Escape From The Dead


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Scene Title Escape from the Dead
Synopsis A field trip goes horribly wrong. Escaping with six other survivors from the high school of the dead, they group runs into and saves a man's life and his daughter..and their little puppy too

There's a field trip! Yay! And who says New Atlantis schools are not allowing their students into the outside world? Several of the students want to see what life is like on the outside world, and thus, there's been a group of busses that have left the relative safety of the city to go off into more rural areas of New York.

A few hours drive north and they eventually reach West Lake High School in the small town of Chippequa, New York. It's a relatively rural area in the Catskills Mountains, in a valley that is surrounded by both sides. Of course, there are two groups. Matthew, Pei-Pei, Tavio and Gayle went one way with one group of teachers to meet a few of the residents as the New Atlanteans learn about the United States. The other group, Maui, Hopper, Zack and Dion are inside, as student council representatives meeting with other students to discuss a possible exchange program between the two.

And so it begins. T-Minus 30 minutes…

"Can you imagine coming all this way just to wind up in a different school" Matthew says incredulously to the others while looking about for well toned small town girls to oggle, "I mean what is wrong with them. Do you think they have tractors somewhere around here? I've always wanted to drive a tractor. Or a cow. I'd totally ride a cow."

For the past hour, Tavio has been fogging up half of the window while his face conforms like silly putty to the other half. It's a wonder he's not drooling. The drive time well exceeded his attention span to the point where even the company of his peeps wasn't enough to keep him from dozing off. He managed to sleep through every bump, but once the bus stops he snorts awake like a drunken bull, blinking about with his face scrunched up like he's looking for the guilty party.

He rubs the back of his head as he belatedly processes Matthew's observation. "You're shittin' me. Is that what we're doing here?" He wasn't paying much attention to the whys and wherefores. "We're in redneck territory?" This bothers him right up until he has an epiphany. "Yo, I hear redneck girls are easy." Suddenly he feels better, laughing as he reaches over to offer Matthew a fist-dap. "Divide and conquer, bro."

Pei-Pei has spent the entire ride up here playing with her datapad. She is going to have to replicate this technology for when New Atlantis inevitably fades away into a bad shared hallucination of the prolet- I mean the mortal masses. After all, it's not like Apple's iPad is anywhere near as cool as this thing. Not to mention it's not like anyone's ever invented anything even remotely similar to a real datapad before.

Somewhere, no doubt, a Palm executive is weeping over the corpse of a Palm PDA.

As Tavio and Matthew suddenly start spouting off, Pei-Pei's head actually jerks up and swivels about. She narrows her eyes at them and looks over to Gayle.

"/BOYS/," she remarks sourly.

Perhaps Apple has an Atlantean which is why they have the iPad? Who knows? Still, the ride up was spent with Gayle sighing wistfully as she scrunches up her nose while looking out the window. Why do they need to learn how the US operates anyway? She knows how the US operates and she looks towards the others as they arrive at the gates of the other high school.

She then looks towards Tavio and Matthew and facepalms. Oh dears. She scrunches her nose and nods as she looks towards Pei-Pei, "I should tell them some of these girls have herpes or are ovulating. Which do you think will scare them more?" she asks curiously.

The girls at the school are buxom. Very buxom. They have hugenormous breasts really. This is what happens when you have a lot of unpasteurized milk. Your own udders get huge. The various students of the Chippequa High are rather friendly for the most part. It's a gated public school, since people really can't go out for lunch. They have to remain inside. Sadness. Still, lots of pretty people as the various groups mingle about, just chatting for now. It's a free social hour so to speak as they're all ushered into the cafeteria.

Are they inside the school then? Matthew looks so confused about where they are! Long trips will do that to Matthew, short trips will often do the same, huge breasts do not contribute to his mental clarity. "I hope they work out that student exchange" Matthew says staring a bit at the chest of one passing young thing, "That would like.. majorly improve my desire to attend school." Gaze swivels to Pei Pei, "Hey! If you work on a detector for muscle mass for Gayle, do you like.. think you can work on one for breasts too? Then I'd never have to worry about missing any while walking around."

"Yeah, that's a great idea," Tavio enthuses as he and the gang are herded past the hotties. It's like a smorgasbord out here! No pretty pair of…eyes goes unaddressed, as he has a flirtatious looks aplenty to go around. "We could trade out our zeroes for some of the local talent and like, raise their GPA and our…pfft…whatever." Pause. "Spirits. Yeah." He had to think for a second there.

Pei-Pei may be staring at the absurdly high proportion of girls in this high school with big boobs. Every so often she looks at Gayle, starts to say something, and then just grumps. Tavio does not help, she reaches out and smacks him upside the head. If he turns around, he will encounter Pei-Pei's FURIOUS GLARE as she holds her datapad to her chest, arms crossed FURIOUSLY.

Pei-Pei is not the only one with a furious glare. Gayle is not as gifted in the same sense as the various buxom girls of Chippequa high. She's about to smack Tavio, but smacks Matthew instead upside the head because Pei already did it. She gives both boys a look while letting out a harumph as she crosses her arms over her chest. This is what happens when the boobie obsessed boys are with two Asian girls. They will get annoyed.

Still, when they ease on down into the cafeteria, the quartet is introduced to two students. There's another buxom girl with blonde pigtails. And she's wearing a schooluniform two. A white button down blouse and a plaid skirt. She's one of the few girls actually wearing a uniform. Perhaps she's a recent transfer student. "Hi!" she chirps merrily to Tavio and Matthew. Gayle and Pei-Pei are ignored for the New Atlantean hunks. "Ashley." she says, introducing herself.

Meanwhile, there's a boy with her. He's on the chubby side, perhaps a few years younger than our group of intrepid heroes. His face is blemish free, but it's a bit round as he pushes up his glasses and smiles at the two girls. "Albert" he says introducing hiself. He then peers at Pei's datapad andoooohs. "Oh my gosh, is that the X-9000? I heard about it from the latest of New Atlantean technology. Can I see?" he asks hopefully.

Matthew looks all manly and rugged and quarterbackish as he sidles up to Ashley. It has to be said he is looking anywhere but outside the cafeteria, his attention is quite happily focused on more immediate concerns. "Hi Ashley. I'm Matthew. I guess you're one of the locals that we're meeting? That's Tavio, the angry one is Gayle, the angrier one is Pei-Pei. So I guess you guys are the locals we're meeting, guess we'll be getting to know each other a lot better then."

Tavio misses the mark at first, thanks to the angry thwap to the back of his head that has him turning with a comically indignant look, mouth twisted into a tight shape, one eye squinted shut, wordlessly demanding to know what that was all about. He obviously doesn't have a clue. He rubs the back of his head as he turns around, in time to introduce himself to Ashley with a slight tilt of his head, angling his chin upward to flash a flirtatious grin. "Lookin' forward to that," he affirms.

That lasts until this 'Albert' fellow presumes to make nice with one of his peeps. That's just not going to work. "They sell 'em on Amazon, yo," he says, conveying an implicit instruction for Poindexter to step the hell off. The exchange program, to his mind, only really works one way. "Ever'body knows that." Sure, he's going to be unrepenting in his pursuit of mindless self-indulgence, but Gayle and Pei-Pei are part of the crew and he's decided that means he has to watch out for them. He'd find the notion that they can manage quite fine for themselves to be a difficult concept to process.

Pei-Pei, in spite of being a violent bitch when offended, probably cannot actually function on her own. At least… Not yet. She does, however, appreciate Tavio's attempts at getting her back, even if it does come off precisely as abrasive as she was with slapping him upside the head.

"Um. I g-guess. D-d-Don't mind Tavio… He's j-j-just being… Y'know. O-o-Overprotective."

The "X-9000" bleeps insistently as it suddenly detects a wi-fi Internet connection. Tavio's comment about Amazon pops up a search pane and displays closest match results. Wait, did it just process that it was supposed to search for itself on Amazon? And NewEgg? Now that is a freaking leap of technological genius.

"J-j-Just be careful, pl-pl-please? I have a research project on th-th-there."

Ashley maybe a buxom blonde in a Catholic school girl uniform, but she's no idiot. She just smiles cheerily, leading on the boys with her feminine wiles as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement escape from her lips. "Nice to meet you guys. Are you guys going to stay in New Atlantis for college? I just got my acceptance to Columbia." she chirps rather cheerily. Oh goodness. Isn't that where Pei-Pei got accepted to as well?

"I can't afford one. I just want to see it. Besides, I like all sorts of technology. I'm not a computer geek though. Give mesome guns. That's more fun to play with. I have a bunch of airsoft rifles at home." Albert replies as he looks towards the two jocks before pushing up his own glasses on the bridge of his nose before muttering softly to the other girls. "And don't judge her as stupid.." he whispers about Ashley. "She's actually our class valedictorian." Does that mean that the rest of the school is stupid? Or doesit mean she too is just pretending to be dumb around the boys. He smiles as he's defended and nods he peers at the datapad. "Wow, I never thought I'd actually get to touch one of these. That's all I really wanted to do.." he says with a hearty laugh as he can tell that Pei-Pei is rather nervous with her shiny toy in the hands of some backwards kid.

Gayle's about to speak, when instead, there's a shriek of terror coming from just outside the cafeteria. They're safelyinside, but there's something going on outside. There's sounds of a struggle and moaning. That's never a good sign.

"What the frak?" Gayle quips.

"I'll be staying around" Matthew confirms to Ashley, "You wouldn't believe how nice the city is these days. Tell you what, I'll get you my number. When you get to Columbia give me a call and I'll show you the sights, there is a lot of the city to see you might miss without a local to show you around." Flirt flirt flirt goes Matthew, undeterred by the thought of her actually having a brain somewhere beneath those breasts. Then he is cocking his head at the sounds of a struggle and screaming and he asks, "Yeah? You guys have many fights here?" With reluctance he abandons the girl to go rushing towards the cafeteria door to look outside. As a rugged manly man it is part of his duty to breakup fights. It is the code!

The difference, as Tavio sees it, is that even though he has no idea why he was smacked, he's confident that he did something to deserve it. That's programming for ya. She gave him a momma-slap, and you just don't question those. Ever. Your immortal soul is imperiled by such temerity. Nevermind that he can't spell half of the words in that sentence.

Meanwhile, Pei-Pei did nothing to deserve Poindexter being all up in her bidness except to have a pimp-ass computer. He rapidly decides Poindexter is another Columbine waiting to happen and is about to deliver an icy look to the guy when he hears angels. Well, an angel. And so what if she's smart? He won't hold that against her. He's got other things he'd rather hold against her. And wiggle. A lot.

"I'mma get outta here first chance I get and head to a country that knows what football is," he asserts, pride in his life's chosen path overriding the present urge to hear Ashley's valedictorian speech in a breathless staccato. "World Cup, yo." And if nobody knows he's talking soccer, that's on them.

The curious moaning sound tears his attention away from Ashley's face (you wait and stare at their boobs when they're sleeping, he's learned, because then they can't bitch at you for it) with some hesitation, twisting his face into its characteristic pugnacious mask, nose wrinkled, eyes narrowed, and then jogs after Matthew.

Pei-Pei thinks Albert "Poindexter" Lastnameless is just being pleasant and nerdy. Then he mentions guns. She quirks an eyebrow at him, though she's more curious than anything else. At the very least she doesn't assume he's going to be the next Columbine. Instead, she just takes it in stride, as she has NES gun controllers in her backpack and her boyfriend(?) is in the JROTC.

Really she's not so much concerned that her shiny is in someone else's hands as she's concerned that the aforementioned someone else will discover that she's got a variety of maps of New Atlantis, as well as specifications for holoband technology and really functional electric cars, stored in its memory for careful perusal. She shifts uneasily as she lets Albert inspect her toy until there is shriek of pure terror coming from outside. Pei-Pei squeaks and latches onto her datapad, either wrestling it free of Albert in the same motion as she tries to hide behind him or ending up in a really weird position as she tries to use him and the datapad as a shield.

Albert is gallant! Even if he's a chunky sixteen year old poindexter, he senses Pei-Pei's fear and stands protectively in front of her. See, Tavio and Matthew aren't the only ones looking out for cute girls. He standsin front of Gayle as well, ushering her behind him as he hears the shriek and looks towards Ashley for a few moments.

"What's going on?" Ashley is perturbed. Shrieks like that are never a good thing asshe doesn't even mindhaving her boobs stared at for this time as she scrunches her nose alittle as she chews on her bottomlip while peering towards Albert. "The rumors, can't be true, can they?" she whispers softly. There's something wrong here in Chippequa, something definitely wrong as Matthew runs towards the door.

Gayle blinks as she just stares as Matthew rushes towards the fray. He, too, is very gallant. "Matthew! Wah! Never run towards the shriek!" she grumbles under her breath as she looks towards Pei-Pei and instinctively reaches for the hammer pendant around her neck when she remembers there's a bunch of mortals around. Giving away her superheroic identity would be bad around these people right? They might suddenly expect all New Atlanteans to be Scions or something.

Still, when Matthew opens the door, there's a grisly sight indeed. Ms. Johnson, their rather buxom health teacher with breasts that are at least double-dees are no longer.There's blood spilled out on the ground as there's three creatures, zombies really that are ravaging the young woman's body, biting off one of her breasts to reveal a splash of blood and silicone on the ground. The three seem to be one of the grounds keepers, Willy; the PE teacher Coach Manuel who has a fearsome countenance of death as one of his eyes is barely hanging out of the socket, and an unnamed student. They look stumbleabout, hearing the noise as they start toenterthrough the door.

and with that, the rest of the students panic starting to shriek as they run towards one of the rear exits. Oh snap. There is chaos!

'Holy fucking shit!' Matthew thinks. "Holy fucking shit!" Matthew says. Sometimes mind and body really are in agreement, and watching zombies eat the breasts off a health teacher are one of those times. "Trouble!" Matthew calls over his shoulder looking over the young woman's body on the ground, "Gayle? Is she still alive?" In the meantime he is grabbing the cafeteria table nearest the door, muscles flexing for a moment as he hefts it and then sends it /soaring/ towards the three figures trying to rush the door. It's less an effort to kill than to knock down, to keep them from entering and to clear a path to the fallen teacher.

The first thought to cross Tavio's mind is that this should be troubling him far worse than it really does. The copious blood and mangled flesh, the teacher's lifeless face, and even the animate corpses shuffling toward them seem somehow par for the course. This particular species of gruesomeness is in his blood, after all. What he concludes is that it's just a good thing there's only three of them, and to look around in case there happen to be more nearby.

"She's gone," he insists, reaching to detain Matthew after he's thrown the table. "Only thing we could do is make sure she don't get back up. We gotta bar the door, keep 'em from getting in." That much doesn't come from nightmares about his lineage, but from the arguably more conservative exposure to horror films. "You can bet there ain't just three out there."


Pei-Pei flails wildly behind Albert as she stares at the zombies eating Ms. Johnson, their aptly named health teacher, just outside of the cafeteria door. Everyone else seems to have a grip on themselves in this moment. The Yellow Princess? Yeah, not so much. She flails wildly and jumps around as she tries to figure out what the heck is going on /NOW/.

"ZOM- Wait. What rumors?"

Oh, there goes Pei-Pei's mind too. She turns toward Ashley and reaches out to poke the blond in the shoulder. The Yellow Princess gestures frantically, "What rumors?"

Suddenly, there's an announcement over the intercom: "Students, we are now in lockdown mode. Please remain in your class rooms and close the doors. Please, this is a lockdown. Please close the doors and remain in your rooms until another announcement says other wise."

"Great, our idiot principal, as usual is late." Ashley says as she looks at the ensuing chaos as she scrunches up her ose a bit andlooks towards Albert. She hrmms and takes a deep breath as it seems that the rest of the crowd is trying to gofor the back exits. "I know it's counterintuitive to goup the stairs.." she says pointing up towards stairs which lead back into the main schoolbuilding. "But considering the other option has the rest of the student body panicking, I think we should go that way. There'll be less interference, and there should be the tool shed so we can find something to defend ourselves with. That way leads to the gym where there are bats and other things…"

And before she can continue, Albert interjects. "The gun club supplies are that way too. We'd have to break in the lockers to get some of the airsoft rifles, but it's better than trying to punch them or.." and he blinks as he sees Matthew throw a table. "Throw tables at them. I don't know what they feed you New Atlanteans, but we /CANNOT/ do that." he says firmly and resolutely.

Gayle just stares as she looks towards the others and nods. "Yeah, let's do whatever. But there nhave to be more. And she'd dead, Matthew. They're all dead." There's a bit of panic in her voice. She's never seen anything this gruesome. There's zombies and they're tearing through the flesh of the former health teacher as she shivers a little in disgust. She thought the grossest thing she'd see was someone getting decapitated, but getting eaten alive is worse. "Matthew! Close the doors, throw some tables on it to make a barricade and let's take that other entrance route.."

It's then that there's more screams. The other exit is definitely /NOT/ an option anymore. Those panicking, the students of Chippequa and James Madison High Schools suddenly find themselves bitten. More screams can be heard from their fellow classmates as there were seven zombies waiting on the other side, already to tear into the flesh of the students, biting at necks, ripping out chunks from their legs and shoulders as it's a study of crimson and scarlet on the opposite side of the cafeteria.

"Don't have time to explain now!" Ashley says. "Upstairs, come on!" and with that, she starts to run. Albert grabs Pei's and Gayle's hands to try to lead them upstairs as well. Run!

Matthew slams the front doors back up and he calls towards the others, "Get moving. I'll be on your flank. It might not hold them forever but I'm going to secure these doors as best I can." Several tables do get slid, thrown and slammed atop each other near the front door before he is rushing against the cafeteria to hurl another table at gathering zombies. Working to disrupt their ranks enough for a few students to make their escape before those doors receive a similar barricading treatment. Rawr. Strong Matthew is strong. Once he has done what he can on the barricading level he's headed towards the exit point of the others, following them upstairs.

For a brief moment, Tavio entertains the notion of making a stand or trying to save the stampeding students from a death largely wrought by their own (understandable) inability to remain calm. While wrestling with indecision he helps Matthew with hasty barricades. Once there's nothing left but that last ditch effort to save lives with a thrown table he gives a nod to the other jock and then hastens up the stairs with the others, moving just slowly enough to make sure Matthew's really coming up with them.

Pei-Pei flails as Ashley runs away. She looks about ready to give chase when Albert grabs her hand and starts pulling. The Yellow Princess frowns sourly at this turn in events, but runs along only because her quarry - Knowledge that is - is running away in that direction.

Also going that way keeps her from having to face people she knows (and a lot of people she doesn't know) dying horrible, gruesome, Dawn of the Dead deaths. Pei-Pei's brain is pumping overtime to try and wrap itself around all of this because, frankly, this is absolutely cracked out now. I mean, come on, /ZOMBIES/. SMART ZOMBIES!

The screams of those they left behind can be heard as the zombies, while easy prey for a group of Scions, are strong and graspon tightly, making the kill. WIth each bite, or rather bites, more of the student body falls. The casualty rate of both high schools is terribleas the screams suddenly quiet down for a few moments as our intrepid heroes run up the stairs and the hall way.

Gayle doesn't look back.In fact, she closes her eyes shut, scrunching up her nose as she tries not to listen to the screams of terror, agony and pain as people are eaten by their former teachers and companions. Her heart is racing as she still follows the group, nodding the entire time as they continue to run as fast as they can.

There are several class rooms along the way. There's screams of terror coming from inside each class room. The school is in a panic, people are in a tizzy and they're lead down yet another corridor where they go down the stairs.

"This is where we can get some supplies. First rule, stock up on healing supplies. The nurses's office is this way.." Ashley says matter of factly before they find themselves in a skinnier hallway. They're on tnhe first floor now, and there's two more women in peril.

Five zombies have surrounded two more buxom women. One woman is about in her early to mid twenties, again with ginormous breasts as she lets out a squeak. The other is a tall and statuesque raven haired beauty with a bokken in her hand. It's a wooden sword as she's thrashing away at the zombies.

"It's Nurse Fields and Hizugawa Rei! She's a transfer student from Japan." Albert squeals. Obviously, the girl has to be since she's kicking zombie ass with a wooden sword. "Let them be! Come on, let's go get the supplies.."

Now they're at a crossroads. Save the two women or go get supplies? Or both? Who knows.

"I know they say in zombie movies to never split up" Matthew says to his companions as he spots the two women fighting it out and moves to engage, the snakish piece of metal around his neck sliding free to run like molten metal down his arm to form into a throwing knife within his hand. "But I don't think we've got a choice. Someone good in a fight needs to stay with them, I'll get the Nurse to show us to the infirmary after." The knife is let thrown at the zombie most imperiling the nurse, flinging itself end over end to bury itself deep in zombie skull. In the meantime he is trying to snag her out of that fray and to interpose himself between her and the zombies. Transforming himself into a human shield to keep her from harm.

"Supplies ain't goin' nowhere," Tavio announces as he plucks the tiny bell charm off his necklace and drops it to the floor. Once it's transmogrified into its ball form he catches it on his toe and sends it hurtling toward the zombies, soaring overhead to rebound off the far wall with a hollow, thunderous sound. He's got his mind made up, and shakes his head quickly at Matthew. "We stick together," he asserts. "That's the only way this works. The more fighters we have, the better our chances." By now the fact that he has seemingly missed with his first effort is not the demonstration of failure it appears to be, at least to his peeps who've seen the relic in action.

Pei-Pei may not have seen Tavio's relic in action before. She hasn't had a lot of combat experience with Tavio yet. Also she doesn't immediately get the chance to see the soccer ball bell of death in action. Her ovaries are tingling in a bad way and that can only mean that her boyfriend(?) has neglected her in a theoretical situation related to the one in which she now finds herself.

This can only end in bloodshed. Which is to say, undead blood being vaporized in a horrible, visceral sort of way. Pei-Pei breaks free of Albert's hand and swings her messenger bag backpack around to her front side. She quickly rummages through and pulls out a NES gun controller before flapping the bag shut and swinging it behind her again. A moment later, she is screaming like Rambo as she starts firing lasers at the zombies.

Pew-Pew! The zombies are hit as the Japanese girl looks out to Tavio and Pei. She can recognize a relic in action as she yells, "No relics!" she cries out before pushing Matthew and the nurse out of the way before he's chomped. Soon, the zombies are cleared out as she lets out a huff anda puff while looking towards the gathered group.

"Whatever is causing this feeds on supernatural energies. The more you use your relic if you're a Scion, the stronger 'they' become. It's us versus them. If we want them weak, we have to fight like regular humans." she says firmly and resolutely as she looks towards the gathered group.

Albert just blinks as he stares at the others. "Are you… you guys are.." and he lets out a flail. So does Ashley as she scrunches her nose and just stares at them. Still, all that passes as they rush into the nurses's office to start gathering supplies as fast as possible.

"At least there's no zombies for now, and we nhave two more with us." Gayle says with a soft sigh. She's happy that they got to save people. A badass Japanese chick and a school nurse. "We'll have a nurse with us at least, it should make things better fora bit.." and she goes tohelpgather supplies.

Still, down in the hallways, there's more moans and groans and shrieks of terror from the rest of the student body. The Japanese swordsgirl and the nurse usher the group into the office for a bit of breathing room while supplies are gathered.

Nurse Fields sighs softly as she slumps over her desk, her bouncy breasts keeping her up for the most part. What is it with the girls in this town and ginormous breasts? "We should check on your families.." she tells the others before looking at the new students. "And you should find your teachers."

Matthew finishes off zombies with punches, brawling and throwing anything heavy in sight. Right. No relics. He can do no relics. "Yeah, we've got a couple of surprises. But good, straight fight, none of the weird stuff. I can do that. Right now that damned announcement ordered people to stay in their rooms which right now is making them a zombie buffet. We're going to have to get the survivors out" He turns his attention towards the others, "We're going to need to get those peopled to someplace safe. Is there anywhere in the building defensible? Somewhere we can get people to, set up a makeshift infirmary for any injured, and hold them off for the moment?"

"Whoops!" Tavio exclaims, watching helplessly as his ball caroms off the head of the farthest zombie and topples the undead husk to the floor. He catches the relic as its spinning arc carries it back to his hand and quickly affixes the tiny bell it shrinks down to to his necklace. In desperation, lacking other weapons, he tears the metal edge off of one of the wall-length posterboards nearby. It's quickly discarded, and he casts about for a more suitable weapon.

"Unless they're climbing the walls we can keep them pinned by blocking the stairs. We get Columbine-boy's guns and pick 'em off as they come at us from over a barricade when we make one, then we have more of us alive to fight back."

"Whoops!" Tavio exclaims, watching helplessly as his ball caroms off the head of the farthest zombie and topples the undead husk to the floor. He catches the relic as its spinning arc carries it back to his hand and quickly affixes the tiny bell it shrinks down to to his necklace. In desperation, lacking other weapons, he tears the metal edge off of one of the wall-length posterboards nearby. It's quickly discarded, and he casts about for a more suitable weapon.

"I don't think anywhere counts as a safe place," Tavio says, looking around warily in case more zombies show up. "Unless we set up shop there and make it safe. Anyways, now we can get those supplies."

The Yellow Princess peers at the Japanese swordgirl as she warns them off using supernatural weapons. Pei-Pei shrugs and merrily goes back to filling the air with lasers. Sweet, terrible, muderous lasers - pure of heart and intent. For the moment, things quiet down, but there is so much to consider.

Pei-Pei glances over at Gayle, who is gathering supplies, then at Nurse Fields who appears to be resting on her bewbs, then at the local students. Curiosity is clearly fighting against her need to work out a plan and she frowns as she tries to supress her morbid fascination. Instead she opens her bag again and root-root-roots around until she produces a second NES gun. She waggles it around in front of Tavio, "Need something until we can stock up on other weapons?"

What else does Pei-Pei have in her messenger bag of wonder and mystery?

"We need to get Zack and the others. They're probably hunkered down in a makeshift bunker or something. After that we have to figure out a way to get out of here. After that, someone is telling me why everyone in this school has giant breasts. What is this? The School for Clinically Ample-Chested Young Women? Some kind of horrible cosmic prank? Come /ON/."

"We all drank a lot of local dairy. It's something I looked into.." says the ample chested swordsgirl. She scrunches her nose and takes a deepbreath as she purses her lips and wrinkles her nose once more. "The gun club is to the west. If we can break into the lockers, we'd have some air-soft rifles. But I still think we need to get out of here. The school isn't the only place, that much I canbe sure of.."

That gets Albert and Ashley's attention. "Our parents!" they yell at the sametime. They finish quickly putting away some supplies as they look at the nurse. "Our families.." they both say while looking sympathetically towards the others.

Gayle hrmms as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "Zack and the others are like us. They can take care of themselves. What we should be worrying about are those who can't take care of themselves." she says rather emphatically. "Your boyfriend will be all right. I'm sure of it." trying to reassure her BFF as she heads on over and starts to unscrew a mop pole from the actual mop leaving the nice metal part exposed. "I have my weapon." she says cheerily before looking towards the others. "So what do you guys want to do? Check out the city to see if we can find out what caused this and possibly help their families? Or stay in the school and just wait for more zombies?"

Matthew is not without sympathy for ample breasted school girls, local breasts are examined and then those of the resident asians. "Damn it. If I weren't a senior already I'd run for student council on a drink more milk campaign. There could be posters and photo shoots. Maybe we can do that for whole New Atlantis! I wonder what the Princess would think…" Ponder ponder there and then he looks towards the others and he asides to Gayle, "And it is not that simple damn it. There are helpless people here being slaughtered by those things, but there are helpless people out there too…" Words trail and he grimaces, "Yeah. Let's go find your families, but let's get you armed first. We might be ok with improvised clubs but you need something to defend yourselves with." Eyes look over the other Scions, "Sound like a plan?"

Tavio regards the dangling, proffered zapgun wistfully and then shakes his head. "Naw, you heard her. We can't use our fancy stuff. That's still a relic, innit? Otherwise, shit yeah I'd take it. Thanks." He offers Pei-Pei a weak smile, and then stares at the swordsgirl-and not because her Yum-Yum Twins each live in separate area codes.

"Hold up," he says, shaking his head, waving a single jazz-hand to try and stem the flow of incredulity. "So the zombie plague is actually mad cow disease?" He shakes his head once more, vigorously, and then it dawns on him. "OH!" Boy is his face red.

After a moment of considering Matthew's suggestion, the familial tendency to focus on a bigger picture manifests and he says, "I'm for finding out what made it happen and stopping it. Let's get those guns and do the damn thing. I seen these movies. Somebody's gotta stop this from bein' a epidemic. We need weapons and transportation first."

"They're not relics. I built them, not some lackey of my dad's," replies Pei-Pei. She sounds insulted by the very insinuation that she is wielding weapons from her father. The Yellow Princess harumpfs and turns to offer her second zappygun to Albert instead, in spite of the fact that he could be some sort of evil villain.

What? Alberts are terrible people. Videogames tell us so. Just look at Albert Wily and Albert Wesker. One is a mad scientist that regularly endangers THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!! with a series of ludicrous robots that can be overcome by one another's weapons - except Metal Man, he can be overcome by his own damn weapon - and the willpower of a single boy in blue underroos. The other one is some kind of horrible monster and abomination before the natural order capable of palm thrusting people through other people through other people. Not to mention he wears stylish shades to hide his eerie red eyes.

Pei-Pei checks something on her gun and bobs her head in the affirmative. She is, apparently, good to go. "I agree. We need to arm ourselves properly and then figure out what caused this. If we can find a cause, then I ought to be able to cure it."

"Fatty McFatfat! The girl likes you! She's giving you her nintendo gun!" the Japanese girl says with a soft chuckle of amusement asshe nods in the affirmative at the plan. "There's the buses and the vans that are availablefor field trips. Fortunately, I snuck into the teacher's lounge and grabbed a key." she says happily. "The van should fit all of us, but no more." her tone rather emphatic. "We'd have to go through the gym, but that's good cause you know, we can get baseball bats, hockey sticks and even fencing equipment." she says with a sage nod.

Albert is not evil! He is excited about the gun and peers at it. "Just pull the trigger. Good."

With that, Ashley nots as she grabs a few scalpels and a pair of crutches that can be used as clubs, handing one to the nurse. "I think we're all ready. Through the gym then!" she says with a fistpump.

Gayle nods as she lets Tavio or Pei lead the way as she motions for Matthew to handle the backend with her. She holdson tightly to the mop stick while the group slowly heads towards the gym. Once more there are screams, sickening high pitched screams of terror and windows shattering as those who have locked themselves in on the first floor are becoming a buffet for the zombies from the outside. One thing to notice, as long as they don't make any sounds, the wandering zombies don't seem to notice them…

"Until we no what is causing it, we try to help them make sure their families are safe" Matthew says sounding like he isn't going to budge on that bit, "If I have to do so to make sure of that I'll split off. Stopping things is good and all but these people part of the group, it's families first." A tiny little nod towards uniformed schoolgirl and even Albert, "Really. I'll make sure of it." That said he falls back with Gayle, fists at the ready and a bag of miscellaneous throwable objects slung over one shoulder.

Tavio makes a face and shakes his head mockingly at Pei-Pei, mostly because the implication that he's insulted her accidentally offends him and he's not one to bear that kind of thing gracefully no matter the circumstances. That's enough to satisfy him, and he forgets it ever happened. On the way out, he snares the pole bearing the state flag on display, removes said flag, and brandishes the resulting spear ahead of him as he makes his way down the hall, grimacing sympathetically as the cries of the fearful and dying fill the air all around them. He glances over his shoulder to the locals for direction, abiding by the notion that silence is going to work in their favor here.

He's abandoning the argument over their priorities to focus on the immediate need to move. This, plus the convenient (he feels a sick sinking in his gut, but not the expected guilt) distraction of loud, flailing students all around them, sees them all safely to the gym. He winces at one point as he looks into one of the rooms they pass and sees still, calm-seeming silhouettes milling about and knows the occupants have run out of people to kill. He motions for caution as the group passes that door, and hesitates just outside the double doors to the gym before leaning against the handle to ease it open, makeshift spear at the ready.

Of course Albert claims not to be evil! That's exactly what an evil mastermind and/or monster would want their victims to think! Pei-Pei's got her eyes on you… Mostly because you have her Precious. Her baby, one of her first-borne inventions is in Albert's hands now and he better treat it right.

Pei-Pei does her best to stay in the middle of the group out of instinct. She also keeps her NES gun at the ready, just like Zack taught her during one of their many shooting range dates. The Yellow Princess may also be keeping a wary eye on the Japanese girl - she seems evil suddenly too. Maybe it's just the lasers, maybe it's the lasers that are making her paranoid. Or maybe it is the ravenous undead that ignore the silent, which is not really a word normally used to describe Pei-Pei.

Even so, she is doing her very best to try to avoid creating undue noise. No reason to alert the zombies to their existence. As Tavio eases the gym doors open, Pei-Pei points her gun at the opening door, ready to laser zombies right in their zombie fac- No. No. Bad, Pei-Pei. Center mass is an easier target and you're not skilled enough a shootist to try a headshot rampage in real life.


The gym is eerily quiet. It's very quiet. Only the bodies of the recently killed remain there, twitching as rigor mortis starts toset in. There are ripped off heads. Smashed skulls, and other sorts of mainly headless zombies. Something went through here already, and from the look on the Japanese girl's face,it was her. Still, they eventually find somebats, hockey sticks and even the air-soft rifles and BB guns that the gun club uses. There's also a few rapiers from the fencing club aswell. So they're wellstocked on weapons. It'sonly when they reach past the gym do they see a horde of what appears to be at least fifty maybe even sixty zombies wandering around.

The zombies millabout aimlessly. They look to be attracted to heatas a lotof them are gathering by a fire from a car crashnot too far from the school. And there's the van. Their wayout of this hell.

"I think before we go to the families, we should head towards my friend's place. She has a humvee. She worked for the military a while, and she has realguns that we can use." she offers as she scrunches her nose and adjusts the golden spectacles resting on the bridge of her nose. "Besides, it's almost dusk, and it's going to be hard to really be effective. Night dawns." she says in arather worried fashion.

Now that they're outside, they can see bits of the rest of the city. There are plumes of smoke a few miles from the school. Various buildings remain eerily quiet. But from the looks of it, the restless dead walk the streets aimlessly. Who knows just how many are out there. Are the families still even alive? Who knows?

Gayle nods and takes a deep breath as she purses her lips and scrunches up her nose as she looks towards the others. "I'm the fastest. You said no using relic powers, but I'm still pretty damned fast. Give me the keys, I'll get in and drive here, then you guys scramble in as fast as you fucking can." Yay Fast As Thought!

Matthew arms himself with a rapier on one hip and replaces the contents of his throwing bag with a collection of pucks scavenged from the gym. Those will hurt. He looks unhappy at the mention of heading somewhere else besides the families homes and he says, "With night falling that makes me worried, if they are in danger our window to help them is probably closing pretty quick." His gaze shifts to the locals, "They're your families. It's your choice. If either of you want to go now we can get dropped off as pass through that part of town. We can try to get them somewhere safe and hold out until the others come back for us. Or if you want everyone can just head towards this friend of hers."

Something about the weight of a baseball bat in his hand agrees more with Tavio than the spear. He finds himself looking for sharp things to embed in it, and hastily contrives a makeshift macahuitl from odds and ends that he manages to jam into the bat. He loads up on other things as well, filling a duffel bag with potential armaments, puts it over his shoulder, and then strides out with the others.

His jaw drops as he takes in the rather jarring evidence suggesting this is already an epidemic, the plumes of smoke in the distance and the aimlessly wandering dead. What startles him back to the present is a comment from one of their local allies. He looks toward her, then toward his friends, mouthing the words 'night dawns?' without giving them a voice. He rolls his eyes and shrugs, then nods toward Gayle.

"Go for it, chica. Go get our wheels. We can make the call once we're on the road, about where we go from there. I'm for finding this humvee and some real guns. We might get some kinda clue what started this on the way."

Well this is just surreal to Pei-Pei as she emerges into the open air. She swivels her head this way and that, taking the sights and relative lack of sounds in the town. It has changed so much since the trip here and that wasn't so very long ago at all. Pei-Pei frowns slightly as she fusses and frets over Zack & Co., not to mention this rapidly changing plan. No wonder her father is such a tool, he just wants some order in a disorderly World.

Finally, since everyone is much better armed after their trip through the gymnarmory, Pei-Pei recovers her second NES gun from Albert. She briefly pets it before sliding it into her belt, using its relatively narrow muzzle to hook it in place through a belt loop. The Yellow Princess keeps her other gun at the ready as she regards their surroundings with wary eyes.

"Auto shop," remarks Pei-Pei abruptly, "If we get separated, we should try to regroup at an auto shop."

"Woo! Hey zombies! Look at me! I'm bootylicious!" she says, zipping to and fro, confusing the horde before she starts to run in circles, the wind raising just a bit. She's not using her relics. It's completely natural toher that she moves at ridiculous speeds. It's a good distraction really before she zips away towards the van, letting the zombies wander the area she was before. She heads in, and turns the engine of the van as she starts driving the now /clear/ path towards those at the gym, the door open on the side so they can scramble in right away. Fortunately, cars are much faster than zombies, so they have atleasta few minutes with no zombie interference to get in.

"Get in! And I'm all for saving families as a priority. So if we're going to the place to get a humvee, which would be awesome to drive, by the way, we better make it quick." she says with a bright and cheery smile, still rather optimistic about people's survival chances.

And with that, Ashley, Nurse Fields, Albert and the Japanese swordgirl (whose name the St cannot remember at the moment) starts heading on in. Still, as they do so, there's two students that are running out dashing through the tennis courts. It's another hispanic young man and a girl of African American descent. "Let us go with you! Please! We were with this other group, but one of them tried to stop us from leaving and there were so many, and we needto getout.." they say, huffing and puffing.

Nurse Fields wrinkles her nose as she looks towards the Scions, now at another crossroads. "We can't fit everyone /in/ the van.." Though there's always the top of the van too. Only three more people can enter the van. What will the other two do?

"Ashley can sit in my lap!" Matthew says at once, putting all those packing skills to use by already looking to be visualizing how pieces fit together for maximum van cramming capacity. Although.. then his eyes drift towards Pei-Pei, "Of course having someone on top of the van that can shoot might not be such a bad idea. I can try to be on top but I am not sure how good my throwing arm is going to be under those conditions. A gun might be better. Any way about it we can't leave them behind."

"Fuck it," Tavio declares, climbing onto the top of the van, "we take them with us." He considers his predicament for a moment and then rears back with his crudely fashioned 'bat with sharp bits sticking out of it' to bury the pointy parts into the roof for purchase, reasoning that it should hold him more or less in place if all else fails. "Let's do this."

He pats the roof of the van impatiently, eager for someone to hit the gas, and adds as an afterthought, "Anybody else wants a ride, we truss 'em to the bumpers."

"… Screw you, Matt. I'm riding shotgun, that's why that phase exists."

Pei-Pei promptly hops into the van's passenger side door and buckles in. She unrolls the window and leans out to peer up at Tavio, waving a hand to try to get his attention.

"I'm sorry about before. You didn't know and you weren't being a meathead like Matt… But you were still being a lech before that."

That settled, Pei-Pei returns to sitting inside of the van. She pulls her second NES pistol out of her convenient storage location and gets settled in for gallery shooting. Hopefully everyone else piles into the van now so they can get the heck out of here.

"Matthew, you're ridiculously strong. You go on rooftop and throw things at zombie aggro."

It seems Gayle is making an executive decision on this case. Rawr. Feisty Gayle is feisty. She looks towards the pair and ushers themin.And so the group doubled in size as she looks back towards them.

"A humvee is bigger and it'll have rooftop window access stuff. That means we can blast away things like a tank and it'll be more resilient. We get that, then we save people's parents?" she offers making surethatisokay with everyone.

"Madre de dios.." one of the Hispanics says as he looks towards the others. "I'm Alex Hernandez. I tried to grab Jasmine out of the stupid meeting of the student councils.The people from New Atlantis are.. they're very aggravating. They tried to block me in when I already saw the zombies attacking the health teacher!" he says, flailing his arms about while helping Jasmine in first.

The others don't argue and just try to make as much room as they can and she waits until everyone is in and set before woosh, they start heading into the city proper.

Matthew grumbles at Gayle. Was his idea of having a girl with enormous breasts riding around in her catholic school girl outfit on his lap over no doubt bumpy zombie infested roads /really/ such a bad idea? Why does his BFF hate him so. Why. Why cruel universe why. "Fine" Matthew grumbles, "But someone is making out with me later for being all heroic and brave and riding around on roofs and it isn't going to be Dion!" He makes his way out of the van to clamber atop it, finding a place to get his feet secured and balancing in place with his powerful leg muscles bracing for strength on the hold.

Tavio's waiting for the van to start moving with a determined look on his face, not exactly looking forward to this. It's the most sensible place for him to be, he reasons, but he doesn't have to be happy about it. Then he catches that waving in the corner of his eye and leans over to look down. A grin spreads across his face as he looks down at Pei-Pei, shaking his head as if he has no idea what she's talking about. "Ain't nothin' to be sorry about!" He hasn't forgotten anything, it just stopped being a big deal immediately after it happened. He continues to shake his head,settling in for the ride. He seems to be in better spirits about it though.

It turns out to be ridiculously easy for him, and despite missing out on the chance to get squishy with some lovely ladies, he finds that having more room is something of a comfort.

"We're totally getting laid for this," he assures Matthew as his buddy climbs up to join him.

Pei-Pei smiles happily enough because she made Tavio smile. Making handsome boys smile is always a good thing in her book, even if they're leches. She settles into the passenger side of the van and trains her guns out the windows, ready to make with the pew-pew-pew-pew death lasers.

The county roads of the smalltown are filled with zombies. Lots of zombies, but it seems that noise attracts the zombies but oddly enough, where they're going, there aren't so many. That could be because of the seeming police barricade on the other side of town. The bullhorns, gun shots and panicking townspeople trying to get out have drawn all the restless undead on the other side of town.

Eventually, they reach the apartment complex and they can see the humvee. As they start getting out of the van, there's aman in his thirties running with a little girl of about five years old and a barking puppy. Behind them is another horde of hungry dead intending to make a meal of the trio.

The father heads towards a house and starts banging on the door. It seems pretty solid. "Let us in! Please, let us in! I beg of you. Even if it's not just me, just my daughter, Alice. She's only five. Please!" he yells.

"No! Go away! We don't have the supplies!" the people inside say.

Tears run down the older man's cheeks as he continues to slam. "Please! Just my daughter!"

And this continues for a while. Fortunately for them, they're behind a gate that has locked closed behind them, but soon, outside the zmobies wait, trying to reach in. They aren't that smart like velociraptors that can open doors. No siree.

After ten minutes or so, the people inside have had enough. The older man's eyes widen as he's stabbed in the chest with a bayonet by people. PEOPLE! Not 'THEM' but PEOPLE! He falls back as they go back inside, slamming the heavy oaken door shut to leave the little girl and her puppy outside, but within the gate. She starts crying, "Daddy? Daddy?!?!? DADDY?!?!?"

Gayle, Ashley, Albert, Nurse Fields, and the Japanese swordsgirl watches. They're all dumbfounded and just stares. It'slike they're frozen in shock from what they just witnessed.

Matthew does not look happy at what he just saw. Oh no. He does not look very happy at all. "Occupy the zombies? he asks of Tavio. Striding forwards he jumps off the top of the van to climb over the fence, dropping down to the other side. "It'll be ok honey" he says to the little girl, lying quite possibly as he moves to pick up the fallen figure of father and sling him over one shoulder, "We've got a nurse with us. Pick up your puppy and I'll carry you too. I'm really strong."

A sudden, irrational impulse draws Tavio to his feet as he watches a man die by the hand of his fellow uninfected humans. Rationalization will happen later, once he's cooled his head, stilled his heart, and cleared his head, but that initial reaction nearly leads to trouble the group cannot afford.

The ghetto-macahuitl makes popping and pinging sounds as it's wrenched from the roof of the car while a florid stream of invective in Yucatan-flavored Spanish issues from between his clenched teeth. He's just about to leap from the van to do something stupid and confrontational when Matthew's voice snaps him back to the present.

"Yeah," he says in a voice tightened by emotion. The zombies are well and truly occupied, his studded club casting gore in all directions as he bats aside dead, grasping hands.

There are things that are simply not done. When things are chaotic and survival isn't guaranteed, a numbed heart is a defense mechanism against atrocity. Those people were safe, had time to think, and made a conscious decision to kill-probably without the mitigating pretense of decency to tell themselves they were saving him from a fate worse than death, if the abandonment of the girl is any indication. It kind of rubbed him the wrong way.

For about a minute, Pei-Pei stares in numb horror at what human fear and callousness hath wrought. She flails inside of the van as she listens to Tavio and Matthew spring into action. Pei-Pei grouses to herself for a few moments before leaning out the window and yelling, "BRING HIM BACK HERE, MATT! ON THE DOUBLE!"

With that said, Pei-Pei unbuckles herself from the passenger seat and whips around to grab medical supplies. The gears in her mind are already turning as she starts assessing the supplies they have and plumbs the depths of her extensive medical knowledge (yay WebMD) for the best way to accomplish what she needs to accomplish here. Settling on a plan, Pei-Pei scrambles out the van window and onto the roof of the van.

"Nurse, hand me stuff as I need it!"

The little girl is crying. She's scared. There's zombies and her puppy barkbarkyelpbarks until she's comforted by Matthew. There's a bit of sniffling as she scoops up her puppy and nods before she lets herself get scooped up. "Can your friends save my daddy?" she asks hopefully.

It takes a few moments for the others to snapout at the gruesome sight of what just happened. Fortunately, Gayle is the first to snapout of it as she zips back and forth between the van and the humvee to make sure the other supplies and extra weapons are quickly loaded. Of course, Ashley and Albert help too, though they're nowhere near as fast. At least it gives them something else to think about other than the horror they just saw.

Alex and Jasmine slip out and start helping too, still silent while the still unnamed Japanese girl runs into the fray to help Tavio. Either she finds him attractive or she likes the thrill of battle. Who knows?

Nurse Fields nods as she looks towards the younger girl and blinks. "You know what you're doing.." she says rather impressed as she prepared the various medical equipment. They have to save the man's life afterall.

Matthew tucks the little girl under one arm. With her father slung over a shoulder it only leaves him one hand to use to grip the top of the fence and to pull everyone back over but as has been indicated often enough, strong Matthew really is quite strong and this feat of strength does not appear to fax him overly.

Soothingly he says to the little girl, "My friends can really do some amazing things. They're going to do everything they can to see your daddy gets better, but he's going to need you to be strong for him.". Moving over towards the sound of Pei-Pei's shouting he sets the little girl and her puppy down near the van and then carefully unloads the man onto the roof of the van where Pei-Pei can work on him.

Eyes search out the locals and he asks, "If your friend is inside that building with the guns and supplies I think you'd better go knock and make us some introductions. They don't seem favorably inclined towards strangers, and if one of us does it we just might let our emotions get in the way of doing what is right. They were scared.. and trying to protect their families.. I understand that. But they can't let that fear do something like this again."

"Oughta-"thwack "-tear the motherfuckin'-" splat "-door off the hinges," Tavio grumbles as he lays into the zombie horde. "See how safe they are then, motherfuckers." No matter how firm a grip his Aztlanti ichor gets on him he'll always have a soft spot for people in need. It's a very good thing he's been given something to do. It's also a very good thing that he has something to distract him, as in a hot Asian swordmistress whom he only stops ogling because it broadens the gap between her lead and his current zombie tally. Easily distracted Tavio is easily distracted.

Between the two of them, they're probably thinning the herd considerably. Surely there are plenty where this came from, since the entire city is evidently a spawning pit for the undead, but this lot appears to be finite, and once a corpse goes down effort is made to ensure that's where it stays.

Pei-Pei reaches over the edge of the van to smack Gayle when her fellow Asian is in range. She crooks a finger and waves her BFF up onto the roof of the van before setting to work getting herself properly situated for Matthew's arrival. With the patient in plain view, Pei-Pei sets to work on cutting away the clothing around the stab wound before she does her very, very best to make a good diagnosis of the man's health and wounds.

"Gayle. How's he looking to you? Matt, get the girl and her puppy safe in the humvee, she doesn't need to see this. She just needs to know we're going to do everything possible for her daddy."

The Yellow Princess pulls on a second layer of rubber gloves as she starts setting to work with the medical supplies. Gauze, foreceps, some medical tape, cotton, foreceps. She looks up at Gayle again, "Can you help his health in any way? I need some help to keep him stable while I perform some kind of mad science here."

OWWWW! There's a smack from her BFF as she zips up and is within range. She scrunches her nose and closes her eyes for a few moments, taking a deepbreath as she frowns for a few moments. "He's going into shock, and damn what that Japanese chick said. He'll die if we don't do something."

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a compact full of accupuncture needles. She looks towards Pei expectantly as it seems she did some training with her mother.She scrunches her nose as she motions towards her BFF, "Help me put these in the major chakras. It'll make him stronger and so you can do your surgery to get him through this." she says softly. She's oddly quiet and not her usual chirpy self. It seems the events of this past are weighing a heavy burden on the young woman as she starts inserting the needles ever so gently.

there's a warm smile as she looks towards the little. "Don't worry, okay? Auntie Gayle and Auntie Pei-PEi will make sure your dad will be all right." Always a cheery smile to hide how she's feeling inside and she takes a deepbreath as she lets the yellow princess work her mad science while she works her Chinese mystical mumbo jumbo.

"I'll keep him stable long enough for you to stitch him up and do whatever you have to do. There's heavy internal bleeding though." she whines and takes a deepbreath as she concentrates. "I'll keep the bleeding to a minimum." It's going to be an exhausting next couple of hours for the two girls.

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