind. "You guys good too then I hope. Well aside from her"

Jade blinks, hearing a squeal of glee, something about…cuteness? She frowns, breaking into a jog. Just what the hell was going on, here? Soemthing weird, to be certain…though whether the people breaking into the school were the cause or the victim was yet to be determined.

Jocelyn is practically vibrating with glee over the bunnies and ratties. Thankfully, she's still being fairly careful with her sword but she's no longer pointing it at the animals, "Oh but they're just so harmless looking look at the fuzzy little fuzzy things. They're so very very cute, how could something that little and fluffy and innocent be anything but innocent?" That sentence comes out as one long, very quick phrase. She looks like she's just won the lottery of cute things. Jo's gone a bit batty, in case you hadn't noticed.

The animals hop out of the room slowly - and the rabbits seem to make a bit more of a 'thunking' sound than rabbits usually do when they hop. They regard you coldly, their little eyes seeming suddenly beady as people mention that they might not be 'normal'. If you didn't know better, they'd almost seem insulted. A few of the rats lash their tails about, some of them chatter and hiss. And all the while, they're advancing out of the little room, apparently undaunted by the people in front of them, emerging into the hallway.

Hopper shakes his head and slowly pulls out an empty jar from his backpack as he speaks very quietly and seems to be moving at an even, ever so calm pace. "Guys, they are hard-wired. Half Mechanical…" He looks over to Dion. "D-man. You got any food or anything for the little guys? Maybe some of that Candy or cookies from yesterday? Maybe let them have some of that so we can catch them, or Aillen here is probably going to have to put them down…."

"Quiet on the job thing aye?" Aillen frowned as they started to try and leave the room. "Herding time I think." He hopped over the ones trying to pop out of the room, and put the butt of the spear in front of them and made sweeping motions to encourage them to turn around. He wasn't trying to hurt them… yet. Looking back through the hallway, he gave a whistle and called out in Gaelic for his sprites to go find some food and raid the vending machines.

Dion blinks, when Hopper calls them hard-wired. "Cyborg bunnies? That is just so wrong. Maybe we should keep Jo away from them?" He shakes his head, then looks at Hopper and thinks about the question. "Hm." He looks through his pockets, and comes up with a couple Kashi bars. "How about these?"

Jade blinks, rounding the corner. Four people…and a bunch of bunnies and rats coming out of one of the rooms. "Just what the heck is…going…" Oh, damn. They were awfully cute. Cute little bunnies and ratties and…"Awww, don't use that spear on them! They don't mean you any harm!" Her urgent jog slowed to an easy walk, a smile just two shades short of goofy across her face as she was overcome by cuteness.

Jocelyn is still grinning like a fool. She reaches into her duffle bag and pulls out a small clear ziploc container of round, somewhat flat cakes, and pops the lid open, the pleasant scent of honey and spices wafting out of the container - if Aillen looks at them he's going to see that they glow slightly with magic, "I had made these for the ritual for the gremmies, but oh goodness, if the only things we're finding here is you adorable little creatures, you can have them!" She rather unceremoniously tossess the container of cakes down on the floor in the storage room, staying away from the animals. Something is telling her to be wary of them, but they're just too too cute.

One solitary bunny hops towards Jo's offering of cakes, sitting and nibbling on the baked goods while it's friends deal with the humans. When it turns its back, you can see quite obviously that it's spine is exposed, although it has been replaced with what looks a shining brass series of pipes and valves, the flesh having healed back over it.

The little animals level their sights on Hopper first, growling audibly at the 'put them down comment'. However, as Aillen attempts to usher them back into the room, the little animals bristle visibly, the cacophony of chattering and hissing sounding actually menacing. Most back away from the spear, but one of the rats launches itself at Aillen, letting lose with a horrifying squeal.

Aillen let out a roar as the rat took to the air, his body automatically acting at speeds the rats were trying to match. He slid back on the tiles of the school hallway's floor as the legendary spear rolled off his shoulder, spinning through the air with a whirring noise as it whipped around, moving to strike the tiny airborn target like a baseball bat on a tiny fuzzy ball.

When Aillen's spear connects with the tiny rat body, there's the sound metal hitting bone, followed by a rather horrid crunching noise of little ratty bones snapping. As Aillen's spear rips through their compatriot with rather horrifying ease, sending the tiny mangled body flying into a nearby row of lockers with a slight 'ping' sound, one of the rats and one of the rabbits blink in shock, and scurry back into the storage room, joining the other bunny at nibbling on the cakes. Smart fuzzies. They too have odd little bits of metal or wire coming out of them.

However, while those two retreat, another rat advances on Hopper, who happens to be the closest, snarling and chittering at him before it launches into the air at the young man.

Hopper was hoping to sneak up on one of the subjects eating the cookies, however, given the fact that one of the rat's notices him coming, he backs up quickly, ending up ramming back into a pair of lockers with a loud crash as he holds up the jar in defense. He's got no where, to go, so he bites his lips and hopes his aim isn't impaired by his glasses. His brings the thick sealed jar up, pops the lid and hopes for the best. Muttering his favorite stress-relieving mantra. "….shitshitshitshitshitshitshit."

Jade apparently comes out of nowhere, and Dion spins in surprise at her being there. He watches her and Jo, then looks at the other boys. "Honestly. What do you see in them?" He seems to mean the girls. Then he pauses, and this time just addresses Aillen. "Honestly. What do you see in them?" Of course, then things start to get out of hand and he backs up a little to try to focus himself on how best to diffuse the potential chaos inherent in the system.

Jade gasps in sheer horror as one of the cute little ratties is so viciously butchered by the guy with the spear! She doesn't even notice that it's Aillen, she's just completely concerned for the poor little cute things. "No!" She moves up quickly, interposing herself between the spear-wielding warrior and more of the poor little defenseless animals, her face a picture of hurt as she takes up a defensive stance. "How could you?!?"

Pushing a button on the fancy jar, the containment motor starts up and the jar locks and pressurizes, to keep it from being puncutred. He tucks it away and after a moment or two he looks up, wiping his forehead in relief, and then he sees Jade. "Jade! Get outta there! Those things are bad news!" he says, suddenly jolting forward to try and knock her to the floor, or away from her stance near the animals.

Jade blinks at Hopper, her brow furrowing as she eyes the young man lurching towards her…and simply leaps straight upward into the air, trying to jump entirely over the other scion.

Jocelyn slinks back towards the row of lockers, flattening herself and trying to seem inconspicuous and avoid the attention of the adorably cute animals, trying to slink through the shadows and into the storage room where the otherwise occupied animals are currently located. From the shadows, she draws a large specimen jar from her duffle bag, delicately unscrewing the cap of the wide mouth jar. It's not as fancy as Hopper's jar, but it is covered in Greek letters etched into the heavy plastic - some sort of warding spell or something. She slinks around the edge of the door frame, lunging forward and slapping the jar over the originally distracted rabbit with a heavy thunk noise.

Aillen blinked as Jade moved to defend the evil mechanimals, and Hopper leapt to try and move her out of the way. "Alright, what the hell is going on? It tries to bite me, and now you guys are trying to defend it. " Looking to Dion, he shook his head. "They're mind controlled, don't hold it against em. " He held his spear at the ready as he looked back to Jade and the rattys, glad that for now at least they are contained in the room. "Jar em if you want, but they try and hurt anyone, they're dead."

The creatures are riled up now, and one of the remaining rats launches for Aillen, using Jade's shoulder as a spring board to launch itself at the Aillen, a horrifying shriek emerging from its mouth, jaws wide open, revealing razor sharp teeth that look more like gear and machine parts than rat teeth.

The butt of Aillen's spear struck the tiles, shattering the pieces in the floor and sending them flying as it flung him backwards and away from the nomming rat, his body twisting about midair to pull his tender Irish flesh from the horrid New Yo…i mean Atlantis experimental rats and their mecha teeth.

Another one of the furious little creatures charges at Dion, skittering across the floor with wicked fast speed. It lunges into the air, closing the last distance between them in one leap, aiming for the young man's stomach, growling ferraly. It too has wickedly sharp teeth, glistening in the light from the supply room.

Having stepped back to try to understand how to help, it takes Dion a moment before he realizes that a little thing is lunging for him. He does two things reflexively. One is to activate Untouchable Opponent. The other is to squeal like a nine-year-old schoolgirl and try to get out of the way.

Hopper grunts and watches the Jade goes sailing over his head. "No no no! Jade, they are the bad guys!" He says pointing to the attacking creatures. "Aillen, make with the smashy. We aren't stopping you!" He turns around to bark another order to find a rabbit launching itself at him. His sneakers make a soft squeaking noise against the tile and he stumbles backwards again. This time however the small rabbits foot on his necklace under his shirt lights up and the boy starts to blur a little, looking to go all 'Neo' in bullet dodging…except this is Mecha-bunny dodging. *wowowowowowowow*

One of the remaining rabbits growls, setting its sights on Hopper, and rearing back on its haunches before bounding at the young man, big huge nasty (shining metal) teeth bared as it dashes towards him, lunging at his kneecaps.

As Jocelyn slams the jar down on the happily eating rabbit, its dining companions notice that the young woman is in the room with them, and the rat and the rabbit chitter threateningly at her, moments before launching at her with a severely angry squeal, both aiming for roughly her torso.

After capping the jar, Jo looks at the adorable little bunny in the jar, "Aw, see, now you'll be safe little guy. I'll give you all the cakes and coo…" she's interrupted by the attacking rabbits, and letting out a yelp not nearly as girly as Dion's scream, Jocelyn drops herself to the floor, carefully setting the captured bunny aside in it's nice little safe jar home.

Having avoided being gnawed on, Dion calls to the others "Just feed them, for goodness sake. That should stop them. I think. They're just hungry." To illustrate the feeding thing, he tears off the wrappers on his Kashi bars, and tosses them towards the still-free critters to try to distract them. He keeps his weapon ready though, in case another one comes after him.

At Dion's offering of food, the remaining non-attacking rabbit sniffs the air, and hops over to the granola bar, nibbling merrily at the food. They really do seem to calm down when offered food…

Jade makes a leap, working to get back between Aillen and the majority of the little fuzzies. After all, nothing this cute could be dangerous, unless it was acting in self-defense! "You leave them alone, you big bully! You try to hit them again, and I'll kick your ass!"

Hopper narrows his eyes at Jade and clears his throat as he is attempting to keep the creature from attacking him. While he is doing his matrix moves to keep the Rabbit at bay, he instantly stands back up and turns his face towards her in a very commanding way. "Jade. I am not joking. As your friend, I'm telling you. Help us, or get the HELL OUT OF THE WAY!" He says, divine energy manipulating the words as they spring from his throat. Hopper is never -bossy- but he just spoke like a real man for the first time.

Jade blinked as the command registered. She'd never been talked to that way before…she lowered her hands, sidestepping out of the way, taking a few steps to clear the line of fire.

As Jade stood down, Aillen lifted his spear to the ready… but as he did, a sudden surge of buzzing wings and glowing lights zipped into view, the contents of the snack machine held between the fifteen. He was terribly tempted to go after the rat who had attempted to bite him, terribly tempted indeed, but Dion's suggestion seems to be a wise one, as it calmed down pretty damn quick from the snack bar. If that was just from a few, how much would everything cause? He hurled the spear through the air as the sprites zipped into the room, the spear shredding through bag after bag, richochetting off the wall as it flew back through the other line of sprites holding snackage, causing a sudden downpour of deliciousity to overwhelm the smarts and go straight to the tummy and bring calm.

The rain of snackage draws the attention of the remaining animals, who immediately stop their attacks and begin to devour the food provided in a ravenous manner. They crunch gleefully at the junk food - their metalic little teeth grinding away at the food. There is no hint of the previous hostility, and they are absolutely gorging themselves. Even if you walk up to them, they don't seem to care, they're the perfect little targets for catching. Oddly, they're sticking to the sugary snacks most of all.

With the Junk food raining down, Hopper looks completely at ease. First order of business. "Jade, sorry. You sort of stumbled into something that you didn't understand." He says sadly, hoping there aren't hard feelings. "Aillen, good shot, and good thinking." He quickly unshoulders his bag and pulls out a grouping of glass jars that looks like they were made for bio-mechanical samplings. "Catch one if you want. I think I can reprogram them with a little help from Jo. They might come in handy." He hands them out to those who want them. "But clean em up quick before the change their mind…."

Dion stares at the feasting critters. "Wow." he says in his soft, feminine voice. "That was very disturbing. And we still have to figure out how they got this way. The poor things." He does feel for them. He has a connection with animals, of a sort.

Jade just smiles, looking at the now-perfectly-benevolent little bunnies and ratties munching away happily. "See? They were just hungry, that's all…" They're still cute and all…the the more that she looks at them, the more she wonders why she thought they were just the cutest, cuddliest little things on the face of the earth. They had /metal/ sticking out of them, for crying out loud! Even so, she does take one of Hopper's jars, scooping up one of the bunnies…as well as some of the snack food for it to munch on.

Aillen put the last feasting bunny into a glass jar, along with a scoop of chocolate and candy. He also shoved the dead rat into another container to be poked and prodded later. "Good call on the food there Dion. Things were kinda harshing abit. " He glanced towards Jade and Jo to see if they were going to have repaired brains soon.

Jocelyn frowns at the little rabbit in her sealed jar, who is still quite happily nibbling on a honey cake it had dragged into the jar with it, looking quite concerned, "We're pretty sure it has something to do with the exploding stove monster, or rather, the Gremlins behind it. Aillen and I ran into some sparrows that had this done to them," she settles herself onto the floor, leaning against the locker, absentmindedly petting the canister in her lap, as though the poor rabbit inside could feel the petting.

Part of a continuing plot involving a Gremlin infestation at JMHS. All those involved who wanted one received their choice of a Lagamech or Datarat as a Level 1 Creature.

Preceeded by Faulty Wiring: After Hours and continued in Faulty Wiring: Follow the White Rabbit

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