Eris, Goddess of Discord and Strife


The sister of Ares, and daughter of Nyx - her paternal parentage thus likely Zeus, although no poets ever spoke of it - Eris is the goddess of discord and strife. Constantly causing trouble, whether on the battlefield or elsewhere, her nature is at once cruel and laughing. More than once, she's been suspected by the Dodekatheon of being a traitor, but much like Loki of the Aesir, these suspicions are always proven unfounded.

In mortal life, she's been many things; a terrorist, a lobbyist for weapons manufacturers hoping to keep war going, a corporate whistle-blower, a protest organizer, a high-society debutante pitting one suitor against another, and more. So long as the role and lifetime she plays in has the chance to create distrust and conflict, she slips into it with practiced ease.

She has birthed many children, including the daimons that lurked in the confines of Pandora's box, and not a few Scions; these often left to their own actions, trusting that they'll cause as much trouble as she likes just by virtue of being themselves. They tend to be outgoing sorts that easily make friends - and just as easily break that trust when the right time comes. Most of them find themselves drawn to causes that will break the status quo, an aspect of Eris and her children that has her most suspected by her fellow Gods.

Associated Powers: Chaos, Darkness, War, Epic Manipulation, Epic Charisma
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Empathy, Investigation, Integrity, Politics, Stealth

Active Scions

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