Failure To Lay


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Scene Title Failure To Lay
Synopsis Wesley meets Dee again, and learns about women beyond their thighs.

Various Manhattan Locations

Dee only comes to the area occasionally, since there isn't usually that much in the area that appeals to her. The only real thing of interest is the immense weirdness that only a very small percentage of the population can see. She's leaning against a wall nearby it, studying the building with a slightly tilted head. She has a bag of popcorn in one hand, and she's taking her time eating it.

While Dee is distracted with the building, she probably hasn't noticed the sudden appearance of a stalker, crouched down on the ground looking directly up at her. "You can see it, that means you're like me. You smell nice too." he points out, briefly sniffing the air. "You one of those boring ones who sit around making plans, or do you punch people in the face?"

If Dee's startled by Wesley's appearance crouched next to her, it doesn't show. She purses her lips, then looks from the building, to him. "Yes. I'm like you. We're even met before. Inside there." To his question, she just smirks slightly.

"I usually only remember people I've fought or slept with, I guess we didn't do either." Wesley pauses, scratching the back of his head as he looks her up and down. "Right?" he adds, suddenly sounding a mixture of unsure and hopeful.

"There was fighting. We fought doubles of ourselves." Dee notes. "Not really together, though. You fought yours, then left us alone to deal with ours. Very hero-y of you." There's a dry tone in her voice.

"I don't like to ruin other people's fights." Wesley says with a shrug, a hand going to her outer thigh as if he's attempting to measure her. "If someone got into my fight, I'd punch them in the face. Why would anyone want help when they're having the time of their life? Glory and all that."

An eyebrow is arched, as Dee looks at his hand. "You should move that." she observes. "And I don't really enjoy fighting then way you obviously do. I'm one of those that makes plans, then goes and pulls them off."

"When the Ragnarok starts, plans aren't gonna do a bit of good. It's just gonna be fighting, sex, heavy metal, and it'll end looking like a Judas Priest album cover. Problem with most people like us is that they don't think the world is gonna end." Wesley shrugs, removing his hand and standing up straight. "I don't plan to lose, but the planet isn't gonna survive the battle."

"Planning can always does some good." Dee replies. "Even if it's as short as 'That one, first'. I don't plan to lose either, but I think there's other ways to win, other than 'scream and leap'." She tosses another few kernals into her mouth, then offers Wesley some.

"Scream and leap hasn't failed me yet, except that one time on that island with the spider robot." Wesley takes a handfull, stuffing it into his mouth, chomping a few times, then quickly swallows. He leans down looking into her eyes with a rather lazy and uninterested expression. "I don't feel like arguing with a pretty girl like you. How about I take you somewhere and play my guitar for you?"

Dee looks him over, then says "Let's clear something up now, to get it out of the way. I'm not having sex with you." To the point, isn't she. "And planning and careful execution hasn't failed me, yet. There's a place for both. Assuming there's only one way to win is asking to eventually lose."

"Fuck, that sucks, would've been awesome too…" Wesley almost has a bit of a pouty frown, crouching down again and leaning against the wall. "The thing about a plan is that it can go around. Not having a plan is the most versa… uh, versati… the most changable plan."

"Yeah, probably. I'm really, really flexible." Dee agrees. She smirks, then. "Versatile? Damn those SAT words. So, whose kid are you? I'm going with one of the 'strong like ox, intelligent like tractor' sort.

"I really, really hate you…" Wesley says after she mentions being flexible, apparently not happy about what he's missing out on. "I'm Thor's son. Never met the guy before, sent someone else for me. And I don't think tractors are very intelligent."

"You have a really low bar for hate." Dee observes, then. "There's probably better uses for hate than on people that won't have sex with you. Besides, I'm sure you get laid plenty." Then she just smiles at him as he sort of makes her point for her.

"I don't hate you because you won't screw around with me, I hate that you pointed out how awesome it'd be right after." Wesley corrects, exhaling as he stares at a few ants on the ground. "I hate knowing what I'm missing."

Dee ohhhhs. "Well, then. That's alright. I can live with the hate." She has a bit more popcorn. "Have you looked at the portal on Ellis Island yet?" She seems pretty comfortable just leaning there. As though she's used to being still for extended periods.

"This is gonna bug the shit out of me forever." is the last comment Wesley makes on the sex, quickly shaking his head at the Ellis Island question. "No, didn't know there was one. What's in it?"

Dee can't help but laugh. "Really? That's sad. I'm sad for you." She isn't acquiescing, though. "There's another portal there. Made by another sacrifice."

"Sacrifice?" Wesley asks, then looks up at the tower right near them, and over at her. "These things get made by sacrifices? What kind?" He stands up, beginning to walk down the street, moving to tug her just a few times as a motion for her to follow. "And is the same shit behind the other?"

Dee replies "I'm told that the Greek Fates were sacrificed to make this one. I don't know how literal that is, though. I don't know all that much about the other." She does move to walk with him.

"If Fate is dead, I guess we don't have all that much to worry about, do we?" Wesley asks, walking down smaller less crowded streets with less prying ears. "Don't know what I'm supposed to do though. I punch Titanspawn and that's about all I know how to do. I guess I"ll walk into the portal some time."

"Or, you could just make sure that all the planners have your number, so when it's time to hit things you can be notified." Dee replies. "You might hear about more fights that way, too."

"Huh, that's a good idea. You're pretty smart." Wesley stops and turns around, then reaches into his pocket, pulling out a business card for a library, then writes his number on the back, offering it to her. "So, you wanna get something to eat? I'm not asking just so I can try to sleep with you or something, just saying…"

Dee can't help chuckling "Yes. Yes, I am pretty smart." she replies to him, then accepts his card. "So, next time my Band expects there to be some fighting, we'll let you know and throw you at the problem." She considers the offer, then says "Sure. I could eat. Anything you'd prefer?"

"All you can eat seafood?" Wesley suggests, stopping at a small plaza of shops, one of them being the seafood place. "You like seafood? And sorry, I'm not too good at the whole talking to women thing. Usually I'm at second base by now."

With a smirk, Dee replies "You'll just have to do your best. Maybe try not thinking of me as female? And sure. Seafood's good. I eat a lot of seafood."

"So…" Wesley opens the door, walking in first, but at least holding it for her when he gets in. "Uh, so, you play an instrument?" he asks, attempting smalltalk, something he obviously has to make an effort for.

Dee heads in as well. "I don't yet, no. I was thinking about picking up the lyre. Seems somehow appropriate. My father is Hermes. He invented it. You've played the guitar for a long time?"

"Yeah, I practice a lot. The hell is a lyre?" Wesley asks quite bluntly, just slamming a wad of money on the counter and brushes past the waiter, heading for a booth in the back. "I hope they have those huge crab…"

Chuckling, Dee replies "It's sort of like a handheld harp." She follows him back, then says "It isn't played much anymore, of course." Then, "Do you play for any reason other than to get laid?"

"I don't play to get laid, if I wanna get laid I slap a chick's ass or give her a kiss or something. Don't know why, but lately I know exactly how every woman likes to be touched, so getting laid isn't even much of a challenge lately unless it's one of us." Wesley takes a seat in the booth in the back, where there aren't many people sitting, then moves his hands in a kind of guitar playing position. "I play because metal is the best music ever. If I can go outside, stand on a van, and hold a mini-concert and people start rocking out, then that's why I play. And if it's like a harp, I guess I can kind've teach you, it's all strings, right?"

"Nice." Dee replies "It doesn't change my mind, but as talents go that's pretty good." She has a seat as well, then says "That's good. I mean, that there's something that's as important to you as sex and fighting." She thinks about it some, then says "I'm not sure, actually. I'll have to pick one up, then see how it looks."

"People talk about fighting like it's some unintelligent bad thing." Wesley sniffs the air, taking in the various scents of all the seafood dishes, though doesn't stand quite yet. "Fighting is an art. Any idiot can throw a punch or a kick, any idiot can take some martial arts classes, but most of them don't feel it. Most of them don't have the resolve to do absolutely anything to win, to push on after they've lost an arm or an eye. Just because a person can fight doesn't mean they really know. If you survive a tough fight, or successfully pull off some new technique and it works? You've created a masterpiece."

"There's nothing wrong with fighting." Dee replies. "We all have to do it, if we're going to win this eventually. I don't feel it like you do, though. My masterpieces are created in different ways. Slightly more subtle ways. Well, okay. Much more subtle ways." she adds with a grin. "But it's just as satisfying, when I succeed."

"You know…" Wesley smiles as he starts to stand, offering a hand to help her up. "Women actually have interesting things to say other than 'your', 'so' and 'awesome'. Who knew. Let's go get food."

Again, Dee laughs. "Who knew? That's okay, though. I often think the same thing about men." She gets up as well, even letting him help. "I'm not typically a huge fan of the ones that only think with their penis."

"I don't think with my penis. I really like using my penis, but I don't think with it. Yeah, I might do something to get into a woman's pants, but I'm not gonna do something I don't think I can do." Wesley grabs a plate as he leads her over to the self-serving areas, grabbing a fork as well. "To be honest, if I really think a woman's that hard to screw, there's more women out there, I guess… wait, wait. Did you just say you're like me? I mean, women can be like that?"

"Oh, I think that's very unlikely. But obviously, we do have some things in common." Dee says with another chuckle as she starts to get food for herself as well. "And yes, there's always someone easier to screw. Lots and lots of people in the world, after all."

"Yeah, but, what about people like you, the ones who are impossible to screw?" Wesley wonders, dropping a large crab on to his plate, grabbing fried shrimp and various kinds of fish, just piling it on. "Doesn't that mean, like, you're better?"

Dee looks to have a very solid appetite as well, as she piles some things onto her plate. "Oh, I'm not impossible. I'm just really picky. I don't just hop into bed with anyone I've just met. I require effort."

"Oh…" Wesley thoughtfully says before grabbing a cup of melted butter, though continues following Dee as he waits for her to get her food. "How do you, uh, I mean… how do I do that?" he asks, stammering, completely clueless about courtship.

"You… probably don't, to be honest." Dee replies to him. "Just assume you won't have sex with me, and go from there. That's probably the best advice I can offer." She gets the rest that she needs, along with butter of her own, then heads back to their booth.

"Women are complicated when you really start thinking about it." Wesley slides into the booth, then just starts chomping down on a large piece of fish. "Faizu's a warrior woman, pretty simple. I just assert my dominance and then we screw. I don't understand why so many women are more complicated than that."

Dee agrees "We really are. A huge pain in the ass, really." She too starts to eat, her manners decent. "It's just not a matter of pack placement, with me." she explains. "So a dominance display won't do it. Not physical dominance, anyway."

"There's another kind? Um, you mean like if you set yourself on fire and your opponent pisses his pants because you're still gonna punch him?" Wesley asks, figuring this is likely the most logical interpretation of her words, dipping a piece of the fish into the cup of butter and taking a large bite.

Laughing, Dee shakes her head. "No. I mean that intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Smarts is a turn-on." She starts into a large crab, like a pro.

"Oh. Uh…" Wesley seems to be thinking while he tosses fried shrimp into his mouth, after a butter dip of course. "That's really not fair." he finally decides when he can't think of one smart thing to say.

"Hey, it's not fair to other men that you're a better physical specimen." Dee replies. "Life's not fair. But, it tends to be more fair to us than to normal people."

"But wait, you're saying smart chicks won't like me?" Wesley asks, then his eyes light up as he seems to remember something. "Oh, hey, you know, uh, they're saying that Pluto isn't a planet or something…"

Dee laughs to that, after a bite of shrimp. "No, some smart chicks will be attracted to guys like you. I'm just not one of them. It's nothing personal. Everyone's different."

"I guess I shouldn't feel too bad, Pauline won't sleep with me either, but I still think she has a thing for me." Then, Wesley seems to realize something else, and asks, "What's your name, again?"

There's a smile, and she says "I'm Dee. You're Wesley, I know. Pauline's really nice. I like her. I haven't seen her in a bit, though." She continues to make her way through what's on her plate."

"I like Pauline, now there's a strong woman, she just punches right through things. I'm satisfied just walking five feet behind her." So, apparently Pauline is Wesley's type, or at least his opinion is very high. "What do you call a smart guy, anyway?"

"Yeah. She's pretty strong." Dee agrees. "She was in there too, when we were fighting our doubles. And Kailin. There were four of us." She thinks over his question, then shrugs. "Not sure. I just know it when I see it. Of course, an arrogant know-it-all isn't attractive, either. It's hard to explain."

"What am I?" Wesley is curious, digging out the large crab from under everything else, then just chomps right into it after a quick butter dip, shell and all. "You think I'm dumb?"

Dee replies between bites "Nope. Well, kinda." At least she's honest. "I think you're really good at what you're supposed to do in all this. I'm good at what I'm supposed to do."

"Is this what it feels like to get ego bruised?" Wesley asks, staring down at his stomach. "What a weird feeling, but I guess I can live with that, I mean you can't be that flexible."

"Might be." Dee says "And I'm sure you'll be just fine." She does not address the flexibility issue. "We all get ego bruised sometimes. Well, I don't often, but it sounds like you don't often, either."

"So…" Wesley, chewing and swallowing large pieces of crab without removing the shell, stares at Dee curiously. "We're like, gonna be friends, a male and a female friend, who don't have sex?" he wonders, as if it were an absolutely foreign concept.

"I assure you, some crazier things have happened." Dee replies with a grin. "Not many, but some." She's on to some shrimp now, dunked in cocktail sauce.

"I guess I can learn more about women that way." Wesley decides, shrugging and moving on to another fish. "Faizu gets upset when I hit on other women in front of her, then I start hugging her and stuff 'cause for some reason I care that she gets upset.

"That's rough." Dee says. "Caring when she gets upset, I mean. You'd think it was an actual relationship." She continues with the pile of shrimp, then says "I'm not giving you pointers on how to get other women to have sex with you, either. I think that men should only be able to have sex with the women they can manage to get for themselves. Same thing for women."

"Yeah I know you won't, I just mean I never know what to say to women after everything's over. I just try to pretend I'm asleep until most girls leave, but with Faizu I just can't do that. The thought of her being with another guy makes me wanna punch through someone's chest. But it can't be a relationship, I mean, she knows I screw around, so we're not together, right?" Wesley sounds as if he has absolutely no idea, though seems to trust dee and her answers, picking up the cup of butter and pouring it over all his food at once.

Wesley's admission causes Dee to laugh. "Sorry to tell you this, guy, but you're smitten. In love. Probably more than a little possessive. Scary possessive, maybe. But you're done, guy. Well, until it wears off, anyway."

"I wonder what I like about her…" Wesley puts his elbow up on the table, resting his face in his hand while nibbling on half a fish. "I like how she works for a death goddess or something, and she's all business until it's just us. So I get to see this personality she's got, and only shows me. I don't know why I like it, but it's cool."

"Hey, people like to feel special." Dee says "And she shows you something she doesn't show others. That is pretty cool." She smiles again, then says "You're lucky she isn't as jealous as you are. Working for a death goddess and all."

"If she cares, she knows she can speak up." Wesley stands, burping once, then starts walking off to the drinks. "Hey, I'm gonna get a drink, then I'm getting out of here. If you wanna talk or change your mind on screwing, just give me a call."

Dee grins as she watches him. "Sure thing. I mean, on the talking. Thanks for the food, Wesley. And take care. I'll let you know, whenever I hear some fighting's going to happen."

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