Q: What is the alt-policy here?

A: As many characters as you want, as long as you don't have any alt-conflicts or interactions.

Q: Can I build/create/in any way shape or form mess with objects somehow related to the database.

A: No. We have had some issues with people abusing the lax stance we have held in the past on the matter. As such, only Staff are allowed to build or create anything.

Q: Is there a limit on how many Scions can have the same god?

A: Nope.

Q: Where is the game set?

A: New York City is the center of all the madness and action. However, there will be TPs that call for characters to go to other places in which case, the Holosuite Rooms will be used.

Q: Can I make a character profile page on the wikidot?

A: We actually encourage every player to create a page on our Wikidot.

Q: How young can my character be?

A: The youngest we allow are High School characters(about 16+). Note, any activity that would be considered illegal for a younger individual to be portrayed as doing [in film/text/comics] (You know what I mean), will result in instant desanctioning the character and banning. AKA, No Child Porn. Period. Pedobear situations are BAD.

Q: Can I have Titan Virtues, or Virtues outside of my pantheon?

A: No titan virtues. If we ever start accepting badguys, maybe. We also would rather not have virtues outside the pantheon. It makes it easier.

Q: How do I raise my Legend score?

A: Experience points can raise legend with the exception of purchasing Legend 5 (to gain Demigod status) or Legend 9 (to gain God status). These are determined by the STs who determine if you have done enough ICly to gain recognition and a second (or third) visitation from your divine parent.

Q: How do I get more Birthrights?

A: Concept to Execution and Arete (Craft) can be used to make minor relics (up to 3 dots) by crafter characters. However, Titanspawn trophies are often handed out in combat and can be brought to your local crafter PC to make something nifty out of it. Other than that, truly epic scenes and important plot scenes will possibly give out minor birthrights at the ST's decision. Other than that, you can gain more birthrights at demigod and god upgrades.

Q: Can I renounce my parent deity at character creation?

A: Nope. Cant do it anymore. We tried it out.

Q: Can I change any page on the wikidot?

A: No. You can change the list of logs, list of characters and your page. Please do not change other people's pages without their explicit permission.

Q: Can I make suggestions?

A: Yes!

Q: Where can I make suggestions?

A: +request a suggestion or @mail your ST.

Q: Will we ever have all the extra Pantheons?

A: If it is printed and in English, we currently accept it. We are currently working on translating the ones in french (Manitowock and Gaul).

Q: Can players suggest fan made Pantheons?

A: They can suggest it, but we have loads of pantheons to choose from already. We may allow it, we may not. The discretion remains with the STs. No pleading and whining will change that.

Q: Can players suggest fan made Gods?

A: New gods can be incorporated if existing within an already established pantheon. The Scions of Eris and Hecate are an example of this.

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