Eileen Guinness
Portrayed By: None
Status: Active
Age: 25
Calling: Cowgirl Cop
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Divine Parent: Horus
Significant Other(s): None


Eileen's father was a cop of Irish descent, and her mother was an immigrant from Ireland to the United States, attempting to find better prospects for a teaching job. Her mother was about as calm as the average person, yet fairly strong-willed and possessed of quite the sharp tongue and fast wit. Her father on the other hand, was much more respectful yet also somewhat short-tempered in the face of injustices. Her father taught her about the idea of justice, especially about how the law needed to be present for the good of everyone under it. He also explained to her in some vague terms, the idea of balance as a necessary part of life. The fact that the existence of the negative allows for the positive and such.


Eileen is fairly straightforward when she needs to be, but she isn't above deception through lies of omission or the like. She tries to use her authority as a police officer for the betterment of those around her, upholding the spirit of the law even if the letter of the law isn't on her side. She's a bit vengeful when she sees someone hurt, and can resort to methods that other police officers wouldn't such as physical interrogation and intimidation. However, she also does her best to promote harmony in the community around her, holding herself to the model of an ideal guardian of justice.


Reynard: Charming kid. Bit young for me, though. Doesn't help that his body's a mishmash of a guy's and a girl's. Who would've believed that Robin Hood of all people had kids running around?

Bryn: First other deity's kid I met. Apparently, Odin's daughter. Cryptic as anything most of the time, helpful when she's direct though.

Events Thus Far

No longs found, working on it.

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 2
Art_Sketching 1 Athletics 4 Awareness 3
Brawl 2 Command 2 Control_Cars 2
Craft_Gunsmithing 1 Empathy 1 Fortitude 3
Integrity 2 Investigation 3 Marksmanship 3
Medicine 1 Politics 1
Osiris' Ankh Badge of the Heavens Sun's Wrath
Justice's Hand
Judgment Ren Harvest Sky's Grace
Smoking Mirror Weather Witch
Cobra Reflexes Crushing Grip Holy Rampage
One-Inch Punch Predatory Focus Takes One to Know One
Epic Attributes
Strength 1 Charisma Perception 1
Dexterity 1 Manipulation 1 Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits 1
Harmony 2 Conviction 3 Piety 2
Order 1
Legend 2 Legend Points 4
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 5
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
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