Example Character: Mao PeiPei

Today Celebi decided he wanted another character to play on the grid. He has decided he wants to play a mystical character who can kick much ass, sort of like Willow. After looking over the various Pantheons, Gods and Goddesses he has decided that the Celestial Bureaucracy is probably the best fit. There are a couple of reasons. The primary reason is the purview Taiyi. Taiyi is basically designed to be a very combat oriented ability; Allowing both defensive abilities and offensive abilities. Secondly, Celebi is a huge anime geek. So any Asian pantheon allows him to indulge. After reading the choices for gods and goddesses in the pantheon; Celebi has settled on Nuwa as his patron parent. He has also decided that PeiPei's calling is Spec-Ops Aquamancer. This means that Peipei is drastically linked to Water based Magic and she is also known for cleaning up messes when they happen… One way or another… This also ties into PeiPei's goddess legend, Celebi envisions her becoming the Goddess of Tsunamis, the Cleansing waves. She unleashes her wrath upon those who are unworthy of the bounties of the sea or the fairness of justice. Her nature is a Traditionalist. She is very traditional in everything she does with very little influence in the ways of the modern world. As it stands now, PeiPei's sheet looks like this.

Fullname: Mao PeiPei Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
Calling: Spec-Ops Aquamancer Parent: Nuwa
Nature: Traditionalist

Celebi is quite happy with the general concept of his character thus far. Now he has to select the priority of the various attributes. PeiPei is a mix of both Mental and Physical prowess, but she's not the social type. Perhaps because of her singular way of doing things. Celebi must then decide which is more important Physical Attributes or Mental Attributes. Seeing as how Scion is a combat oriented game he errs on the side of caution and picks the following priority.. Physical (8), Mental (6) and Social (4). As all PCs start with one dot in each attribute, PeiPei's sheet starts off as below:

Strength: 1 Charisma: 1 Perception: 1
Dexterity: 1 Manipulation: 1 Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 1 Appearance: 1 Wits: 1

Now Celebi has to decide how to spend his points. He decides that because PeiPei is Asian she's going to know Martial arts. This is pretty much a given, at least in his mind. (Remember Anime geek!) So he allocates 4 of the 8 points toward PeiPei's Dexterity bringing it up to a 5. He then allocates two points each to Strength and Stamina giving them both a nice round 3. Mentally PeiPei is quite the sharp person, so he figures Wits will probably need the most love. So he allocates 3 of the six points toward Wits bringing it up to a 4. This is also good because Epic Wits is one of Nuwa's favored Boons. This leaves him with three points to spend on the other attributes. He decides that She is probably very perceptive and gives Perception 2 points to make it 3 total. The remaining point goes toward Intelligence. She's not her mother's brightest child, but she doesn't always have to be. Socially PeiPei is pretty average so she allocates one point to each of the three stats raising them to 2. She then allocates the final point to Manipulation. She's not very charismatic, nor overly attractive (Gasp!) but she does have a manipulative streak. This suits her just fine. So as of now, Celebi has crafted PeiPei's sheet to look like this:

Strength: 3 Charisma: 2 Perception: 3
Dexterity: 5 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 3 Appearance: 2 Wits: 4

Whew… Celebi has sure done some rather defining things for PeiPei. We now have a solid idea of what she is like, just from her main attributes. Now we have to define what she has learned, and how well she learned it. The game of Scion allots each character 30 points to spend in Abilities, with one small requirement. The requirement is that 6 of the 30 points be spent on favored abilities. Looking at the book, Celebi sees that Nuwa's favored abilities are:

  • Academics
  • Awareness
  • Craft
  • Integrity
  • Investigation
  • Science

After looking over that list he skims the rules real quick and sees that no ability can be raised above a 3 without spending bonus points. A slight frown comes over his face but he thinks he has a good handle on his concept. So of the six points he immediately goes to Awareness. PeiPei is quite aware of her surroundings, this comes from her Martial Arts training so he assigns 3 dots to that ability. She's not really good with her Calligraphy, but her sensei insisted she learn it. So Celebi assigns 1 dot to Craft (Calligraphy). Now realize this is what is called a "fluff" stat for the character. These are good because they create character depth. Not a waste of a point, actually a very good RP hook or something to RP annoyance with. He has spent 4 out of the 6 points required. Skimming over the abilities he decides that 2 dots in Integrity suits PeiPei. She is not known for backing down on what she thinks is right or being convinced she is wrong. And with that he spent his points. As of now PeiPei's sheet looks like this:

Awareness: 3 Craft (Calligraphy): 1 Integrity: 2

Now that those are done, Celebi has 24 more points to spend. He looks at her calling and her goddess plan and decides that Occult is a good fit. So Celebi assigns 3 dots to Occult, leaving him with 21 points to spend. Integrity is a good fit, so he decides to allocate one additional point, as the max is 3 at this stage, to it to raise it to 3. This leaves him with 20 points. Celebi eyes Melee for a moment but decides it's not too high on the list, so he only assigns it a single dot for now. This leaves him 19 points to spend. Stealth is a good thing for a spec Ops type person so he assigns 3 of the 19 points to stealth, giving him a remaining amount of 16. Investigation is one of Nuwa's favored stats, but Celebi decided to wait on it until now. He assigns 2 points to that leaving 14 points remaining. Fortitude is a good thing for a fighter to have, but she is also a spell slinger, so Celebi cuts the difference and assigns 2 points to fortitude. This gives him a total of 12 points left. As Nuwa is associated with both Water and Fertility purviews, Medicine seems like a good fit. Celebi assigns 2 dots to that. PeiPei is not quite a pro, but she is skilled enough to do emergency first aid. An explanation is needed here. In Chinese elemental alignments wood (Fertility) and water (Water) are known to have mystic healing properties. An Aquamancer (Her calling.) would at least know the basics and have a good grasp on them. This leaves Celebi 10 points to spend. While not the most endearing shoulder to cry on, she is quite empathetic. She assigns 2 dots to Empathy to help round PeiPei out. This leaves him 8 points to spend. Now we've said it many times, PeiPei is a martial artist. So he allocates 3 points to Brawl. As there is no Martial Arts ability, Brawl will do. It is basically empty handed combat. This leaves Celebi 5 points to spend. There is an aura about the divinely sired children. Celebi decides this should be translated not as charisma, but rather presence. Now PeiPei isn't something mystical or divine, yet, but she has an allure. Maybe it's the Asian school girl thing going on in her favor, so Celebi assigns a healthy 2 points to Presence. That leaves him 3 points to spend! After skimming the available abilities, as well as what he has taken Celebi turns to athletics… How it ever escaped him he'll never know, but yeah that makes sense. She's pretty athletic. He assigns his last 3 points to Athletics and smiles. Yup, That's his little terrorist in the making. This means that his sheet looks something like this:

Athletics: 3 Awareness: 3 Brawl: 3
Craft (Calligraphy) 1 Empathy: 2 Fortitude: 2
Integrity: 3 Investigation: 2 Medicine: 2
Melee: 1 Occult: 3 Presence: 2
Stealth: 3

Like OMG, that's so much work, Celebi decides to get himself an adult beverage. Now kiddies don't drink until you're legal in your country and don't drink and drive, EVER.. (Hey, Pika that counts as a Public Service announcement, mark it down!) Returning to the task at hand, he glances at the next step that he needs to do. Birthrights… (Dum dum dummm). Glancing over Nuwa's associated Purviews as well as PeiPei's calling he knows he needs at least 1 relic. He has five points to spend here and relics can only go up to five points. He glances at the handy dandy relic chart to come up with any costs he might need. So he goes about crafting at least one relic for PeiPei. Nuwa is a goddess of where sea meets earth. He decides a seashell necklace or barrette would be appropriate. He looks at his terrorist in the making and decides a necklace is the best choice. Not to feminine but not to masculine either. He has to think of a catchy name for it. So he looks around and just says F it.. Shell of Hidden Promises. Poetic enough to sound Asian and yet, nifty enough for his geekdom. He knows that PeiPei has to have access to the Magic Purview, so that causes an Automatic 1 in the rating and that leaves him 4 points. He doesn't need to associate Taiyi to any relic, unless he wants too, PeiPei's ichor handles that. However, he does need access to the Water Purview. He adds in another dot for that so it raises it to a 2 dot relic and leaves him 3 points. The moon has pull over the water, but Celebi isn't quite sure it fits his concept. So he glances over the Hero level boons for Moon and smiles to himself. Tidal Influence.. Yup moon is /so/ needed for this concept. So he tacks that purview on there as well. That raises the relic's cost to a healthy 3. Leaving him two dots to spend. While the other Purviews seem fun and nice to him, at this stage they aren't uber important so he wraps up that relic. Here's what it looks like:

Name: Shell of Hidden Promise Type: Relic Level: 3
Abilities: Purview Access: Moon, Magic, Water

Now we have a fancy schmancy necklace, but we have 2 more points to spend. Weapons make life easier! Yes! A relic weapon. Now what fits PeiPei's style. A sword? Nah, even Celebi thinks that's too cliche. A fan? Hmm. That has potential. He peers at the relic chart once more and nods. A fan it is. He dubs it Tsumani Fan, it is a legendary weapon of PeiPei's mother. It is known to cause the waves themselves to part. Unfortunately, this is just a pale shadow of that weapon. But, SHHH! No one needs to know that! A war fan has blades on the spines. Celebi looks at it and frowns. He needed to put more dots in melee.. Oh well. He decides that the fan is very accurate, or more accurate than most. But first he needs to decide what weapon is /most/ like his fan. He looks at the weapons section of the book and decides a Tonfa (A billy club) is probably the closest thing. The fan is not very deadly, but it can do some slashing lethal damage. So he changes the damage to 1L instead of 1B. So the basic stats for his fan looks like this:

Name: Tsunami Fan Type: Relic Weapon Level: 0
Accuracy: +1 Damage: 1L Defense: +1
Speed: 4

Not a bad little weapon, but not the best in the world. Celebi decides that it needs to be pretty accurate. So he spends a single dot on accuracy to raise it to +2. This leaves him with one more dot and makes this a level 1 relic. He reviews the Relic Chart once more and decides to help offset the melee deficit PeiPei has the weapon taps into her own legend to make it more deadly. So for 1 point he selects Dexterity + Melee as his pool and PeiPei now adds her legend to the weapon's attack. Whoa doggie this suddenly became a nightmare fan! This is how it looks finally:

Name: Tsunami Fan Type: Relic Weapon Level: 0
Accuracy: +2 Damage: 1L Defense: +1
Speed: 4 Powers: +1 to Accuracy (Already Included), +Legend to Dexterity+Melee Pool.

Now Celebi spent all his birthright points on relics, but looking over the other choices Guides, Followers and Creatures don't really seem like something PeiPei needs, right now at least. So he is satisfied with his selection. He looks at the next step. Boons. Yay! This is where PeiPei becomes the awesome. He checks out the house rules for the game and makes a quick note. Yay! Boon heaven. He glances over the purviews PeiPei has access to and decides to spend 3 dots immediately in Water. This gives him the Water Breathing, Water Control (Water Bending! YAY!), as well as the Changing States boons! Yup all good for an Aquamancer! Water Magic Fu! This leaves him with 7 dots to spend. He decides to drop 3 dots into Taiyi. This gives PeiPei a nice set of offensive and defensive magics.. Five-Cycle Augmentation, Yin-Yang Destruction, as well as Five-Cycle Conjunction. This leave him with 4 points to spend on PeiPei's boons and Epic Attributes. He looks longingly at Magic and Moon, but decides for the moment to hold off on them. Bonus Points are good for that. He glances down at the epic attributes section and looks at the favors of Nuwa. Crap, Stamina, Intelligence and Wits. Not boding well for PeiPei but he knows he can do it. He drops 1 point into Epic Stamina, 1 Point into Epic Wits and 2 points into Epic Dexterity. Now he knows because each dot of Epic Attributes grants him a free Knack he goes on to pick them. First he looks over all the knacks available for Stamina. Ooh Self-Healing is nice, but.. Raging Bull is nicer. It gives PeiPei the threat of being more dangerous the more damage she takes. So he selects Raging Bull for her Stamina Knack. He has one Knack for Wits, now while a lot are good for his concept of PeiPei he can always get more later. So he picks what he deems most important. Eternal Vigilance seems to make sense. She is quick witted, very aware, and this knack augments that.. Good fit for PeiPei. He looks at Dexterity next. Wow! (And not the game!) He sees he has two Knacks to pick from. So many choices. After a few glances over the various knacks he decides to select Untouchable Opponent as his first Dexterity knack for PeiPei. This game is about combat and she's a ninja terrorist magician. This also compensates for her lack of stamina somewhat.. Now when she does get hit, her epic stamina knack will kick in nicely.. Don't hit the Asian Schoolgirl, for she becomes dangerous! The second knack he picks is Whirlwind Shield. I know I know! This is a fluff selection for PeiPei but it fits her theme and calling. She can now pluck arrows out of the air, with some luck! So her sheet looks like this:

Water Breathing Water Control Changing States
Five Cycle Augmentation Yin-Yang Destruction Five-Cycle Conjunction
Epic Attributes
Epic Dexterity: 2 Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Wits: 1
Raging Bull Stamina Eternal Vigilance Wits Untouchable Opponent Dexterity
Whirlwind Shield Dexterity

Now that's a nifty combat magician. Well, except there is no magic! Celebi reviews the rules concerning Legend and Boons and Attributes and sees that PeiPei needs a high legend score.. He looks at his bonus points and nods. Yup that's a good choice. But not right yet! Right now he has to assign virtues to PeiPei. The Celestial Bureaucracy has the ability to swap some virtues around. So Celebi looks over the list to determine what is the best fit for PeiPei. He sees that Duty, Harmony, Intellect and Valor are the core virtues of the pantheon. But he sees that he may switch out any virtues for Order or Loyalty. Looking at Nuwa he sees that she might like Loyalty over Valor. She sticks by her guns and expects her scions to as well. But the others seem spot on for Nuwa. Now every scion gets 5 points to spend on those, with a restriction that none may raise above 4 without bonus points being spent. Not to mention every one starts with a single dot! Awesome free points rock! He decides that Duty needs to be raised to 4. That takes 3 of the 5 points he has and he has 2 remaining. Looking over the other 3 virtues he decides that Loyalty needs some love, so he raises that to 2 taking 1 of his remaining points. Now Celebi remembers that willpower equals the highest two virtues combined and right now that equals a 6. He eyes the other virtues and contemplates twinking stats, but remembers that he frowns on that stuff himself so he evaluates Intellect and Harmony. He finally decides to place that last dot in Intellect. Nuwa favors smart choices, and even PeiPei gets lucky sometimes.. So PeiPei's final virtues look like this:

Duty: 4 Harmony: 1 Intellect: 2
Loyalty: 2

Now we've spent all the main points. It is time to spend our bonus points. We review our notes and see that we need a legend score of at least 4. That kind of sucks, but the concept demands it. So he offers up 14 of his 15 points to raise PeiPei's legend up to 4. He has 1 remaining bonus point. Now there isn't much to do with a single point. So he reviews the bonus point chart and decides… Well based on everything, he has only one choice! A birthright. Now does he decide that PeiPei needs another relic or does she need a guide/pet. He reviews what he has and refers to the relic chart to see what he can get. Smart shopping is always a good thing. After reading everything and realizing that PeiPei needs to join battle quicker, Celebi decides to expend 1 point to make another relic for PeiPei. This one will add her legend to her Wits+Awareness rolls. He decides that a ring fits her. He dubs said ring Circle of the Five-Cycles. This ring gives her the ability to use her wits more effectively in battle. So here is what the relic looks like:

Name: Circle of the Five-Cycles Type: Relic Level: 1
Abilities: +Legend to Wits+Awareness Pool.

Whew! All done! Now we need to see what her entire sheet looks like thrown together! To save you from the spam click the link below!

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