Earth Boons

In most Creation legends, the Gods or their forebears shaped the World from the proto-matter of the Void. In other legends, they tore down impenetrable walls, sunk islands and reshaped landmasses. This Purview is the legacy of that power.

Associated With: Baron Samedi, Danu, Geb, Hades, Hephaestus, Huang Di, Izanami, Osiris, Poseidon, Quetzalcoátl, Tlaloc, Tlazoltéotl

1 Safely Interred
2 Echo Sounding
3 Shaping
4 Earth Armor
4 Rust/Shine
5 Earth Travel
6 Earth Body
7 Landslide
7 Imprisoning Crystal
8 Earth Creation
9 Property Infusion
10 Magma Control
11 Avatar of Earth (The Shaper)

Safely Interred

Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Whether the character is caught up in a landslide, buried in a shallow grave by the roadside or trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building, he need not fear the earth’s embrace as long as he has his Earth Birthright. No amount of collapsing rubble can break the Scion’s bones (or the Birthright itself), and he won’t suffocate no matter how much dirt piles onto him. If he lacks the strength to free himself, however, he does run the risk of either starving to death or dying of thirst if no one digs him out. Yet, it would not be the earth that kills him, but his own lack of fortitude.

Echo Sounding

Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: None
By stomping or otherwise knocking on the earth, the Scion gets a sense of its general composition and density, as well as finding holes or caves beneath the surface. If he’s looking for something specific in the earth—such as gold, oil or a human body—this Boon reveals its distance from him and depth from the epicenter at the expense of the other information. The Boon works only at ground level or on the up-thrust surface of a mountainside, but it works through floors and pavement. It gives the Scion a semispherical reading with a radius equal to one half mile per dot of Legend.


Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft (to shape)
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can sculpt stone, concrete, fired clay or metal with his bare hands. When he spends the point of Legend, the substance becomes malleable like wet clay for as long as he touches it. With a successful (Dexterity + Craft) roll by his player, the Scion can shape it into any form his nimble fingers can produce. The Scion can affect up to one cubic foot of material at a time. Once he breaks contact with the substance he is shaping, it loses all malleability and sets in its new form.

Earth Armor

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion stomps a foot or pounds a fist on the bare earth, and a thick cloud of particles of the substance rises into the air around him. This cloud swirls around him and accumulates on his body like a suit of plate armor plus helmet. Any earthen substance will suffice, from gravel to mud to sand. The armor the coating of particles creates has a bashing and lethal Hardness and soak equal to half the Scion’s Legend (rounded up), as well as a mobility penalty equal to that of riot gear. It lasts for the rest of the scene, at the end of which it shatters into a million pieces and falls at the Scion’s feet. A Scion with Shaping (Earth •••) can craft the armor into a stylized shape, but only if the Scion wearing the armor remains inactive long enough to allow it.


Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend
With a pass of the hand, the Scion causes a coating of rust or oxidization to form on a metallic object or conversely removes such a coating, restoring an item to its untarnished form. A rusted metal object loses durability and functionality. Its Hardness decreases to half normal, and if the object is a precision item (like a gun), it has a 50% chance to malfunction any time it’s used. Restoring a rusted item to its original state wipes away all traces of age and even reverses the effects, so that a wholly rusted-out car body (for instance) would be as good as new. The rusted parts don’t just disappear, they reverse the process and become solid metal again. Invoking this power on an item requires the Scion to physically touch or manipulate the object, and it has no effect on metals that don’t rust (such as gold) or upon Relics.

Earth Travel

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can reflexively sink into the bare earth or stone or metal and move through it like a swimmer through water. The Scion can move only through a volume of earth large enough to accommodate his entire body. Also, unless the Scion has Safely Interred (Earth •), he can remain within the earth for only as long as he can hold his breath. If he stays under longer, he begins to drown. While he’s under, the Scion instinctively knows his way to the nearest air.

Earth Body

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend or (3 Legend + 1 Willpower)
The Scion slams his fists together and calls out the name of a type of stone or metal, while his player spends the points and makes the roll. (It doesn’t matter which stone or metal it is, except aesthetically.) When he does so, his body instantly changes into a statue made of that material. Becoming a statue thus offers an all-purpose Hardness value equal to the character’s Legend, and adds a like value to his bashing and lethal soak. The transformation also adds 15 pounds per dot of Legend he has to the character’s weight. He can still move and support his weight despite what limits his Strength might impose, but structures and other people might not be able to do so as easily. This transformation lasts for one scene at most.

If the player spends only one Legend to make this transformation, the character becomes an immobile statue. He can still see, hear and smell things as normal, but he can’t move. Nor can he be distinguished from a mundane statue except that he’s immune to the Earth Boons of Scions with lower Legend. If the player wants the character’s stone body to be able to move while it’s transformed, he must spend three Legend points and a Willpower point as well. (He may make up the difference in costs at any point during the effect’s duration to go from being an immobile statue to a mobile one.) Doing so allows him to move as normal, up to the full limit of his Dexterity and Epic Dexterity. His freedom of motion doesn’t change his increased weight, though, so if he doesn’t have such Knacks as Divine Balance or Spider Climber, the fragility of the environment could severely curtail his movement.


Dice Pool: Strength + Craft
Cost: 1 Willpower + 3 Legend
Moving his arms like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, the Scion can mentally change the shape of any bare earth or stone within his line of sight, out to a range of 50 yards per dot of Legend he has. He can make jagged spars of stone thrust up from the surface, or he can open yawning crevices beneath the feet of his enemies. He can hollow out a depression suitable for the site of a mass grave or raise an earthen wall to keep hooligans at bay. He can detach a sheet of earth from a hillside to send it crashing down, or he can halt such a landslide in its tracks and force it to rejoin the earth beneath it.

The Scion can reshape five cubic yards of earth per success his player gets on the activation roll at a time (including any bonus successes from Epic Strength). He remains in mental control of the earth for one scene.

If a second Scion attempts to wrest control of the earth from the first, an opposed activation roll is called for. Whoever gets the most successes on a single roll governs the range and intensity of the effect for the scene. When the duration elapses, whatever shape the earth is in is the shape in which it remains unless gravity changes things.

Imprisoning Crystal

Dice Pool: Strength + Craft
Cost: 5 Legend, +1 Legend per Legend dot of the target
A massive shard of crystal coalesces around the Scion’s target. If the player’s (Strength + Craft) roll bests the opponent’s (Strength + Fortitude + Legend), then the opponent becomes encased in a clear, translucent, many-faceted shard of crystal. This prison holds the opponent in place but also renders it immune to physical attack. Unless something manages to penetrate the crystal, the occupant, in stasis, remains unaffected.

The crystal has a Hardness equal to the successes in excess of the opponent’s roll that are scored on the activation of the power. If any single attack manages to penetrate the crystal, it shatters and prematurely releases its occupant, although this does not cause any damage to the imprisoned creature.

A Scion could also use this power to temporarily place a friend in stasis, perhaps to prevent the progress of a disease or persistent injury. While encased, the subject does not age, breathe or suffer from any ongoing conditions.

Normally, an imprisoning crystal lasts for one scene, after which time it shatters into pieces that fade away as quickly as they appeared. If the conjuring Scion’s player chooses to spend a permanent Willpower dot, then the crystal instead remains for one day per success scored over the opponent’s roll times the conjurer’s Legend score.

Earth Creation

Dice Pool: Stamina + Craft
Cost: 1 Legend per cubic yard
The God’s mastery of the Purview is such that he can literally create stone, earth and metal from nothing. He only puts his hands together before him and wills the material into being as his player spends five Legend and rolls (Stamina + Craft). With this Boon, he can create anything from sand to loam to granite to diamonds to steel. Any substance that the Earth Purview covers is fair game. Even glass is okay, as it’s chiefly made from silica.

On a successful roll, the God creates a maximum volume equal to one cubic yard per success on the roll, for the cost of one Legend point per cubic yard. The mass forms as a rough sphere, so the God must physically work it (or use Shaping—Earth •••) to get it into the form he actually wants. Also, the God can create only one type of material per activation roll.

Property Infusion

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 5 Legend per property
To a God, any property a material has based on its atomic structure is just one more degree of manipulation he can effect upon the material. If the God can identify a specific property of a material that falls under the Earth Purview, he can switch its quality out with the property of another material under the same Purview.

For instance, glass is a fine conductor of light, but not of electricity. Yet a God with this Boon could give glass the electrical conductivity that gold has. If he fashions an axe out of glass, he could make it as strong as oftfolded steel but as light as an equal mass of titanium. The God must touch the material and be in control of it in order to use this Boon on it. Examples of properties that can be changed are as follows: electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, sound conductivity, hardness, density, tensile strength, fragility and opacity.

If, however, you don’t know anything about metallurgy or physics (you never studied…), that’s okay. The easiest way to think about this Boon is that if you want to make an item out of a material that isn’t suited to that purpose (a gun out of solid gold, for instance), this Boon makes the material suitable to that purpose magically.

Magma Control

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 10 Legend
For one scene, the character becomes completely immune to the touch of lava and can control it to a limited degree with his mind. If he is near a pool or flow of it, he can walk on its surface without being burned, leaving a trail of stone footprints behind him. He can dive into the lava and swim through it as easily as water—though he must use Echo Sounding to navigate beneath the surface. He can even cause tendrils of the red-hot liquid rock to rise from the surface and move at his mental command. He can control five cubic yards of lava per dot of Legend he has. (For instance, at the minimum Legend required to have this Boon, the God could create and manipulate a lava tentacle one yard in diameter and 70 yards long.)

Attacking with a tentacle of animated lava relies on the character’s player’s (Dexterity + Craft) rolls, and a successful hit inflicts (10 + plus attack threshold) levels of lethal damage. Lethal soak does mitigate these health levels, but leftover successes are inflicted straight up, not rolled. After that, the magma sticks to the victim, inflicting one less health level per action than it did the action before, until either the lava cools or is scraped off or the flesh beneath it is destroyed.

Activating this power costs only 10 Legend points. Actually exerting control over the lava and manipulating it with one’s mind requires a successful (Dexterity + Craft) roll. Normally, this Boon works only on lava the character can see. If the character has Echo Sounding, though, and detects lava within range of his perceptions, he can call that lava up to and through the surface around him. If he is cunning (or just a tremendous jerk), he can even have that lava burst right up through the ground beneath an opponent’s feet as an unexpected attack.

This power works in the World, the Underworld and the Overworld. Magma courses beneath the skin of the abysmal and ethereal planes just as it does on Earth—not because those places are geologically young and active, but because the eldest Gods of Earth and Fire have made it so. Currents of lava also pool and run through the bodies of certain Titans. As long as the God can see it, or otherwise knows it’s there, he can control it and ignore its heat.

Avatar of Earth (The Shaper)

Cost: 1 Willpower + 30 Legend
For one scene, the God becomes The Shaper—a stolid figure of metal and stone, whose hands can become any mason’s tools. The Shaper’s thoughts twist earth and stone. The Shaper can raise fortifications from a featureless plain and rebuild the ancient ruins of the World’s lost places. The Shaper can turn aside a flood with a wave of his hand, or he can swallow armies into the earth’s black embrace. The Shaper can ride a broad swath of land like an ocean wave or shake cities to their foundations. The Shaper working alone can bury a God in his temple or pin a single limb of a Titan just long enough.

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