Eris Visits


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Scene Title Eris Visits
Synopsis Info sharing and an Oedipus complex..

Suite 3301 - Opal Condominiums

It's been a few days since one's seen Gene - he's been off doing journalist things, no doubt. He does have his day job. Another day of stories claiming that the crucifixions in Times Square were obviously a Muslim attack on the country due to the anti-christian representation of the upside-down cross in an offhanded attempt to cause trouble…

…hey, nobody said the Scion of Discord was a saint. His mother certainly isn't.

There was some rather interesting footage in the news, though, so that's why he shows up and knocks on the door of the condo.

Mrrrgle mrrgle. Maia was cuddling with Haldor in his room, and she steps out slightly groggy. She's wearing one of his oversized metal shirts as she meanders towards the door, wanting to see who it is before she lets them in. Considering her apartment has been a spiritual nexus as of late with shinigami and a ghede of Baron Samedi visiting, she doesnt want to take any chances.

After peeking through the door she opens and smiles warmly towards Gene. "Hey there.."

"Hi." Gene quirks a brow up over the edge of his shades, looking her up and down, "You want to get some pants on, or should I come back later, babe?"

"I'll put on some pants.." she says sheepishly, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red as she rushes towards her bedroom and puts on a pair of pajama bottoms. She stretches her arms into the air and motions for Gene to have a seat as she beelines for the kitchen.

"You want something to drink, Gene?"

"I mean, you don't have to, I just don't want Haldor crushing my skull if he thinks I'm checking out his girl's particularly nice backside," Gene replies cheerfully, stepping in and pushing the door closed behind him. He meanders along over towards the couches, sprawling out on one of them and kicking his feet up on the coffee table. His shades are pulled off, snapped shut and set in his lap as he calls casually…

"So, why exactly were you all bloody on the six o'clock? Oh, and coffee."

"I got shot. With a rifle. Point blank. In the stomach."

And that's pretty much what happened as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she raises a brow towards the older man and comes back with a bit of green tea, coffee and two cups. She sets the tray down on the coffee table before crossing her legs, somehow expecting that should be enough of an answer.

"Sounds fun."

Gene leans forward after his feet drop down, and he collects the cup of coffee, both brows arching as he looks at her - pouring the coffee as he does so, "So… why… and by who?"

"I…I don't remember. All I know is I hurt Jolie and Rain.." she says, feeling bad, wrinkling her nose a bit as she pours herself some tea and takes a deep breath. "I was taken over by one of the shinigami, servants of my grandmother, Izanami, goddess of death and the first woman. They needed me as a host to carry out their will.." and she pauses, taking the cup to her lips to take a sip.

"Killing an awakened Atlantean. Something about sins of the father..and then I blacked out and found myself covered in my own blood cause I was shot by a woman. Scott has her card.."

"Atlantis?" Gene's brows both leap upwards, "Huh. So Atlantis was real… and your pantheon isn't a big fan of them, I guess." A pause, "Maybe I should talk to Scott, he'd probably know more about that. Seriously, though, that's pretty shitty on the part of your grandmother."

"Scott and I are going to go back to Times Square. The writing..he managed to decipher it finally. It said..For the Sins of the Father, Atlantis is destroyed.." she says rather matter of factly as she scratches the back of her head. "I don't think it's just the Amatsukami who dislike Atlanteans.."

"Sounds like their pantheon's patriarch did something that pissed someone off," muses Gene, scratching under his chin with a thoughtful expression, "I don't suppose anyone's tried asking—well, no, of course not, our fucking parents are never around when you need them. I should buy Mom a cell phone."

"If a spirit of death gets scent to use me as a mortal host to fulfill my grandmother's will…something major is going on.." Maia says firmly and resolutely, most definitely disturbed by the whole thing as she facepalms. "I think I need to go to Yomi and speak with my grandmother…" she decides before looking towards him. "And we need to find out more about that castle. If it has information about Atlantis, we might ya know..figure stuff out.."

"I'll try to find the Olympus Cafe," Gene says thoughtfully, scratching under his chin, "I doubt it's in the same place we left it, and even if it is there might not be anyone there, but — you never know." A nod, "We'll need Scott for that, of course."

"Agreed, he's the translator of the group..I'm glad he was able to figure something out.." and she winces a little, still not yet fully healing from taking the shot to her stomach. She grumps a little while she studies Gene. "I hope you've been okay..nothing tried to possess you or tell you about Atlanteans?"

"No," admits Gene, "But in general my family's notable for their inability to give a shit about anything that isn't a direct personal insult or getting in the way of their orgies."

"That's good. At least you're not getting shot in the hurts.." she says with a sage nod as she takes a sip of her green tea, sighing a little in the end. "Nothing will ever be normal, will it?"

"No." A shake of Gene's head, a rueful smile, "Not at all. Personally, I like that, but I get that you don't all agree." He takes a sip of coffee, gaze hooding, "Besides. My family sends -anything- to possess me, I'm shooting it in the face. Fuck them, this body may be arguably mortal, but it's mine."

"No, I like it too, but taking over my body and having me go against seven other Scions who have no idea why I'm trying to kill one of them sucks hard.." she says matter of factly, wincing once more at the thought, most definitely at her grandmother.

"Mm." Gene's gaze hoods a bit, "…and are you just going t'take that, Maia?"

"No. I already bought tickets to fly back to Japan. The easiest pathway to Yomi is Hashima, the Island of Ghosts in Japan. You down with going with me to go say hi to gramma to figure out why nthings like this are happening?" she asks curiously, her brows raised with a wry grin curling to her lips.

"You want to bring me," Gene replies with a slow grin curving across his expression, just over the edge of his coffee, "To enter the Overworld and chat with a completely different pantheon about asking why they're being such complete and utter bitches to their offspring?"

"Hey..I was going to bring Haldor too!" she says matter of factly, snickering softly as she runs her fingers through her hair and waggles her brows. "You have a flair for words that I do not have. You convinced a bunch of murderous giants to not kill us..I figure you could ya that mojo of yours on my relatives?"

"Alright," answers Gene with a laugh, leaning back, "I give no promises that I won't accidentally spur a war between Pantheons, however…" He pauses, then, "So there's a living Atlantean in town, is that what I got from that?"

"Very much alive. At least I think so.." she says, scratching the back of her head before she lets out an impish giggle at his comment. She shakes her head and rests her chin on his shoulder and beams brightly. "Good! I'm glad you're coming then. I'd grab Jolie, but well.." and she pauses, "A ghost came when I was about to get a snack and I saw her, her brother and his girlfriend entering some portal.."

"What, did he hook up with the Catwoman?" Gene shifts slightly as she drops her chin to his shoulder, and he drapes an arm over the back of the sofa behind her, grinning down, "You can't say that I didn't warn you, though. So who's this Atlantean?"

"I don't know her name..I just know I have to kill her.." she says matter of factly. "Something about the balance and harmony of the world being disturbed by her mere presence.." Maia continues on as she starts to describe Caelis with great detail.

"I should love her, then," Gene replies mildly, "I'm not a big fan of balance or harmony."

"Neither am I.." and there's a new voice in the room. It's a dark little goth lolita with a golden apple in her hand. "But the Atlanteans are bad news.." she says looking towards the two as she lets out an impish giggle. "You have a crush on my son, girl?" she asks looking towards Maia.

Maia just blinks, her cheeks flushed with a bright tinge of red. "I! No!" she says, sitting on up.

"Hi, Mom."

A low chuckle tumbles past Gene's lips as he shifts to sit up, the arm behind Maia sliding down to ruffle through his band-mate's hair before he drops his hand to his knee, crooking a smile to the goddess in the room, "I think she's more into the big, muscly types. She's got one've Thor's kids sacked out in her bedroom right now, probably."

"How can she not have a crush on my son!??!?" Eris scoffs a little at the thought as she heads on over and pinches his cheeks for he probably hates that, and well, she likes to be trouble. She stares at the two before turning her attention back towards Gene once more. "And yes, I know..but the girl is right though..the presence of the Atlanteans is a bad bad thing. I'd normally be for chaos if it wasnt the type to end the world. I like chaos in a world that is alive..not one stripped of every single living thing.." she says firmly and resolutely.

Maia just looks towards the goddess for a few moments, blinking once more. Her apartment is a nexus for supernatural activity all right.

At that pinch, Gene winces, waving a hand vaguely as if to push her away without actually slapping it. "Hey, hey… c'mon." That said, he shifts to sit up a bit, brow furrowing, "Okay. So, what's so bad about a bunch of Aquaman rejects from a continent that sank beneath the seas a few millennia ago?"

"There's a reason why we sank it." and then she oops, her eyes widening as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. "Well fuck..I said too much. Just kill her!" Eris says annoyed before she disappears in a mass of shadow.

Maia just listens there and hrmms for a few moments and stares at Gene. Things are gettnig weirder and weirder. "I really think we need to go visit my grandmother.."

"Damn, she's hot," Gene observes casually and wistfully, kicking back on the couch again and looking towards the ceiling, thoughtfully, "That sounds about right, though. Alright. So we'll go visit the Yomi… and see what we can find out about this Atlantean bitch…"


Maia stares a little at Gene, raising her brows as she looks towards him like this: -_-. "Did you just call your mom hot?"

"…what?" Gene blinks at Maia, trying not to grin, and failing. "You obviously haven't read much Greek mythology. Besides! She is."

He must be messing with her.

"Oedipus complex…gah.." she facepalms, shaking her head a little as she wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out towards him. "But it looks like we're all going to Japan…hopefully we can find a way through Hashima.." Maia says taking a deep breath.

"Hey, you're the one with a crush on me," Gene replies with that irrepressable grin of his, "Don't blame me. And sounds like a plan. Always wanted to see Japan, anyway…"

It's been a couple of hours since Maia was brought home all bloodied and bruised. Even Gene saw it on the news, and now the journalist and the college co-ed are sitting on the couch having just been visited by Eris herself. "Well…I still think we need to go check out the castle at the Dark Hour..I want to know more about Atlantis and what the Dark Hour has to do with it..we need Scott.." she says firmly and resolutely.

"Oh, definately." Gene turns his gaze back to the empty place where his mother was mere moments again, scratching under his chin thoughtfully, "Hm. Why aren't they supposed to tell us about Atlantis, though? They seem determined to do this without us knowing…"

Speak of the nerd, and he shall appear. While holed down at Maia's apartment, Scott's kept himself busy with his research, and after a while finally got antsy enough to get out of the place. He opens the door without knocking this time, carrying a few bulging plastic bags by the handles as he backs in. "Got bored, got Chinese Food, figured you would want something, thought of Haldor." He turns, and blinks. "But Gene is just as good! You saw the news?"

"I was just filling in Gene on what happened..and yeah, he saw it.." she says with a soft sigh though she eases on up and rushes towards the nerd to help him carry the food. "Here, lemme get some of that.." she says with a bright smile before bringing it to the coffee table. "We just got visited by Gene's apartment must have some weird spiritual energy..or something.." she grumps. First there was Munin and Hugin,,the shinigami, then the ghost of Baron Samedi, now Eris. Bah.

"We meet here," Gene points out, leaning back and kicking his feet up on the coffee table as he makes himself comfortable again, gesturing with the coffee cup towards Scott, "And yeah, I'm a journalist, remember? Of course I did. Our families really want this bitch dead, don't they?"

"As far as I know, this is the most official meeting place we have for the band," Scott says with a lift of his shoulders. "More than likely, you and Haldor are Fatebound to this place, and the rest of us are getting there." He unloads the bags from his hands, but doesn't take anything yet. "They do," Scott says at Gene's questions. "Years back, the ANtlanteans did something that pissed all the other gods off that they did a team-up and dropped their continent into the ocean. There's one of mine…Seshat. Goddess of record-keeping and the written word. When the other gods were on a campaigning of information purging of any trace of Atlantis, it's said she has the last scrap of proof the place is real. Which might be the only reason those alien dieties are still around, if there's more than one. The metaphysical implications are fascinating, if you think about it. But the girl…the Atlantean Scion that possessed-Maia tried to kill, she ran off. What I got was a card from…" He fishes into his shirt pocket. "Leandra Fawley. Scion. Did not reveal who her parent is."

Maia nods and beams brightly as she points towards Scott. "Yup..what he said, so it looks like a visit to Duat is in order too perhaps?"

"Did anyone get a name for this girl?" A look between the pair, Gene's brows raising a bit, "So, Yomi, Duat…. sounds like fun. Overworld spelunking. I'm sure nothing bad could come of poking the gods with a stick."

"Depends on the god, and why. Duat, definitely, but if I can find Seshet and her domain, called the First Library…I swear dad will kill me if he finds out I did some extra-credit reading while he was training me, but you take me to your personal dominion for a year and leave me along with books…" Scott pokes into the bag, bringing out a sealed foil tray with something hot in it. "I didn't get the name. I saw some others there. Tall blond guy, a woman I had seen with ANdre a few days back against the decapitating bunnies…hey, I wonder if those insects are Atlantean, if there's that kind of mix of natural, magic, and technology! I don't see any of ours coming up with it…oh! I saw that woman! With the cat! She was there!"

"Woman with the cat?" Maia just blinks a little, wrinkling her nose once again as she feels so lost now.And then there's flashes of her possession and nods. "Oh yeah..she was there when we saw the womanhung upside down.." she says towards Gene. "The supermodel.."

"She's Bast's daughter," notes Gene, shaking his head a bit, "Okay. So… hm. Japan, Egypt — we going to round it out with a trip to Mount Olympus and whatever meadhall Haldor's drunk relatives hang out in?" A look between the pair, brows raising.

"That's the one. I met her last week with Gene. She has the most gorgeous Egyptian Mau…" Scott's grin flashes as he opens the tray. "Now that makes sense. And for Haldor, there's Valhalla for the honorable warrior dead, and Hel for everyone else." He sighs. "I need to find Layla, then," he explains. "See, only those of the Pesedjet can go into Duat. Anyone else, they'll die. She's the only one I know of so far. She might know more."

"Then we'll have to split up. You have to find other Pesedjet to go with you.." Maia tells Scott firmly and resolutely, not wanting to see her Blue Ranger get hurt. She then looks towards the Gene, "Looks like we're going to Japan while Scott and a few others go to Egypt.." beaming brightly quite excited.

"I'm glad you all know what the hell's going on, because Mom's more of a … 'go do it yourself' sort, she didn't exactly give me a primer on all this," admits Gene as he gestures with the cup, bringing it up to his lips and taking a thoughtful sip of coffee as he considers it, "Sounds like a plan. I'll check for the Cafe just in case, but I think the chances of getting Hercules really, really drunk producing anything worthwhile are lower than the chance of him deciding to knock down a skyscraper…"

"But," Scott raises a single finger. "It would be less attention-getting." He digs into his combo platter. Something with a lot of it, more than any actual preference.

"Scott.." and she hrmms for a few moments, her brows raising a little as she peers towards him and then towards Gene with a wry grin curling onto her lips. "So, gene and I found this's a hangout called the Olympus Cafe. You're all magic guy…and you found me after I was possessed, so I'm assuming you can find things. Think you can help us find the Olympus Cafe?"
You paged Scott with 'Gene, Haldor and Maia are fatebound to it.'

"I can give you the name of the waitress," Gene suggests, brows raising at the idea, "If that'll help. She's smokin'. Lovely little godling by the name of Nephele — bad romantic history, though, very sad story. I looked it up."

"You met Nephele?" Scott shakes his head. "Amazing. But, the Olympus Diner?" His teeth flash as he fishes in his backpack. He brings out a black, gold-chased scroll case. "I love this. Gift from Uncle Ptah." He pulls a scroll from the case, and smooths it out on the floor so others can see. He touches it, and a street map of the neighborhood appears on the formerly-blank papyrus scroll. There's a blue dot in the center. "We're here," he says. "I can use a little mojo to track it down." He finds his monocle as well. "If you've been there, ,aybe there's a spare fate thread or two to link up, give me a direction."

"She's a really nice lady. Gave us our drinks for free. I think Gene wants to sleep with her.." And there's Maia, snerking a little as she peers curiously towards the journalist.

Meanwhile, the threads are clear but there's a lot of threads between the two of them. asides the fatebinding by being in the same band, two threads seem to merge together towards..Brooklyn.

"She's a lovely girl," Gene replies with an slight shrug of one shoulder, lips pursing a bit as he slides the shades onto his face, "She was designed to be, really… kind of a sad history, like I said." He leans forward, looking at the ma, "Huh. That's pretty damn cool…"

Once done, Scott raps a finger against the map surface, and it scrolls to one side, and zooms out. It's less of a street map now than it is a general city map, with one borough highlighted. "Looks like it's somewhere in Brooklyn. Never been there, so I can't get it any more specific."

"Shall we go to Brooklyn then? I figured a cab brought us there last time..maybe a cab will bring us now?" And then she muses a bit, hrmming for a few moments. "Or..I could drive..and Scott can do his mojo to lead us there?"

"We could try the cab," admits Gene, pushing himself up to his feet and adjusting the set of his hat, a smile curving easy to his lips, "It seemed to work last time, like you said. No reason he can't keep checking a 'map' in the back…"

"Get me to the general area, and I can hopefully track it down," Scott says.

"It'll cost more for a cab, but fine.." Maia says, wrinkling her nose as she heads into her bedroom and stretches her arms in the air. A few minutes later she's dressed to go out, bringing her backpack full of paper with her. "All right, let's go downstairs and hail a cab.."

"I think that we'll be just fine with our funds at hand," Gene replies rather dryly, stepping along over to push the door open — flashing a grin back to his bandmates, "Shall we?"

Packing up his scroll, and packing his backpack all over again. "Just paid for all this," Scott mutters as he's getting ready. But, he does steal an eggroll before he leaves with the others.

"Haldor will eat it.." she says with a soft chuckle, hooking her arm around Gene's before she nheads out and hails a cab. She scooches in, taking the middle since she is petite and starts giving him a general direction. She sighs softly and leans back in the cab.."You think they wanna see us?"

"I doubt it," Gene notes, his tone rather dry as he settles into the cab at the far end, letting Maia settle in the middle, "They seem pretty determined to have us do this without telling us why…"

"They probably had to do stuff without knowing why first, so they're taking that ancient furstration out on us." Scott has the map open. "Still, I'm okay with it. My dad invented the 'terribly mysterious' thing practically, so I've learned to live with it."

Maia lets out a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath as she stretches her arms in the air and yawns. Yup, they're definitely in Brooklyn now as she hrmms for a few moments, "The Olympus Cafe..keep an eye out for it.." she tells the others.

Then from the front, the cabbie yells, "The Olympus Cafe! I love that place!" and he starts taking them there..yay for serendipity/fate.

"Huh." Gene pauses. "Maybe they do."

Rollrollroll. Scott puts his map away with a sigh. "So much for looking," he comments.

The cabbie drives for a bit and eventually they are in front of the Greek little diner. It's open, the sign flashing with electricity every now and then. Maia just peers at it. "It's definitely the place.." she says, paying the cabbie with a bit of cash. Oddly enough he refuses.

"All debts will be paid when the end comes.." he says. How cryptic.

"I'll bring two pennies," replies Gene with a slight shrug of one shoulder, clambering out of the cab and taking a step to one side — offering Maia a hand up to the curb, if she accepts, and then releasing it to step over to the door of the diner. "Well, then, let's get some dinner…"

"Gotcha," Scott says as he steps out of the car, holding the open cab door for Maia. "We're just asking for it," he says, under his breath.

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