Family Fun at Coney Island


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Scene Title Family Fun at Coney Island
Synopsis Scrivner and Erasma meet up at Coney Island to discuss their pasts. Scrivvy learns Erasma is actually Vette's half-sister.

Coney Island

The original Dutch name for this area "Konjn Kok" first evolved to Conyne Island by the English, and later to the easier sounding Coney Island. The completion in 1919 of the subway to New York City, which enabled millions of city's poorer citizens to reach the seaside resort for only five cents (the BRT had charged ten cents prior to 1920), ushered in an era that became known in Coney Island as the "Nickel Empire."

Today's visitor to this time-honored Amusement Park will discover rides including the Cyclone roller coaster, an 85 feet tall wooden twister style coaster; Mystic Express, a fast circular flat ride; Break Dance; the Astrotower which gives a high view of park; Tilt-a-whirl, the Water Flume, Dante's Inferno and Pirate Ship, those swinging boats, among others.

A brilliant blue sky touched with fluffy white clouds, the sun shines down on Coney Island. It's getting to be past prime tourist season, but the weather's still pleasant enough to make it an enjoyable day out at the amusement park. He'd invited his sister and the young lady he met the other day to come join him for an afternoon of faffing about, just to get to know each other better. No pressure. And dressing casual for the event means one gets business casual out of him. Standing about in black slacks, with a white button down shirt and a charcoal grey blazer, Rufus leans against a cold iron railing and has his head turned to watch the passers-by, a wind ruffling through his short blonde hair.

Erasma is walking along in a green t-shirt and hoodie. Her shirt has a picture of a horrible tentacled mosnter and the words. "Have you heard the Good news about Cthulu?" she also wears her torn and tight black jeans. The girl is walking through, squinting through her glasses to see if she can find either of the two older types who invited her here today.

He almost misses catching sight of her. Rufus' bright eyes flicker to the movement coming towards him, flick away, then he turns his head in a doubletake. That has to be her. One of the ladies he's invited, anyway. Straightening and stepping forward towards her, he tilts his head and keeps his hands tucked in the pockets of his suit jacket. "Miss Menous?" he calls.

Erasma turns and smiles as she nods her head at him. "Mr Scrivner.. almost missed you. I thought you said it was dress casual." she comments as she walks over and sticks out her hand to him with a bright grin. "How are you…kinda strange for you to chose this place but I like it."

He reaches out his hand to take hers, squeezing firmly and giving it a solid shake. Smiling politely, Rufus draws back after a short while to tuck his hands into his pockets again. "This /is/ casual, I assure you," he informs her. "I've neglected to put on a tie and a waistcoat. I had hoped Miss Wulff and Miss Adams would join us, but Miss Adams is at a class right now. Miss Wulff … I'm not certain if she'll show up, so it may be you and me. I thought this would be the sort of place you'd enjoy more than some others, and with the cold weather on its way, there's not much time left to enjoy it."

Erasma blinks lightly. "Miss Adams? Freind of yours? And yeah I had class to but im way ahead in my programing class so I figured I could miss a day for a Doctor's apointment. You would be surpised what a few minutes on mediwiki can do for your creidibilty." she offers with a bright smile. "And yeah, I love these places. Just dosn't seem you as much as me."

Smirking, Rufus turns away from the younger lady and begins to walk, ready to begin strolling down the board walk. To the left, one can see shop after shop after gaudy shop, full of souvenirs and fattening carnival foods. To the right, the beach stretches out. There aren't too many people crazy enough to go for a swim in the waters of the Atlantic, though. "It's not at all me," he admits. "But it is open, and it's public, both of which I thought were … well, perhaps more suitable to today's purpose."

Erasma nods as she walks after him, a calm and strolling gait. She looks around and chuckles. "I love roller coasters, they are satisfying on so many levels. So you chose well Jedi Master." she chuckles then bites her lip. "So… what is our purpose if I can be blunt."

"Our last conversation made it rather clear just … what you are, and if I don't miss my guess, you came to realise that we share an unusual heritage," Rufus says, keeping his voice mild and his eyes forward. "I simply want to get to know you better, as I find it to be a wise thing to get to know all of our sort and, if I may be so terribly blunt in turn, get to know whether I may rely on said individual in times of trouble."

Erasma gives a small nod. "I figured as much but wanted to be carefull. You don't have wings and a halo do you because if you do I might just have to kick your ass." she jokes before she nods. "But yeah, I figured you and Tyra were like me. Children of Old Captain Hook if im not mistaking her obvious name and your conversation?"

"That's… a rather interesting nickname for him," Rufus says with a blink, glancing over his shoulder and down at Erasma. "I'd have called us Tuesday's children, myself." He rolls his shoulders to loosen them, relaxing as he continues strolling down the boardwalk. "But yes. Your suspicions were right on that count. What of yourself? What's your story?"

Erasma chuckles. "Tuesday then? Hmm… Oh my dad. Captain Hammer. " she says softly leaning in. "Greek God of the forge." she offers softly before she smirks. "Hence part of my interest in the roller coasters."

The man is startled enough that there's a hitch in his steps, and he backs off a pace from the girl to stare down at her, eyebrows arched and lips parted. "Heph…" he starts to say, before he stops himself. Recovering with a lick of his lips, he resumes walking smoothly. "Are you really?"

Erasma raises her brow at him with a cock of her head. "I would have thought the Computer Science major wouldn't have made it THAT startling. Yeah. Im his daughter. Im going to take your startling as a compliment that you think im simply too pretty to be his kid." she says with no small amount of sarcasm and wry snark to the comment.

Erasma raises her brow at him with a cock of her head. "I would have thought the Computer Science major wouldn't have made it THAT startling. Yeah. Im his daughter. Im going to take your startling as a compliment that you think im simply too pretty to be his kid." she says with no small amount of sarcasm and wry snark to the comment.

"Miss Menous, it's not at all related to your prettiness. You absolutely are, to be certain, and I expect you will have a great many young men asking you for dates. It's more… Miss Adams, my girlfriend, is also a … ahh… child of your father's. Bloody Hell, what are the odds? You are the younger sister of my girlfriend. At least, you appear to be younger. How old are you? You seem scarcely more than a teenager."

Erasma wrinkles ner nose. "Im 19. Im not THAT young. Im just short." she coments grumpily before she raises her brow. "Your dating my half-sister? Hah..well thats kinda funny brother in law." she says with a teasing smile.

"When you are as old as I, nineteen is quite young," Scrivner solemnly says. "I'm nearly old enough to be your father." He goes quiet for several steps before he snorts in amusement, looking away from the young lady and back down the boardwalk. "Bloody Hell," he murmurs again, more quietly to himself. "A little sister and a …. well, a potential little sister-in-law. Vette will surely be delighted by the news. This means you're related to the other members of my circle of friends, come to think of it. You've quite a cache of cousins here."

Erasma wrinkles her nose. "I dont know what to make of the rest of my family yet. I mean, my dad dosn't have many freinds amoung his family. Im not sure if the kids act the same and I can't really stand those of us who use their blood to mess with people." she says with no small amount of bitterness before she smiles. "But a sister in law….thats amazing. I would love to see what sort of things she creates. Jeez I hope she isn't a programer too, I never had my stuff looked at by family."

"Your sister leans more towards artistry, I'd say. She is a dancer, first and foremost, though she's gone back to university to study more physics. She's not a computer programmer, no, but she has shown a keen talent for and an interest in craftsmanship, utilising materials from Titanspawn and fashioning them into weaponry. Quite useful," Rufus says, glancing over his shoulder again at the lady. He veers off to the left on the boardwalk, approaching a kiosk selling soft pretzels. "In my experience, most of the children share /some/ traits of their parents, but we are our own selves. I am not my father, to be sure, though I cannot help but feel compelled, sometimes, to carry on his cause."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Well yeah of course im me…its just, divine blood has some baggage..but weaponary. Very nice." she says with a chuckle before she grins at him. "Who would have imagined.. one coffee led to two people finding their siblings."

"Fate," Rufus says without hesitation. "We were destined to meet…" For a moment or two he trails off into quiet, and tilting his head at the kiosk, he asks, "Do you fancy a pretzel? I'm rather peckish myself, having missed lunch, and I'm beginning to despair of seeing Tyra or Vette this afternoon."

Erasma gives a small nod to Rufus. "Yes I would be more then happy to have a Prezel" she says with a smile before she sighs. "Well.. you can give him my adress so that you can send her over. " she says before she turns to look at him. "So… how do i prove my worth for that whole calling for help thing."

Stepping up to the vendor, Rufus reaches behind to his back pocket, pulling his wallet free. He forks over some cash, and he hands over a huge soft pretzel to the young lady before taking one for himself. His gets doused in spicy mustard. After breaking off a piece and chewing on it, he says, "Prove your worth? Oh, there'll be nothing of the sort needed. That you are wiling to help would be enough for me."

Erasma takes one in mustard as well, taking a big bite out of it, seems the girl can eat. She smiles at him and shrugs. "Ah well, anyways. I am willing to help, might need yours also. This girl got killed in a strip club, we found a feather there. Bird feather of some sort."

For a second he's silent as he munches. Rufus is not one to shy from a meal either. He frowns as he rips into one bite after another of his pretzel, and after a moment, he asks, "What did the feather look like? Could it be matched to anything normal or … was this more of the angry archangel variety sort of feather?"

Erasma sighs. "One of those with us says its angry archangel but im still trying to match it. I think he is right though." she says softly before she bites her lip. "I got a vision in advance of the killing too. "

He exhales a deep, quiet breath and nods his head. "It wouldn't surprise me," Rufus murmurs. "A vision, though? Do tell me more, please. What is it that you saw?" Talk of killing hasn't dimmed his appetite any, though. He goes back to wolfing down his pretzel.

Erasma continues scarfing down her pretzel as well before she sighs. "I saw a man watching this blonde girl at a strip joint..and he started to hulk out and saw blood dripping down her sheats of blood. Then it skips to later on and I am seeing thise figure just…like murderballing her. Then I wake up and its an hour later."

"There was a model that was killed by some sort of lizard-like creature," Rufus muses. "I wonder if the two cases are connected. Was she a known Scion?" In just a few more seconds, he's finished off that pretzel, and he licks his fingers clean of mustard even as he crumples up the wrapper into a ball in his fist.

Erasma takes a deep breath. "I have no idea. The cops got there first and um.. im not so good with people. And the police computer was NOT freindly. It was this close to sending me its whole dump of sexual predators."

Faintly bewildered by that, Scrivner scowls and tucks the paper ball and his hands back into the pockets of his jacket. "I beg your pardon? The computer wasn't friendly?" He frowns, then he asks, "Who was with you when you came upon the crime scene?"

Erasma gives a small nod. "Yeah, I tried talking to the police computer and well, aparently those thigns are tough." she says before she smiles. "Shou..and um…Wesley." she comments with a slight blush.

"Neither of whom I know," he murmurs. But Rufus catches that blush, blinks at it, then very faintly smirks. He won't be cruel enough to remark upon it, and he pretends he sees nothing at all out of the ordinary. "You might suggest it to your friends, then, as a possible motive, if they've not already considered it for themselves. Have you attempted a background check on the dancer?" He can't actually bring himself to say stripper in front of a nineteen-year-old girl. "Outside of the police computers, that is. Private detectives make do with alternative resources."

Erasma gives a small nod. "Im having my computer running a scan and im going to sort through to see if I can find out more about it. Its just, im still getting used to doing investigations. But well, we had another vision that a gay guy was going to get killed in the same way. Im trying to look it up but I have a fealing we are too late."

Quiet for a little while, Rufus scowls as he walks along the boardwalk, till the rollercoasters are looming overhead. "One of my companions is a lady named Dee Floros," he finally says. "And yes, she is one of your cousins. Like you, she's very, very gifted with a computer and hacking programmes. She's also the one who told me about the model who had been killed by this lizard. Perhaps, Miss Menous, you'd find it beneficial working with her on the problem."

Erasma blinks a bit then nods. "I would love to meet her. Things are aparently really, really bad and while I can't do too much, I can at least make sure we stay safe long enough to grow into our power to make a difference."

"Indeed. And Miss Menous, I may not be the best swordsman that earth has ever seen, but I know how to carry myself in a fight. If I can be of any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call upon me." Rufus smiles faintly, adding, "It may be that your young friends have it in hand, but I am a firm believer in this little thing called overkill as an effective means of staying alive."

Erasma chuckles slightly. "Oh I agree… as long as you can handle a sword, or even if you can't. I mean having someone who could talk to those cops the other day would have been great. All we had were three punks who could kick just about anyone's ass but couldn't talk our way into the fight.

He can't help but smirk. "Now on /that/ I can say I have had a great deal of experience, Miss Menous. As a lawyer, especially, I frequently spend my days speaking with police officials. If that is how you need my assistance, then it would be my pleasure." Rufus' eyes hold a very dark glitter for a second, one of anticipation. "Still, you must promise to at least allow me /some/ shot of destroying something if you call me in."

Erasma smiles softly. "Hey once we get into the fight its every man for his own glory. If your faster then me I have no problem with you getting the killing blow." she chuckles as she rubs her hands, ready for the fight in mind. "You like rollercoasters Mr Scrivner?"

"Not particularly," Rufus says, rubbing the back of his hand across his mouth. The smile he gives the lady calms from the darker bloodlust, taking on a more indulgent slant. "But if you would like to ride one this afternoon, I suppose I'll come with you. Just tell no one of it. I might not live it down."

Erasma blinks lightly. "Livei t down? Fine fine.. if we do then I wont tell anyone about it." she says with a mischivious tone before she cocks her head. "What is it with norse men and my sisters anyways. Im almost wondering if there is something horrificly freudian at work here."

Upon passing a big rubbish bin, Rufus pulls out the wrapper wad and chucks it in, giving Erasma an innocent glance following that. "Whatever do you mean?" he asks. "I've been nothing but a gentleman in regards to your sister." And he smirks again.

Erasma narrows her eyes. " be nice to her, that sort of talk is the talk that worries me. But well yeah Wesley is interested in me. I…think at least. And he is one of Thursday's kids so.." she shrugs and smiles up at him. "Im not sure what to make of it. Especialy considering the stuff in the news now."

He rests his right hand over his heart. "Upon my honour, I strive to treat your sister as she deserves, like a little goddess in the making." Rufus cannot help the smirking, though, but upon hearing of Wesley's lineage, his eyebrows arch with keener interest. "Now I see," he murmurs. "He's… a cousin to me, then. Might you consider introducing us, Miss Menous? I would very much like to meet more of my family."

Erasma gives a small nod before she sighs. "Ok just um…he is a really sweet guy but he can have a little too much testosterone sometimes. Im trying to beat some of it out of him but he is very….well very cocky to say the least."

Very quietly, and very drily, Rufus says, "Being a son of Thursday, this comes as little surprise to me. I will take my chances." His eyebrows arch again, and he studies Erasma fairly closely. "So long as he treats /you/ as he should."

Erasma gives a small nod. "He does…dont worry, im stronger then I look." she says with a wink. "Worse comes to worse I will just lift him over my head and toss him out of a window."

"Ahhh…. defenestration. Classy." Rufus looks up and at the roller coaster, then he offers the younger lady his elbow in escort. "Shall we get into line?"

Erasma nods to him. "Sure…the mechanics on this one are really nice…. dont worry its safe." she says with a wink as she waits in the line next to the strange norse man, looking positivly cheerfull at having found a link to her family.

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