Dusk of Battle


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Scene Title Dusk of Battle
Synopsis Enrique and Wesley tell the NYPD to get the hell out of the way so they can kill some golems.

Collapsing Apartment

News radio and television broadcasts mention something about a hostage situation and/or a terrorist bombing of a Brooklyn apartment complex. Sketchy photographs and a few snippets of cellphone camera footage show what looks to be a partially collapsed building. These are looped on the ubiquitous 24 hour news channels between reports of what some celebrity brat did at some party with some guy.

Breaking photographs show SWAT vans and police cruisers surrounding the building on two sides, blocking off an entire intersection. A news helicopter on scene hovers around, showing an apparent sink hole, which the building has seemed to partially collapse into. The officers have their weapons trained on the torn-open side of the complex and police band radios continually request for all nearby units to respond.

Enrique is walking towards the building, a frown on his face. Its not often that terrorist attacks are just terrorist though he has his broom hidden under his jacket as well as his gun today. he tries to find a nice group of crowd to watch from and see what happend. Hopefully not sticking out quite so much today.

At the scene itself, officers with heavy assault weaponry are on hand: men and women with M-16s, combat shotguns, riot-breakers and large mace canisters take cover behind cruisers and vans, while a negotiator on a bullhorn shouts commands towards the building. Typical police tropes such as give up your hostages and come out, you're under arrest, if you don't surrender we're going to send a team in, etc. Cherry tops flash against evacuated buildings and temporarily abandoned vehicles. When no response from the occupiers of the buildings is heard, the man on the bullhorn signals to an officer with a grenade launcher, who promptly sends a canister of gas into one of the exposed hallway of the torn-open building. Moments later a furious roar thunders out of the complex, and from the billowing blue-grey smoke a limp body is slung. It smashes into the side of one of the SWAT vans, leaving a huge indentation. The woman's body doesn't get up. The officer on the bullhorn points towards a side entrance and tosses the horn down. A group of officers break off from the bulk and start storming the building with M-16s and SPAS-12s at the ready.

Wesley suddenly smiles rather widely when it seems there's something weird going on, then slides off the car and starts walking towards the building. "Hey, police guys! I'm gonna go kick this guy's ass, I'm one of those gods, so chill out and let me fix this guy's face." He suddenly kicks an empty police car into the air, which lands in the middle of the street upside down, then proceeds to head into the building, giving a look back at the cops to see if they're gonna do anything. "We good?"

The officers near the vehicle immediately train their weapons on Wesley, a good ten high powered firearms draw bead on his center of mass. The man who seems to be in command holds out an open hand, "Hold your fire. You," he points at Wesley, "keep your ass out of this mess you freak. This is NYPD business and if you don't vacate you will be under arrest." The breach-team at the side of the apartment building blasts away the lock with a crack of a shotgun blast. They storm the building and within seconds the sound of gunfire can be heard. Quick staccato bursts of automatic fire and periodic roars of shotguns erupting.

Enrique blinks as he see's this, several people running but he instead begining to slowly walk towards the mess, looking around for some point of advantage or other he can take. On one hand he would hate to see all the cops slaughterd. But then there are few other ways to avoid his official coming out as a scion….so for now he hesitates and thinks as he tries to see what IS going on in that building.

The commanding officer scowls at Enrique, "What Cochise? You want to go in there and tear down the building and get more of my men killed?" As if on cue, an officer flies through an unbroken wall of the building. Not a window in the wall, or a pre-existing hole in the wall, but through the wall itself. His body tumbles out onto the street several feet away from the building and he struggles to get up with a groan, but quickly collapses into stillness. A few more gunshots can be heard from inside, there's a scream. The commander barks into his radio, "Pull out, Kappa, repeat, pull out." He turns back to Enrique, "You wanna go get killed? Fine. But unless you've forgotten you're living in a world full of humans who suffer because of freakshows like you, and an entire apartment complex of them could die if you fuck up. You got that?"

"Yeah yeah, don't destroy the building, got it." Wesley shrugs, hands in his pockets as he finally enters, a murderous aura suddenly surrounding the area as soon as he vanishes into the shadows of the entrance from anyone's view outside. "Monster guy, you feel that? That's right, that's a knife pressed against your neck, I just have to find you to drive it all the way in. You're in shark infested waters now."

Enrique blinks lightly. "Me? Im just here as a voice of reason. I certainly am no freak." he says with a bright smile and wink before he quickly follows after Wesley, pulling out his gun from his pocket as he tries to follow behind the man. "Hey there…you ever done this before?" he says with a smarmy sort of smile as he tries to catch up to the man.

As the two scions enter through the door breached by the SWAT team, the first thing to notice is that the interior of the building has been torn to pieces. Dirt and rock is scattered in all directions, plaster has fallen from walls and ceilings and bodies of police officers lay throughout various rooms that have been exposed via torn-down walls and knocked-in doors. Heavy, thundering footfalls can be heard as something big patrols the floor, growling under its breath. Glimpses of it can be seen through holes in walls. When it catches sight of the two through said holes it enters a furious, wall-shaking charge. A massive hulk of moving rock and metal over seven feet tall and easily a ton or more in weight barrels down a hallway at the two scions, causing plaster to break from the ceiling and walls. In its hand it carries a twisted piece of metal approximately a yard long.

"Beat shit up? Sure." Wesley answers Enrique quite casually as they enter the building. Then the gigantic metal monster comes running at them, he turns to face the monster, smiling brightly as he cracks his knuckles. "Jackpot. Too bad there isn't one for you to fight." he says in a tone that suggests he intends to take it himself, then goes charging at the monster, trying to jump up its torso and wrap his legs around its head so he can start trying to rapidly slam two ton punches into the thing's skull.

The stone monster staggers back as Wesley smashes his fists into it, chipping away big bulbs of stone like a flint knapper knocking a tool into shape. In response, it's body shifts and morphs as if it were being moulded by a potter, shaping clay. More chunks of metal armor well up to coat its body, encasing it in a sheet of metal.

Enrique gives a small raise of his brow as he closes his eyes a moment and a thick coat of black slime like liquid flows over him before hardening, leaving him coated in a flithy and rusty looking metal. He offers a gleaming smile before he runs foward, cocking his gun and diving between the monsters legs. He stumbles to his feet behind him and quickly shoots his bone white gun into the greatures side causing an explosion of dust in front of it. "Your stone heart is MINE."

"Normally I'd be pissed about someone using guns, but I don't think this thing gives a shit, so I won't punch you for it." Wesley jumps from the monster's head, landing behind it, then jumps right back up and starts trying to rapidly slam his feet down into the monster's head, apparently not one to try and hit a big golem anywhere but potentially sensitive spots. "Only downside to this fight is there's no chicks watching! This could totally get me laid!"

From above, a massive stone fist drives through the ceiling, collapsing a pile of wood and plaster behind Enrique. Another mountain of stone and metal plating drops from the floor above, brandishing another makeshift metal club. It swipes at him with a whip of its arm and cracks him across the torso with a loud -KUNG-, bending its club about halfway down its length.

Enrique growls as he staggers back.. the large impact leaving him bruised and hurting. "You son of a bitch…. you god-dammed son of a bitch." he groans before he glances up. "Yeah well when your done giving that guy a massage I could use your help with his freind. Good thing I have a GUN to mjake this go easier." he says before he turns back to the injured creature and fires two shots at it, hoping to take down its legs.

As Enrique's bullets dig through the exposed stone of the monster's legs, slipping past or puncturing the metal plating exposed on its body, the beast collapses with a groan, stumbling backwards into an already half-destroyed wall. As it lands flat on its back the metal plating snaps and breaks away from its body, stone crumbles to dust and gravel, leaving behind a vaguely humanoid-shaped pile of broken rock and twisted steel.

"Guns are a mortal weapon, I'm not a mortal, a gun's not gonna help you in the Ragnarok, buddy. Mortal thinking's gonna get all these so called demigods killed." Wesley jumps from his golem's head again, then turns around as Enrique kills it, which clearly does not sit well. "You killed it with a gun! What the fuck is wrong with you? I was getting up close and personal and you kill it the easy way! Well, fine!"

He goes running from the building, seemingly running away, but he doesn't stay gone long. "Don't shoot, I need this." he says as he suddenly lifts another empty police car, holds it with one hand, then looks back at the police again. "Don't fucking shoot, I mean it, there's monsters in there and I'm opening the wall so we have more space." With that, he suddenly rushes the police car into the side of the wall, trying to drive it into the room that Enrique is in so they'll have a clear and large path from the room, to the outside.

The second stone monster to join the fray strikes overhead at Enrique with its makeshift club, smashing into the wooden floor as it fails to connect with the Aztlanti Scion. NYPD outside don't so much aim at Wesley, but rather stare as he starts to bash down a wall with one of their very expensive cruisers. They are over budget this year with the war for creation going on sapping their resources, this is probably going to come out of their salaries.

Enrique growls as once more the thing swings at him. "This is easy? Beh…I like the easy way. The easy way lets you…you know survive Ragnorock." he says before he jumps back..then begins jumping up and down waving his hands in the air. "Yoohoo? Hey over here." he says before shooting the rock mosnter a lavicious leer, all with matching licking of his lips. And then trying to keep its eyes he raises the gun to shoot again.

The bullet from Enrique's gun deflects off a metal plating protruding from the monster's body and digs into the partially-intact wall in the hallway. With a growl that sounds like stone being broken, the monster snaps out of the Enrique-enforced daze and lashes at him with the metal club, tearing out more of the wall but failing to land a hit again.

On the floors above, some screaming and the sound of heavy footfalls can be heard above. A few screams fill the air and then suddenly silence, before gunfire from the police rips through the night. There's a crash of metal and shouting from the SWAT gathering, the gunfire pauses.

Wesley, trying to avoid getting shot the hell up despite his vest, puts everything he can into his next thrust, trying to slam through the wall and into the room with Enrique again. "Screw your guns, in a war a god uses whatever's big enough to crush his enemies!"

Enrique jumps out of the way of the second swipe towards him before he begins quickly backpedling from the creature. "Well unless your going to bat it out of the part with your dick then I suggest you get too it." he says as he closes an eye and starts to aim a the creature. "Shit, I think the cops outside are dying."

Wesley continues running, smashing through walls, intending to smash into the monster as soon as he gets through the last wall. "You better get out of the way or you're gonna get hit by a car!" he warns Enrique as he goes running through the last wall.

The humanoid pile of stone and metal charges towards Enrique with a roar, lashing horizontally with the bent and twisted length of metal. The contact is heavy and reverberating, sending Enrique flying backwards with a shower of metal sparks. He smashes through the plaster and wood framing of the half-destroyed walls in the apartment complex and cracks into a support beam, sending a shudder through the building.

The stone monster staggers back with a roar that mixes with grinding and shattering rock. Gravel and metal shards spray away from its body and it actually takes a moment to regain its balance before whipping the metal club at Wesley with a sharp whistle of air being cut. And all that is cut is air, as the club whooshes above Wesley's head.

Cracks of gunfire can be heard outside again. The rapid dat-at-at of burst fire assault rifles and the blasts of heavy breaching shotguns roar through the street outside.

"You hear it, don't you?" Wesley asks with an incredibly wide smile once the club whistles over his head, taking a deep basking breath. "War! It's war and chaos and fighting! This is the life of the gods! Everyone dying around us in battle! But I'll kill you, so I can save those mortals." His murderous intent is thick and quite potent, then he swings the police car around again in one hand, attempting to slam the monster inbetween a wall and the car.

At the second crushing blow delivered by the police cruiser the stone monster crumbles further, spraying sharp shards of rock and chunks of metal across the hall. With the sound of rocks grinding against one another, the stone monster tumbles down the hallway a few yards, coming to an immobile stop in a partially-crumbled heap. Unlike its companion, this monstrosity stays intact.

Wesley pulls the car from the monster's body, tossing the car away, though he's sure not to accidentally hit Enrique with it. "You're missing out, I can smell it, blood, sweat, adrenaline…" When he steps over to the golem again, he suddenly slams his fist down into the golem's chest, attempting to deliver the final killing blow.

Unable to defend itself from the piercing attack of the Nordic Scion, the stone of the monster's broad and deep chest crumbles away, leaving behind shards of twisted metal and a pile of broken, shattered gravel as it crumbles away to nothing. Outside, there is still a gunbattle raging, and heavy crashes and metal twisting and tearing can be heard.

Wesley grabs a hand full of the shards and pieces of metal, stuffing it into his pocket for Maia to take a look later on, then he walks over and grabs Enrique's ankle, starting to drag him out through the holes in the walls he made with the police car. "Now it's time for us to go into the fray, New Buddy. The war's just starting, it's getting good, the blood doesn't even smell impressive yet, so I think there's still enough people to watch us kick this thing's shit in." Once they step out of the final wall, Enrique laid a few feet away from Wesley, he's surveying the area, trying to see just what's going on. He pulls his electric guitar around, tunes it a little, then turns out the volume before striking a loud guitar riff to get everyone's attention. "The other two are dead, I'm ready to kill this one now. If none of you wanna die, you better start running and let me kill it!" he exclaims quite excitedly.

Outside the cops have been fighting a retreating battle from a third stone monster. It deflects their gunfire effortlessly, bouncing off its metal plates and ricocheting from its stony skin. Several cruisers and SWAT vans are gone, possibly evacuated. The few officers who remain are retreating down a street, fighting from house to house in a relatively well-organized pull-back maneuver. A few cop corpses do litter the street, and this stone monster seems to be wielding a sharp implement, judging by the few bodies that have been sheared in half, despite their heavy protective gear. Above, the news chopper has been replaced with an NYPD A-Star spotlighting the stone monster.

"Fuck yeah, this is gonna get recorded." Wesley walks inbetween two of the abandoned cars, watching the monster from behind. "You rock monsters don't know the meaning of shark waters, do you? I don't care how dumb you are, you guys are freakin' fun, and there's no one getting in the way this time!" He speaks mostly to himself as he grabs the ends of both cars, one in each hand, then starts charging the golem and suddenly attempts to slam it inbetween both cars as he brings both his arms in, attempting to clamp it inbetween the jaws of two powerfully swung cars.

Unfortunate for the beast, it cannot hear Wesley over the sound of automatic weapon fire and the thuk-thuk-thuk of the NYPD chopper over head. The two cars crush in on it suddenly and without warning, the stone beast collapses to the pavement, partially crumbled, limbs shattered and body cracked and broken. Metal sheets armoring it have dented and twisted, they break away from the body where the body is still in tact. The cops, for their part, halt fire and back off, moving away from the car-wielding scion and the shattered mountain of an enemy.

Wesley pulls both cars back, tossing them to the side, then walks over to the monster and grabs its head, holding it up and smiling at the NYPD chopper's light, then suddenly just spikes it into the ground, attempting to shatter it completely. "I fucking love war!" he exclaims, before just yelling a loud battle cry.

When all is said and done, he pulls his guitar around, walks over to toss Enrique's body over his shoulder, then starts to play an incredibly fast heavy metal solo as he sings quite loudly down the street. "My sword will drink blood! And I will fight! Yes I will fight! In the dawn of battle!"

It seems the commanding officer has survived, as he quickly begins barking orders to his men. "Don't stare you morons, there are civilians in that building we need to evacuate! Move it, move it, move!" He stabs his finger towards the rickety apartment complex. SWAT officers run out from alleys and doorways to charge towards the apartment building. A few firetrucks and ambulances start to arrive on the scene. For the civic services' sake, there better not be any more in the building or in the sinkhole.

GM'd by Halima.

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